7/5 Lucha Underground TV Report: El Dragon Azteca, Dante Fox, Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness, P.J. Black vs. Sexy Star, Prince Puma vs. Ricky Mandel

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report: “Left For Dead”
July 5, 2017
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #25 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a recaps of Killshot-Dante Fox, Rey Mysterio-Vampiro and the Cueto Cup.
-Video of Dante Fox training in Boyle Heights mixed with flashbacks of him fighting in Afghanistan. The video showed Fox being saved from a murder attempt. At the end, while still training in Boyle Heights, Fox saw Killshot standing atop a building.

-Title Card

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. Striker and Vampiro built up the Cueto Cup matches coming up tonight.

In ring: Santos introduced PJ Black followed by Sexy Star.

(2) “THE DAREWOLF” P.J. BLACK vs. SEXY STAR– Cueto Cup first round match

Black slammed Star to begin the match. Star countered with a hurricarana and followed up with a tilt a whirl head scissors. Star climbed to the top rope and hit an arm drag. Black then came back and hit a suplex. Black climbed the top rope, but was tripped by Star. Star hit another hurricarana for a two count. Star pushed Black off the top rope then leaped onto him on the outside. She threw him back into the ring an hit a cross body for a two count. Taya walked out and slapped Star’s leg for a distraction. Taya distracted the ref then threw brass knuckles to Black. Star countered then hit Black with the knuckles just as the referee turned around.

WINNER: P.J. Black via DQ at 4:16 to advance in the Cueto Cup. Dumb booking. I don’t believe that Star’s character would use a dirty tatic like that ater a heel failed to do so. This just makes Star look like an idiot. I also remember Striker saying plenty of times that the referees would be more flexible with the rules.

Post match: Star argued with the ref then slapped him.


Promo: Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio

In ring: Santos introduced Son of Havoc.


In ring: Santos hesitantly introduced Son on Madness. They an actual Son of Madness walked out to the ring. (I thought it was actually Son of Havoc last week.)

(2) SON OF HAVOC vs. SON OF MADNESS – Cueto Cup first round match

Havoc charged Madness while he was on his way to the ring. The bell rang to start the match on the outside. Do they just decide some matches have flexible rules and some don’t? Anyways, They brawled o the outside until Havoc threw Madness back into the ring. Madness fought back, but Havoc pulled Madness to the outside. Madness tripped Havoc on the outside. They continued the fight outside the ring. They both came back into the rig where Havoc took back control. Madness kicked Havoc off the apron the dove onto him through the ropes. Havoc fought back int the ring by gaining momentum. He hit a spring board cross body or a two count. Havoc had several near falls until he climbed to the top rope where he got caught by Madness. Havoc leaped onto Madness again. He missed a move from the top rope, but Havoc was able to roll up Madness for the win.

WINNER: Havoc at 8:42 to advance in the Cueto Cup.

Post match: Madness knocked over Havoc then took his leather vest.


In ring: Santos introduced Prince Puma followed by Ricky Mandel. Mandel grabbed a mic and asked Puma if he was ready to be taken to slam town.

(3) PRINCE PUMA vs. RICKY MANDEL – Cueto Cup first round match

Puma kicked then slammed Mandel to start the match. Puma remained in his black pants and hoodie throughout the match. Mandel landed a kick on Puma then Puma followed it up with a knee. Puma then hit a piledriver for a win.

WINNER: Prince Puma at 1:15 to advance in the Cueto Cup.

Post match: Vampiro gave a thumbs up to Puma


Backstage: Rey met up with Dragon before his match. Dragon said he wants to face him after he wins the tournament. Puma walked in and said he hopes Rey beats Puma so he can get his Ultima Lucha rematch. He said that this time he will not lose.
Announcers: Striker hyped next week’s second round of matches featuring Paul London vs. Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane vs. Taya and Fenix vs. Marty Martinez.

In ring: Santos introduced Dante Fox followed by El Dragon Azteca.


(4) EL DRAGON AZTECA w/Rey Mysterio vs. DANTE FOX – Cueto Cup first round match

Dragon landed some strikes to start the match. Dragon tossed Fox to the outside then rolled to the outside where Fox hit a dive. Fox climbed to the top rope and droped a leg onto Dragon’s neck on the ring apron. Fox continued to dominate until Dragon kicked Fox off the apron. Dragon attempte a tornado DDT, thn got kicked off the ring apro. Dragon ran at Fox and hit a hurricarana the tossed him into the barricade. Dragon landed ome kicks back in the ring then hit a leg drop for a near count. Fox sprung onto Dragon and hit a seeded C4 or another near fall. They traded blows then Dragon hit a standing dragonfly CF. Both of them hit basement drop kicks on each other. Dragon tried to climb over to Rey. Rey was pulled off the ring apron by Taya then got beat down by the World Wide Underground. Dragon then dove onto everyone outside the ring. Fox then hit the Foxcatcher back in the ring for the win.

WINNER: Dante Fox at 9:05 to advance in the Cueto Cup.

Post match: The Worl Wide Underground taunted Rey.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not as tightly booked of a show as last week. I don’t like when there is an inconsistency to the rules. I don’t buy the whole well Dario wants the refs to be flexible thing. It’s just something convenient to say when they having booking holes. Just be consistent and know the characters. Sexy Star looked so stupid being caught with the brass knuckles. She is a character that’s about honor and doing the right thing. I don’t buy for a second she would actually try to cheat because that is not what we have been lead to believe with her character.

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  1. I agree with you 100 percent on the Sexy Star character. Unless they are going to turn heel, which I think would be a mistake, I don’t get it either. As far as the rules, Striker said the rules were going to be enforced in a normal fashion during the tourney, so I get why she was Dq’d, however, I agree with you starting the match when two men are on the outside sure is not within the rules. Great review. Thank you.

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