10/13 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Blade vs. Kaz vs. Jungle Boy vs. Evil Uno, plus Wardlow, Janella, Nyla Rose, Cabana, Lucha Bros., Starks, Sydal, Dark Order

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 13, 2020

Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– Excalibur introduced the show and spoke briefly with Taz about the upcoming Ricky Starks match before he threw it to the ring.

(1) EVIL UNO (w/The Dark Order) vs. THE BLADE (w/ The Butcher) vs. FRANKIE KAZARIAN vs. JUNGLE BOY (w/Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt)

After the introductions all of the associates left the ring area leaving the four combatants to duke it out solo in this four-way match. Jungle Boy and Kazarian cleared the ring of their opponents and they exchanged several chain-wrestling moves. The action continued as the wrestlers exchanged positions and basically kept only two wrestlers at a time in the ring. Kazarian hit a Japanese suplex on Jungle Boy, but Uno broke it up at two and took over beating up on Jungle Boy.

With Jungle Boy and Kazarian out on the floor, Uno and Blade exchanged chops to the chest until both Jungle Boy and Kazarian came in and hit an interesting Monkey Flip, double clothesline combo on Uno and Blade which Jungle Boy turned into a rollup on Kazarian. After a couple of dives by Jungle Boy through the ropes, Kazarian caught Jungle Boy in a flying cutter as he reentered the ring, but rather than going for the pin, went and knocked Uno off the apron with a forearm. This allowed Blade to enter, but he missed an attempted at a clothesline and Kazarian caught him with a fisherman suplex for a two-count.

While Kazarian and Blade tied each other up, Uno nailed Blade with a kick to the face. Jungle Boy recovered and attacked Uno, but Uno countered with a neck-breaker across his knee for a near fall. After the kickout, Blade and Uno went after each other with Blade knocking Uno to the floor with a pump kick, but in turn was taken out by an over the top rope DDT by Kazarian. With the two heels on the floor, Jungle Boy and Kazarian went after each other taking both men out with a double cross body.

All four wrestlers were slow to get up, as both Kazarian and Blade went for a super plex on Jungle Boy, finally both men getting into position for a double super plex until Uno came over and knocked everybody down. Uno went for a slam move on Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy was able to reverse it and rolled up Uno for the three-count.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 8:00.

(Morgan’s Take: I think this match was mostly to get the night started with a bang, there was a ton of action and many big spots. Jungle Boy appeared to the “star” here and as such got the win. Not much to say really, just eight minutes of non-stop action by some talented wrestlers.)

– After the match, Uno attacked Jungle Boy and called out the rest of the Dark Order to assist in the beat down. Kazarian started to help and then all hell broke loose as the Butcher, Christopher Daniels and Marko Stunt (with a Kendo stick) all ran in. Marko had things in hands until one of the Dark Order grabbed the stick. At this point, Luchasaurus came out and cleared the ring. After all the baddies had left or been tossed from the ring, SCU and Jurassic Express exchanged handshakes, and all appeared right with the world.

This whole sequence (the match and the post-match melee seemed like an effort to just get lots of talent on the show.


Just an observation, Cezar Bononi is a big guy, not that bulky, but very tall and in good shape. The match started with Penta and Bononi. Penta used his speed, but Bononi gave him a shoulder block and Penta quickly tagged in Fenix. Bononi hit a boot to Fenix and tagged in Johnson. Fenix used the opportunity to tag in Penta and they double-teamed Johnson in their corner using frequent tags. Johnson was able to fight out of it and tagged Bononi who overpowered both men including a double body slam to both Penta and Fenix. The Lucha Bros were able to get the upper hand and with several kicks and flips had Bononi in position for their finisher, but Johnson snuck up from the outside and knocked Fenix off the turnbuckle and broke it up.

With Fenix hung up on the ropes, Bononi threw Penta into Fenix knocking him to the floor and while Johnson dove over the top rope onto Fenix, Bononi powerslammed Penta into the corner for a near fall. With Penta groggy, Bononi tagged in Johnson who missed a top rope move allowing Penta to hit a sling blade and make the tag. Fenix came in and took out both Johnson and Bononi knocking Bononi to the floor. Fenix then tagged in Penta who wrapped up Johnson and the nailed him with their double-team package spike pile driver for the win.

WINNERS: The Lucha Bros in 5:00.

(Morgan’s Take: The winner of this was really never in doubt and was a fun match to watch the Lucha Bros do their thing. Johnson is a good enhancement wrestler and makes his opponents look good. Bononi is big and strong, but he is still green and is not clean working in the right. He needs to work on the fluidity of his moves, it is almost like he is too tall and still needs to understand how to move.)


I had thought this feud might end up on Dynamite, but I guess not, as here we are again. Avalon attacked Cutler during his introduction and laid him out before entering the ring and demanding to be declared the winner. Unfortunately, this was not to happen, and Cutler finally made it into the ring and the match started. Avalon continued to beat on Cutler and after knocking him to the floor demanded the ref count him out. Cutler made it back into the ring and Avalon hit several reverse side slams and locked in a leg lock. Cutler made it to the ropes and Avalon finally broke the hold. Avalon made several attempts and a running slam to Cutler in the corner, but Cutler nailed Avalon with several kicks and ultimately planted him on the apron with an over the top rope leg clothesline.

Cutler rolled Avalon into the ring and hit a flying elbow for a two-count. Avalon was able to counter a springboard elbow with a slam for a near fall. After which Cutler nailed Avalon with a reverse DDT but Avalon kicked out at two. The continued to exchange big moves and near falls. As Cutler picked up Avalon for the TPK, the ref took a bump through the ropes and was able to count the sure pin. Cutler picked up the book that Avalon had attempted to hit him with and after ripping out several pages decided it would make a good weapon and went after Avalon. Meanwhile, Avalon had gotten the big red polyhedral die and both men swung their weapons at the same time knocking each other out. The ref called for the match and disqualified both men.

WINNER: Double disqualification in 5:00

(Morgan’s Take: This has got to stop; this is just stupid and a waste of time. I know it’s a gimmick and could be considered funny, ha ha ha…neither of these guys can get a win, even against each other, but I find it stupid.)

– Before the next match between Sonny Kiss and Matt Sydal, Sonny cut a quick promo about being able to be a high-flyer. Not good, not bad, just bleh.

(4) SONNY KISS (w/Joey Janella) vs. MATT SYDAL

Sydal and Kiss exchanged moves in the middle of the ring without either getting a clear advantage. Sydal hit a pair of kicks and a reverse back drop to gain control and while Kiss tried to reverse out, Sydal kept the advantage. Sydal hit a twisting standing moon sault for a two-count and then applied a reverse chin lock into a reverse fisherman suplex. Kiss landed several forearms, a flying head scissors and a flatliner to put Sydal down. Sonny hit his split slam for a two-count and followed up with a X’s & O’s in the corner for another two-count. Sydal rolled out of the way of top rope leg drop and locked in a Cobra clutch for the submission win.

WINNER: Matt Sydal in 6:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Matt Sydal can definitely move around the ring and is impressive in doing so, Sonny Kiss on the other hand still needs some work. You can almost see him counting out his moves and he still looks more like a gymnast than a wrestler. Stay in a tag team Sonny, you are able to hide your deficiencies better in that situation.)

(5) THE DARK ORDER (Preston Vance & John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs. AARON SOLOW & ANGEL FASHION & M’BADU

John Silver came out with his head wrapped after his participation in the dog collar match last week. Silver started the match versus Aaron Solow. The two exchanged blows until Solow tagged out to M’Badu who no sold several strikes by Silver and back flipped Alex Reynolds when he came in. M’Badu tagged in Angel Fashion and Preston Vance tagged in as well and quickly took control with a cutter.

Reynolds tagged in and kept up the pressure on Fashion, ultimately hitting a dirty neck breaker for a one count as he very casually covered him with a single foot and gave the Dark Order hand salute. The Dark Order continued their attack with quick tags until Fashion reached his corner to tag in M-Badu who quickly took control with several running slams in the corner and a huge back body drop to Silver.

After some kick tags and rope running, Solow took a wicked spear from outside the ropes by Vance which the Dark Order followed up with a triple team move where Vance and Reynolds help Solow up in a crucifix and Silver ran through and flipped Solow onto his back hard. Taz called it a “Drinking Bird”. Whatever it was called, it was good for the win.

WINNERS: The Dark Order in 6:00.

(Morgan’s Take: An okay six-man tag match, but not much more. AEW Dark is quickly becoming a “Let’s get the Dark Order over” show. Other than that, not much here.)

-Before the match, Brandi Rhodes made her way out to the announce desk.


This is Elayna Black’s AEW debut, she came to the ring with a little mini-coffin and has a kind of goth gimmick. Okay, whatever. As Red Velvet came out, Brandi, on commentary, noted that this is why she was out there, to give a “second look” at Red Velvet. As she noted that Red was there when she needed her and that as Brandi doesn’t have a ton of friends, she can use any and all she can get.

Onto the match. After the initial tie up, Velvet hit a couple of arm drags and kicks and applied a foot to the face with a split in the corner. Coming out of the move she seemed to have some difficulty with her leg that Black quickly capitalized on. They exchanged several blows with Velvet getting the upper hand with a bulldog and a double knee to the back followed up by her Just Deserts finisher for the three-count.

WINNER: Red Velvet in 4:00.

(Morgan’s Take: The match itself was a bit sloppy and short on real action, but the main purpose of this match was for Brandi to build Red Velvet up on commentary and to set up a budding relationship between Brandi and her. Mission accomplished.)


Starks came out strong and as Excalibur said, he “put the boots” to Fuego. He continued to abuse Fuego with a hammer fist and a back elbow, and after Fuego made some headway with a drop kick, Starks back body dropped Fuego out of the ring and face planted him on the stage. After a brief detour to the commentary table to brag a bit, he threw Fuego back into the ring. Fuego managed some minor offense until Starks hit him with a spear and a running roshambo for the win.

WINNER: Ricky Starks in 3:00.

(Morgan’s Take: A quick convincing victory as it should be. Pretty much a squash and I can live with that. Starks is a fun wrestler to watch and he is the perfect heel. Keep up the good work Ricky.)

– Before the next match, Alex Marvez interviewed Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels backstage. The interview was interrupted by Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard. After some jaw jacking, they set up a match for next week between Spears and Daniels. An effective old-style promo, no punches thrown, just some good talking.

(8) RYZIN & MAXX STARDOM vs. THE GUNN CLUB (Billy & Austin Gunn w/ Colton Gunn)

I couldn’t quite tell if Maxx Stardom was wearing a bullet proof vest or a water-skiing life vest. According to Taz talking with Ricky Starks (who had joined commentary) it was a bullet proof vest, and that Starks should have one too.

Ryzin started things off versus Austin. Ryzin got the early advantage, pounding on Austin in the corner. After a tag, Stardom hit an over the top rope senton. Austin made a comeback, made the tag to Billy and they double-teamed Stardom. Stardom was on the offense until Billy hit a spinning slam and tagged in Austin. Ryzin and Stardom worked over Austin. After a neck breaker, by Ryzin Stardom got a two count after which they exchanged blows and were both down in the ring. After several tags and an exchange of offense Austin and Stardom both tagged in and Austin quickly hit a hip toss neck breaker for the pin.

WINNERS: Billy and Austin Gunn in 6:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Every week the Gunn Club have the same match, and quite frankly it is getting a bit boring. They have different opponents, but it is always the same. A bunch of back and forth, before Billy hits a couple of big strength moves and Austin comes in and hits the Quick Draw neck breaker. Ho-hum…let Austin go single at this point. As a tag team the Gunn Club is not going anywhere, and the tag team division has an enough teams already.)


Comoroto made his AEW debut and this guy was big! Darby looked tiny next to him. Ricky and Taz spent much of the match ragging on Darby.

At the start of the match, Darby used his speed and agility to avoid the bigger man, but none the less took several big hits. Comoroto took his time and after throwing Darby from corner to corner landed several big slams but could only get a one-count. Darby fought back with some chops, but they were ineffectual. Comoroto nailed a backbreaker for a two-count. Darby started to get some offense in, attacking Comoroto with kicks and tying him up in the ropes. After escaping from a one-armed press by Comoroto (!!!), Darby locked in an arm bar and hit a slam with an arm lock applied that left Comoroto prone in the ring. Darby went to the top rope and hit his coffin drop for the three-count.

WINNER: Darby Allen in 5:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Of course, Darby had to win this match, but Comoroto looked like he could be a factor down the road. He has great size and seems to have some ability in the ring. I know this match was supposed to be all about Darby and the post-match angle, I am getting to that, but I think the match also showed off another big man for AEW.)

– As Darby took his win, he suddenly sprinted towards the commentary desk and attacked Ricky Starks. Darby was clearly getting the best of Starks, but they were separated and as Taz voiced his disgust at Darby Allen, Starks stormed off. AEW is continuing to build this rivalry between Starks and Allen and I am loving it. Keep it up guys.

Prior to the next match Kaylin King cut a pretty standard promo on Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero, trying to build up their upcoming match later in the show. She tried to act all mean and nasty but didn’t quite pull it off.


No full Dark Order to accompany Colt, just Uno, hmmmm. After an exchange of moves mid-ring, Garrison nailed Cabana with a kick, but Garrison could not follow up as a missed a splash in the corner and Cabana kicked him out over the top rope. While Cabana distracted the ref, Uno launched Garrison back into the ring. Cabana landed several shots and took control gaining a two-count. They exchanged elbow and both were down and slow to get up. After exchanging several fists, Garrison hit a huge splash in the corner, but Cabana got his feet up when Garrison attempted a move off the top rope. Cabana hit his own massive splash in the corner and followed up with a top rope flying slam for a convincing near fall.

Cabana landed several fists and an elbow to the head and locked Garrison in the Billy Goat Curse for the submission win.

WINNER: Colt Cabana in 5:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Seems like it is the Dark Order’s night tonight. I am surprised that they sacrificed Griff Garrison to Colt Cabana. Garrison seemed like he was on a good trajectory, but by feeding him to Colt just seems to be counterproductive. Not sure where Colt is going, but I would have liked to have seen Garrison get a whole lot more in this match.)

(11) NYLA ROSE (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. KILYNN KING

King went right after Rose, but Rose threw her off easily. King dropped Rose with a pump kick, but an attempted running cross body backfired when Rose caught her mid-air and nailed her with a back-toss slam followed up by several shots in the corner. Despite some offense by King, including a headbutt that stunned Rose, King fell victim to a German Suplex, and a Beast Bomb and Nyla got the three count.

WINNER: Nyla Rose in 2:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Despite some build up that this was some kind of grudge match, this was nothing more than a squash match and that is fine. There is no reason to have King get much offense here.)

– Post match we got a Vickie Guerrero in-ring promo where she went of on “the powers that be” about Nyla not getting her championship chances. Surprisingly enough, Vickie did not scream every word but actually delivered a solid promo calling out the AEW Champion Shida and stating that Nyla would not enter the ring except for a championship fight. Vickie also threw in some good stuff about if you think they seem pissed off now, just wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Really good job, Vickie. One note, it seemed like they had the mic turned way down just incase Vickie went off the deep end.

(12) JOEY JANELLA (w/Sonny Kiss) vs. D3

Joey and D3 exchanged chain wrestling moves and quick pins, surprisingly Joey actual did a bridge out, quite impressive. Joes hit a low drop kick and neck breaker for a two-count. Joey kept up the attack with chops but D3 fought back with a running neck breaker before Joey dropped him on the apron and connected with a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Joey tossed D3 back into the ring and after running the ropes nailed D3 with a running lariat and two brain busters. After a third brain buster, Joey was still slow to cover and instead tried for a fourth brain buster, but he could not get D3’s limp body up into position so he just pinned him instead.

WINNER: Joey Janella in 5:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Yeah, whatever. This was basically just a showcase for the vicious Joey Janella. Not really worth the time in my opinion.)


On his entrance, Wardlow posed and preened and to his credit, Dean actually tried to lock up with him. Dean tried to take out Wardlow’s legs with kicks, but Wardlow just picked him up and power slammed him from about six feet in the air. Wardlow next wound up and connected with a vicious clothesline, before ramming him into the corner several times and hit him with a devastating knee strike that knocked Dean out cold and stopped the match.

WINNER: Wardlow in 2:00.

(Morgan’s Take: An unadulterated squash match that would have ended sooner if it didn’t take a little time for Wardlow to walk across the ring to finish things off. I am fine with a match like this. Wardlow looks strong and powerful after such a long time standing behind MJF.)


Typical collar and elbow lock up with a trading off standard wrestling holds, leg lock, wrist lock, etc. Kingston was first to move to strikes with several knees to Black’s gut and several chops. Black tried to fight back but Kingston poked him in the eye. Black nailed Kingston with a couple of shots in the corner, but Kingston threw Black into the ropes, nailed him with a kitchen sink knee to the gut and a spinning back fist dropping him to the mat. Instead of covering Black, Kingston picked him up and locked in a front chancery naked choke and Black almost instantly tapped out.

WINNER: Eddie Kingston in 4:00.

(Morgan’s Take: A solid Kingston match showing how mean and nasty he is. Perfect! Quick, clean and strangely fun to watch.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A typical AEW Dark even though it was stocked with 14 matches. My takeaways from this edition of Dark is threefold: AEW wants to get the Dark Order over as a legitimate group, not just back up for Mr. Brodie Lee; AEW wants Wardlow to look imposing and a threat; and that Eddie Kingston is a bad ass. As for the rest of the matches, mostly record builders and a way to get non-Dynamite performers some work since there are no house shows right now.

I am also going to reiterate my pet peeve with AEW Dark. I cannot stand that for matches that are always somewhere between three to six minutes in length (okay, once in a while a ten-minute match) that Justin Roberts always announces a 20-minute time limit. I know that is the standard in AEW, but come on man, just don’t say anything on Dark. It is insulting to our intelligence.

Be safe and take care, see you next week.

CATCH UP… 10/6 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Lucha Bros. vs. Janella & Kiss, Will Hobbes vs. Ryzin, John Silver vs. Q.T. Marshall, Sydal vs. Nakazawa, Jurassic Express, Luther & Serpentico, Garrison & Pillman Jr., Big Swole, Brandi, more

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