4/26 Impact Wrestling TV Report: Final hype for Rebellion PPV Report, LAX & Cage vs. Impact & Lucha Bros., Ace Austin vs. Aiden Prince, Rosemary vs. Undead Maid of Honor

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 26, 2019

It’s the go home show for Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion PPV live on Apr. 28, in Toronto.

An opening video recapped everything that happened last week.

Eli Drake walked out in his bright yellow jacket wielding Kenny and a mic stand. The piped in boos were going crazy for him. He went on to trash Eddie Edwards, calling him flaccid version of his old self. He asked Kenny for his opinion. He was speechless. He introduces Mikey, his mic stand and then Edwards comes out warning Drake, as he grabs Kenny back. Big pop for Edwards as Drake storm out. He tosses Kenny up in the air to Drake on the outside and meets him with a suicide dive or a “shot of caffeine” as Pope used to say. Drake is chased out of Windsor, and seemingly the company. This was a quick hot segment building to the match that will not be happening at Rebellion. [c]

– Hype video for Gail Kim vs. Tessa Blanchard at Rebellion.

– Callis and Josh advertise tonight’s action including Rich Swann’s journey to the OVE compound.


Josh Mathews says that if you want to be a star in the X-Division, Impact is the place to be. Considering that the division is only found in Impact, he’s certainly right. Prince is a pretty known Canadian indy guy seen on most BCW shows. Things get hot early with Prince nailing a suicide dive only to eat one himself right after. Prince counters back with an Asai Moonsault. Austin brings things inside and grounds Prince. Austin whiffs on a big flip. Prince connects on a facebuster with some snap on it. Prince goes to the top for a 450 but lands in a choke, followed by an armbar. Austin proceeds to cut Prince’s fingers with his playing card. He nails The Fold for the win. Austin attacks Prince after the match but Petey Williams saves him, chasing the blue chipper out.

WINNERS: Ace Austin. (***)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a really fun match, making both men look great. Hometown hero, Petey Williams comes out to save .)

– Taya Valkyrie attacks Jordynne Grace in the gym and they brawl with dumbells. [c]

– Rob Van Dam discusses his potential opponenets.

– The Rascalz are given a note to meet up by Moose. Moose introduces them to his new friends, The North. Moose and his Canadian buddies attack The Rascalz and their high-pitched screams.


The Maid attacks Rosemary immediately but gets countered. Not much happens until Rosemary lands a green mist, spearing and pinning the maid for the win as she stares into the eyes of Su Yung.

WINNER: Rosemary

(J.I.’S Thoughts: Not much of a match but it was a good angle, building Su Yung vs. Rosemary for whenever that will finally happen.)

Rich Swann is approaching the oVe compound. He is looking for Callihan but the Crists say he isn’t here. Swann talks to himself as he reminisces about the times he had with Callihan. He knocks repeatedly to no result as he storms off. Callihan opens the door seconds later, drinking a beer.


The two big men exchange holds early on. Kross nails a cross arm breaker but Mack breaks free. Kross connects with a big boot and running knee that downs Mack. “Chocolate Thunder” chants break out as Kross jams his fingers into Mack’s nose. Mack counters with a running knee of his own for a two count. Kross turns The Mack inside out with a big clothesline for a near fall. Mack begins his comeback, but Kross ends it with some Muay Thai and a Saito Slam. Mack starts Macking up and hits a huge suplex for a close one. Mack attempts a stunner but settles for a Samoan Drop, leading to his moonsault. Kross catches him in the Kross Jacket Choke for the win.

WINNER: Killer Kross (***¼)

(J.I.’S Thoughts: This was a very good match featuring some stiff strikes and slick submissions. Kross picked up the win as expected, building momentum.) [c]

– LAX vs. Lucha Bros recap hype video.


Idris Abraham slaps Cousin Jake, as he immediately regrets it. Joe Coleman comes in and gets thrown around. Frequent tags for The Deaners as Cody gets beaten up by both men. Jake comes in for the hot tag, spearing Abraham in the corner. The Deaners land a double team Hellevator for the win.

WINNERS: The Deaners (**)

(J.I.’S Thoughts: This was a pretty basic squash match. Not much to say about it, but The Deaners will be a fine midcard tag team.) [c]


Johnny and the gang praise Lance Storm, clearly trying to brown nose. They say they may name their dog after Storm. Mr Integrity himself comes out, hugging the couple. He reminds them that they need to lead by example. Johnny begs Storm to help him out, but he tells him he must do it on his own. Storm is slapped and then superkicks Johnny as we head to commercial. The Lucha Bros enter, ignoring their partner for the night as he throws up Pentagon’s hand gesture. [c]

Superkick party as the bell rings, and we get some chaos earlier than anticipated. Things calm down as Fenix and Santana are legal. Pentagon comes in and they work some double team on Santana. Cage is legal, destroying Pentagon until he counters with a slingblade. Johnny tags himself in, much to Pentagon’s chagrin, landing a springboard spear. The crowd goes crazy for Cage as he manhandles the champ. Pentagon lands a huge dive on his partner, Johnny and the now legal Ortiz. Santana takes to the sky with a double jump Swanton. Cage finishes things off with a moonsault to the outside. Wow. The crowd chants for Cage as Fenix appears out of nowhere for a dive that is just unexplainable. The Lucha Bros and Johnny team up on Cage and Santana. They land a Que Paso on Santana, dropkicking between the legs. Ortiz eats some double team moves as well, finishing off with a Johnny Impact 450. Cage breaks up the pin but suffers a double superkick. Ortiz fights off the trio and LAX kills Pentagon with a cannonball followed by an F-5 by Cage. Super flatliner on Fenix but Johnny comes in superkicking eveeryone. The crowd hates him, as he eats a cutter, codebreaker, superkick and more for a pinfall attempt. Kid Ref is pulled out by Bravo as Taya attacks him. Konnan comes over warning Taya. Tables, ladders, and chairs come out as Cage gets nailed with a chair to the skull. Johnny grabs a chair and whiffs, leading to a Weapon X for the 1-2-3. A bloodied Cage stands tall over everyone to close the show.

WINNERS: Brian Cage and LAX (***3/4)

(J.I.’S Thoughts: This was one of the wildest tag matches you will ever see. With that being said, it was a beautiful disaster of sorts and you need to check it out to understand. Cage got the win here which usually leads to a loss at the PPV but who knows? Anyway a very fun, unique main event.)

FINAL THOUGHTS (7.0): This was a really fun show, doing a fantastic job of building to the Rebellion PPV this Sunday. This also gave me doubt on Cage’s win this weekend, which I initially found to be predictable. The top matches of Rebellion all have rock solid feuds.

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