2/6 NXT UK TV REPORT: Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis, A-Kid vs. Tyler Bate, Piper Niven vs. Dani Luna, Pretty Deadly vs. Carter & Smith

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


FEBRUARY 6, 2020


They lockup and push each other from corner to corner to show their strength. They worked some arm holds for a minute before getting to their feet. Luna hit the ropes and got caught in a cross-body. Luna countered out but was reversed and slammed on to the mat by Niven. A cross body and kickout followed.
Niven kept her on the ground in a headlock for a while after. Luna countered out but was met with a clothesline and near pinfall. The match prodded on with both of them selling a headbutt from Niven before Luna caught her second wind, attempted to lift Niven and slam her but Niven countered with a Michinoku driver for the three.

WINNER: Piper Niven via pinfall at 4:44.

(Koenig’s Analysis: I am a fan of Niven but realize that she is still green. She was seen looking for cues at one point and lacks a smoothness that will come with time. It moved slowly.)

-Gallus accepts the challenge from Burch & Lorcan

-Goldberg on Smackdown commercial.

-Jordan Devlin interviewed about how he feels winning the Cruiserweight title.. Not a lot here. A new watcher wouldn’t know if he was good or bad.


A-Kid brought the match to the ground early and maintained a headlock. Bate countered by wrapping A-Kid with his legs and escaping. They met in the middle for a strength test and A-Kid battled out with his agility. Bate brought him to the mat and A-Kid countered with leg scissors, displaying his leg strength as well. They continued on the mat for a bit, countering each others arm and leg holds.

Back to their feet, they locked up and continue countering each others moves before A-Kid bridged Bate into a northern lights suplex and a two count. Bate connected with a shooting star that A-Kid countered into a triangle. Bate power lifted A-Kid into an airplane spin, in which A-Kid countered from for a near pinfall. A-Kid drop kicked Bate out of the ring and moonsaulted over the rope onto Bate. A-Kid rolled him back into the ring and went to the top rope. As he jumped he was met with a dropkick to the chest and a clothesline. Tyler went for his Tyler Driver 97 and put away his young friend.

Joe Connors walked to the ring while Bate and A-Kid were giving each other respect. He ranted about being forgotten and unworthy to be on pay-per-views. He offered everyone a chance to show how worthy Connors is.

WINNER: Bate via pinfall at 5:52.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fast paced match of counters and speed by two friends and a pupil/ student storyline. A-Kid is rising quickly and Bate is one of the best wrestlers in the world. This was also used to push Connors a bit and inevitable matches with both of them.)

-WWE Shop commercial featuring NXT UK march.

-Recap of last weeks six-man tag team main event and emphasized Massive and Walter making eyes. That led to backstage footage from last week of Mastiff looking for Walter.


Smith and Howley started the match. Smith got an early pinfall attempt after a stalling suplex. Carter tagged in and flipped over Howley for a roll up two. Howley tagged in Stoker, and Carter tripped him immediately. He sent Stoker to their corner where Smith tagged back in and got stunned as Stoker attacked his ankles. He laid in a couple of punches before tagging Howley back in, followed by some double teaming. However, that didn’t bother Smith as he backdropped Stoker. Howler sent Smith outside with some help from Howley, who got rolled back in and a two count by Stoker. Howley tagged in and got a quick pinfall attempt. He wrenched Smith’s arm for a bit before attempting to send Smith outside, who hulked up and took care of the other team. He went over for the tag to Carter. Carter came in guns-a-blazing, clotheslining Carter and Smith. Carter got a near fall after a kick to Stoker’s jaw. Howley jumped in and some double teaming and a pinfall attempt on Carter ensued. Stoker ran to his corner for the tag in, and Smith escaped a double team attempt and Carter tagged himself in. He kicked Howley in the corner, got him in an electric chair, came down hard (and looked deadly) and got the win. Pretty Deadly attacked the winners after the match.

WINNER: Carter & Smith at 5:51.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A solid tag match. Good action and athleticism. I do hope that Pretty deadly changes their gimmick enough to not seem like such a clone of Breezango.)

-Ilja Dragunov shown working out backstage and was asked about Joe Coffey. He wonders Coffey is treating him the way he has been after Dragunov helped him.

-WWE Network commercial.

-Kay Lee Ray came to the ring. She said she will never give the NXT Women’s championship to any opponent. She addressed Toni by saying she understands why Toni wants the title so bad, and knows that being the champion cane be ‘intoxicating’. Storm’s music hit and she came to the ring and said that she stole the from her at Takeover. Ray offered to fighter Storm in an “I Quit Match” for the belt. Ray went on saying that when Storm loses, she will not get another opportunity for the title and that when she gets het to say “I quit”, that “it will hurt”.

-Super Showdown commercial.

-Aoife Valkyre debuts next week


This match was fought in a “Steel Corners Street Fight” where there are street fight rules and the addition of removing the turnbuckle pads.

The moment Trent Seven got into the ring he went right at Dennis… jacket on and all. The bell rang and the two traded fists. Dennis escaped to go outside, but Seven followed behind and slapped Dennis around the ring before being launched into the stairs. Dennis pulled the stairs out and went to drop Seven onto them, but he countered and Dennis was planted into the steps with a DDT. Seven then brought the match into the crowd and slapped him all around the arena. Dennis tossed Seven into the barricade from the crowd’s side, before putting Seven up into a Seven Bridge onto the steps next to the ring. He rolled Seven into the ring for a two count.

Dennis kicked Seven onto the ground before whipping him into the exposed turnbuckles. Seven countered and tossed Dennis, but he slid out of the other side of the ring. Seven followed him out and hit a perfect snapdragon suplex onto the outside floor. Seven slapped Dennis over the barricade and into the crowd again. Dennis caught him and launched him back over the barricade. He cleared the announce desk and threw Seven into the side of it and emptied a water bottle over his head. Seven was hoisted up onto Dennis’ shoulders but Seven slid down put Dennis up on his shoulders and gave him the burning hammer onto another table. Dennis seemed to injure his shoulder here. The two slowly work their way up to their feet. Seven sent Dennis back over the barricade and missed a twisting senton, landing hard on the floor.
Slowly, the two wrestlers worked their way into the ring at a corner, hitting each other as the power their way back to their feet. Back in the ring, the two exchange backlists. Two Seven-Star lariats followed. Seven with a burning hammer and the win.

WINNER: Seven via pinfall at 11:23.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fun match that isn’t overdone in NXT UK. Two great wrestlers in the ring, with Seven also being amongst the best in the world. Some cringeworthy moments as well. Fun.)

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