10/13 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Doc Gallows vs. Madman Fulton, Rosemary & Valkyrie vs. Kiera & Tasha vs. Havoc & Hevaeh, plus Eric Young, Dreamer, Rich Swann, Heath, Rhino, more

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor



-Recap package showed Eric Young attacking Rich Swann from last week, the Motor City Machine Gun’s win over Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, and EC3 throwing away the TNA belt.

-Backstage, Moose was yelling at Scott D’Amore about his match at Bound for Glory against EC3 in an unknown location.  Scott said he was waiting for a call about Rich Swann’s condition.  Moose stormed off down the hall.  An EC3 video appeared on the wall.  EC3 still had the TNA belt.  Moose said “I know where I need to go” and walked off.

-Impact opening.


Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne welcomed us to the show.  The match started after a bunch of trash talking.  Nevaeh got some early pin attempts on Rosemary.  Taya and Rosemary double teamed Nevaeh.  Nevaeh made a comeback on Taya and scored a two count.  Havoc and Nevaeh double teamed Taya as Kiera and Tasha laughed.  Taya turned the tide on Havoc but got distracted by Kiera and Tasha.

Tasha tagged in and took over on Taya.  Kiera tagged in and continued the attack on Taya.  Taya fought her way out of the corner, got a suplex on Kiera, and tagged out to Rosemary.  Rosemary got the advantage on Kiera.  Rosemary tagged out to Nevaeh, who took over on Kiera.  Tasha kicked Nevaeh from the outside to turn the tide.  Tasha tagged in and got a neckbreaker on Nevaeh for a two count.  Nevaeh fought her way back and tagged out to Havoc.

Havoc fought off Tasha and Kiera, but Rosemary made a blind tag.  Rosemary caught Tasha coming off the top rope and turned it into a fallaway slam for a two count.  Taya ran in and fought Kiera.  Kiera dove through the ropes onto Havoc.  Taya dropkicked Nevaeh out of the ring.  Taya climbed to the top rope and dove off to the wrestlers on the outside with a crossbody block.  Tasha bluffed diving onto the pile but turned around into a spear from Rosemary.  Rosemary got Tasha in a double underhook slam for the pin.  Josh noted it was three wins in a row for Rosemary and Taya.

WINNERS: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match and an effective way to start the show.  All three teams were good and this match showed the need for Knockouts tag team titles.  They have the depth to pull it off).

-Josh and Madison appeared on camera and ran down the upcoming matches.

-Fallah Bahh walked in on John E. Bravo yelling at the wedding party.  Everyone wanted to know if Bahh got the money from last week.  Bahh wanted to know what Johnny Swinger had ever done and Swinger bragged about beating Buddy Landell in Mid-Atlantic.  Bahh and Crazy Steve argued and agreed to a match later.  Cousin Jake wanted to know if Cody Deaner, Swinger and Alisha Edwards were ready to practice their dance number for the reception.  They yelled “No” in unison. [c]

-Rosemary appeared in Havoc’s dressing room.  Rosemary said she needed Havoc’s consent to bring Father James Mitchell back to officiate her wedding.  Havoc said if Rosemary won in their match next week, Father James could return, but if Havoc won, Mitchell would stay gone.  Rosemary agreed and they shook hands.  Rosemary disappeared.


Bahh held the money roll as he walked to the ring.  Steve imitated Swinger dancing, then was attacked by Bahh.  Steve tried to go for the money roll.  Steve got the advantage and wore down Bahh with a sleeper.  Steve avoided a splash in the corner.  Steve tore off Bahh’s shirt, exposing the money roll.  Bahh was so stunned that he got rolled up by Steve for the pin.  Bahh rolled out of the ring, but still had the money.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve in 3:30.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Largely just comedy to forward the wedding storyline).

-Backstage, Rhino told Heath that he was entered in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal at Bound for Glory.  Rhino said that if he or Heath wins the match, Heath gets his contract with Impact.  But if they don’t win, he doesn’t get any more chances to join Impact.  Heath walked off to get ready for his match.  Scott D’Amore emerged from the door behind Rhino.  Scott said Rhino was a good friend to Heath.  Scott wanted to know when Rhino was going to tell Heath the other part of the deal: if neither Rhino or Heath wins, Rhino will lose his contract too. [c]

Kaleb with a K was in the ring and introduced Tenille Dashwood.


The winning team will have a five-way match next week to determine who will get the 20th spot in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal at Bound for Glory. Josh said the teams were determined by a random draw. [c]

Swinger and Heath squared off to start but made no contact.  Tenille looked annoyed with her teammates but tagged in.  Tenille and Alisha traded the advantage.  Tenille gained the advantage after a diving clothesline.  Cody tagged in and Hernandez tagged in for his side.  Hernandez tagged out to Rhino before they even locked up.  The wrestlers chanted “ECW”.  Rhino leveled Cody then tagged out to Jake.  Cody tagged in Dreamer.  Jake got the advantage over Dreamer after outside interference from Hernandez.

Dreamer and Hernandez went back and forth for a while.  Tenille and Kaleb looked at pictures on his phone at ringside.  Tommy slapped Myers to make the tag then threw him inside the ring.  Heath tagged in and had an offensive flurry on Myers.  Myers turned the tables.  Swinger made a blind tag.  Heath got the Wake Up Call on Swinger for the win.

WINNERS: Hernandez & Cousin Jake & Alisha Edwards & Rhino & Heath in 8:30.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Mostly comedy, but there is intrigue about what will happen with Rhino and Heath).

-Backstage, Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards were arguing when Ken Shamrock attacked Eddie from behind and left him laying after an ankle lock. [c]

-Jimmy Jacobs approached Eric Young backstage to let him know that they were waiting for information on Rich Swann’s injury status.  Eric asked what Jacobs thought.  Jacobs said Swann was resilient.  Eric said he was going to go to the ring to get some real answers.

(4) KIMBER LEE (w/Deonna Purrazzo) vs. KYLIE RAE

Kylie was cautious because Deonna was on the outside.  After some back and forth action, Kylie got the advantage.  Kimber Lee bailed out of the ring.  Kylie and Deonna had a staredown outside.  Back in the ring, Kylie took over again and got more aggressive.  Kimber Lee got the upper hand and tried to suplex Kylie to the outside, but she failed.  Kimber Lee eventually powerbombed her onto the edge of the ring apron.  Kylie struggled to get back in the ring.  Kimber Lee pounced on her with punches once Kylie rolled back in the ring.

Kimber Lee continued to stomp, chop, and choke Kylie.  Kylie turned it around for a bit until Kimber Lee tripped Kylie into a turnbuckle.  Kimber Lee got a two count after a delayed suplex.  Kimber Lee stayed on offense until Kylie caught her with a boot and an elbow to turn the tide.  Kylie got a two count after a superkick.  Kylie delivered a senton for another two count.  Kimber Lee got a two count of her own after a sit out powerbomb.  Kylie was about to go for a superkick but was distracted when Deonna hopped up on the ring apron.  Kylie scored a crossface for the win.

WINNER: Kylie Rae in 10:30.

Kylie wouldn’t let go at the bell, so Deonna ran in to break it up.  Kylie superkicked Deonna, then punched her.  Deonna threw her off and rolled out of the ring.  Deonna held the belt up at the top of the stage as Kylie glared at her. [c]

(D.L.’s Analysis: Really good match.  This was Kylie’s first extended match in some time on Impact, so it was good to see just why she is ranked as the number one contender.  Kimber Lee was the perfect opponent and elevated herself even with the loss.  Kylie showed good intensity and a more aggressive side.  This feud has great momentum going into Bound for Glory).

-The John E. Bravo and Rosemary wedding was announced for the October 27th edition of Impact.

(5) DOC GALLOWS (w/Karl Anderson) vs. MADMAN FULTON (w/Ace Austin)

After their entrance, Anderson and Gallows got on the mic and said that they realized they liked it in Impact and that they were the best, but they need the belts to prove they are the best.  Fulton and Ace made their entrance.  Gallows delivered a big boot and punches to start it off.  Fulton battled back and clotheslined Gallows out of the ring.  They fought outside the ring for a while and traded the advantage.  They battled up the ramp and were counted out. [c]

The match was restarted after the break and was declared no DQ and no countout.  Gallows and Fulton fought outside the ring, including Fulton attacking Gallows with a trash can.  Gallows fought back with a chair.  Gallows hit Fulton over the head with a beer bottle then threw him back in the ring.

Gallows continued the assault with a chair in the ring.  Fulton caught Gallows with a boot.  Fulton used the chair and a crutch on Gallows.  Gallows turned things around and powerbombed Fulton through two chairs and got the pin. [c]

WINNER: Doc Gallows in 6:30.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good big man brawl.  Gallows was good here and Fulton more than held his own).

-Josh and Madison were on camera and ran down the match for next week, including:

  • Hernandez vs. Cousin Jake vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Rhino vs. Heath in a five-way match where the winner gets the 20th spot in the Call Your Shot battle royal and the loser gets the number one spot.
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan
  • Chris Bey & Rohit Raju & Jordynne Grace vs. TJP & Trey Miguel & Willie Mack
  • The North vs. The Good Brothers

-Eric Young came to the ring and said he wasn’t leaving until he heard someone say that Rich Swann quit.  Meanwhile backstage, Scott D’Amore received a phone call.  He told the person on the phone that he appreciated the call and said it looks like there’s somewhere he needed to be. Then he left the room.[c]

-Scott walked to the ring.  Eric invited him in the ring to introduce “the good news”.  Scott said he talked to Swann’s orthopedic surgeon and that Eric had done additional and substantial damage from the attack last week.  Eric laughed and told Scott he would let him announce that Swann was not able to compete.  Scott talked about how much Eric has changed and lost his way.

Scott said Swann was still ahead of schedule for his recovery and that Swann would be ready for the match at Bound for Glory.  Scott said he hoped Swann would knock that smug look off Eric’s face.  Eric grabbed Scott, shoved him in the corner, and stomped him.  He continued to attack Scott and put him in an ankle lock.  Swann showed up and broke up the attack.  He caught Eric with a cutter and Eric fled the ring.  Swann held the belt up in the ring.

-Moose got out of his car and found EC3 on a bridge.  EC3 was holding the TNA title.  Moose called him a stupid son of a bitch.  EC3 said there was nothing original about Moose.  EC3 laid the belt down and told Moose to cross the line and fight him.  They brawled on the bridge.  EC3 eventually got the upper hand and taunted Moose.  He questioned if that was the best that Moose had and walked away.  Moose got up and knocked EC3 down.  Moose punched a bloody EC3 repeatedly and walked off with the belt.  EC3 laughed as the show went off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Eric Young-Rich Swann confrontation was kind of a repeat of the angle from a few weeks ago but still effective.  They can finish the build with strong promos from each next week.  I’m not sure where the Moose/EC3 situation is going since Moose already beat up EC3 and took the belt back.

Overall, a really good show, highlighted by Kylie Rae vs. Kimber Lee.  Impact is making an effective use of the talent they have and the build up to their biggest show of the year has been solid.

CATCH UP… 10/6 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, Dreamer vs. Myers, Raju vs. Grace, plus EC3, Shamrock, Heath, Swann

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