10/11 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Thomas’s report on Moose vs. Stephan Bonnar, Taya Valkyrie vs. Havok, Edwards vs. Austin, Desi Hit Squad vs. Rascalz, Daga & Tessa vs. Crist & Fulton

By Jordan Thomas, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 11, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis


(1) ACE AUSTIN vs. EDDIE EDWARDS – Winner qualifies for a spot in the five-way ladder match for the X Division Championship

Match starts with the two trading hands in the middle of the ring as Austin is wearing a new t-shirt that says “I just banged your wife” in reference to Austin trying to subduce Edwards’s wife. Edwards gets the early edge in this match as he is irate after all the smack talk Austin has been saying about his wife. Edwards gets some revenge as he sends Austin into the post crotch first into the ring post. After some back and forth action in the ring, the two brawl outside and Austin gets the upper hand as he hits Edwards with a fan’s drink and super kicks him in the face. Austin gets Edwards back into the ring and tries to get a quick pin but fails. After some brief offense from Austin, Edwards finally gets back into the match after some rapid fire chops in the corner to Austin. Edwards then hits Austin with a huge back suplex off the top rope. Reno Scum then starts to make their way ringside and start to distract Edwards and allows Austin to get control. Edwards though is able to get some momentum and hits a blue thunder bomb on Austin. Edwards goes to put away Austin and Reno Scum pulls the ref out before he can count to three and Edwards then attacks Scum. Edwards then goes for a kendo stick and attacks Scum. Edwards gets back into the ring and Austin goes for the fold and Austin kicks out. Austin is then seen placing a piece of metal into his hand brace and hits Edwards with it to get the pinball win.

WINNER: Edwards via pinfall in 11:00

-After the match, Reno Scum attacks Edwards and leaves him laying in the ring.

(Thomas’s Analysis: A solid match between the two that continued the story they are telling between these two. Austin plays the role of a scumbag well enough and Edwards is solid as the babyface that’s fighting for his wife. A solid three star match that may have gone a little too long but had some solid spots and told the story that they needed to.)

-Back from break, Taya Valkyrie is seen backstage talking with Rosemary about her championship match for later in the night.

-In the ring, Gama Singh is introducing the Desi Hit Squad.


-Match starts with the Hit Squad going right after all the Rascalz and isolating them. In the ring it is Trey and Rohit. The Hit Squad controls the early part of this match as they tag in and out as Trey has been isolated in the ring and is taking a beating. Trey finally gets some momentum going and goes for a tag and the ref didn’t see the tag so Trey is left in to take a beating. The Hit Squad continues to control the action, until Trey hits a two for one neck breaker and finally tags in Wentz. Wentz helps gets some momentum going as the Rascalz dive to the outside to take out the Hit Squad. All three Rascalz go to take out Shera and he is able to dominate them all and get a cover and win on Wentz.

WINNER: Desi HIt Squad via pinfall in 7:00

(Thomas Analysis: An okay but very missable match. This was obvious made to put over Shera of the Hit Squad as a difference maker and as a monster. His size does come off as impressive but management has their work cut out making this team look like legit badass contenders and not like a cheap gimmick team.)

(3) HAVOK (w/”Father” James Mitchell) vs. TAYA VALKYRIE (w/John E. Bravo) – Impact Knockouts Championship match

Tenille Dashwood joins Matthews and Callis on commentary for the match. Havok gets early control of the match as she is woman handling Valkyrie, throwing her across the ring and taking multiple knees in the corner. Havok hits a vicious knee backbreaker on Valkyrie and hitting her with some big hands. Valkyrie finally is able to get Havok on the mat and gets some stomps in and get some momentum. Valkyrie then goes for some rest holds and trade some hands but Havok is able to get some kicks to the head off to take control again. Havok then gets caught up in the top rope and take a stomp for Valkyrie. Havok then takes control and hits a chokeslam and and is about to het the pinfall victory when Bravo pulls out the ref and hits him and gets a disqualification on Valkyrie. Havok then gets Bravo into the ring and kicks him in the face and choke slams him. Valkyrie then hits Havok with the belt and Dashwood comes in and takes out Valkyrie and stands tall.

WINNER: Havok via disqualification in 6:00. Valkyrie retains the Impact Knockouts Championship

(Thomas’s Analysis: Another sloppy match from Valkyrie and continues to prove that the belt needs to come off her and be placed on a legit wrestler like Dashwood. Havok looked pretty dominate in spots here but got little time to really show off. A real nothing of a match at all.)

-After the break, The North is getting interviewed when Swann and Mack interrupt them and talk about the upcoming match at Bound for Glory. Then Rhyno and RVD intervene and talk about how they are gonna take the titles at the PPV.


(4) MOOSE (w/Frank Trigging) vs. STEPHAN BONNAR

The two big men meet in the middle of the ring to start the match and Moose gets the early advantage using his strength to take out Bonnar. Bonnar is then able to get a little but of offense in before Moose rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Moose then rakes Bonnar’s eyes and Moose starts unloading hands onto Bonnar outside the ring. Back in the ring, Moose continues to punch Bonnar as he looks down and out. Bonnar then hits him with a spinning heel kick and into a body slam to get a little momentum as Bonnar is busted open on the face. Bonnar then takes some hard chops and Bonnar hits him with a big body slam but a bunch of blood is spilling off his face. Moose then throws the ref into Bonnar onto the top rope for the disqualification. Moose then continues to beat down on Bonnar viciously. Moose goes to get a steel chair and Ken Shamrock comes out for the save and takes out Moose.

WINNER: Bonnar vis disqualification in 4:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: It was probably not the best booking idea to go with back to back disqualification in back to back matches. It really made the matches seem very unimportant even though this could have had potential to be a solid legit fighter match but was really set up to sell the match at the PPV.)


-The match starts with Forbes getting a good headlock but Grace countering that into a scissor leg headlock. Forbes then twerks in Grace’s face to get out of the hold. Grace then hits a good second rope drop kick and gets some momentum until Forbes gets a good punch on her outside the ring and then takes control of the match. Forbes hits a good hand spring elbow into the corner on Grace and celebrates with some more twerking. Grace then gives Forbes a wedgie and then sends Forbes into the ring post and follows up with a big slam. Forbes recovers and hits a tornado ddt on Grace and gets a near fall. Grace then recovers and hits Forbes with a Gravedriver for the win.

WINNER: Grace via pinfall in 6:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A pretty solid, short match that showed off Grace’s dominance and also gave Forbes an opportunity to show that she’s more than her sex appeal gimmick. Forbes showed off some solid moves, athleticism and sold well for Grace and showed some real promise. Grace has some huge potential to be a real star if she continues to be pushed as a tough dominate powerhouse.)

-After the break, Swinger is seen hitting on Forbes and tries to talk to Grace but she shoves him down.


Crist and Daga start the match as they trade slaps and Crist ask for Blanchard to be tagged in only for Fulton to come in. Fulton uses his size and strength to toss around Blanchard but she uses her speed and agility to dodge his attacks and takes out Crist. Daga then tags in and he and Blanchard clear the ring, but Fulton gets momentum back by taking out Daga outside the ring. Fulton continues to show off his dominace and looks like a monster. Daga is finally able to hit a cutter and then Crist and Blanchard tag in. Blanchard hits a flurry of offense against both Crist brothers and then she and Daga team up to take down Fulton out of the ring. Blanchard then heads to the top rope to hit magnum on Crist for the pinfall and win.

WINNER: Blanchard & Daga via pinfall in 6:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A main event that finally delivered some life to this show as the babyfaces really shined here, especially Blanchard. She is no doubt the biggest attraction and most marketable star that the brand has and they need to put the X Division belt on her at the PPV.)

-After the match, Fulton comes into the ring to take out Daga and Blanchard. Outside the casino Brian Cage shows up looking for Sami Callihan. Cage then comes out to the ring and starts to take out oVe. He continues to demand to see Callihan as Callihan shows up with a steel chair but the numbers of oVe are too much and they take out Cage. Melissa Santos comes out and begs for the beating to stop but Callihan then hits Santos with a pile driver.

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