10/19 BEING THE ELITE REPORT:  Cutler confronts the Bucks, BTE Championship golf tourney continues, Omega promises new attitude ahead of upcoming tournament, Khan appearance

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 226 – “Critical Failure”
OCTOBER 19, 2020

Watch it HERE.

Top Three Points:

1. Brandon Cutler confronts the Young Bucks for not being there for him during his match on AEW Dark last week after they promised to be.

2. Tony Khan makes his BTE debut in a fake press conference to hype the upcoming AEW Dark match between Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon where promise to finally have a winner.

3. Matt Hardy, Colt Cabana, and Fuego Del Sol all advance in the BTE Championship gator golf tournament. Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler were both disqualified.

– BTE opened with Matt and Nick Jackson sitting on a couch. A graphic flashed showing that this happened last week. Nick looked at his phone and asked if Matt got Tony’s text. Matt said no because he broke his phone. Nick said Tony wants to have a meeting with them about the fines they owe him. Matt argued he prepaid $50,000 already and Nick said they apparently owe more than that now. Matt sat up and, under his breath, asked Nick if he could borrow some money. Nick asked him how many people he’s been super kicking lately as they both stood up.

Matt changed the subject and asked Nick if he could watch the clock because Brandon Cutler’s match is happening later and he wanted to make sure they were there for him. Nick said they have time and agreed.

The camera cut to Brandon Cutler looking at his phone when an official walked up to him and said his match is next. Cutler said there’s four more matches before his and the official told him the schedule got changed, he’s up next. Cutler ran away to get ready.

The camera cut back to Matt and Nick outside Tony Khan’s office door. Nick pulled out a wad of cash and knocked on the door.

Cutler was standing backstage looking for the Young Bucks as he tried to get ready. Cutler walked through the backstage area and asked Christopher Daniels, who was on a headset, if he’s seen the Bucks and he shook his head no. Cutler asked another person backstage if they’ve seen Matt and Nick and they also said no.

The footage cut to AEW Dark where Cutler walked out and looked ringside, but didn’t see Matt and Nick there. Excalibur’s commentary was also added explaining that Cutler was looking for the Young Bucks, but they weren’t at ringside to watch his match.

– Brandon Cutler was sitting on a curb in the parking lot looking dejected. A graphic flashed to show it was now this week. Matt and Nick walked up and excitedly told him that they were drawn for the four way Tag Team Contender’s match. They asked him where he’s been and Cutler stood up. He sarcastically asked them if they’re just going to talk about themselves forever. Matt and Nick rolled their eyes as Cutler asked where they were. Matt tried to tell him they were pulled into a meeting, but Cutler cut him off and said he doesn’t care, because if they wanted to be there, they would have been there. Nick tried to say they’re busy, but didn’t apologize. Cutler said the more he thinks about it, the more Hangman was right about them when he said he’s just a prop for them. Matt said they have the most thankless job in wrestling and he comes home so tired he can’t even play with his kids. Matt called Cutler ungrateful and said maybe Hangman wasn’t wrong to call Cutler a prop for them. Matt said Cutler should go grab his camera and go shoot the rest of BTE and called him an ungrateful bastard. Cutler laughed and shook his head as he walked away angry. Nick told Matt he was probably a little too hard on Cutler and Matt reluctantly agreed.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Alex Reynolds and John Silver walked down a hallway together reacting to their gator golf match last week. Reynolds stopped Silver and pointed to Kris Statlander who was sitting in a chair with a crutch. She said hi to Silver and asked if he missed her. Silver said no, he hates her even more than he hates Five and said she stinks. Reynolds asked why she’s even there since she can’t wrestle and they made some fart jokes involving her name. Reynolds got in her face and made fun of her injured knee, which prompted Statlander to take her crutch and low blow him with it. Silver checked on Reynolds and yelled at Statlander as she walked away without the crutch.

– Matt Hardy was with his kids in the hotel hallway and said he knows they’re excited to be in the AEW hotel and they’re excited to see the Young Bucks again. He sent them off to talk to the Young Bucks by themselves. Maxel and Wolfgang went and knocked on their hotel door and went in. Maxel said it was good to see them again and asked if they could have their autographs. Maxel handed them a piece of paper and a they signed it for him. Maxel then pointed to Matt Jackson and said in ten years he’s going to be doing a job to him. Matt and Nick laughed him off. Matt warned him that they had a video go viral a few years ago where they fought some kids. Matt said they signed their autograph and now he wants to make jokes. Maxel held up the autographed paper and sneezed on it. Matt grabbed the paper and tore it in half before telling them to get out. Maxel and Wolfgang ran out into the hallway to tell their dad what happened. Hardy asked what happened and Maxel said they ripped up their autograph. Hardy pounded on their door and Matt Jackson answered it and condescendingly said “oh look who it is.” Hardy said the way they were mean to his children and got sympathy on them was brilliant. Matt and Nick seemed confused. Hardy said this helps further their “tweener” characters and said “it’s such good shit.” Hardy closed the door, but opened it back up and said, in ten years they will be putting over his kids because “we don’t do that tag team legend bullshit around here.”

– Nick introduced the next round in the BTE Championship gator golf tournament. This matchup was Matt Hardy vs. Luchasaurus. Their hole was through one entrance tunnel, onto the stage, and then into the other entrance tunnel. Luchasaurus missed two close shots before Hardy put his ball directly in line with the hole. Luchasaurus tried to putt around Hardy’s ball, but ended up knocking it in for him. Matt Hardy won with a score of 7.

– Matt and Nick Jackson sat in the EVP room and introduced another vlog saying it’s another boring day at Dynamite for them. Matt sarcastically said they’re in Jacksonville AGAIN. Christopher Daniels knocked on the door and walked in. Daniels hesitated for a moment trying to figure out what to say. Daniels said he takes his job as Talent Relations very seriously and he wanted to talk to them about the last couple of weeks. Daniels said all of the incidents they’ve had including breaking Tony Schiavone’s phone, Brandon’s laptop, and now super kicking everyone, it just feels like it’s building to a pressure point and he’s just worried about them. Daniels sympathized with them and the pressure they have of being EVPs for a new company and all that comes with it because all they wanted to do was change the wrestling world and now they’ve got all these people pecking at them like vultures trying to get stuff from them. Daniels said he thinks that pressure may be getting to them. Matt and Nick soaked up his words as Daniels asked what happens next? Daniels said he doesn’t know how much longer he’s going to be around doing this, but while he is, he’s there for them to help with whatever they need. He asked if there’s anything they want to talk about. Matt simply said thank you as Nick looked away. Daniels said he understands, but the offer stands and left. Matt and Nick sat in silence soaking up what he had said.

– Kenny Omega was sitting in the EVP room alone eating a snack and Brandon Cutler walked in and sat down. Cutler asked how he’s doing, he showed Omega his fancy new anniversary shirt for Dynamite and asked how Kenny is liking the show. Kenny said it’s fine, but he’s not on it. Omega sounded offended he wasn’t on the anniversary show. Cutler said he contributed a lot in the first year of Dynamite. Omega plainly said he didn’t really contribute that much, which is probably why he’s not on the show, but there’s always next week. Cutler asked how he feels about the tournament next week and Omega just kind of mumbled under his breath about it. Omega said he spent the first year making everyone else look good and now he’s sick of it because it’s boring. Omega said he was trying to help create new stars, but nobody is at his level and said “it’s a snooze fest here.” Omega said it’s time to shake things up a bit and get ready for the tournament. Omega said if there’s one thing he’s good at it’s tournaments and you’re going to see a new attitude from him. Omega said he probably won’t do many skits for BTE or any funny stuff, but he’ll be in the tournament. Omega said bye to Cutler and Cutler left the room as Omega judged himself for his figure.

– John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Anna Jay, and 10 approached the Dark Order lounge and noticed someone sitting at their bar watching something on a computer. Reynolds told Silver to not open the door because that’s Dean Malenko. 5 walked up and asked why they aren’t inside and they pointed to Malenko again. Reynolds called him the man of a thousand holds and 5 said that can’t be true. They asked 5 who gave him a key and said Mr. Brodie isn’t around so they can’t kick him out. They decided to just go ahead and use their other room.

They were all standing in a locker room now, Anna Jay sat behind them all on top of a cabinet. 5 tried to tell a joke, but they ended up making fun of him for his terrible hair. Reynolds then tricked 5 into saying underwear, which they also made fun of him for. Reyrnolds then told 5 he’s going to cut his hair. Silver quickly changed the subject and said Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are gone because they’re having their foreskin removed like Reynolds’ dad. Silver then pulled out his phone and answered a call from Brodie Lee. Silver said Brodie wants 5 and 10 to hit each other with a wad of papers and 10 asked to speak to Mr. Brodie, but Silver said no. They hit each other with the papers and Silver laughed and said he doesn’t even have Mr. Brodie’s number as he and Reynolds ran away laughing.

– An ad for the Young Bucks upcoming book played including a new offer for preorders.

– Nick and Matt were back in the EVP room for the next round of the BTE Championship gator golf tournament between Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol. Nick said they legitimately don’t know if Fuego is booked next week or not, so if he wins this match, they’re forced to book him next week. Matt said that means they’ll have to pay for him to fly back for their next taping and put him up in a hotel. Their hole was off an upside down trashcan, over a suitcase, and across the room into the gator’s mouth. Fuego had a chance to win it with three shots, but before putting he pleaded and prayed for help making the shot, but he missed. Fuego missed three easy shots to win it before finally making it a fourth time to win it with 10 shots. Fuego did the worm across the floor to celebrate getting booked again.

– Nick was back again for the final first round matchup in the BTE Championship gator golf tournament between Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon. Cutler and Avalon argued about who should go first then argued and kicked each other’s ball. Nick made the decision to call this a double disqualification. Leva Bates grabbed them both by the ears and they walked off.

Nick then replaced Cutler and Avalon with Matt Sydal and Colt Cabana (in Michael Nakazawa’s body still) because they happened to be standing nearby. Their shot was down a ramp directly into the gator’s mouth. Cabana won in two shots.

– A bouncer stood outside a room and said it’s time for a party. He had a list in his hands and checked it to let people in. He let Leva Bates in and Private Party welcomed her. Cody handed the bouncer a candy and he let him in. Cody turned to the camera and told Nick not to edit him out, he just wanted to come to the party. Sammy Guevara tried to join with Austin Gunn as his “plus one,” but the bouncer said no. Private Party and Cody yelled and mocked Guevara as Gunn apologized and entered the party. The bouncer then told someone else no and Cody yelled at him to “get the f— out of here!” Alex Reynolds and John Silver then tried and were also denied. Frankie Kazarian then walked up, not even realizing a party was going on. The bouncer checked his list to see if Kazarian was on it as everyone inside chanted with anticipation. The bouncer said Kazarian isn’t on the list and they all laughed. Cody made fun of him. Kazarian said screw their party, he’s going to go to a public party.

– Alex Abrahantes walked up to table. He thanked the audience and said it’s his honor to introduce two individuals who’ve been competing for months against each other to try and get their first win. He introduced Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler. Cutler walked up and sat down with Luchasaurus, who Abrahantes called Cutler’s legal counsel. Avalon was accompanied by Leva Bates and his “hood advisor” Ricky Starks. Abrahantes then introduced Tony Khan who was there to take questions.

Khan said they’re all here because these two competitors have a long history of some of the worst finishes in the history of AEW. Khan said on Wednesday Night Dynamite there has never been a disqualification or count out finish, yet on AEW Dark these two have managed to both disqualify and count themselves out. So, they’re going to have a match where that’s not possible.

Khan sat down between them and said he will take questions from the audience now. A random voice called out and said it’s Jim from “I’m a fat mark weekly” and he had a question for Avalon. He said there’s are a lot of rumors going around that he’s untrained garbage. Avalon said he doesn’t do mud shows, he only does television.

Trevor from the Jacksonville Gazette then had a question for Cutler. He said Cutler had an opportunity to use a book against Avalon before, but decided not to. He asked if Cutler regrets that decision and Cutler said no.

Someone named Bob Bobstrom from Wrestling Weekly interjected and said that’s bullshit. He then asked Cutler that he’s “a big, dumb, bald virgin” and asked for his thoughts. Luchasaurus leaned in and said something to Cutler and Cutler responded he’s been advised to say no comment. Starks leaned down to Avalon and Avalon said “I don’t even know how Cutler has kids.”

A voice claiming to be Bill Apter from Pro Wrestling Illustrated chimed in. Khan said hello to him and said he didn’t realize he was still at Pro Wreslting Illustrated. Apter said Stanley Weston sends his regards to Khan as well. He then asked Cutler if, for his most important match ever, if his best friends Matt and Nick Jackson would be in attendance. Cutler hesitated and said he has no faith they will be there for him.

A final question was taken from a voice that claimed to be Jim Ross from JR’s Barbecue. He said he loves Tony Khan and the Jaguars. He also said if there’s every a commentary spot there, he’d love to do it. He then asked both of them when they’re going to “grab a damn pole.” Luchasaurus threw his notebook in disgust. Cutler told him it’s 2020. Avalon said, seeing as he is untrained, he doesn’t know any.

Khan then asked Ricky Starks if, as a hood advisor, if he’s trying to be like Kevin Hart in the movie Get Hard. Starks said yes, but a lot lighter and a lot taller. Khan then said this has been enough and hopefully this upcoming match is enough as well. Khan said he’s excited for this to finally be over because they will actually have a winner. They posed for pictures and Avalon vowed to prove Cutler is the worst wrestler in AEW.


This was quite a strange episode of BTE for the Young Bucks. Brandon Cutler called out the Young Bucks for missing his match, but the Young Bucks kind of had an excuse. Matt and Nick went to a quick meeting with Tony Khan, but Cutler’s match was moved up so they missed it. That seems like a perfectly good reason considering the match didn’t happen when they were expecting it to. If they’re in a meeting with the boss, how would they know the match was pushed up? Cutler didn’t try to call them or anything, so how would they know? Matt then pushed back hard against Cutler when he confronted them about it. They also had Christopher Daniels come to them trying to help them in some way, but they brushed him off. I’m still not entirely sure what we’re supposed to think of them at this point.

Kenny Omega’s segment on this show was very interesting, even if it’s not a major talking point. Omega was offended he wasn’t included in the anniversary Dynamite show and he’s teasing a new attitude by claiming he’s done trying to help get over the new talent. It’s another small seed planted for an Omega heel turn. I hope that’s the final destination here. Along those lines, we had no follow up at all to the Hangman Page stolen phone situation with the Young Bucks from last week. I’m still hoping it’s Omega, but there was no noticeable clues to how that will play itself out on this show. There’s still time for that to play itself out, maybe it will be revealed in the coming weeks if Omega and Page are on course to face each other in the tournament.

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