10/11 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT (2nd report): Galindo’s report on Moose vs. Stephan Bonnar, Taya Valkyrie vs. Havok, Edwards vs. Austin, Desi Hit Squad vs. Rascalz, Daga & Tessa vs. Crist & Fulton

By Jessie Galindo, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 11, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis.


-Ace Austin came out with a custom Austin 3:16 shirt that says Ace Austin 3:69 I just banged your wife. He stopped and made out with a girl from the crowd.


They started off with intense back and forth blows. Eddie threw Ace crotch first into the ring post. After a while, Ace attempted a hurricanrana but Eddie slipped out, then he hit Ace with the back superplex. Reno Scum came down and antagonized Eddie from the outside. Eddie hit Ace with a blue thunder bomb for a nearfall. Austin hit him with a roundhouse kick. Eddie was going to win with a shining wizard but the referee was pulled out by Reno Scum. Eddie pulled Kenny from under the commentary table and starts attacking Reno Scum. Ace hit the Fold on Eddie but he kicked out. Ace put a piece of metal into his wrist brace and hit Eddie with a backfist for the win.

WINNER: Ace in 13:00.

-After the match, they triple-teamed Eddie.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Good action. Ace Austin continues to shine as a future star in Impact. Can’t wait to see him in the ladder match at Bound For Glory.)

-Taya Valkyrie backed into Rosemary. She complained to her that she didn’t help her out and now she has to face Havok tonight. Rosemary said it was her problem. Taya claimed they were friends. Then Rosemary kissed her cheek and ran off.

(2) DESI HIT SQUAD (w/Gama Singh) vs THE RASCALZ

The match started off with quick shots from each team. The Hit Squad quickly took over. Raj and Rohit double teamed Trey. Trey finally tagged in Dez. The referee didn’t see it so he reversed the tag. While he wasn’t looking, the squad beat up on Trey. Wentz broke up a pin. Raj tagged Rohit back in and he continued to beat down on Trey. Raj got tagged back in and accidentally hit Rohit when Trey dodged a double team move. He hit a double neckbreaker. He then tagged in Wentz. He and Dez took out Rohit and Shera. Then they started double teaming Raj with kicks. They attempted stereo dives on Shera but he caught them and threw them into the apron. Then Trey dived and took out all of the Squad. Then Trey superkicked Shera, and that didn’t work so he and Wentz double superkicked him and then a triple superkick. He still stood and then took them all out. He dragged in Raj for the pin on Wentz.

WINNERS: The Desi Hit Squad in 8:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: I liked how Shera was saved until the end and then no-sold everyone’s moves to show how strong he is compared to everyone so far. I think he could have a great match against Madman Fulton, Michael Elgin, Moose, or Brian Cage.)

-Katie Forbes walked up to Jordyn Grace and told her to park her car. Jordynne said she will kick her ass instead. Katie turned around, lifted up her dress and showed her butt and said “This ass? You’re going to need bigger boots, sweety!” as she twerked. Jordynne said “Oh gawd!” and ran off.

(3) HAVOK (w/ James Mitchell) vs TAYA VALKYRIE (w/ John E. Bravo) for the Impact Knockouts Championship.

Tenille Dashwood came out for commentary during the match. Taya started the match with yelling at Havok but she screamed and scared her. Havok started throwing her around and crashing into her in the corner. Then she hit her with three straight hip attacks in the corner. She hit a backbreaker on Taya. Taya got back in control following a distraction from Bravo. She hit Havok with a bronco buster. She then choked her on the ropes. Havok got another backbreaker. She tried to get Taya in the corner but she crawled behind the post and knocked Havok onto the ropes for a double stomp. Havok hit a big clothesline and chokeslam. Bravo pulled the referee out. He threw the match out with a disqualification.

WINNER: Havok via disqualification in about 5 minutes.

After the match, Havok beat down on Bravo and hit him with a chokeslam. Taya then hit her in the head with the championship belt. Tenille Dashwood jumped in the ring and attacked Taya with a few kicks. Taya quickly escaped.

(Galindo’s Analysis: This outcome was to be expected when Taya defends her title on TV. Havok is definitely pushed as a monster in their division and she definitely rocked this match.)

-Sami Callihan blamed Brian Cage for the bottle hitting Melissa two weeks ago. He said Cage is behind bars and they’re going to take out Daga and Tessa Blanchard.

-Gabrielle Loren interviewed The North about their upcoming title match and . They asked what happened to Konnan. Rich Swann and Willie Mack walked up and said they were going to beat them for the titles. They said Rhino and Rob Van Dam were skipping the line. They walked up and said they were in line before Rich and Willie were born. Rich said he grew up watching them. RVD said you’re welcome. The North then disappeared.


(4) MOOSE (w/Frank Trig) vs. STEPHAN BONNAR

They started off pacing the ring. Moose quickly slammed Bonnar. He then showed off. Bonnar then took down Moose with some kicks. He then slammed him and Moose rolled out of the ring. He played possum and then hit Bonnar with thumbs to the eyes and some body shots. He threw him into the steel stairs. They got back in the ring and Moose took control. Bonnar got him back with a spinning heel kick and a belly to belly suplex. Bonnar was busted open by his eye. Moose started chopping on Bonnar’s chest. Bonnar then got Moose with a spinebuster. Bonnar went up for an elbow drop but Moose threw the referee into the ropes to knock him off. The referee called for a disqualification.

WINNER: Stephan Bonnar in over 4 minutes.

After the match, Moose beat down on Bonnar and grabbed a chair. Ken Shamrock came out and ducked a chair shot and started punching Moose. He then hit him with a dropkick and a belly to belly. Then he locked in the ankle lock on Moose. Trig attempted to jump in but Bonnar blocked him. Moose tapped out and Shamrock released the hold.

(Galindo’s Analysis: I went into this match thinking this would be a squash match to boost Moose but Bonnar was great. I was very impressed and he looked like a legit star.)


Katie came out with money guns shooting out fake money and started dancing sexually and showing off her body to the fans. She twerked on the apron for the crowd. Don Callis pulled a Lawler and Graves and didn’t pay attention to what Josh Matthews had to say. Katie turned serious. She put Jordynne in a headlock but Jordynne reversed it into a headscissors. Jordynne hit Katie with a heavy dropkick. Katie complained about getting hit in the tooth. Katie started choking Jordynne in the corner with her foot and some tackles. Then she hit a handspring elbow and then some twerking in the center. Jordynne gave her a wedgie and threw her shoulder first into the corner post. Then she kneed her into the corner and hit a Vader Bomb for a nearfall. Katie got a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Katie said “I thought you were a tough girl.” She picked Jordynne up on her shoulders and squatted her. Jordynne hopped down and hit her with a Grace Driver for the win.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 6:00.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Katie Forbes looks like she is being presented as the new Scarlett Bourdeaux as in she is their new sex appeal character. She did impress me a little bit with actually presenting herself as serious in the ring for the most part. The twerking was kind of off-putting because outside Scarlett, I’m not used to oversexualized women on Impact. But Jordynne Grace was great and looked strong.

-Johnny Swinger told Katie Forbes that she should show more of herself like him and she told him she’s with Rob Van Dam. Jordynne then knocked him down.

-Daga thanked Tessa for helping him last week but he doesn’t need her help. She said OVE is her battle and she has his back tonight but they are on their own at Bound For Glory.

-TJP ate donuts while sitting on Fallah’s back during his pushups. Then he hung on his back during squats. He told Bahh that he will break Michael Elgin next week.

(6) OVE (Jake Crist & Madman Fulton w/ Dave Crist) vs. DAGA & TESSA BLANCHARD

The match started with Daga and Jake. They shoved each other and Jake slapped Daga but he then kicked Jake. Jake told him to tag in Tessa and he did. Jake then tagged in Fulton. He roared at Tessa who didn’t flinch. He tried to chokeslam her but she jumped out of it. She attacked Jake but Fulton grabbed her. She dived out at Jake. She tagged in Daga. Fulton dominated him. Dave beat on Daga on the outside while Fulton distracted the referee. Fulton chokeslammed Daga. Dave tried to attack Tessa but she scared him off. Fulton tried to powerbomb Daga but he jumped out of it and attempted a cutter. He then tagged in Tessa. She attacked hit Jake with a Tornado DDT for a nearfall. She and Daga doubleteamed Fulton. She hurricanranaed him to the outside. Daga hit a corkscrew press on Fulton. Then Tessa hit Jake with the Magnum for the win.

WINNERS: Tessa Blanchard and Daga in over 5 minutes.

-After the match, Fulton attacked them both. He chokeslammed Daga and then slammed Tessa. Brian Cage drove up to the building and came in looking for Sami Callihan. Jimmy Jacobs told him they were in the ring. He came out and clotheslined Jake. He F5ed Fulton. He then asked Dave where Sami was. Sami ran down with a chair and hit him in the back. Cage shrugged it off and choked Sami. Then they all attacked him and Sami hit him with a low blow. They started handcuffing Cage to the ropes. Sami pulled a metal baseball bat out from beneath the ring. Cage told him to bring it. Melissa came running out and blocked Cage. She begged Sami not to hit him. Sami told them to leave but then grabbed Melissa and piledrived her while Fulton made Cage watch. Callis called Sami a Son of a B*tch. Cage kept calling out for Melissa but she didn’t move. OVE just posed for the crowd.

(Galindo’s Analysis: Tessa continues to be an absolute star and really makes you want her to win the X Division Championship. Daga is definitely getting a rub from her star power. The Crist brothers very entertaining and Fulton looks like one scary dude. Good action and a great main event.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Very good show. Somewhat unpredictable. Continues to make me want to see more and makes me want to see Bound For Glory. The big spot at the end caught me offguard and is going to be a talking point for this week amongst Impact fans.

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