10/4 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Thomas’s report on TJP vs. Elgin, Rayne vs. Hogan vs. Dashwood, Edwards & Kenny vs. Reno Scum

By Jordan Thomas, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 4, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis



-This three way match starts with Rayne and Hogan double teaming Dashwood. They continue to mock Dashwood the whole time while using tag team like offensive. That is until Dashwood sends Hogan outside the ring and Dashwood is able to use a submission hold until Hogan breaks it up. The announcers make it clear that while this is not a handicap match, it is definitely feeling that way. Dashwood eventually is able to cause some miscommunication between the two and causes Rayne and Hogan to crash into each other and things start to breakdown between them. Dashwood is able to mount a comeback and get a couple near pin falls until the two double team Dashwood again. The two argue as they try to decide who should get the pinfall against Dashwood. Dashwood uses this breakdown as an opportunity to send Hogan outside the ring and Dashwood hits the spotlight on Rayne for the win.

WINNER: Dashwood via pinfall in 10:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: This threeway told a pretty good story of Dashwood having to overcome the odds to get the victory over the two heels. Hogan and Rayne did a good job of double teaming and being the annoying heels and Dashwood did a good enough job selling their beatdown and showing some perseverance to make the comeback. The match had some messy spots but was much better than the one on one matchups these woman have had together. So overall a solid match that told a good story.)


-Swinger’s debut match in Impact. The announcers play up the attire of Swinger, which is a throwback to 80’s style. Swinger is able to hit some solid clotheslines. He follows this with head buts to Traver’s genitalia. Traver is able to mount a small comeback until Swinger hits him with a swinger neck breaker and gets the win pretty fast.

WINNER: Swinger via pinfall in 4:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: This was a basic squash match to get over Swinger, who really didn’t show that much to get me all that excited. He looks like an 80’s ripoff and didn’t really cause too much excitement. But we will see how he continues to develop.)

-Backstage we get an interview from Gabby Loren with The North. They talk about their upcoming match at Bound for Glory and find out from Loren that they will defend their title against Mack and Swann and now RVD and Rhyno in a triple threat.

-Back from break Loren, interviews Tessa Blanchard and she talks about how Sami Callihan is a scumbag and how she is on a mission to take out Callihan and all of oVe has a target on their back.

-Backstage Alisha Edwards runs into Ace Austin and he tries to tell her how he’s worried about Eddie’s problems and how he can help her with Eddie.


-This is a tag team match but is basically a two on one match as Edwards is using a keno stick as a tag team partner. After some brief action of Edwards taking on the two competitors, Edwards teases tagging in the stick but is cut short but Lester the Legend. Edwards continues to get beat down by the two as this really is a two on one match. Edwards finally gets an opportunity to make a tag to the kendo stick. Edwards turns the tide of the match and starts to do some real damage to Reno Scum with the kendo stick. Edwards gets hit hard and Scum starts to use the stick against Edwards for a brief moment until Edwards and stick get the double pin for the win.

WINNER: Edwards and Kenny via pinfall in 8:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: I didn’t really find this match all that entertaining. I didn’t like the hokeyness of a kendo stick as a tag team partner. This felt like cheap WWE booking in the worst way and Edwards came off more like a poor mans Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley. All the talent involved are capable of so much better than this.)

-We come back from break as Konnan was attacked backstage.


-oVe makes their way to the ring as Sami Callihan has been given time to issue a statement about the incident last week at the wedding of Brian and Melissa. Callihan gives a half ass apology about how he didn’t mean any harm to Melissa and respects Cage but comes off as insincere. Cage’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring taking out the members of oVe. Cage then goes for Callihan but Callihan escapes through the crowd as Cage accidental slams a fan from the stands. Cage is then arrested by Las Vegas police.

-Back from break, Jake Crist is on commentary for the upcoming match.

(4) DAGA vs. CHRIS BEY – Winner qualifies for a spot in the five-way ladder match for the X Division Title

-This match gets off to a strong start with some fast paced moves in the ring and flashy reversals as both competitors look to get an edge over the other. The two trade some flashy dives out of the ring onto the other with Bey showing great athleticism. Daga then gets some solid momentum going, until the tide turn for Bey as he hits a good crucifix rollup of the top rope. Daga counters with a Spanish fly off the top rope and a near fall. Moments later Daga hits his finisher on Bey for the win.

WINNER: Daga via pinfall in 7:00

-Post match Dave Crist hits the ring with Jake to beat down Daga. Tessa Blanchard then comes out for the save.

-Back from break, Josh Matthews interview some of the NFL Alumni at a charity event and ask them about the upcoming ppv match between Shamrock and Moose. Most of the stars favorite Shamrock but respect Moose’s size. Then both stars get together to talk some trash which leads to a brawl between the two. Good stuff here.


-TJP gets off to a fast start using his speed to his advantage, but once Elgin gets his hands on TJP he uses his strength to his advantage. A lot of the action is pretty back and forth in the early stages of the match. Elgin gets some momentum with a good power bomb on the outside and a strong German supplex. TJP gets back into it with a lot of his aerial moves off the top rope. Elgin then hits TJP with another power bomb and tough looking clothesline. TJP then goes for a dive out of the ring and Elgin slams him into the ramp. Elgin then hits a big superplex into a falcon arrow with a rough landing for TJP. TJP tries to go for a submission but Elgin counters with a buckle bomb into a back fist and a spinning Elgin bomb for the win.

WINNER: Elgin via pinfall in 15:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: This was a very competitive and fun main event to finish off what was a pretty average show. Elgin has a great presence and shows great strength which look good going against a competitor like TJP. TJP is a great, skilled worker who sold his butt off for Elgin in this match and made him look like a monster and made more more interested in Elgin’s match at Bound for Glory.)

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