5/17 Impact Wrestling Report: Rich Swann vs. Michael Elgin, Glenn Gilbertti in a Knockouts Battle Royal, plus Su Young, Rosemary, Eddie Edwards, Killer Kross

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor

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MAY 17, 2019

Announcers: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

Impact Wrestling moves on in Philadelphia, in the world famous 2300 Arena, made famous by ECW and Rob Van Dam, who returns to the building tonight.

– Recap of last week’s Impact which featured the in-ring return of RVD and a wild oVe street fight.

– Impact opening video with the incredibly stale theme song that reminds me of Jeff Jarrett.


We kick off the show with some unfamiliar knockouts already in the ring. The crowd was hot as Madison Rayne and Jordynne Grace entered. The sound mixing is noticeably better. Scarlett Bordeaux and Tessa Blanchard entered next to some more good noise from the Philly audience. Glenn Gilbertti came out to insane heat and audible heckling. He went on to suggest a bra and panties match, until instantly regretting this, after looking at them. The crowd erupted as he got attacked. The match began and Gilbertti entered commentary. They all brawled in the corners for a bit while Josh identified the new faces. Alisha Edwards goes off on Tasha Steelz until she got attacked by Solo Darling. The hard cam is insanely blurry for some reason. Jordynne Grace absolutely planted her with a piledriver followed by some high octane offence from Rayne. Gilbertti continued insulting female athletes on commentary while Ashley Vox and Karissa Rivera were eliminated. Solo Darling eliminated Tasha Steelz but followed her after Grace knocked her off. Blanchard pressed Edwards over the top for another elimination. Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace met in the middle for an exchange. Grace was sent over by Kiera for a shocking elimination, allowing Tessa to escape. Taya Valkyrie came out of nowhere to help eliminate Madison Rayne. Glenn Gilbertti claimed he is in the match as commentary analyzes the remaining participants. © Scarlett Bordeaux delivered a huge powerbomb to Tessa before heading to the top for a crossbody. Kiera eliminated Scarlett, leaving only her and Tessa in the ring. They ended up on the apron, exchanging strikes as Kiera attempted a suplex to the floor. Tessa trips her to the floor but Gilbertti came in to eliminate her and win the battle royal to some major heat. Tessa chased him away.

WINNER: Glenn Gilbertti. (**1/2)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This served as a pretty good angle with Disco getting some heat. It seems that it will culminate in Tessa defeating him which will be pretty satisfying. Gilbertti is a controversial character, but I enjoy his work in Impact.)

– Commentary ran down the card for tonight featuring a Demon Collar Match and Eddie Edwards vs. Killer Kross. After Impact last week, Michael Elgin warned Willie Mack who was wearing a Tech N9ne shirt. Mack attacked him but ended up getting powerbomb into a truck. (c)

– Investigative Reporter, Rolando Menendez approached Elgin asking about his attacks. Elgin explained that he is simply taking what he wants. Rich Swann stood up for Mack, punching him before getting separated by security.


This was a long-awaited match, being about a year in the making. The Demon Collar match follows the traditional dog collar rules. The crowd went nuts for Rosemary as she walked down the ramp. Both women were locked in, misting into the air before engaging. Su Yung went to the apron, causing Rosemary to choke her upside down. Rosemary proceeded to hang Su Yung with the chain from the turnbuckle post. Su dragged Rosemary from the outside into the post as momentum shifted. Su continued dragging her around the arena. She grabbed a chair, sitting Rosemary down and choking her. Su Yung dived from the apron, cannonballing into her on the chair. They collided with a double clothesline on the ramp, sending both girls down. They returned to the ring with a strike exchange before Su tripped Rosemary with the chain. Rosemary nailed a reverse DDT wrapped in the chain for a two count. Su spiked Rosemary with a hanging Pedigree for a two count of her own. Su brought out the bloodstained glove and whiffs on the mist but managed to sink in the claw. Rosemary fought free but Su unlocked herself. Su flew off the top only to get misted and eat a spear. Rosemary got her up and sent her down with a Red Wedding, winning possession over Su Yung. She dragged out by the collar, as the crowd chanted her name. (c)

WINNER: Rosemary (**1/4)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a decent match with some interesting moments. The feud somehow seems to be continuing which doesn’t leave me too excited.)

– Melissa Santos talked to Madison Rayne backstage who was fired up with Taya Valkyrie. Next week she must defend her title.


Fulton was in action here as Callihan slapped the hell out of him. Shawn threw some punches at the monster but Fulton responded by bashing his head into the corner. Shawn got launched across the ring by his ear, as Shawn tried to fight back. He began begging for mercy before getting deadlift chokeslammed three times. Fulton deadlifted him one more time for a Better Than Baron and a 1-2-3.

WINNER: Madman Fulton (N/A)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: Wow that was a fun squash. Fulton destroyed this poor guy and looked like a monster doing it.)

– Rob Van Dam was interviewed by Melissa Santos backstage, as he reflected on his time in this arena. He hyped up his match with Tommy Dreamer next week. (c)

– Rolando Menendez was live via satellite with Dr Ariel, asking for the prognosis. He went off with some medical terms that were simply incomprehensible. The doctor did not know when the world champ could return.


Kross came down accompanied by Kenny, who was kidnapped a few weeks ago. Edwards was not playing around, running to the ring. They kicked things off with a hot start featuring a suicide dive onto Kross. Edwards got neutralized with a big slam from Kross who went on to stomp on his limbs. Kross continued to slow things down with the crowd rooting for Edwards. They trade some kicks but Edwards responds with a Blue Thunder Bomb. He nailed a top rope rana but Kross got up immediately. Kross ate some shots but laughed them off. Edwards scored a Tiger Bomb for a near fall. He whiffed on the Boston Knee Party and got his eyes raked for it. Edwards went to the outside to snatch Kenny back but got Saito slammed for a Kross win. After the match, Kross nailed a roundhouse kick, and zip tied Edwards to the ropes. Kross put on some gloves and threatened to hit Edwards with Kenny. Instead, he broke him in half, right in front of his eyes. He left his gloves in between the two stick shards and left. (c)

WINNER: Killer Kross. (**3/4)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: Call me crazy but this was really good. On the surface, it’s a guy nearly crying over a broken stick, but the execution of this was too entertaining to not care. I am now emotionally invested in the destruction of an inanimate object and I love it.)

– The Rascalz were in the treehouse realizing that they must prepare for a match against LAX. They decided on training as we entered a montage. They struggled to lift weights, fell into some shrubbery, and stumbled downstairs.

– The Impact Plus Flashback Moment of The Week was the Concrete Jungle Deathmatch between LAX and The OGz from Bound For Glory 2018.

– Rich Swann was seen preparing for his match with Michael Elgin backstage. ©

– Ethan Page and Josh Alexander argued over RVD when Moose approached. Moose promised that he could take Van Dam out rather than going for tag belts.


At this point luckily I had heard that Pursuit failed to deliver the last twenty minutes of the episode, so I switched over to Impact Plus. They lock up as Elgin used his strength. They had a nice flashy exchange proving that he can keep up with the X Champ. Elgin nearly broke Swann’s neck with a nasty German Suplex for a two count. Swann got up but took a loud chop to the chest. Swann continued his attempts of fighting back but paid for it with a huge forearm. Elgin went on to slingshot into the ring with a splash for a near fall. Swann finally got things going, knocking Big Mike down from the top rope but ate a dropkick as he followed him with a dive. Swann opened up with some strikes and a counter DDT to get things going. Elgin spilt to the floor and Swann capitalized with three consecutive dives to the outside. Swann followed up with an elbow drop for his first near fall. © Swann missed the Phoenix Splash and took an onslaught into the corner. Swann ate some clubbing blows in the center of the ring, sending saliva flying. He evaded more shots only to take a clothesline and a huge swinging slam for a two count. Elgin sent him to the top rope, looking for a big move. Swann nailed a huge rana and a handspring cutter. He followed up with a 450 splash for a close one. “This is Impact” chants fill the old ECW Arena, as Swann went to the top one more time. A missed Phoenix Splash led to a clothesline, turning him inside out. Elgin drove him to the canvas with a huge Razor’s Edge Bomb for a nail-biting near fall. A Buckle Bomb by Elgin was neutralized by two reverse ranas and a superkick from Swann. Philly was going crazy at this point as both men were fatigued. Elgin caught Swann on the outside, powerbombing him into the post twice. Kid Ref tried to stop Elgin but was thrown off. Elgin decided to give one more bomb but was disqualified. Elgin chased Kid Ref out and went after Swann. Willie Mack came for the rescue, delivering a Samoan Drop and moonsault. Johnny Impact sneak attacked Mack to a chorus of boos. He continued by assaulting Swann and staring down Elgin as we went off the air.

WINNER: Michael Elgin. (****1/4)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a great match that had the crowd going insane. Swann always delivers some of the best matches for the company and Elgin seems to be contributing as well. The match told a great story, with Swann having his moments and coming off as a courageous champ before the monstrous Elgin snapped.)

FINAL THOUGHTS (7 out of 10): This was a fun show featuring a great main event and some nice story progression as we enter the road to Slammiversary.

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  1. Thanks for the TV report. After the superkick from Swann, Pursuit channel ran commercials for the rest of the hour and didn’t show the end of the match. Great TV deal, Impact.

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