10/18 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Sabu vs. Raju, Rich Swann vs. Rhino (w/RVD) vs. Alexander, Elgin vs. Bahh (w/TJP), Women’s Battle Royal

By Jessie Galindo, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 18, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis



They started up by locking up. Elgin couldn’t keep Bahh down and it made him frustrated. Bahh started overpowering him with a tackle. Elgin was finally able to suplex Bahh after trying to slam him failed. Elgin was slamming Bahh’s head into the turnbuckle, but they weren’t phasing him. Elgin hit him with a scoop slam. He tried to suplex him again but couldn’t. Bahh suplexed him back. After a few back and forths, Elgin finally hit him with a German suplex. He hit Bahh with a big lariat. He attempted another one but Bahh hit a Samoan drop. Bahh went up the ropes but Elgin used the opportunity to powerbomb him for the win.

WINNER: Michael Elgin in about 8:00.

-Elgin turned to the camera to told Marufuji this is what is going to happen to you. Then he went to attack TJP. He pulled up the mats and DDT’d TJP on the floor. He then put a chair around TJP’s neck and pushed him into the ring post. He then threw TJP into the ring and hit him with a bucklebomb and then a spinning Elginbomb.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Elgin and Bahh were good for exhibiting strength against each other and it was good to see someone more on Elgin’s level with weight and strength. He looked despicable in attacking TJP after. Great heat.)


Jake overestimated Bey and was punished for it quickly by Bey getting a good starting offense. He dove onto Jake on the outside.

After the break, Jake superkicked Bey for a near fall. Then he put Bey in three headlocks. Then a submission with his legs wrapped around his arms. Then he put him in another headlock. Bey got out of and got a comeback. He hit Jake with a Famouser for a near fall. After a few back and forths, Jake hit Bey with a super cutter for the win.

WINNER: Jake Crist in over 11:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Chris Bey is really looking like a star and Jake helped put him over.)

-Ace Austin told Alisha that he was 2 days away from being X Division Champion. She told him he’s being too confident. He said he’s going to have lots of parties, and she should come with him. She seemed reluctant. He asked if he won would she come celebrate and she said, “I guess if you win.”

-They aired a video package on the Moose and Ken Shamrock match.


-Taya Valkyrie told a mystery person about how she has come so far in her career and it turned out to be herself in the mirror. She told herself that she will still be champion after Bound for Glory and then signed the mirror with lipstick.

(3) JOSH ALEXANDER (w/Ethan Page) vs. RICH SWANN (w/Willie Mack) vs RHINO (w/Rob Van Dam)

Alexander went straight after Swann, but Rhino took him on. Alexander took down Rhino, but Swann quickly started on Alexander. He hit him with a hurricanrana. Alexander quickly disposed of Swann and then Rhino started dominating Alexander. They started going back and forth with their strength while Swann kept attempting to insert himself, failing to do so. Alexander put Rhino in a headlock. Swann came back and went to the top rope, then Alexander caught him for a Superplex, but Rhino got a powerbomb on Alexander at the same time. Swann went to the top rope and Page jumped on the apron for a distraction. Mack pulled him down. Alexander threw Swann on them all. Rhino gored Alexander. Page pulled the referee out, but he thought it was Mack. Swann hit the 450 for the win on Alexander while Rhino was on the outside.

WINNER: Rich Swann in over 6:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Ethan Page did a good job to cause problems between the other tag teams. This match had very good action. No slow moments.)

-Sami Callihan cut a backstage promo saying it has been two years since he debuted and that he will finally become the champion at Bound for Glory. He told the producer to cut the video effects and talked about being signed to NXT and quitting because they tried to change him into something he’s not. He said nobody has really got him. He said he didn’t want to disrespect lucha or hurt Rich Swann or hurt Melissa Santos at the wedding. All he’s ever wanted was to be accepted. To be acknowledged as the best. He said this isn’t the Sami that he wanted the world to see but the one that the fans created. He said they don’t need to like him or respect him but acknowledge him as the best, as the champion after BFG.

(4) ROHIT RAJU (w/Gama Singh) vs SABU (w/Super Genie)

Super Genie threw in a chair and Sabu used it by throwing it at Raju. Then he jumped off it onto Raju and so did Super Genie. The referee was shocked they would do that right away. Raju hit Sabu with a Russian Leg sweep. Sabu hit Raju with a flying DDT. Sabu then put Raju in the Camel Clutch. Sabu and Genie got a table out and set it up on the side of the ring. Raju then slid out and Sabu threw another chair at him. Genie hit Singh with a chair. Sabu put Raju on the table and leg dropped him threw it. The match went to a double count out.

WINNER: No contest due to double count out in around 5 minutes.

-Gabby asked Tessa about her match at BFG. She said the smart thing to do would be to not be in the match, but everything has led her to this match. She said she has been on a mission since Slammiversary. She said she will become the first ever woman to win the X Division Championship. Then she’s going after Sami Callihan next.


All the Knockouts eliminated Johnny Swinger. Kiera Hogan eliminated Jordynne Grace. [c]

Cousin Jake was eliminated during the break. Kiera Hogan was eliminated by Havok and Cousin Jake. Havok eliminated Raj Singh and Cody Deaner. Shera and Havok yelled at each other. Rosemary eliminated Havok. Havok then eliminated Rosemary. Havok and Rosemary continued brawling up the ramp. Reno Scum and Shera started ganging up on Eddie. Luster eliminated Thornestowe. Eddie eliminated Luster. Shera and Eddie then started battling it out. Eddie got Shera onto the apron but couldn’t get him to go down quick. After distraction from Reno Scum, Shera eliminated Eddie for the win.

WINNER: Mahabali Shera in over 8 minutes.

(Galindo’s Analysis: The match was very interesting seeing both male and female wrestlers. I wanted to see more between Havok and Shera. It was very predictable that the ending would be between Edwards and Shera and ended as expected with Shera going over.)

FINAL NOTES: I didn’t think this episode would end without revealing the fifth participant for the ladder match but still a good episode overall. I am very interested in seeing how the show will be presented when it moves to AXS TV next week.

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