7/22 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Raw Reunion loaded with big legacy stars such as Austin, Cena, Hogan, Flair, Slaughter, Nash, X-Pac

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JULY 22, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

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-Cole introduced the show, stating they were live in Tampa, as they proudly showed the entire arenas triple decks filled to the last row.

-John Cena’s music played and he walked out, pounding his heart. For those keeping track, he’s in lime green season and his motto is “Never Give Up.” He said, “You’re telling me all I had to do was become part of the Raw Reunion and you’d all be nice to me?” He started with mentioning Hulk Hogan (Tampa native) who got a nice cheer. Then he brought up Ric Flair (wooo’s), DX (cheers), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (cheers, although not crazy loud or sustained above the others). He said this ring is his home. “Always has been, always will be,” he said. He said he’s not around as much as he used to be, but this is his heart and they are his family. He said he is as excited to be standing in the ring now as he was on Day One. He asked fans to show some energy as they get the show rolling.

-As the Usos walked out to their music, Cole exclaimed, “It’s going to be a hell of night!” The Usos walked out and asked if he really said “day one.” They asked Cena to deliver some rhymes. Cena stepped onto the ring apron. The Usos said, “That’s John Cena, the cat who left us for the movie biz” Cena stepped back into the ring. He said he’s not getting bested. “Y’all look just like your mug shots. How was it getting arrested?” Jimmy smiled and shook Cena’s hand. “That’s the doctor, holla at your boys.” (Strange to celebrate being arrested like that.) Then the Usos called for Rikishi. Rikishi made his way down the ramp. Cole noted that he’s their daddy. As Cena left, Rikishi asked him to back his ass up and turn around. Cena returned to the ring. He said Cena is The Man. He said tonight, though, he can’t let him leave “fast and furious.” Cena laughed like he thought that was the cleverest thing ever. Rikishi struck a pose with the Usos and Cena, but then The Revival interrupted. D-Von Dudley then came out to his music and joined them. Graves said The Usos vs. The Revival was next. (Keller’s Analysis: Cena had good energy and optimism, but didn’t really offer up much else. Using the Usos arrests as a laugh line seemed a little odd.) 

-Hulk Hogan told Jimmy Hart he was so pumped up being in his hometown of Tampa, Fla. He said he feels like he could beat somebody up tonight. He mentioned Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler. “Take your pick, Jimmy.” They cut to a commercial. [c]

-Cole commented on this being the Raw Reunion show as they showed a postcard shot of Tampa. Booker T’s music played and he joined the announcers at the desk. Cole called him a “mainstay” of the Raw announce team over the years. “Yeahhh, I’m back,” he said.

(1) THE USOS (w/Rikishi) vs. THE REVIVAL (w/D-Von Dudley)

Booker said The Usos will break the Harlem Heat record some day. Graves asked Booker about The Revival. He said they started the hard way down in NXT. He compared them to the Brainbusters. Dawson taunted Rikishi a few minutes in. The Revival isolated Jimmy for a while. Jimmy made a comeback and climbed to the top rope. They cut to a break, but stayed with the action on split screen. (This is a Smackdown feature, not Raw, but good to see it here if it means no more manufactured contrived sudden falls and “reset and restarts” to avoid leaving live action.) [c]

The action picked up with some nice near falls and kicks. Jimmy leaped off the top rope, but Dash ducked and tagged Dawson. Dawson gave Jimmy a leaping uppercut off the top and made the cover, but Jey broke it up. Jimmy  clotheslined Dash over the top rope. D-Von walked toward them. Rikishi then walked over, too. They argued. Dawson yelled at Rikishi to return to his corner. When he turned around, Jey superkicked him. Jimmy then hit a top rope frog splash for the win.

WINNER: The Usos in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Booker was solid on color.) [c]

-The announcers hyped Seth Rollins vs. A.J. Styles later on Raw.

-Backstage Alicia Fox was showing off her hat to Dana Brooke and Kaitlyn. Then Torrie Wilson walked up to Fox and they hugged and complimented each other’s looks. Santino walked up to them and was looking dapper. Fox asked about his sister and then “his other little friend.” He pulled out a cobra puppet. Santino then began caressing their necks a little as if he couldn’t control the cobra. In walked Drew McIntyre. He said, “Legends,” then walked away and shook his head in disgust. Cole noted his shocking upset loss to Cedric Alexander last week and said he was wrestling next. [c]

-Charly Caruso interviewed R-Truth and Carmella. Charly threw to an interview he did at ComicCon. He said he was wearing a costume and nobody recognized him. They showed him with a penguin costume that showed off his face while he had the 24/7 belt over his shoulder. Hurricane Helms walked in and schoolboyed Truth for a two count. After the kickout, he yelled “What’s up with that” and ran away. Then Drake Maverick ran in dressed as a banana and scored a two count. Truth ran away. Back live, Truth said had he known penguins were second cousins to chickens, he’d have gotten a different bird, like Big Bird or Larry Bird. Drake’s wife Renee walked into the picture and told Truth he ruined her wedding and marriage and her husband’s life. Carmella mouthed off to her. Drake ran in and rolled up Truth to win the title. Then Drake and his wife fled as Truth chased after. In walked Godfather. Charly couldn’t have looked more excited to see a pimp. Godfather asked if she knows what time it is. He said it’s time for everybody to come aboard the… at which point the crowd said, “Ho train!” He danced and cartoonishly mugged for the camera.

(Keller’s Analysis: So it doesn’t count is the crowd says it when prompted?)

-As Drew came out to his music, a clip aired of Cedric’s win over Drew last week. Cole said Drew seeks revenge tonight. Drew went after Cedric aggressively at ringside before the bell rang. He threw him into the ringside steps, but Cedric moved and Drew went head-first into the ringpost. Then he did a springboard moonsault onto Drew on the floor. Drew lifted and threw Cedric into the ringpost and mounted him and punched away at him. The bell hadn’t rung yet. Drew rammed Cedric into the ringside barricade and then set up an inverted Alabama Slam and slammed him onto the ring apron. Renee called it sadistic and nasty. She said he had a point to prove, and the point was made.

-Cole hyped Austin, Hogan, Flair, and DX. Then they showed The Viking Raiders breathing heavily and cartoonishly for the camera as red light flooded behind them.

-A sponsored clip aired highlighting Ricochet.

-Backstage Drake was nervously packing when he noticed a box full of worms. Then “I’m the Boogieman, I’m coming to get you!” The lights turned red and Drake fell backward. Pat Patterson walked in and stomped on Drake and then stood on his chest as the ref counted to three. Patterson picked up his newly won 24/7 Title. Biggest crowd pop of the night to that point.

-Christian’s entrance music played. He walked out to join the announce team. He hugged Renee.


Lilian Garcia stood mid-ring and introduced The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar. An inset soundbite aired with the Raiders who said they’re going to slaughter and annihilate any competition, including Hawkins and Ryder. Christian said they’re strong, agile, and mean, reminding him of the Dudley Boyz. The screen noted that #RawReunion is the no. 1 trend worldwide on Twitter. The Raiders beat up Ryder at first, then Hawkins tagged in and got destroyed quickly. Ivar dove through the ropes onto both Hawkins and Ryder. Then they delivered the Viking Experience to pin Hawkins. There was no victory announcement by Lilian. Graves said Lilian is scared and forgot their names.

WINNERS: The Raiders in 3:00.

-In a suite, with Jimmy Hart and Fox partying, Mike Kanellis was chatting with Eve. Maria got jealous. Eric Bischoff showed up. He pitched Maria “come on over to Smackdown.” Maria yelled at Mike for not putting lotion on her belly so she doesn’t get stretch marks. She pestered Mike about how he couldn’t support their family if she got stretch marks and couldn’t model anymore because she’s the bread winner. Ron Simmons walked in and took Jimmy’s megaphone and said, “Damn!”

-They showed Samoa Joe backstage. “Dangerous, nasty, menacing,” said Cole. [c]

-A Smackdown commercial hyped Shane McMahon addressing Kevin Owens “after weeks of disrespect,” plus Kofi Kingston lays down the challenge for his Summerslam opponent.

-Backstage Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows sported their new “OC” shirts, which stands for “Original/Only Club.” It had some Japanese words at the bottom. Styles said he’ll beat Seth, and if he gets up and wants more, they should make a statement and show the world they’re the most dominant group in WWE. They did the “too sweet” hand check.

-Backstage they showed Gerald Brisco celebrating with the 24/7 Championship belt standing over a fallen Patterson who called him a stooge. “Takes one to know one!” said Brisco. Kelly Kelly walked up to Brisco and congratulated him. She kneed Brisco and pinned him. She smiled and ran away with the belt.


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-Samoa Joe walked out to the ring. He said his name is Samoa Joe. Fans chanted “Joe! Joe!” He said he came out there to point out a vile atrocity in WWE. He said they are celebrating the longest-running episodic television series ever. He said shows like the Raw Reunion are a plague to WWE because it lets the WWE Universe put on their rose-colored-glasses “and we indulge your ridiculous addiction to nostalgia.” He said tonight you could have seen him doing what he does best, sculpting violence, but instead you have the Usos with their daddy spitting limericks at John Cena. “It’s embarrassing!” he said. He was interrupted by Roman Reigns.


“Here comes the Big Dog!” exclaimed Cole. Graves said Reigns is going to defend his family. He seemed something other than nonchalant this week. He looked, dare I say it, emotionally charged up at what Joe said. He gave Joe a piercing stare, slapped a couple fans’ hands, then entered the ring. Reigns stood on the second rope and struck his pose. Cole said he’s inspirational. He posed on another second rope as his music continued to play.

Reigns told Joe if he has something to say about his family, say it. Joe said he doesn’t have something to say about his family, he already said something about his family. He got in Roman’s face. “Well, you’re from the same island, you know what happens next,” Reigns said. Joe said he does, “but before we get into that”… at which point he tried to take a quick cheap shot at Reigns, but Reigns blocked him. Joe raked Reigns’s eyes and then threw him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Joe whipped Reigns into the barricade as Reigns continued to sell his shoulder. Joe yanked on his hair and yelled at him, then threw him into the barricade again. Reigns made a comeback. From ringside, Joe asked if he wanted to give the people what they want and do it tonight the right way. Cheers. Then he said he won’t do a damn thing for those people. Boos. Joe left. Reigns said not all Samoans are cowards and he apologized to the fans. Joe said he’s about to see someone get put out permanently. “You want your match?” he said. Reigns said, “Ahh, yes sir.” Joe said, “Then your ass got it.” Cole said it was coming up next.

(Keller’s Analysis: Reigns was really good here, showing more emotion and intensity. Joe brought it out with a great performance here. Good set-up, but it seems more like a Summerslam match to tease than an impromptu match to just give away.) [c]


Joe dominated early in the match. Joe took Reigns down hard with a shoulder check. Reigns bumped hard. They replayed it in super-slo-mo as Joe held Reigns down and twisted his head. Reigns powered up and headbutted Joe. Joe no-sold it and yanked Reigns hard through the ropes, then dove onto Reigns with a flying forearm. Joe gave Reigns a sinister look and laughed. Reigns avoided another dive a minute later and then hit a Drive By. Back in the ring Reigns kicked Joe in the head. Joe went down. Reigns played to the crowd and stared at his hand and set up a Superman Punch. Joe recovered during that time and blocked Reigns, hit a reverse atomic drop, kicked him in the face, and landed a senton for a near fall. (Babyfaces look like idiots when they stall like that and it backfires when the opponent recovers in the mean time.) Joe then applied the Coquina Clutch. Reigns escaped by tossing Joe out of the ring. When Joe returned to the ring, he caught Joe with a spear and scored the three count.

WINNER: Reigns in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Joe was great here, coupled with other recent failures, he’s losing a lot of face lately in terms of being positioned as a top tier threat to anyone.)

-Graves plugged Miz TV with Seth Rollins. Cole plugged Seth vs. Styles.

-The Miz began his ring entrance. [c]

-Miz TV: Miz introduced himself and hyped “Miz and Mrs” on USA Network. Then he introduced Seth. They aired a replay of key moments in the battle royal last week that set up Seth getting a rematch against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for the Universal Title. Miz then threw to clips of the Seth losing via MITB cash-in to Lesnar. Seth  mocked Paul Heyman’s introduction of Lesnar, then made fun of Lesnar. He asked who wouldn’t want to be Lesnar. Then he said he wouldn’t want to be Lesnar. He said Lesnar is a Seth-wanna-be. Heyman interrupted and said Lesnar is Seth’s dose of reality. Heyman told Seth not to complain about Lesnar cashing in the MITB to end his reign because Seth did that to Brock at WM31. Seth said it took Lesnar four years to get even. Heyman stepped onto the stage. Seth told him if he is going to talk the talk for Lesnar, he should walk the walk for Lesnar. He threatened to walk to the stage and stomp his head. Heyman said he’s just an advocate. Seth made a move toward the stage. Heyman comedically ran to the back.

Seth said Lesnar isn’t a conquerer or a beast. He said he is a man and any man can lose. He said at Summerslam he will beat Lesnar to regain the Universal Title. He said unlike Lesnar, he gets ready for big fights by taking on the best. He said later against Styles, it’s time to burn it down.

-Backstage Caruso talked to some legends who were partying. Jimmy Hart, Jillian Hall, Torrie Wilson, and Rikishi were dancing. Sami walked in and said she is wasting precious television time talking to legends. He said he calls them “people who happened to be there at the time.” He said it’s like watching the Attitude Era through the Face App. He said it’s desperate because they want one more round of applause from an audience that is as desperate as they are. He told them to all go home and stay home. Rey Mysterio walked in and told him to show some respect. He told Sami to “remember who paved the way for you.” Sami said he doesn’t respect any of them, but he can pave the road with Rey right now. Kurt Angle stepped between them and told them to take it easy. He said when he was G.M. of Raw, they’d settle it in the ring.

-Kelly Kelly ran up to Candice Michelle excitedly with her 24/7 Title. Then she noticed Melina and Naomi chatting. They said hi. Melina said she’s taken the last few years to get her license. Kelly asked, “What license?” Melina unzipped and revealed a ref shirt. Candice then kicked and pinned Kelly, while Melina made the three count. Candice celebrated and spun around with a wide smile. Alundra Blayze walked out and choked out Candice. She got the tapout win. She said if any of them had a problem with her being “24 Champion,” they better tell it to her face “because I am not going to be champion very long.” Renee asked what that meant.

-Jonathan Coachman joined the announcers at the desk.


Rey Mysterio made his ring entrance. Then Sami made his entrance. Graves tried to stir trouble by saying Renee stole Coach job. Coach said, graciously, that he didn’t have time for it anymore. Sami took control early and scored a two count. Coach talked about seeing everyone backstage and how everyone is “buying into” the 24/7 Title and how surprising it could be who walks out as champion. Rey eventually made a comeback and put Sami into position for a 619. Coach said he lives in Orange County now. Sami avoided the move (which is good, because he wasn’t beat up at all before being put in that position). As Sami teased leaving, Rob Van Dam walked out. He was joined on the stage by Sgt. Slaughter. Then Hurricane Helms. And finally Kurt Angle. Angle led the march to the ring. Back in the ring Rey caught Sami with a kick and then set up another 619. Rey played to the crowd and the legends at ringside, then hit the 619. Rey then landed a Five-Star Frog Splash for the win as a tribute to RVD.

WINNER: Rey in 6:00.

-Cole plugged “A Moment of Bliss” with Becky Lynch as Alexa Bliss’s guest. Graves plugged Shawn Michaels, Austin, Hogan, and Flair coming up soon.

-They cut to the parking garage and out of a stretch limo walked Flair. He strutted and smiled. [c]

-A graphic touted that Raw last week was the no. 1 most social show on all of TV.

-Montez Ford walked up to Angelo Dawkins who was coughing and putting drops in his eyes. He asked if he’s been “skating with the pilots.” Dawkins said he was hanging out with RVD. Ford asked why he didn’t invite him. He said it happened so fast. He recounted the invite. He said Mark Henry was with him. Also, Kelly Kelly and Ric Flair. They “woo’d” a few times. The crowd joined in. Dawkins said he had to leave because Boogeyman showed up and everyone freaked out. Dawkins got a call and said it’s The Godfather. He walked away as Ford looked jealous.

-They went to the announcers on camera. Graves said he was confused and asked if Henry was drinking champaign in the bathroom. Renee said she understood everything.

-Alundra walked out and said she told everyone she wasn’t going to be 24/7 Champion for long. She was about to drop the 24/7 belt in a garbage can when out walked Ted DiBiase. He offered to buy the precious 24/7 Title before she does something she regrets. He said everybody’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man. He reached in his jacket and pulled out a wad of cash. He gave it to her. She handed him the belt and walked away. DiBiase looked down, smiled, and let out his cartoon villain laugh. Graves asked if Alundra is the new Andre. He said there was no referee involved. “I don’t think you can buy the championship,” he said.

-Cole hyped Seth vs. Styles next. [c]

-A very brief image of Bray Wyatt flashed on the screen.

-Jerry Lawler walked out and joined the announcers. Renee hugged him. Lawler offered a hand shake to Cole and pulled away. Then he shook his hand after all. Cole called him “one of the most prolific announcers in the history of sports entertainment.”


(5) SETH ROLLINS vs. A.J. STYLES (w/Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows)

The OC came out first. Lawler said Styles used to be such a nice guy, but now he’s got such a big head he has to wash his hair in Niagara Falls. Seth made his ring entrance. Lawler talked about Patterson and Brisco. “I remember when those guys embarrassed everybody by asking for seconds at the Last Supper.” Cole asked Lawler if he was back there reminiscing about his WrestleMania days. Lawler said that match with Cole at WM is part of the past. Seth chopped away at Styles and then sunset flipped him for a two count. A distraction by Anderson led to Styles knocking Seth off the ring apron. The three members walked toward Seth. Shawn Michaels and Triple H walked out to DX music. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live Seth and Styles were battling mid-ring with Michaels and Hunter still at ringside. (I promise if you ran Jerry Lawler 40 years ago through the Face App, he wouldn’t look like he does today.) Eventually Anderson and Gallows attacked Styles for the DQ.

WINNER: Seth in 7:00 via DQ.

-Hunter and Michaels entered the ring to stop the attack on Seth. Styles told everyone to hold on. He told DX, “You’re one of us, we’re just like you two.” The OC held up their Too Sweet hand gesture. Hunter pretended to agree with Styles. He and Michaels lifted their hands and then turned it into a DX chop instead. A brawl broke out with everyone. All three OC members grabbed chairs and surrounded the ring. Then the New Age Outlaws music played. Road Dogg, “X-Pac” Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall all walked out. They entered the ring. Dogg brought up Chyna, but then said he forgot Billy. He told The OC he wanted to introduce them to the OG’s. He told them to get to steppin’ and get to steppin’ quick. The OC dropped down, badly outnumbered, and dropped their chairs and shouted at them. Road Dogg kneeled and offered Seth the chance to do the honors. Seth did the “We got two words for you” and then all of them did the crotch chop. Michaels strutted. Then they huddled mid-ring.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was largely innocent fun. I mean, yes, The OC backed off, but it was eight on three or something along those lines.)

-They cut backstage to Mark Henry and Mick Foley chatting. Cole said Foley would be out next. [c]

-DiBiase got into his limo. There were some pounding noises and then out of the front seat came Drake with a referee. The Parade of 24/7 contenders chased him away before he could hug his wife and plan to consummate their marriage. It was Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, Kalisto, Gran Metalik, EC3, Mojo Rawley, and Titus O’Neal. Graves asked, “If you haven’t consummated your marriage yet, is it annulled?”

-Foley stood mid-ring and said there is no place he’d rather celebrate than “right here in Tampa, Florida.” Cheap pop. He began to talk about how he introduced the 24/7 Title. The parade of contenders chased Drake through the ring and to the back. Foley said, “Have a nice day!” Foley said he’s going to get his hands on that title before the day is through. He said some of the finest moments of his life have taken place on Monday nights overt the course of the last 24 years. “Thank you so much for being part or them” he said. He pointed at the big screen and they showed Foley celebrating with his WWE Title belt as Mankind. The screen went blank, the lights went out, and Foley looked around nervously. When the lights came back on, Bray Wyatt was standing in mid-ring. Cole acted surprised it was Bray. He then gave Foley a Mandible Claw. The lights went out again and a spotlight flickered over them as Foley was left incapacitated. They ended with a close-up of Bray and then his laughter blared over the sound system over and over. [c]

-Alexa Bliss walked out with Nikki Cross. She said what everyone could use now is a Moment of Bliss. They introduced their guest Becky Lynch. As Lynch walked out, Cole plugged the Lynch vs. Natalya match at Summerslam. Bliss began to ask the first question when Natalya interrupted. Natalya said if Becky has something to say to her, say it to her face. Bliss said there’s still some tension there after the words they exchanged last week. They threw to that clip. Natalya said she first met her 14 years ago when they wrestled together in Japan. She said they had a similar journey to WWE. She said Becky not showing her more respect blows her mind. Becky said Natalya tried to cut her legs out from under her when she first showed up. She brought up Natalya training Ronda Rousey to try to beat her at WrestleMania. Becky said the Raw Title belt is the scalp of the Baddest Woman on the Planet. She said after Summerslam, she’ll still be carrying it after she embarrasses her in her home country. Natalya said she’s going to embarrass her. They fought and rolled around on the stage. Four referees separated them. Fans chanted “Let them fight!” Renee said she likes the fire in Nattie.

-Cole hyped a toast to Monday Night Raw with Austin, Hogan, Michaels, and Flair. [c]

-Charly interviewed Natalya who said Becky made this personal by trying to rewrite history. She said the Women’s Evolution was built off her back. She promised an ass-whipping of a lifetime.

-Drake showed up at a limo and asked his wife to get in the limo so they could consummate their marriage. Truth rolled up Drake from behind to regain the title. He leaped into the car, seemed to be in distress, and then the limo sped away. Carmella stood over Drake with her hands on her hips looking down at Drake. Drake freaked out.


WINNER: Strowman in under 1:00. [c]

-Flair made his ring entrance. A group of other legends walked out and paid tribute to him by applauding. Basically everyone who had appeared earlier on the Reunion Show. Even the Boogeyman. Graves said there were six former 24/7 Champions on the stage. Hogan came out to his music. Simmons and Booker smiled and applauded. Mark Henry just stood there and looked another direction, it seemed. Hogan posed and cupped his ears. He then cut a promo. He said it is so great to be back with all his friends and all his Hulkamaniacs. He said this is his hometown of Tampa, Florida, brother. He said some of his greatest memories were there. He said there is one last question to ask everybody. “Whatcha gonna do when the Raw Reunion and Hulkamania runs wild on you.” Cole talked about Raw becoming a family tradition over several generations.

Steve Austin walked out to his broken glass and marched to the ring and played to the crowd and cracked open some beers. He asked for a “Hell ya!” He said he couldn’t hear the fans, so he asked again. They yelled it louder. He said it’s good to be back in Tampa. He said he’s not going to get all sappy and sentimental. The crowd “What’ed” him. He asked everyone to look at everyone on the stage. He said they’ve all bled, sweat, cried, damn near crapped themselves, pissed themselves traveling the road. “Hell, that’s my damn family,” he said. He saluted the ring crew and truck drivers. He said they are family. He said the fans in the arena and at home are all family.

He said he came early and spent the day with the one and only Hulk Hogan. He said they did a podcast and drank some beer and then ate sushi. He said he’s never hung out with that man a day in his life, but now has because of this reunion. He said last night he listened to Ric Flair stories while he drank every beer in the bar. He said by the time he finished listening to Ric’s stories, he decided to order some room service. He said he ordered a bunch of food, then got in the elevator and it went down one floor, then the door opened and he and Ron Simmons looked at each other and they both got giddy, then he beat Ron to the punch and said, “Damn!” He said they hugged so long. He said someone would think they had something going on if you didn’t know better. He chuckled. Simmons laughed. He said Godfather and Boogeyman were down there and they kept it going. He said it’s all about the brotherhood. He said he’s happy for the family reunion. He called everyone to the ring. He then toasted “every single sumbitch inside the arena.” He said it’s a legit sellout and everyone tuned in because it’s Raw featuring Austin, and that guarantees a damn good time. He toasted the United States of America and closed with, “That’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.” Austin’s music played again. He began tossing beers to everyone. Cole said he is tremendously proud and honored to have been part of this program for the last 22 years. Austin and Triple H hugged. Austin continued to give out hugs. Nash walked toward him, but Austin stood on the ropes and saluted the crowd again.

Austin asked them to cut the music and asked if they had time left. Austin said they had a minute left. He began telling a story about Gerald Brisco. He said they were in South Africa years ago doing something illegal. He said he was nervous about what to do because he was a little out of practice. Coach told him to just be himself. He said he’s not going to send everyone Christmas cards and all that “sh–.” He was bleeped. His music played again.

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11 Comments on 7/22 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Raw Reunion loaded with big legacy stars such as Austin, Cena, Hogan, Flair, Slaughter, Nash, X-Pac

  1. 42 minutes in, Heyman producing or not, this is the same old crap: people standing around. Stupid facial expressions by Drake Maverick lying on the floor. This is no different — so far — from all the “reunion” shows ever.

    Know why there were never “reunion” shows back in the day? Because the people that were current stars were actually DRAWS. Unlike now when the most “over” person seems to be a red head from Ireland.

  2. Five minutes later: another same cheesey skit with Mike and Maria as the center and her annoying pregnant woman routine. People standing around doing nothing. Cue Ron Simmons for his “damn” cameo.

    Heyman writing this? Who knows but it has Vince McMahon all over It.

    Is anyone, anyone enjoying this?

  3. Nice bounce back with the Joe-Reigns segment sndbthe Miz TV segment with Rollins and Heyman. Finally.

    Let’s see how they finish.

  4. Pretty much what I expected. Nostalgia galore and not much else. I would have given it a two but I would give it a one. I probably won’t be watching until another nostalgia show. If Heyman was booking this show it was extremely (I use that term loosely) bad other than the legend cameos.

    Besides, if he is the head guy then how is going to be impartial to Crock?

    • Other than the small, short segment with Austin at the end, and a little bit of Samoa Joe-Reigns and Rollins-Heyman in the middle, it was a bad, bad show. That’s not on the older guys. They were great, just great, in their day, many of them, obviously especially Hogan, Flair, Austin, Michaels and Angle. But they’re not being used correctly. They can only do what they’re “directed” (hate that word) or “produced” to do; most of this is the end result of years and years of writers that know little to ZERO about professional wrestling.

      If I’ve never been a chef, how can I be expected to go into a restaurant and prepare a fantastic meal? I guess everyone gets lucky from time to time. It’s no different with this. Those writers for many years were surrounded by Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko and others as backstage producers/agents. Now they’re writing to make Vince McMahon and his daughter happy. They want that corny humor and all the garbage, the over-produced stuff, and for years, they could still have a good segment in the middle.

      What’s happened is they now have VERY little good segments and the crap overwhelms the good. I wish I had been wrong, but I correctly predicted yet another stupid reunion show where everyone is standing around literally trying to remember some awful lines. The “talent” now is not good enough to overcome the shortcomings. And so what we got was more of the same.

      Heyman (and Bischoff) have their work cut out for them. I know their track record has been mostly good for decades. But I would say the odds are against them being able to pull WWE out of this tailspin. It’s been running in this mode for many years now. For true, honest-to-goodness fans of the business, it’s just very sad.

      • Apparently it seems that it is a job requirement for the writers to have ZERO knowledge about pro wrestling. Hence why they are failed Hollywood writers and Stamford hires them.

        Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman will not succeed with the standards and practices in Stamford. Bischoff won’t succeed because he sucked in Impact with Hogan and Russo and Heyman won’t succeed because he doesn’t have the final say on anything. I would give it three months.

        It is strange though because Bischoff said he moved to Connecticut for this job from Wyoming. I hope he rented a place because it ain’t gonna last long especially with the real estate in Connecticut.

  5. The real higlight of the show should have been a lumberjack match, with all the WWE alumni being the lumberjacks for Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar. Would have been load of fun to be sure.

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