2/13 NXT UK TV REPORT: Gallus vs. Lorcan & Burch, Amale vs. Aoife Vakyrie, Mastiff vs. Huxley, Jordan vs. Joe Coffee

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Aiden English


Amale was in the ring when the match started. They locked up and went to the ground quickly. The first actual move was Amale lifting Valkyrie, but she countered and got a quick two on Amale. Valkyrie got her in a headlock and went to the mat. Amale countered with head scissors that Valkyrie kipped out of and and then rolled Amale into another near pinfall.

While Valkyrie was checking with the ref on the count, Amale kneed her in the gut and tossed her into the corner. Valkyrie connected with a back elbow off the middle turnbuckle and got another two count. A horrible leg sweep took Amale off her feet before Valkyrie played to the crowd and landed a standing moonsault followed by a one-count. Amale grabbed Valkyrie’s hair and slammed her head to the mat. Valkyrie got some kicks in before going to the top rope with a leg drop to the back of Amale for the win.

WINNER: Valkyrie @ 3:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was Valkyrie’s debut. She looked like a mix between Paige, Xena: Warrior Princess and She-Wolf from the Netflix series “Glow.” Very green. She is developing her character. It was a very uninspiring match but that’s what you usually get with a brand new talent against somebody that is so unknown that they didn’t get an entrance. Amale has a ways to go as well in-ring. That said, for two young talents, they had great looks and potential for both. With the sudden loss of Jazzy Gabert on NXT UK, I imagine they are looking to fill that role, as well as continuing to build the strong women’s division that is under he WWE umbrella.)

-Radzi interviewing Travis Banks backstage. He mentioned that even though Banks lost his match at Turnover, he put on a great showing. Alexander Wolfe steps in and calls Banks a loser. Wolfe bragged about Imperium’s showing at Takeover. Banks rebutted by asking him what it was like to ride Walter’s coattails. Wolfe said “you better watch your step” before both walked away.

-Super Showdown (Blood Money V) commercial.

-WrestleMania 36 commercial


Mastiff slammed Huxley to the mat almost immediately. He got up, went to the top, jumped, and Mastiff slapped him. A standing suplex by Mastiff followed, with Mastiff keeping him on the ground and elbowing him on the back of his head. Huxley started to lay in some knees but couldn’t take Mastiff down. Mastiff knocked Huxley to the ground and dropped a senton on him. He hit the ropes and mimicked Walter’s “Earthquake Splash”. Huxley went to the corner and Mastiff hit an Into the Void cannonball to get the win. After the match, he posed like Walter to continue mocking the Champion.

WINNER: Mastiff at 3:06.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A squash match to show Mastiff mock Walter by taking one of his moves. Nothing of note in this match.)

– NXT Takeover commercial

-Toni Storm backstage going to Johnny Saint’s office and told Sid Scala to make the ‘I Quit’ match against Kay Lee Ray. The stipulation mentioned last week was brought into fruition, in which Storm can not challenge for the title again if she loses.

-The Grizzled Young Veterans make their way to the ring. Zack Gibson held the mic and talked about how they have proven themselves to be the best tag team in the world. However, they were screwed at Takeover in the ladder match by the stipulation that Johnny Saint booked. They praised William Regal for recognizing their talent. After digging into the city of York, where the show is taped, he told them all to stand up and take photos of them as their appearance was worth the price of admission alone.

-Radzi backstage hyping up the live experience of NXT UK, showing off the program that you can get there. He started to mention Tyler Bate’s photo in the program and Joseph Connors stepped in from the side asking where he was in the program. He dropped the program on Radzi’s feet and said that he will defeat Tyler Bate next week on NXT UK.

(3) AMIR JORDAN vs. JOE COFFEY (w/Gallus)

Coffey started strong in the match by rag-dolling Jordan a bit. They hit the ropes and Jordan got caught in a cross body and and overhead belly to belly. Coffey kept tossing Jordan into the turnbuckles before face-planting him with Coffey getting a near pinfall.

Coffey worked on Jordan’s arm after getting up, and pounded away at him in the corners again. He grounded Jordan and kept him in an arm lock as Jordan writhed in pain. He kept trying to get Jordan to submit as Coffey continued the hold on the mat. Jordan escaped through a unique counter where he wrapped his legs around Coffey’s head and slammed him to the mat. After connecting with a cross body onto him, Coffey escaped outside the ring. Jordan then with the (seemingly obligatory) dive through the middle rope onto Coffey. He rolled Coffey back into the ring and Jordan went for a senton off the top rope. He was met with knees to the face and again tossed Jordan into the corner. Coffey with the Glasgow sendoff and lariat for the victory. After the match, Coffey called out Ilja Dragunov and said he was going to collect a debt. Gallus stayed in the ring as they were the next match.

WINNER: Coffey at 4:59.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Essentially another squash match built to the post-match promo from Coffey.)

-Super Showdown commercial emphasizing Goldberg vs. The Fiend.

(4) GALLUS (w/Joe Coffey) vs. ONEY LORCAN & DANNY BURCH – Non-TItle match

Mark Coffey and Danny Burch start the match but Wolfgang tagged himself in early on. Coffey tagged back in after Burch was held to the mat in a headlock and tossed to the corner. Coffey worked on the arm, but Burch was able to get the tag to Lorcan. Double-teaming ensued that concluded with a wishbone to Coffey. Burch put Coffey in the corner and he briefly slid under the ring as Wolfgang distracted Burch so Coffey could attack from behind, and connected with a great uppercut. Wolfgang got the tag in and grounded Burch with an armlock before he was able to get a tag to Lorcan, who came in with American uppercuts to both members of Gallus.

As Lorcan was going for an attack, Coffey held his trunks so Wolfgang was able to attack him. Coffey with the tag back in. Coffey laid in some knees and tagged Wolfgang back in. He hit the ropes and met Lorcan with a cross-body and two count. He kept Lorcan grounded and in holds for a minute before once again tagging in Coffey, who used the bottom rope to hurt Lorcan’s arm. Lorcan slid out of the ring and rolled back in, being met with a foot to the skull. Tag to Wolfgang who toyed with Lorcan a bit before he started to gain his energy and traded forearm strikes with Wolfgang before giving him an Alabama slam. Wolfgang went to the top rope but Lorcan moved out of the way and gave him time to tag in Burch who came in swinging. A tag was also made to Coffey. Burch took control of the match at this point. He tagged Lorcan back in after giving Coffey a massive headbutt. They tried to set up Coffey for a double-team attempt but Wolfgang ran in in time to break it up. Lorcan and Coffey exchanged strikes to the chest and Lorcan hit a blockbuster before tagging Burch back in. Burch went to the top but Coffey took out his leg and made it over to tag in Wolfgang momentarily to set up a finisher. Coffey tagged back in but he countered Coffey into a cross face. Lorcan ran in and put Wolfgang in a single-leg crab for a double submission. Wolfgang tossed Lorcan onto his partner, breaking up both submission attempts. Wolfgang speared Lorcan outside of the ring and ran back over to his corner. Tag back in as a kick and slam combo finished Lorcan and Burch. After the match, Dragunov came down to the ring, made eyes with Coffey and the two started to battle. Of course, the other members of Gallus joined in and laid him out. The show ended with Gallus standing tall over Dragunov’s body.

WINNER: Gallus at 10:41.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Not surprisingly, a great match with two stellar tag teams. It seems that the theme of this episode was to set up or advance storylines post-match. It was a pleasant change having a non-competing stable member, especially a heel, not interfere with the match at all.)

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