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JANUARY 20, 2020

Announcers: Vic Joseph and Jerry “The King” Lawler

-The show opened with the standard opening video package followed by pyro in the arena. From there, Vic Joseph welcomed the audience to program. He called tonight’s show the final stop on the road to the Royal Rumble and start of the Road to WrestleMania. From there, Seth Rollins made his entrance with AOP and Buddy Murphy walking behind him. All four men matched in dark outfits.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I like the dark match suits for Murphy and AOP. It’s simple, but it unifies them as a true and real team behind Rollins. 

Once Rollins got into the ring he smiled as the audience booed him. He told the audience to wait a minute because he wanted to the audience to know something. He said he wanted them to know that everyone in the WWE Universe played a small part in making Rollins the man he is. He said that without the fans, there would be know Monday Night Messiah. Rollins then thanked the crowd. From there, Rollins told the audience he appreciated them believing him and giving him their support. He thanked them for giving their trust in leading Raw. He said that he was forever in their debt. Rollins then said there was someone he needed to thank specifically. He put his arm around Buddy Murphy and Murphy smiled. Rollins called Murphy brave and said that he came to his aid in his most trying time of need. Rollins said that because of Murphy’s help, Murphy would be forever etched in history. A video highlight package aired that detailed the fist fight from last week.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Nothing better on WWE television right now than heel, out of touch, Seth Rollins.  

Back in the ring, the audience booed loudly as Rollins introduced Murphy as the newest disciple of the Monday Night Messiah. The crowd booed again as Rollins and Murphy hugged. Rollins then spoke again and said that Murphy helped just in the nick of time because Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens were trying to stop his Raw future. Rollins said that their plan failed because their plan was determinism at its finest. Seth then said that we’ve reach a crucial time. He said that the people needed to decide who they wanted to be and the locker room needed to pick a side because battle lines had been drawn. Rollins said that you’re either with us or against us and as he continued, Kevin Owens hit the ramp to a nice pop from the crowd.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Needed to hear from Buddy Murphy there. Not only would that tweak have helped Murphy as a character, but it would have lended some additional credibility to Rollins too as he’d be able to illustrate what Seth does for him. A missed opportunity. 

Right after Owens walked out, Samoa Joe joined him. Once he did, Owens spoke and told Joe that Seth talks too much. Owens said that Seth should be proud of taking out the Big Show because Show is a big deal. He warned Seth that Show would be back though and that a bigger problem for him is because they didn’t get rid of Joe and Owens. From there, Owens said that he and the people have heard enough from Seth and wanted to make a suggestion – less talking more fighting. In response, Seth Rollins said they could fight, but that they wouldn’t fight right now. He said they needed to find a proper time. Rollins kept talking, but Joe interuppted. He called Rollins a lawyered up ass hat and Rollins spoke again while trying to calm down his group. The audience chanted Joe, but Seth spoke and said he was forgiving. He said AOP wasn’t very forgiving though and that if Joe and Owens wanted to fight the four of them, they should just walk down and take them on. Joe told Seth that they were ready for a fight, but weren’t the only ones. Joe told the rest of his team to walk out and the Viking Raiders music hit. They joined Joe and Owens and then ran down to to the ring. There, the started brawling with Rollins and his group. Owens hit the Stunner and Joe hit his lifting side slam which caused Rollins and company to roll out of the ring. From there, Owens, Joe, and the Viking Raiders celebrated.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked. Assuming we’ll get the eight man tag later in the night and this was effective in building some anticipation. 

-As Rollins retreated, Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler talked up Raw and hyped the main event ladder match between Andrade and Rey Mysterio. A video highlight package aired that detailed that feud. When the highlight package ended, Rey Mysterio walked out to a big pop from the audience. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Interesting that this match is going on now. A sign of the times and the quest for ratings. In any other era, this match would be the main event of the show. Given the stakes and flow of the program, it probably should here as well.  

-After the break, Seth and his group were interviewing backstages. He said he wasn’t caught off guard at all by the interruption from Owens and Joe. He then broke some news and said he and Murphy would challenge the Viking Raiders for the tag team championships later in the show.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Never mind that eight man tag. This is a big match and one worthy of the main event slot.

-When the interview ended, Andrade walked out with Zelina Vega at his side. As he made his entrance, the announce team discussed Andrade and his feud with Rey. Once Andrade got into the ring, official introductions were made, and the bell rang for the match to begin.

(1) ANDRADE w/Zelina Vega vs. REY MYSTERIO – Ladder Match for the WWE United States Championship

To start, both Rey and Andrade rolled out of the ring to grab ladders. Rey hit Andrade with the ladder and tried for a hurricanrana, but Andrade caught him and smashed him into the guardrail. From there, Andrade tossed a ladder into the ring and rolled Rey in behind it. Next, Andrade placed Rey on the top rope and went for a move, but couldn’t get it off because Rey punched him. Instead, he climbed to the top rope with Rey and exchange punches there. Eventually, Rey got the upper hand and hit a top rope hurricanrana that sent Andrade crashing onto a ladder. As he writhed in pain, the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: That looked like a brutal bump. Hope Andrade is ok. Yikes.

Out of the break, the action continued with Mysterio owning the momentum. He tried to whip Andrade into a ladder in the corner, but Andrade countered. Mysterio countered the counter and though and sent Andrade out of the ring. From there, Rey climbed the top rope and hit Andrade with a flying seated Senton off of the ring post and to the outside of the ring. After, Rey rolled Andrade into the ring and worked to keep momentum. He hit Andrade with a hurricanrana into the ladder in the corner and then rolled to the outside of the ring to grab another ladder. Rey pushed that ladder into the ring and then kicked it into Andrade which caused him to fall to the outside of the ring. Rey then looked up at the title that was hanging above the ring. From there, Rey set up a ladder underneath and started to climb. As he reached the top, Andrade crawled into the ring and pulled Rey down. Rey jumped off for a move, but Andrade caught him and nailed him with three suplexes, including the final one on top of a ladder.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Effective commentary throughout the match thus far on the danger that ladder matches bring to the table. They used that commentary point to not only drive home danger, but tell the story as to why a ladder match hasn’t been on television in so long. 

Andrade owned the momentum from here. He levered a ladder into the standing one and then picked Rey up for a move. Mysterio battled and then climbed again to the top rope. There, Rey went for a third hurricanrana, but Andrade countered and power bombed him into the ladder. The show then went to break. (c)

Out of the break, both had built a ladder structure in the ring. Rey leveled Andrade and then climbed to the top, but Andrade followed. Both men exchanged punches at the top of the structure and then hit Andrade with a sunset powerbomb off of the ladder and onto another ladder near the ring canvas. From there, Rey hit the 619 and climbed the ladder once again. As he had his fingers on the belt, Andrade moved the ladder out from his feet and left Rey dangling from the championship. Rey fell off and hit a hurricanrana on Andrade before throwing him out of the ring. With Andrade on the outside, Rey climbed again, but Zelina Vega climbed faster and sat on top preventing Rey from reaching the belt. Vega slapped Rey and that slap was followed by Andrade hitting Rey from behind. Andrade then nailed Rey with his hammerlock DDT off of the ladder and through the other ladder in the ring. From there, Andrade climbed the ladder and secured the championship to win the match.

WINNER: Andrade via climbing the ladder and taking the belt

-After the match, Vega and Andrade celebrated. Vega then pulled the outside ring pad up and demanded that Andrade slam Mysterio onto it. As he was about to, a fan with a mask jumped the rail. That fan revealed himself to be Humberto Carrillo. Carrillo fought Andrade off and then tended to Rey as Andrade and Vega left. The show then went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Really good match. It had the danger that the announcers talked about, but it wasn’t entirely over the top that it took you out of the match. It’s tough to walk that line, but both Mysterio and Andrade did. Lawler worked hard to frame how important Vega was to Andrade after she interfered in the way that she did. Refreshing to hear the announce team gloss over such a significant angle like that. As far as the post-match stuff, Carrillo fired up well and got a nice reaction when he revealed himself. It was nice to see Carrillo take his intensity to another level. All in, very good stuff to start tonight’s show. 

-Out of the break, the announce team cued up a video paying tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

-When the tribute video ended, Aleister Black made his entrance. As he walked down the ramp, the announce team discussed how he can take his momentum from the Buddy Murphy series to the Royal Rumble match on Sunday. Once Black got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


As soon as the bell rang, Black’s opponent charged at him. Seeing this, Black connected with Black Mass and made the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Black via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: That works ahead of Black’s Royal Rumble match appearance on Sunday. Another layer that the audience will need from Black is a verbal engagement of some kind that reveals his mission statement. Adding that for fans to get behind will continue to boost his momentum.

-After the match, the announce team hyped Brock Lesnar’s upcoming appearance as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Brock Lesnar’s music hit and the audience booed loudly. Lesnar walked to the ring with Paul Heyman at his side and hit his pyro before heading down the ramp.


Once Lesnar got into the ring, Lesnar raised the championship in the air as the announce team cued up highlights from his appearance on last week’s show. When the video ended, Paul Heyman spoke in the ring and delivered his standard intro. He called himself the soothsayer of the spoiler and then said he was having a crisis of conscience. He said that the entire WWE Universe takes what Lesnar does for granted. Heyman talked about his spoilers and said that Lesnar would destroy 29 other men at the Royal Rumble. The audience booed and then said he wanted the crowd to understand just how impressive Lesnar is even if he makes the spoilers look easy. Heyman than ran down how the Royal Rumble match works and said that Lesnar would stand victorious in the ring once 29 other men were eliminated. From there, Heyman talked about what the winner of the Royal Rumble gets and said that Lesnar has deemed nobody in the back worthy of main eventing WrestleMania or any PPV opposite Lesnar. The audience booed and Heyman addressed them by asking them if they were seriously booing Lesnar. The audience booed even more. Heyman then asked if anyone in the back could seriously take on Lesnar. Ricochet’s music hit and he walked to the top of the ramp. Ricochet said that Heyman talked a lot and then addressed Brock Lesnar. He said that many in the back are afraid of him, but that afraid isn’t in his vocabulary. In response, Heyman told Ricochet to head to the locker room before he gets hurt. Ricochet said he wanted to stay there and that he was fighting for his ticket to WrestleMania at the Royal Rumble. He said he wasn’t afraid of Brock Lesnar and then got into the ring with him. There, Ricochet told Lesnar that he wasn’t afraid to challenge Lesnar to a fight either. He then challenged them for a fight then and there. In response, Lesnar laughed him of and left the ring. Ricochet called Brock scared which prompted Lesnar to get back into the ring. Lesnar went face to face with Ricochet and then hit him with a low blow. Lesnar then picked up the microphone and said “not scared,” before walking off with Heyman.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good stuff. Though a little choppy at the beginning, Heyman framed Lesnar in the right way and in a way that makes him heelish even in the face of a babyface-like task of entering number one in the Royal Rumble and winning. Ricochet was good too. He looked smoother on the microphone and was able to convey a bit of star power opposite Lesnar. Using the low blow to down Ricochet gave Lesnar the added heat he needed and protected Ricochet at the same time. Well done. 

-After the segment, Randy Orton was interviewed backstage. Orton said that Drew McIntyre was a helluva guy and a helluva talent. He said that Drew was not on par with him though. He said it was impossible with someone to be on par with a man who can strike out of nowhere with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment, RKO. Orton then made his entrance as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Drew McIntyre made his entrance and received a small reaction from the crowd.

Heydorn’s Analysis: WWE has done a nice job of framing Drew as a big deal and tweener babyface star. The crowd reaction needs to come around though. Getting it is a complicated equation. A big win would push Drew and force the reaction, but that has it’s cons as Roman Reigns would tell you.

Once Drew got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Drew took over early and drove Orton out of the ring. From there, both men tied up and McIntyre locked in a headlock. Eventually, Orton battled out and nailed Drew with a shoulder tackle. From there, both Drew and Orton looked at each other which prompted Drew to tackle Orton into the corner. There, he connected with a chop which surprised Orton.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A great facial expression from Orton after the chop. Top notch Orton work. One has to wonder a couple things here. First, if WWE is working to present Drew as a babyface of some kind, why put him up against the cool Orton babyface. Two, its a bit of a crime to not give a match between these two guys the proper build. 

After, Drew whipped Orton, but Orton countered and tossed Drew over the top rope. Both men then battled around the outside of the ring including a spot that hit a camera guy as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, Drew went for a top rope move, but Orton countered with a dropkick. Eventually, Drew regained control of the match with a DDT. He then hit Orton with a suplex and covered, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Drew hit Randy with a second suplex. From there, he did his 3,2,1 chant before the Claymore Kick and went for it, but Orton countered with a power slam. After, Orton made the cover, but only got a two count. Out of that, Orton hit McIntyre with a top rope superplex. With both men down, the OC ran down to the ring and attacked Drew. Drew worked to battle back, but Styles chopped him down. With the OC getting the upper hand, Orton got back into the ring and started swinging a steel chair. He connected with the back of Gallows and Drew hit Anderson with the Claymore Kick. The OC then left the ring as Orton’s music played.

WINNER: No contest

-After the match, Orton and Drew stood in the ring. Orton walked to Drew and called him a tough SOB before hitting him with an RKO. As Orton walked away, Drew got on the microphone and said that he should have hit him with the Claymore when he had the chance. He said that mistake was on him and that he hopes that he and Orton will end of face to face in the Royal Rumble match. He said his Claymore wouldn’t be out of nowhere and that he would kick Orton’s head off. Drew then declared he would win the Royal Rumble match and finally main event WrestleMania.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good promo from Drew, but he was swimming upstream with it due to how over Randy Orton is as a babyface. Still, he looked believable and credible when talking about the Royal Rumble. In addition, there is now a story for the Royal Rumble match between not only Drew and Orton, but those two and the OC as well. Some effective and ineffective here. We’ll see on Sunday.

-After Drew spoke, Charlotte was interviewed backstage. She said that she was always confident, but that she was prepared to face anyone at all times. Becky Lynch interuppted and smiled as Charlotte looked on. From there, Becky walked away. Charlotte said she was ready to face 29 other women on Sunday. She questioned whether they were ready for her.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Compare that promo from Charlotte to Drew’s. Where is the passion from Charlotte? It’s like she’s reading cue cards. 

-When the Charlotte interview ended, Becky Lynch made her entrance as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, the announce team cued up highlights from last week’s contract signing between Becky Lynch and Asuka. When the highlights ended, Lynch spoke as the audience chanted her name. She said that last week, Asuka did her a favor. She said that when Asuka sprayed mist in her eyes, she helped her see things clearer than ever. She questioned whether Asuka was doubting herself which was why she was having Kairi Sane face her instead of going to war with each other tonight. From there, Lynch said that Asuka did beat her last year, but then asked who won in the end. Lynch said that she went on to make history while Asuka made soup on YouTube. Lynch said she would collect this debt on Sunday because Asuka simply can’t beat her anymore.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good fire, but given the severity of the mist last week, I was expecting a bit more. The nuts and bolts were there, but this wasn’t on the high end of Becky Lynch promos.

When Becky wrapped up, Kairi Sane made her entrance with Asuka at her side. Once she got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Lynch got some momentum early, but it was squashed once Asuka illegally got involved. From there, the action spilled to the outside of the ring as the show went to break. (c)

Out of the break, both women battled and exchanged momentum. Asuka taunted Lynch while sitting on the top rope. From there, Lynch took Sane out and the action spilled back to the outside of the ring. There, Lynch beat on Sane before rolling her back into the ring. As Lynch got back in to follow, she decked Asuka which got a big pop from the crowd. After, Lynch hit Sane with the Bec-Sploder and followed that with the Disarmer for the submission victory.

WINNER: Lynch via submission

-After the bell, Asuka attacked Becky Lynch from behind and connected with a Shining Wizard. Asuka left the ring quickly after hitting it and taunted Lynch as she did.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not bad, but bare minimum go-home build for this tonight. Lynch and Asuka had some intensity to their story last week, but it had some cold water on it tonight which led to a flat final encounter before the match on Sunday. 

-The Viking Raiders were shown warming up backstage. Rollins was shown with Murphy as well. The show then went to break as the announce team hyped the upcoming tag team title match. (c)

-Out of the break, a tribute video for Rocky Johnson aired.

-When the video aired, Asuka was interviewed backstage. She yelled an answer in Japanese and Kairi Sane did as well. Asuka then addressed the camera and said that Becky was not ready for Asuka. She then laughed with Kairi Sane before walking out of the shot.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Fine, but not impactful enough to be the final point of interest heading into the Royal Rumble. Asuka continues to thrive in this new heel role. 

-When the interview ended, Seth Rollins made his entrance with Buddy Murphy. Once they got halfway down the ramp, AOP walked out as well. After AOP, the Viking Raiders made their entrance. Following them, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe walked out to provide back up. Once the Viking Raiders got to the ring, official introductions were made, and the match began.


Rollins and Erick started the match off, but Murphy quickly tagged in. As he did, Rollins thanked him with a hug. Right after, Murphy got crushed by a running knee strike from Erick. From there, the owned the match and cut the ring in half. Ivar tagged in next, and Erick slammed him on Murphy. After, AOP worked to get involved, but Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens stopped them. From there, a brawl between all eight men began as the show went to break. (c)

After commercials, the action continued n the ring. Erick worked to tag Ivar into the match, but Murphy and Rollins pulled him off of the apron. Rollins and Murphy owned the match from there. Rollins tagged in and connected with a top rope splash. He then made the cover, but only got a two count. From there, Murphy tagged back into the match and taunted Erick. In response, Erick connected with a knee strike. At that point, Erick made the tag to Ivar and Murphy tagged in Rollins. Ivar steamrolled Rollins and Murphy and connected with a series of offense. He dodged a Murphy clothesline before decking him with one of his own. Ivar then tagged Erick into the match and they went for the Viking Experience. Instead, Rollins pulled Murphy away and to the outside of the ring. Seeing this, both Erick and Ivar hit suicide dives before rolling Buddy Murphy into the ring. Then, they connected with the Viking Experience and went for the cover, but Rollins broke it up. In the end, Rollins pushed Ivar to the floor as he went for a move on Murphy. From there, Murphy took over on Erick. With the ref distracted, Rollins hit Erick with the Stomp and Murphy covered for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rollins and Murphy via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good match, but a strange and sloppy finish. Why did the referee pull himself aside so Rollins could get the Stomp illegally? Someone missed something there. As for the call to go with Rollins and Murphy as tag champs? Smart. If this group is going to be a centerpiece of Raw, it needs credibility. The tag titles aren’t the most prestigious titles in the world, but there is enough equity there to provide that extra layer.

-After the match, Rollins and Murphy celebrated with AOP as the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Rollins, Murphy, and AOP were interviewed backstage. Rollins said that their win cements them on Raw. He talked up Buddy Murphy and said that when you join with the Monday Night Messiah, you win championships. Rollins then said that they would further cement their legacy when he wins the Royal Rumble match for the second year in a row.

-When the interview ended, The Monday After the Weekend Update aired with the Street Profits.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That was … yeah. Eye roll. The Street Profits bring so much more to the table than this type of juvenile comedy stuff. 

-After the Weekend Update segment, Matt Harty made his entrance to a nice reaction. As he posed in the ring, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Rowan made his entrance with the cage. Once he got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Rowan dominated the entire match and then dragged Matt Hardy near his cage. He said he wanted to show him something. As Rowan went into the cage, he writhed in pain and then slammed the cage up and down. With Rowan distracted, Hardy got a few shots in, but then was mowed down with a running splash. After, Rowan rolled Hardy into the ring and connected with the chokeslam for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rowan via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: More of the same. As I said last week, it’s time to take this thing somewhere.

-After the match, Rowan walked away with his cage. As he did, the announce team hyped the mixed tag team match that pits Rusev and Liv Morgan against Bobby Lashley and Lana. They then cued up a hype video that detailed the feud.When the video ended, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were interviewed backstage. Owens spoke first and said that Rollins winning the tag titles was a problem they would take care of eventually. Owens said he was also entering the Rumble match and that he would do everything he can to win. Joe then spoke and entered the Rumble match as well. Joe said that when it comes to Seth Rollins he would always stand by Owens. He said that if Owens stood in his way in the Royal Rumble match, he’d go right through him. Owens then stared at Joe before walking off.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I like the consistent effort to paint Joe and Owens as partners, but competitors vying for similar things at the same time. It’s makes their relationship more authentic and real. 

-Mojo Rawley was interviewed backstage. Rawley said that for too long, the 24-7 title was carried by cowards who ran away at the first sign of danger. As he spoke the Singh Brothers tried to pin him, but he beat them both up and walked away.

Heydorn’s Analysis: If this is an attempt to take comedy out of the 24-7 championship, I’m in. It may just elevate Mojo Rawley a bit in the process, too. 

-Back in the ring, Bobby Lashley made his entrance with Lana. Once they got to the ring, Lana spoke and said that Rusev day was cancelled. In response, the audience booed and chanted “Rusev Day.” She said that all she and Bobby wanted to do was share their love to inspire the world. She said that all she wants from the crowd is a simple thank you. At that point she tried to lead the audience in a thank you chant. When they booed, she said that her Bobby Lashley would dominate Rusev and she would get her hands on Liv Morgan. The show then went to break. (c)

Out of the break, Rusev made his entrance with Liv Morgan. Once they got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Liv Morgan chased Lana around the ring to start the match. Lana caught her with a clothesline, but was then dropped by Morgan. Morgan hit a flurry of offense, but then was clocked in the head after being distracted by Lashley. After the move, Lana made the cover, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Lana connected with a suplex and covered again, but again, only got a two count. Out of that pin, Lana and Morgan exchanged slaps until both ended up on the mat after a double clothesline. At that point, the hot tag went to Rusev and Lashley. Rusev took momentum and hit a bunch of offense including an overhead suplex. Rusev continued his momentum, but it was halted once Lana distracted him. After this, Lana clocked Rusev with a punch. Lashley then hit Rusev with a move, but the pin was interuppted by Liv Morgan. Morgan hit an enziguri on Lashley which gave Rusev momentum back. In the end, as Rusev was going for his finish, Lana grabbed his foot. Because of this, Lashley connected with the spear for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Lashley and Lana via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, if you were on the side of “this story is helping Rusev,” I’d rethink your position. That’s the third time he’s lost to Lashley in some way and the third time Lana has distracted him to that end. All after spinning a narrative that he no longer cares about Lana. What is there to be distracted by then? WWE started juggling way too many balls with this story and now they aren’t catching all of them. Let the silliness end sooner rather than later, please. 

-After the match, Lashley and Lana celebrated on the ramp as the show faded to black.

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