10/20 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Anderson & Gallows vs. The North, Rosemary vs. Havoc, Heath vs. Cousin Jake vs. Hernandez vs. Alisha vs. Rhino

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor



Announcers: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

-Recap of last week’s episode with clips of Rich Swann saving Scott D’Amore from Eric Young and the EC3/Moose brawl on the bridge.

-Intro video.


The winner of this match will get the 20th spot in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal at Bound for Glory.  The loser will have to enter at number one.  Alisha Edwards talked trash to everyone at the beginning.  Hernandez set her on the top rope and everyone else started brawling.  Alisha jumped on Heath’s back.  Jake knocked them both back.  Heath and Jake went at it, then rolled out of the ring.

Rhino and Hernandez fought in the ring.  Alisha got a two count on Hernandez.  While everyone was brawling outside, Alisha dove onto them from the top rope.  Jake tripped Alisha when she was about to go for another dive.  Rhino, Hernandez, and Jake fought inside the ring.  Heath joined the battle but was clotheslined out by Hernandez.  Alisha got in Hernandez’s face and he was about to power bomb her, but Jake stopped it.  Alisha slapped Hernandez.  Rhino went for the gore, but Hernandez moved and Rhino took out Alisha by mistake.  Hernandez rolled up Rhino for the pin.

WINNER: Hernandez in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis:  Fun match for what it was.  Intriguing that they put Hernandez in the last spot for the Bound for Glory match.  Rhino going first in that match plays into the focus being on him and Heath).

Josh and Madison appeared on camera and ran down the matches for the show.

-Video package of the Moose-EC3 feud.  [c]

-Jimmy Jacobs had a sitdown interview with Moose.  Moose got angry and walked off after a minute.  Three people in EC3 hoodies abducted Jacobs and put him in a car.

-John E. Bravo was yelling at the wedding party in a dressing room.  He said that everyone had dropped the ball on the wedding planning.  Cody Deaner whispered that he wanted to kill Bravo; Johnny Swinger whispered back “just like his father, Dino”.  Cousin Jake said he hired Kaleb with a K as the wedding photographer.  Cut to Kaleb and Tenille Dashwood, who were in the room too.  Kaleb assured Tenille they were being paid, then he took pictures of her.

Taya entered the room.  She told Bravo he was being rude and she speculated about where he might have learned that behavior from.  Bravo stormed off.

-Video package with Deonna Purrazzo.  She talked about being the Knockouts champion and the legacy of the title holders.  They showed clips of former champions including Gail Kim, Angelina Love, and ODB.  Deonna said she would rise to the occasion and beat Kylie Rae at Bound for Glory.  She said Kylie was too emotional and would make mistakes, adding that Kylie can’t win—and she knows it. [c]


If Rosemary wins, Father James Mitchell can return to officiate her wedding.  If Havoc wins, Mitchell remains gone forever.  They shook hands to start, but Havoc gripped Rosemary’s hand and got the early advantage.  Havoc missed a legdrop but came back with two backbreakers.  Rosemary scored a reverse DDT for a two count.  Rosemary got a crossbody block off the top rope for a two count.  Havoc responded with a series of punches.  Rosemary landed two spears to get the win.

WINNER: Rosemary in 3:30.

Rosemary crawled over and got in Havoc’s face after the match.  Havoc looked despondent.

(D.L.’s Analysis: The match was fine but too short to really get going.  It was the final setup for the wedding on next week’s episode of Impact).

-Video package of the feud between the Motor City Machine Guns, the Good Brothers, The North, and Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. [c]

-Preview of the Talk N Shop special coming up after tonight’s episode of Impact.

-Video package of the Deonna-Kylie feud from Kylie’s vantage point.  She had a much more serious tone than usual.  Kylie wanted to be an inspiration for young women.  She reflected on the angle where Deonna and Kimber Lee broke Susie’s arm.  She said that when she takes the title, it might seem like revenge but it’s not.

-Jimmy Jacobs (with a hood over his head) was taken out of the car and brought inside a building.  He ended up on the set where EC3 records his videos.  After the hood was removed, EC3 took a seat beside him. [c]

-Jacobs looked terrified.  EC3 said he finally found the man he was looking to fight.  He said he saw Moose rising to his narrative while he was punching EC3, but Moose must learn who he is supposed to become.  He said the whole purpose of this feud with Moose is to destroy his past and burn it to the ground.  The only way he can fulfill his purpose is to defeat Moose.


They brawled from the start.  Eddie threw Sami out of the ring then dove through the ropes onto him.  They fought on the outside and Sami suplexed Eddie on the ramp.  Back in the ring, Callihan stayed on the attack.  Eddie turned it around and delivered chops, a kick to the head, a hurricanrana off the top rope, and a Blue Thunder Bomb.  They traded stiff offense and Callihan got a powerbomb for a two count.

After slugging it out back and forth with headbutts, chops, and punches, Eddie got a two count after a power bomb.  Eddie pulled down his kneepad to signify the Boston Knee Party.  Sami grabbed his phone and the lights went out.  When they came back on, Ken Shamrock was on the apron.  Sami rolled up Eddie for the pin after the distraction.  Shamrock attacked Eddie afterwards and had him in the ankle lock.  Sami gave the “thumbs up, thumbs down” afterwards.

WINNER: Sami Callihan in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match.  Eddie continues his streak of good matches.  I’m surprised Sami isn’t in a featured match at Bound for Glory).

-Video package showing the lead-up events to the X-Division 6-way scramble match at Bound for Glory.


This match featured all of the wrestlers in the X Division 6-way scramble match at Bound for Glory.  TJP chased Rohit around the ring.  Chris Bey attacked TJP from behind.  TJP caught Bey with a headscissors then tagged out to Willie Mack.  Willie took over with an offensive flurry and got a two count.  TJP tagged back in and traded moves with Bey.  Jordynne Grace tagged in and landed several clotheslines on TJP for a two count.  Bey and Jordynne made quick tags.

Rohit finally tagged in but showboated too long and got caught with a dropkick from TJP.  Jordynne missed a splash on TJP.  TJP landed a tornado DDT on Bey.  Miguel got the hot tag and took over on Rohit.  The match broke down and everyone traded moves on each other.  Bey stole a pin attempt on Trey, but Trey kicked out.  Rohit broke up Bey’s pin attempt so he could get the pin himself.  Rohit and Bey brawled.  Bey caught Trey with a cutter, but turned around right into a superkick from Trey, who scored the pin. [c]

WINNERS: Willie Mack, TJP, & Trey Miguel in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Just a taste of what’s in store for Saturday’s match.  If this is any indication, the X Division match could steal the show.)

-The Bound for Glory Eric Young “the world belongs to us” ad aired.

-Video package tracing the feud between Eric Young and Rich Swann, featuring comments from both.

-Gia Miller conducted a sitdown interview with Eric Young.  Eric said he is not the problem; everyone else caused his actions and they will have to deal with the ramifications.  Swann ran in out of nowhere and attacked Eric.  They brawled to the outside, knocked themselves into a camera, and the camera went to black.

-Josh and Madison ran down the matches for Bound for Glory.

(5) THE NORTH (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Anderson and Page started it off.  Anderson took over and threw Page out of the ring. [c]

Back from the break, Gallows punched away at Alexander in the corner.  Anderson tagged in and they briefly double-teamed Alexander.  Gallows tagged back in and continued on offense.  Anderson tagged in but got caught by Page, who punched him from outside the ring.  Alexander took over on Anderson.  Page tagged in and continued the assault on Anderson.

The North continued to tag in and out and kept the advantage on Anderson.  Alexander missed a charge into the corner, then got spinebustered by Anderson.  Gallows made the hot tag and ran wild on Page and Alexander.  The Good Brothers were about to hit the Magic Killer on Page, but Alexander broke it up.  All four fought in the ring and the referee called the match off.

WINNERS: No contest in 8:00.

Both teams continued to fight.  Madman Fulton, Ace Austin, and the Motor City Machine Guns hit the ring and everyone brawled.  The Good Brothers and the Guns cleared the ring of the heels.  Anderson offered Alex Shelley a handshake but instead hit him with the diamond cutter.  Sabin fought Anderson and Gallows by himself, but they got the advantage and laid him out with the Magic Killer.  The Good Brothers stood over the Guns, as The North looked on from the stage and Austin & Fulton looked on from ringside.

FINAL THOUGHTS: An excellent go-home show.  Plenty of in-ring action but they didn’t give away too much; just enough to have you wanting more.  There were lots of video packages and they were all very well done with excellent editing and production values.  If I had one critique, I wouldn’t have had Eric Young and Rich Swann touch on the go-home show.  With that said, it was brief and did a good job of providing the last sell for the PPV main event.  Impact’s build to their biggest show of the year has been really good and the matches will likely deliver.

CATCH UP… 10/13 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Doc Gallows vs. Madman Fulton, Rosemary & Valkyrie vs. Kiera & Tasha vs. Havoc & Hevaeh, plus Eric Young, Dreamer, Rich Swann, Heath, Rhino, more

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