5/3 Impact Wrestling Report: Johnny Impact vs. Pentagon vs. Elgin, Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams, Edwards vs. Fenix, Rosemary vs. Keira Hogan, plus RVD, Rebellion fallout

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor


MAY 3, 2019

Announcers: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

After one of the best PPVs of the year with Rebellion, Impact Wrestling rolled on in the beautiful Rebel Entertainment Complex, with appearances from Michael Elgin and Rob Van Dam.

– Rebellion recap video.

– Impact opening video with a lot of new footage

Michael Elgin walked out to start the show in his ring gear. He questioned where Brian Cage was before remembering that he sent him to the hospital. He went down the list of the greatest Canadian athletes, listing himself twice. He crowns himself number one contender, causing former champion, Johnny Impact to come out. Johnny mocked Elgin for his baldness, where Elgin brags that he has his testicles on his body, and not in Taya’s purse. Johnny noted that her purse is Versace, unsurprised that Eglin failed to recognize this in his “$49.99 HighSpots gear”. Johnny took credit for Cage being sent to the hospital, claiming that Elgin interrupted an ambulance ride. They argued over who will get the title shot, but Konnan walked down the ramp. Konnan suspected that the two were going to kiss with how close they were getting. He put former world champion, Pentagon’s name in the hat, causing Johnny to claim that he has played longer games of Mario Kart than his title reign. Konnan countered, saying it lasted longer than Johnny’s movie career. Elgin tried to attack Konnan but Pentagon came out to save him. Johnny stood back waiting for his cheap shot on Elgin. He walked away as security broke everyone up. Johnny comes back, and Elgin destroyed the security guards, sending him right back. This was a solid segment setting up the inevitable contenders match. ©

– Pentagon Jr. vs. Michael Elgin vs. Johnny Impact in a number one contender’s match booked for tonight’s main event, as Josh and Don run down tonight’s card and hype Code Red on Impact Plus.


The Rebel sang the Canadian anthem to start the match. Petey got thing rolling early but Austin got the momentum back with a suicide dive. Austin attempted a dive in the ring but Petey catches him in the corner. He hits his crotch-stepping anthem singalong. Austin hit a spinning kick on Petey for a two count. Austin grabbed the arm and gave Petey a paper cut in between the fingers with his card. Petey attempted a schoolboy for a near fall, leading to a German suplex and the tiltawhirl side Russian leg sweep. He wanted the Destroyer but Austin opened up with some big kicks. He ate a pop-up powerbomb but came back with a huge neckbreaker. Petey locked in a sharpshooter but Austin grabbed the ropes. Austin whiffed on his finish and almost lost on a crucifix pin. Austin connected with a big head scissors from the top rope and hit The Fold for the win.

WINNER: Ace Austin (**3/4)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a pretty solid match with Ace Austin getting a nice and clean win. I could see him going closer to the X Title with this victory.)

– Rosemary walked through the back with The Undead Maid on her leash, warning Kiera Hogan. ©

– Sami Callihan is not done with Swann. Next week he wants a 4 on 4 tag team oVe rules match.


Kiera started out with some strikes on Rosemary, pummeling her in the corner. Kiera continued to dominate Rosemary with a crossbody until she got caught in a sidewalk slam. Kiera nailed three kicks on Rosemary for a near fall. Rosemary got back on track with a big German suplex but got sent into the corner. The crowd was behind The Demon Assasin as she got kicked down to the ramp. Kiera followed her, getting kicked off and falling to the floor below. Rosemary looked to dive off of the ramp but Su Yung and the Bridesmaids attacked her. Su freed the Undead Maid of Honor and they continued to attack Rosemary. Kiera Hogan considered helping but ultimately walked out. (c)

WINNER: Rosemary (*1/2)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was an okay match but served as more of an angle. Kiera refused to help Rosemary, leading me to believe that she may join Su and the Maids eventually. This feud is quite possibly the longest I’ve ever seen, and when they get momentum, it always seems to eventually fizzle out. This was meh.)

– Melissa Santos was backstage with Taya Valkyrie, as she questioned who was next. Madison Rayne appeared, touting that she has never lost to her. Taya declined Madison’s proposal, as she needed to focus for Code Red on Sunday.

– The Impact Plus Moment of The Week was Kurt Angle’s debut in TNA, famously headbutting Samoa Joe.

– Taya Valkyrie was heard arguing with Impact Management. She came out telling Melissa that she has 30 days to defend her title, and Madison will not be receiving it next week. ©

– Impact Plus ad

– LAX was in the Clubhouse, counting money and drinking away. Konnan warned them to get to work before their match at Code Red. Konnan changed his mind when he heard The Rascalz invited them to the Treehouse. Konnan walked away with money and alcohol.


Eddie offered a handshake which Fenix hesitantly accepted. The two got going, with Eddie grabbing Kenny only to be warned by the referee. Eddie grabbed Kenny again when Fenix came towards him. Eddie set him outside and Fenix nailed a dropkick. Eddie went to his comfort zone on the outside, but Killer Kross appeared on the ramp. Fenix hit a rolling forearm as well as a rolling crucifix bomb for a two count. Eddie nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall after Fenix missed on a dive. They entered a strike exchange in the middle of the ring, but Eddie backed him up into the corner. Fenix came back with a rolling cutter, but Eddie hit a Tiger Bomb for a near fall as Killer Kross grabbed Kenny. He offered the stick to Eddie but held on as he handed it to him. Fenix caught Eddie with a superkick and a muscle buster bomb for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Fenix (***)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a pretty good match that could’ve been better without the Kross interference. Of course, this seems to be the beginning of a program between the two so no complaints here.)

– Rob Van Dam was warming up backstage as he came out next. ©

– Tommy Dreamer has Rich Swann’s back next week in the tag match. They need one more partner with Mack being a certainty. Scarlett Bordeaux seemingly offers her services but in reality, sends Fallah Bahh in.

Rob Van Dam made his way down to the ring to a great reaction. RVD entered the ring with a microphone to some loud chants. Van Dam said he could go on and on about the great stars of Impact. He found it flattering that everyone on the roster imitates his moves, but wants to show them the real thing. Ethan Page walked down with some steel chairs, offering some new ideas. Page took a seat on one of the chairs, offering RVD a seat as well. RVD rested on his chair rather than sitting, as Page began ranting. Page claimed he had never looked up to RVD as he literally does so, and acknowledges that RVD clearly has not seen him work, which is agreeable. RVD believed that Page just wanted this moment on his bucket list, and was willing to do the match right now. Page advised that RVD go take his “medicine” and meet him next week. RVD responded with a Van Terminator, as his music hit. This was a fun segment with Page shining on the mic. [c]

– Impact Plus ad

– Josh Alexander was irritated with Page, as they had a match with LAX booked for next week. Moose came in to offer Alexander a partner in himself against LAX.

– Highlights from Gail Kim vs. Tessa Blanchard from Rebellion. Tully Blanchard hugs Tessa as she cried in his arms. Tully talked about how proud he is of his daughter, continuing to prove how great this moment was. [c]

– Don Callis was on his phone looking for all of the old Scott D’Amore matches on Impact Plus. They ran down the card for next week featuring Rob Van Dam vs. Ethan Page and the oVe Rules Tag match.


Johnny came out with his Ultimate X, reminding us that he does have that opportunity against the X-Division champion. Michael Elgin and Pentagon Jr. entered as we head to commercial ©. They started off with multiple quick pin attempts. Elgin spilt to the outside as Johnny and Pentagon engaged. Everyone headed to the outside with Pentagon in control. Johnny was about to dive onto Pentagon in the ring but Elgin grabbed him, powerbombing him onto the apron. Pentagon nailed a double foot stomp in the corner to Elgin, as he taunted him. They entered a strike exchange on the top rope. Elgin attempted a superplex but Johnny came in adding a German suplex to the Tower of Doom. Johnny and Elgin had a nice exchange as Pentagon came in, delivering a superkick. He did the same to Elgin but got sent straight down to the canvas with a slam. Elgin threw a vicious clothesline to Johnny but Pentagon broke up the pinfall. Johnny connected with a huge spinning Razor’s Edge for a two count on Elgin. He headed to the top for the Countdown to Impact but missed as usual. Elgin hit three huge kicks on Johnny, as he looked for the Elgin Bomb. Penta interrupted with some sling blades and a Pentagon Driver. Elgin rolled out but Pentagon hit a powerbomb backbreaker for a near fall on Johnny. Elgin tried to stop Pentagon but he kicked him off. Johnny and Penta were up top, as Johnny botched a hurricanrana attempt to the outside. He grabbed a chair and attacked Pentagon with it to make up for it. He set up Elgin for Starship Pain but came up empty. Elgin capitalized with a rattling clothesline and a big buckle bomb, followed by the Elgin Bomb, to crown him as the number one contender.

WINNER: Michael Elgin (***1/4)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: The botched spot on the outside hurt the match’s flow and momentum but this was still an overall really fun main event. Elgin got the big win here on his first night, and he feels very fresh in this scene. A welcomed addition to the Impact roster and a great showing here on his first night.)

FINAL RATING: (7 out of 10): This was a really good show, pushing Impact into a new direction following a strong PPV. They built well to next week’s show as well as Code Red, and I’m looking forward to the future with Michael Elgin as number one contender as well as the RVD nostalgia tour.

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