12/19 WWE UK TV REPORT: Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar, Jordan & Williams vs. Pretty Deadly, Amale vs. Jinny

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 19, 2019

(1) AMIR JORDAN & KENNY WILLIAMS (c) vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley)

– Williams grounds the fight from the get go opposite Sam Stoker and works the arm and wrist. Tag to Jordan and a dropkick connected to Stoker. Howley tags in, misses a kick and gets hip tossed to the mat. They hit the ropes, and a two count after Jordan landed a cross body. Tag to Williams who sent Howley outside of the ring, and gets tagged by Jordan while he kicked Howley through the ropes. Jordan then followed suit. They bring Howley inside, cover, and two. Jordan went to the top rope but Stoker pulled his arm down, knocking him off the top, and testing his freshly recovered shoulder. Howley then started to work that shoulder before tagging in Stoker. He continued working the shoulder, failed two count, and a tag. Same situation when Howley came in- he worked the shoulder and a near fall. Howley grounded Jordan in the middle of the ring and wrenched his shoulder in an armbar. He got to his feet and tossed Howley, unaware that he tagged in Stoker. He went for a pinfall but was met with an attack by Stoker. A couple of back and forth tags on Pretty Deadly’s side as they double team Jordan. Stoker is now the legal man. Two count on Jordan, Tag in to Howley. As they tried to double team, Jordan countered and struck Stoker. As Pretty Deadly were frazzled, Jordan “hulked up” and sent both of them out of the ring, followed by a dive through the ropes onto the team. He rolled Howley back in, sling blade and a near fall. Tag to Williams and Pretty Deadly double team. Stoker with another near fall. Stoker calls for Howley and tags him in. They botch a double team move, Williams bounces off the ropes and connects with a double back elbow. Tag to Jordan who then climbs to the top, hits a swanton and victory.

WINNER: Jordan & Williams via pinfall at 8:01.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Not a lot of experience in the ring. Especially with Pretty Deadly, who look like Bill & Ted. Old school in the sense that the bulk of the match was working on a body part. There were some poorly executed moves. It was fine, but unmemorable.)

– Aichner and Barthel of Imperium shown walking backstage. They are asked by the roaming interviewer about their upcoming ladder match. They are content with the ladder match, although they find it unfair. The drip confidence.

– Smackdown commercial

– Commercial for the NXT UK Takeover theme song

– Ligero in a selfie video talking about Kassius Ohno and their history together dating back 15 years. He mentioned his disrespectful win over the summer and set up a match.

– Trent Seven comes to the ring in street clothes and set up a match between he and Eddie Dennis at Takeover II.

– Takeover vignette on the storyline between Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm

– Best of NXT UK next week


– Jazzy is ringside with Jinny, even with hints of a possible breakup. From the start Jinny strikes and puts Amale to the mat. Jinny threw her into the corner and slammed her head into the turnbuckle. Amale reversed and slammed Jinnys head a couple of times. Jinny hit the ropes, but Amale tried countering it as Jinny caught her in a pendulum. Amale grabbed the bottom rope, Jinny yelled at the ref and kicked Amale on the mat while she was down. Amale got a little bit of offense in by dropkicking Jinny in the corner. When she got back up, Jinny went to the apron and slammed Amale to the mat. Near pinfall and a kickout. Jinny put Amale in the corner and landed a “makeover’. One. Two. Three.

WINNER: Jinny via pinfall at 3:00.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A squash match to set up the continuing story between Jinny and Jazzy. Neither competitor in this match was very good.)

– After the match, Jinny ask Jazzy to join he in the ring and clotheslines Amale. Jinny TOLD her to fo it again and she did. Jazzy didn’t appreciate continually being told what to do so she walked to the back. I’m assuming this match will be at Takeover.

– WWE Shop commercial

– Radzi shown backstage interviewing Walter from his locker room door. He mentioned Wolfe and Dragunov in two weeks, and didn’t want to talk about Joe Coffey.

– Dragunov vs. Wolfe in no DQ match in two weeks.


– The two start the match by countering each others arm holds for a bit. Dar tried to keep Bate grounded so he could work on Bates wrist. Back in the center of the ring, the two trade standing switches and counter waist locks. Bate attempted a Tyler Driver 97 but wasn’t able to, he bounced off the rope and the two were face to face again.

It started to become a fight went Dar sent Bate into the corner and punched him in the gut. Dar whipped Bate to the other corner and did a headstand o the top rope. He got Dar in head scissors and sent him flying outside of the ring. Back in, Bate tried doing the same trick again on the top rope, but Dar was wise to it and put him onto the canvas and worked Bate limb to limb. Near pinfall attempt. Dar grabbed the lead in this match after working those limbs. From the mat, Bate kicked up and got Dar in the stomach, so Dar lifted him up and tossed him. Two count on Bate. The fans were loving this and singing songs. Dar worked Bate’s neck in the center of the ring. Bate broke free with a belly to back. Dar got himself up using the ropes and moved out of the way just in time to send Bate onto the apron. Dar kicks his shins, hits the ropes, and dropkicks Bate to the floor. He sent Bate into the stairs and rolled back into the ring. Bate just made the ten count.

Back in the ring, Bate was met with kicks to the face but grabbed Dar’s leg, dropped it and sent strikes to the face right into the corner. Bate with a flying uppercut from the top rope, and then uppercuts into the corners. Dar would counter one with an exploder suplex that hurt both competitors. Bate kipped up and landed a standing shooting star for a two count. Dar grabbed a hold of Bates ankle and locked it up, and then rolled him for a two count. Bate countered with a folding press two and near falls. Dar reversed and held him in an omoploata. Bate fought out and countered.

At this point, both wrestlers were tiring out hard, with the fans chanting “this is awesome”. Bate ran for another shooting star but Dar had his knees up. Dar rolled him up for a two. Back to their feet, Dar connected with a flatliner and another two. Dar went to the corner, pinkies up, charged towards Bate, but was met with an insiguri. Bate bounced off the ropes but Dar countered with what was called a “Champagne Superkneebar”, a play on the Oasis classic. Bate was fighting hard but got the bottom rope. A couple of kicks got a Dar another two count. Dar was baffled that he hasn’t been able to beat Bate yet. He went to the top for a double stomp, Bate connected with a rolling Liger kick and a tope. Bate one to the top rope, but Dar rolled outside. bate hit the rope and, you guessed it- over the top and onto Dar. Bate rolled Dar right back in, rolled him up but Dar kicked out. They trade blows, Dar took out the knee and Bate rebounded with a lariat for a near fall. As Bate was trying to set up a finisher, Bate saw Jordan Devlin walking down. With the distraction, Dar rolled him for a two. However, Bate landed a Tyler Driver 97 and a pinfall victory. In a really cool scene, immediately afterwards, Devlin slid into the ring to attack but Bate met him eye to eye. Bate said “you and me. Takeover”. Looks like they set up a match.

WINNER: Bate at 13:32.

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was a tremendous match by two polished pros. Great action and even better, REAL face and heel reactions from the crowd.)

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