10/2 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Cool finishing sequences for Mojo vs. No Way Jose, EC3 & Young vs. Dorado & Metalik

By Mike F. Meyers, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 2, 2019

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Dio Maddin, Mickie James


Cool finishing sequences to both matches


During Jose’s entrance, Dio revealed that he had insider information regarding Jose’s conga line, and he assured Mickie that he could get her in.

After Jose finished swiveling his hips, the wrestlers locked up and Rawley muscled Jose into a corner. After being separated by the ref, Rawley sat complacently on a bottom turnbuckle and began to draw boos from the fans. Jose grew impatient and attacked Rawley in the corner with a drop kick, then clotheslined him over the top rope to ringside. A “No way, Jose” chant started.

Back in the ring, Rawley hit Jose with a jawbreaker before leveling him with a shoulder block. Rawley covered twice in rapid succession, each good for a two-count. Rawley straddled Jose and landed a few shots, then taunted Jose from his feet. Rawley clotheslined Jose and covered for another two-count, then applied an arm bar. Rawley shouted, “Where’s the party now?” at the crowd during the hold.

With Jose sprawled on the canvas, Rawley climbed the corner, facing the crowd, and unzipped the chest zipper on his singlet. He reached inside and flicked the sweat from his rectus abdominis out at the audience. He clarified his actions by shouting, “I’m sweatin’ on you clowns!” Dio said, “That’s not just any perspiration – that’s chest sweat.” Byron replied, “That’s the worst kind.” After briefly reconsidering, Byron amended, “Second worst.”

Rawley slowly drew Jose to his feet while continuing his taunts, but Jose leveled Rawley with a spinning forearm to the head. Jose finally gained momentum and splashed Rawley in the corner, then clotheslined him in the middle of the ring. Jose scaled to the top rope and hit Rawley with a high cross body, then covered for a two-count.

Rawley caught Jose in the Alabama slam position, but Jose countered by sliding downward and rolling Rawley into a sunset flip pin and a two-count. Rawley responded by flapjacking Jose onto the top turnbuckle, then landed a sprinting forearm strike to Jose’s head. Rawley covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Mojo Rawley by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Decent Main Event match. Rawley’s heel batteries seem recharged. I like the match ending abruptly, not with a signature maneuver, but with a legit looking forearm that looked like it would end any shoot fight.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Replay of Miz TV with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan from Raw
  • Replay of Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss from Raw
  • Replay of Brock Lesnar assault on Rey Mysterio and Dominick from Raw
  • Match rundown for upcoming Smackdown premiere on Fox
  • Match rundown for upcoming PPV Hell in a Cell
  • Replay of Rusev vs. Seth Rollins, featuring Bobby Lashley & Lana / Fiend interruptions


Lucha House Party unrealistically launched into their high-flying offense against Young to start the match. Young and EC3 were both knocked out to ringside with simultaneous dropkicks as we cut to break.

After the break, EC3 had the upper hand on Dorado, delivering a barrage of kicks in the corner, followed by a nice vertical suplex. Young tagged in and knocked Dorado to the mat with a forearm, then executed a body slam before applying a chinlock. Young body slammed Dorado a second time, then attempted a moonsault from the top rope, but Dorado rolled out of harm’s way. Both men crawled to make tags – EC3 tagged in first, and nearly prevented the LHP tag, but Dorado persisted and tagged Metalik back in by performing a diving headbutt onto Metalik’s outstretched hand.

Metalik began to lay waste to EC3, and when he went for a cover, Young had again climbed to the top rope, this time to land an elbow drop on the covering Metalik. Metalik sniffed out this attack and rolled off of EC3, causing Young to drive his elbow into his teammate’s chest. LHP then executed a tandem dive / senton through the ropes onto Young and EC3 outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Metalik did a ropewalk and landed an elbow drop to EC3, then Dorado tagged in and landed a shooting star press onto EC3, which was good for the three-count.

WINNERS: Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: It’s blatantly unnatural how quickly Lucha House Party delve into their bag of lucha tricks. The ending sequence of the match was cool, culminating with the shooting star press.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.4

FINAL THOUGHTS: This episode is above average. Check out the match finishes if you’re somehow bored during the most newsworthy week in professional wrestling in the last 18 years.

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