NXT HITS & MISSES 11/29: Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Roce, Dunne & Andrews vs. Bate & Seven, Street Profits vs. Sabbatelli & Moss

By Ryan Harrison, PWTorch Specialist

Pete Dunne



The Street Profits vs. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss:  From the start, anyone can see that the Street Profits are extremely over!  The crowd is really behind them and they know how to play to them. I personally have been critical of the Street Profits, but the more I watch then the more I am impressed. Not only from an entertainment standpoint, but they also have some really good ring work as well.  And that is not to take anything away from Sabbatelli and Moss.  They also have great in-ring presence and chemistry, in addition to being entertaining as well.  This match was very similar to these two teams’ last bout.  The Street Profits began strong and controlled the match in the beginning, only for Sabbatelli and Moss to take control and work over Montez Ford.  After some hard-hitting blows (and an impressive turnaround bodypress by Sabbatelli), Ford managed to make the hot tag to Angelo Dawkins who came in and cleaned house.  He managed to hit another striking right hand to Sabbatelli that ended their last match, but Moss was able to break up the count.  Sabbatelli and Moss managed to regain control and tried to cheat with Moss holding Dawkins legs outside of the ring while Sabbatelli went for the pin, only to be caught by the referee.  Ford then flipped into Moss off of the apron while Dawkins and Sabbatelli went back and forth in the ring.  Ford then made the tag to Dawkins who hit a pop-up spinebuster on Sabatelli and Ford nailed a splash from the top rope for the win.  What is really impressive is that both teams are really good.  Montez Ford is a gem and really compliments Dawkins’ hard-hitting style with his fast and energetic moves.  He can also sell very well during a match; whether if it is taking a beating from his opponents or striving to make the hot tag, he comes across very convincing.  Sabbatelli & Moss’s arrogance is their strongest play and it comes across well in the ring with their vicious, hard-hitting wrestling style.  Both teams have great chemistry, but with the Street Profits being 2-0 against Sabbatelli and Moss, it’s time for this feud to end.

Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews vs. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven (Moustache Mountain):  Very hard-hitting fast-paced match.  Overall, it highlighted the cunning and ruthlessness of Pete Dunne, as he had no regard for anyone in this match, including his partner.  He is a total bad ass in his in ring persona, and he can definitely back it up.  There wasn’t any team that was really in control as it went back and forth. Tyler Bate was great with his fantastic moves; Mark Andrews was good with his aerial moves, and Trent Seven was convincing serving as the elder statesman with his veteran presence.  Outstanding tactical wrestling as well from all men involved, but it was the Pete Dunne show as he truly shined, even in defeat.  He is such an opportunist, a vile and sinister individual, but he is so good that you cannot take anything away from him.  At times the match seemed slow-moving, but that is good sometimes as it helps with the story that is being told, but it would pick up with exciting fast-paced exchanges.  Overall, it was a great match with Moustache Mountain picking up the win with Tyler Bate using the Tyler Driver ’97 on Dunne.  This would ideally serve as a set up for more, but it doesn’t seem like the UK Division of WWE has a place yet, but if it did, this would be a great story to watch.


Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce:  Overall, this match did not seem well placed.  At this point, Peyton Royce should be champion (or a strong number one contender) or she should have been called up to the main roster, because after this loss, there is no where else for her to go.  This is in contrast to Kairi Sane who comes off as very green.  This can be seen in their ring presence as Royce is extremely polished while Sane seems to still be finding her footing, as evident in one part of the match when Royce was going back and forth on the ropes and just stopped in the middle of the ring and looked at her opponent.  At that point, it really seemed like a veteran vs. rookie at that point. Honestly, Sane should not be in the championship picture right now, as it would probably serve her better to work her way up.  It just seems premature, even though she won the Mae Young Classic.  As the match went on, you can tell that she needs a stronger ring presence with her moves and timing being somewhat off.  Royce really sold this match with her actions and expressions of frustration, but that was not enough as Sane hit the Insane Elbow to finish off the Iconic one.

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  1. I think you’re spot on with your take on the Royce/Sane match. At first it drove me crazy that they gave the title to Ember Moon, especially considering that nearly the entire female NXT roster is babyface. Then it drove me crazy that they called up some less experienced women over Royce, but I get it after seeing the positioning of those women. The fact that Royce is now being used to put over Sane though is frustrating. My excitement level for a potential Moon/Sane title match is nil, presently.

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