5/24 Impact Wrestling Report: Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer (yes, in 2019) headlines, Sami vs. Bahh, Valkyrie vs. Rayne, LAX vs. The North

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor


MAY 24, 2019

Announcers: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

Impact Wrestling’s Philly run continues with a throwback as Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam clash one more time in the historic ECW Arena.

– Recap of last week’s Impact which featured the Demon Collar match, the death of Kenny, and a phenomenal match between Rich Swann and Michael Elgin.

– The usual stale Impact opening video and song.


The show kicked off with oVe’s theme song yelling at me. Callihan came down yelling at some people ringside, followed by Fallah Bahh accompanied by Scarlett Bordeaux. Callihan gained the advantage early, attacking Bahh before the bell rang. Bahh answered back with a big crossbody and splash in the corner. Callihan began trying to knock the big man down, but Bahh slammed him with ease. Callihan began biting the toes of Bahh, as the crowd looked on in disgust. Callihan scurried to the outside, but Bahh followed with some clubbing chops. Callihan spit in his hand, as he watched the saliva drip down, and chopping Bahh. Callihan started using some joint manipulation on the bare feet of Bahh. Callihan continued spitting and biting the feet of Bahh. Bahh became more aggressive as Callihan was in control, leading to a stiff strike exchange. Bahh landed a running belly to belly and a uranage for a two count. After looking for a Bonsai Drop, Callihan rolled away and kicked the big man down for a two count of his own. Bahh caught him with a Samoan Drop but The Crists came out to interfere. They surrounded Scarlett after attacking Bahh but ended up on the receiving end. Bahh delivered a huge slam for a close near fall. Scarlett started “Bahh-ing” as she held the rope down for a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Callihan caught Bahh with a hanging Cactus Special for a three count with some assistance from the ropes. He went up the ramp with his stable-mates, spitting on Scarlett.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a good match, making Fallah Bahh look strong in defeat, and giving Sami Callihan a much-needed win. Commentary put over the spit towards Scarlett Bordeaux as a heinous act and will likely result in an angle.)

– Backstage, Tommy Dreamer discussed his history with Rob Van Dam, looking back on their matches in ECW, WWE, and TNA. (c)

– A Night You Can’t Mist ad.

– Backstage, Johnny Impact was interviewed by Melissa Santos next to John E. Bravo holding the Ultimate X in his hands which was won at United We Stand. Johnny went on to insult Michael Elgin before Elgin popped up behind him. They have common enemies in Swann and Mack and decided to join forces


The Knockouts Title was on the line here, as Taya could no longer dodge the challenger. She ran out of the ring immediately with Rayne chasing. Rayne caught her with a spear and an onslaught of offence in the ring. Rayne continued her dominance with a crossbody, sending us to commercial. © We came back to a big ripcord cutter from Rayne for a two count. Rayne attempted a baseball slide as Taya left the ring once more. The champ caught her and began working the hamstring of Rayne. Rayne attempted to fight back but her movement was hindered by her now injured leg. Taya continued applying submissions and strikes to the leg of the challenger. Rayne began her comeback after sending Taya into the buckle. Rayne went after Taya but Kid Ref was found between the two. Taya claimed innocence but Rayne was fed up, locking in a half Boston Crab. Taya avoided danger by grabbing the ref once more, followed by the Road To Valhalla for the win. Rosemary’s music played as she came down with Su Yung. They stared off in the middle of the ring as Philly chanted for The Demon Assassin. Josh went on to reminisce of their feud from 2017 that ended abruptly. Perhaps we are in store for the true culmination of this rivalry.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This match was decent but was hurt by some dragging heat and a dead crowd. Things picked up at the end but never felt like it got going. Rosemary’s appearance was nice and I am all for a big match at Slammiversary. Maybe we could even get the Red Wedding match that was scheduled for Bound For Glory in 2017.)

– The Deaners ate some Philly cheesesteaks, analyzing their struggles when losing to the Desi Hit Squad. They decided on drinking some beers and eating some delicious sandwiches.

– Rosemary promised to James Mitchell that she will murder Su Yung in the same dress that she killed Allie in.

– The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of The Week is Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr. from Slammviersary last year. I must say that this is one of my favourite matches in Impact history. ©

– The Rascalz were in the treehouse, realizing that they need to change things up for their training. After doubling their intake, they show off some much more impressive skills in this montage, even fully climbing the Rocky steps.


Alexander and Santana kicked things off with Ortiz quickly tagging himself in. The North began double teaming, leaving LAX in trouble. Ortiz continued to eat some more high impact offence from the Canadians, as the crowd rallied behind LAX. Ortiz got things going on Ethan Page with a big snap slam. Santana came in for the hot tag, taking out The North by himself. The North continued to struggle as LAX show off more unfathomable double team moves. Alexander responded leading to Ethan Page adding some assistance. The North was fired up, destroying Ortiz, leading to a pinfall attempt that was a little too close. The long two seconds led to a huge shot to some crazy moves from LAX on Alexander and a pinfall. (c)

WINNERS: LAX (***1/4)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a really fun match, with a good excuse for another match with the inclusion of a botched pinfall.)


This was Gilbertti’s exhibition against a woman. The crowd was nuclear towards him but cheered up at the sight of Ashley Vox. Gilbertti began interviewing her, suggesting that she is a former Hooters employee. He went on to reminisce about the times when women were only employed because of their relationships with talent. He cheap shotted her, analyzing her poor reflexes. He continued to verbally attack her on the microphone while roughing her around. Vox began fighting back with some dropkicks. Gilbertti caught her once more and nailed the Chart Buster. He took the mic back and lifted her arm during his pin attempt. He sarcastically marvelled at her ability to kick out of his finish and teased another one. Tessa Blanchard’s music hit, and he hightailed it. (c)


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This wasn’t your average wrestling match but wow it was entertaining. I find Gilbertti extremely entertaining in this role and can’t wait for Tessa to defeat him.)


It’s nice to see some more of the X-Division guys being used. Things start off hot with Petey showing off some flashy moves. He teased the Destroyer early but his rival, Ace Austin prevented that. Austin swiped his ace card across the fingers of Petey as Rohit and Dez came in. Dez completely went off, taking out everybody. Ace Austin now opened up, killing everyone with his educated feet. Petey nailed the Destroyer on Austin, but Rohit prevented one more on Dez. Rohit tried to capitalize but Dez crushed him with his back handspring Pele Kick for the win. (c)

WINNER: DEZ (**1/2)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was extremely short but pretty fun for what it was. Dez getting the win here was interesting.)

– The commentators previewed next week’s episode featuring Tessa vs. Gilbertti and a street fight between Kross and Edwards.


Rob Van Dam’s music was met with a sing-a-long in the ECW Arena which was pretty cool. © Dueling chants began as the bell rang. Loud ECW chants echoed through South Philly as Dreamer and RVD stood nose to nose. Dreamer busted out his retired red boots for this matchup. Dreamer nailed the first move with a suplex, as the crowd went nuts for virtually no reason. The third ECW chant was heard, as they continued to soak it in. They had a pretty solid exchange leading to a shocking “fight forever” chant. RVD played to the crowd but Dreamer went for a roll-up and things got going. RVD fell to the outside and Dreamer followed him with a water bottle. Philly wanted a crowd brawl but Dreamer brought things back inside. RVD connected with his leg drop on the apron and grabbed a chair. Dreamer ate a dropkick with the chair in the corner. RVD ended up in the tree of woe, and Dreamer delivered a kick to the chair of his own. RVD swept Dreamer onto a chair, followed by a whiffed Rolling Thunder attempt. Dreamer absolutely spiked RVD with a DDT on the chair for a near fall. Looking for a piledriver, Dreamer was countered with another sweep onto the chair. Dreamer caught him one more time, landing the piledriver this time for another two count. Dreamer missed a second rope elbow on the chair, allowing RVD to capitalize. RVD soared to the other side of the ring with a Five Star Frog Splash for the win. The North and Moose came down the ramp to attack the ECW legends to a chorus of boos but were met by one more recognizable face. The lights went out and Sabu appeared with chairs, taking out all three men.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a spectacle with some decent action and a hot crowd. It wasn’t the prettiest but it was really fun for a match between two legends of the arena. Sabu’s appearance was fun and will likely lead to a tag match with the ECW Originals.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: (7 out of 10): This was a really good show featuring some good wrestling, entertaining angles, and a nice spectacle in the main event.

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