10/17 NXT UK TV REPORT: Imperium vs. The Hunt, Andrews & Morgan vs. Gallus, Huxley vs. Dragunov

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 17, 2019


Dragunov started strong out of the gate with a chop and senton and a high cross for the 2 count. He scored another two count moments later after countering Huxley’s carry. Huxley then caught Dragunov when he appeared to go for a knee and bodyslammed him across the ring. They hit ropes for a little bit including a cool cross body into Dragunov against the ropes. A two count followed. Huxley kept him in a headlock until he broke free and returned with several chops to the corner. An impressive deadlift suplex from the much smaller Dragunov stunned both competitors for a moment as we see Alexander Wolfe appear from the back to watch the match. Dragunov then cut off Huxley with a clothesline and 2 count. Another impressive life by Dragunov ensued in which he underhooked Huxley into a bridge pin for the 2. Huxley then caught Dragunov and tossed him into the corner. A two count followed. Huxley avoided a dropkick and tossed himself out of the ring. Dragunov made it to the top rope and splashed to the outside. They made it back into the ring. Dragunov once again went to the top and executed a senton. A torpedo Moscow sealed the deal with a three count. After the match, the rest of Imperium appeared (minus Walter) at the top of the ramp in their signature pose. As Dragunov made it up the ramp, they stared him down but let him go through without seeming intimidated. Wolfe however remained at the top of the ramp and signaled the him to follow him into the back.

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov in 5:23

(Koenig’s Analysis: Fun match. The strength of Dragunov is really impressive. And I love the Bruiser Brody- esque look of Huxley.)

– Horrible “on demand” commercial for “Miz & Mrs.” highlighted by an obviously added-in baby fart. Yes. I said that correctly. And that was the highlight. There’s a reason I don’t watch this show.

(2) IMPERIUM (Aichner & Barthel) vs. THE HUNT (Primate & Boar)

Aichner & Primate start the match pummeling each other with strikes right out of the gate. They toss each other in the ropes a bit before Boar is tagged in, tries going for the arm, but countered with a knee. Barthel is tagged in. Boar takes out the knee and lands a senton before tagging Primate back in. He slammed Barthel and Boar hit another senton from the ropes. Aichner joined in to even things out.Primate sends Aichner outside of the ring and the four beat each other up outside of the ring. Boar and Barthel make it back in the ring and Barthel keeps Boar to the ground. Aichner gets tagged in, whips Boar to the turnbuckle and lands strike after strike. Aichner gets a two count. Note: Primate is still outside of the ring in pain from being tossed into the stairs earlier. Boar continues to take a pounding as Barthel gets tagged back in. Double- teaming ensued followed by another 2 count. Primate is seen working his way back to his corner. Boar fought his way back up and got the tag. Primate starts cleaning house and lands an exploder suplex on Aichner. After a failed double team attempt by The Hunt, Aichner got a roll up for 2. Barthel tagged himself back in. A Celtic cross gave Aichner another 2 count. Another Imperium tag while Primate is held on the top turnbuckle. He kicks through both members of Imperium up there, spears Aichner, and Boar runs in and cannonballs Barthel. The Hunt go up to the top for a dual flying headbutt onto Aichner and land. Cover and Aichner pulls Barthel out while he is being pinned. Tag back in to Barthel and a European bomb gives Imperium the 3.

WINNER: Imperium in 8:00

(Koenig’s Analysis: Two of the best tag teams under the entire WWE umbrella and in my opinion, Imperium is the best stable under it as well. Great match.)

– Recap of last week’s backstage video where Rhea Ripley agreed to join Piper Niven in a match against Jinny & Jazzy.

– Smackdown commercial


– The 2 trade armbars and wristlocks early on in the match. Brookside hit her throat on the top rope and Samuels took advantage and lands a 2 count after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Another 2 count soon after. Brookside kept it on the mat with a full nelson. They get to their feet and Samuels hits a reverse suplex for another 2. They then trade roll ups a bit, hit the ropes, and Brookside countered with yet another roll-up for the pin.

WINNER: Xia Brookside at 4:04.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Slow. Lots of restholds. These two are green in my eyes and have good potential. Two to keep an eye on.)

-Vignette package on A-Kid, who is soon joining the rster.

– WWE Shop commercial emphasizing NXT products.

– Jordan Devlin comes to the ring to mock Tyler Bate & Dave Mastiff after emphasizing again that he is the best. Mastiff shows up and Devlin slaps him. The massive Mastiff shuts him up with a big senton.

– Video package recapping the Noam Dar, Trent Seven feud. They face off next week.

-WWE Shop commercial heavy on RAW & SmackDown products.

– Travis Banks vs. Ligero next week.


Andrews and Morgan land double dropkicks as soon as the bell rings. Gallus roll out and immediately become victims to twin suicide dives from the Champions. The 2 Marks get back into the ring and Andrews goes right for the tag to Morgan. Andrews tagged himself back in and the 2 double team Coffey again. Pinfall for two. Coffey catches Andrews mid air and grounds him with strikes. Gallus keep tagging each other in; continuing the beatdown. Coffey even went and elbowed Morgan in the face to the floor. Joe Coffey makes his way to the ramp to watch. Flash make it back in time for a tag in and repeatedly strikes Coffey with a moonsault and fists. Wolfgang runs in, breaks it up and picks up Morgan for a slam in which he then countered. Morgan lands an enziguri. He runs the apron to Wolfgang and lands a hurricarana. Mark Coffey is in the ring and tried to pull Morgan in. Morgan hit him in the throat with the top rope and then went to the top turnbuckle. Wolfgang pulled his partner out of harms way and gets dived onto by Morgan. They make it back into the ring and Andrews gets the tag. Dual offense gets a 2 count. Andrews tags Morgan in but gets his leg pulled outside of the ring and onto the shoulders of Wolfgang, and drives him face first into the apron. Wolfgang rolled Morgan back into the ring, who is the legal man now, and send him to the mat with a chokeslam. Coffey makes the tag to Wolfgang. Wolfgang hits him with a samoan drop as Coffey followed with a moonsault. The pinfall was broken up by Andrews. Back in the ring, Andrews get the tag back in and chops away at Wolfgang. Coffey breaks it up and Andrews strikes at Gallus. The 2 teams brawled and all 4 members were beaten down to the mat. Joe Coffey keeps watching from the ramp. After they got up, the 4 continued to brawl. The champions hit a poison/rana combo to Gallus. Morgan hits Coffey with a senton from the top rope and gets the 2 count. Morgan goes to the top and misses a 660 splash. Wolfgang gets the tag back in and spears the hurt Morgan. Powerbomb combo and a 3 count giving us new NXT UK Champions.

WINNER: Gallus at 12:38.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Fun match with the crowd heavily invested. My only complain is there being so much double-team action that at points I was confused who the legal men were.)

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