10/4 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Galindo’s report on TJP vs. Elgin, Rayne vs. Hogan vs. Dashwood, Edwards & Kenny vs. Reno Scum

By Jessie Galindo, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 4, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis


-OVE walked into the building surrounded by security. They told Gabrielle Loren that they’re protecting themselves against Brian Cage.


Tenille started off by attacking both of her opponents. After throwing Rayne out of the ring, Tenille gave Kiera a butterfly suplex. After taking them both down, Rayne jumped on Tenille’s back. She and Kiera double teamed on Tenille. Tenille eventually took control and kicked out Kiera before locking an arm submission on Madison. Kiera broke it up. They started double teaming on Tenille again. Outside the ring, Madison tried to hold Tenille in position for a dive, but Kiera hit Madison instead. This gave Tenille a chance to take back control, but it didn’t last long. Madison attempted a superplex, but Kiera climbed up too and Tenille knocked them both down and powerbombed Madison onto Kiera for a near fall. Tenille put Kiera in the tarantula hold for a 4 count and then knocked Madison into Kiera with a drop toehold. Kiera came back with a fisherman suplex but tried to win but started arguing with Madison over who would win. Tenille took advantage and got the win.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood in 15:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Good action to start off the show. Kiera and Madison started off as a solid team, but tension grew high which was expected. Tenille looks like a real star here taking out two opponents this time and stay undefeated.) [c]

-Eddie Edwards asked Tommy Dreamer for help. He said he was drugged by Reno Scum last week. Dreamer said he would help him. But Eddie was actually talking to Kenny the kendo stick.


This was pretty much a squash match where Swinger had a few head dives toward Owen’s crotch and had control for most of the match. Owen attempted a comeback, but it ended quickly. Swinger won with a swinging neckbreaker.

WINNER: Johnny Swinger in 5:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Swinger didn’t seem like he really got the crowd into his character, but he did look annoying so maybe that was what the fans thought too. This might be a slow burn.)

-Gabrielle interviewed The North about their title match with Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Ethan Page said he had a match with them last year but now its going to be with Josh Alexander now. She revealed that Rob Van Dam and Rhino were added to the match. They got angry and sent her away. [c]

-Gabrielle interviewed Tessa Blanchard about Sami Callihan’s attack on Melissa last week. She said Sami is dangerous and a scumbag. She said he only cares about himself. She said they all have a target on their backs. [c]

-Alisha was walking down the hallway and walked into Ace Austin. He said they needed to talk about what happened at the wedding. He said he has friends with substance abuse problems, and he’s worried about Eddie. Alisha said that’s not the problem. Ace said he will always be one call away. She thanked him and left.

(3) EDDIE EDWARDS & KENNY vs RENO SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)

Eddie started the match with Adam Thornstowe. He made Kenny hold the tag rope. Eddie hit Adam with an atomic drop and a suplex. Don Callis made a joke about Chris Jericho losing his title belt. Adam tagged in Luster the Legend. They dominated Eddie for most of the match. Don called Kenny the Marty Jannetty of this team. Eddie made a comeback and attempted to tag Kenny, but they stopped him. Luster rubbed Eddie’s face into Adam’s armpit. Eddie finally tagged in Kenny and started using him on both members of Reno Scum.


He threw Luster out and then tossed Kenny out for a dive but then dived out himself. Luster slammed Eddie onto Kenny. Eddie and Kenny then pinned Adam together.

WINNERS: Eddie Edwards & Kenny in 6:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Silly but believable enough to keep you into the match. Kenny was dominant and over with the fans. The fans were invested in the idea of Eddie needing to tag in Kenny.)

-The North went and found Konnan backstage. Konnan took a swig of tequila before Ethan Page closed the door in the cameraman’s face. [c]

Jimmy Jacobs found Konnan knocked out in his dressing room. Rich Swann called for help.

-OVE came out with security surrounding the ring. Sami Callihan said that what happened to Melissa Santos last week was an accident and a tragedy. He said he was going to apologize from the bottom of his heart. He pulled out a written apology that didn’t sound sincere at all. The apology said that everything he did last week was unintentional. Brian Cage came out and started taking out security. He took out Jake Crist and then Dave Crist. Madman Fulton tried to take him down but was slammed instead. Sami got out of the ring, but Brian chased him. Brian accidentally yanked a fan out of the crowd and threw him at the ring thinking it was a member of OVE. Las Vegas PD arrested Brian Cage and took him away. [c]


Jake Crist was on commentary. He kept calling Josh “Baby Jarvis.” They started by showing off a lot of great athleticism. After a dive to the outside, Daga took control of Bey. He hit him with a dropkick for the first near fall. Bey regained momentum and hit his own dive on Daga. After a few back and forths, Bey hit Daga with a 9 punch count in the corner but Daga threw him off before the 10th punch. Daga eventually won with his finisher.

WINNER: Daga in over 6:00.

After the match, Jake Crist got in Daga’s face, but Dave Crist came out to attack him. Tessa Blanchard came down and rescued Daga from the Crist brothers. They exited quickly.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Good way to introduce Chris Bey still had that squash match feel. Daga looked great in the win.)

-TJP told Fallah Bahh that he will help him win in exchange for helping him get his mojo back, which Bahh agreed. Gabrielle walked up and asked TJP how he feels about facing Michael Elgin. He said he’s got this. [c]

-Outside, Sami asked where the Crist Brothers were. Dave said he didn’t want to talk about it. Jake said they ran into Tessa. Dave said he didn’t want to talk about it. Sami told them to get into the car.

-At a press conference, Josh Matthews asked several people how they felt about Moose vs Ken Shamrock and they gave their opinions in favor of Shamrock. Moose said there is no skill needed for MMA, but he has Frank Trig to prepare him for Shamrock. Shamrock walked up and told him not to step to him or he’ll end up on the ground. Josh asked for questions from the media. Shamrock said Moose can only talk. Moose shut down the press conference instead of answering questions. Someone yelled out Moose would tap. During a photo op, Moose slapped Shamrock and they got pulled apart. Shamrock said he’s going to take him down at Bound for Glory. [c]

-James Mitchell was lecturing Jessicka Havok outside. He told her that she pissed of you know who. Taya Valkyrie asked Havok to take out Tenille Dashwood and she’ll give her a title shot instead. James Mitchell declined and pointed out that Taya has never beaten Havok and she should take the belt from her now. Taya left angrily.

(5) MICHAEL ELGIN vs. TJP (w/ Fallah Bahh)

The fans were quick to chant TJP. Elgin overpowered him into the corner but TJP got out and started striking him. Elgin grabbed him and pushed him out. TJ tried to get the Kneebar early, but Elgin fought out of it. Elgin attempted to power slam TJ, but he moved out of it for a roll up. TJ took control thanks to his speed. [c]

Back from the break, the crowd is chanting TJP. Elgin is back in control. TJP caused Elgin to fall out of the ring. Then he threw himself at Elgin but got an apron bomb for his efforts. He gave TJP a loud chop to the chest on the outside. Elgin hit him with a German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Elgin pulled up TJP from the apron for a superplex, but he pulled out of it and hit Elgin with a hurricanrana. TJ started taking control. He tried put Elgin into a crossface, but Elgin fought it off. TJ tried to pick up Elgin, but he was too heavy. Elgin hit him with a one arm deadlift powerbomb. He then hit him with a clothesline. He tried to powerbomb him again, but TJ punched out of it and then dived at Elgin on the outside, but Elgin caught him and powerslammed him onto the ramp. Elgin hit him with the deadlift Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Elgin threw off his elbow pad and went to attack TJP, but he reversed into an armbar. Then Elgin hit him with a one arm deadlift bucklebomb and then a spinning Elgin Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Michael Elgin in over 12:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Very good match. I liked that TJP kept up with Elgin and made it competitive. Elgin elevated TJP to a higher level in this match.)

-Melissa Santos was on the phone with her mom backstage. Sami Callihan came up and ended the call. He told her that last week was an accident. He said it still felt really good to hit her in the head with bottle though. Then he told her to go bail out her husband.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Good follow up to the wedding episode and Daga makes a good addition to the X Division five-way so far. The arrest angle was very interesting and want to see the fallout next week.

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