10/6 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Lucha Bros. vs. Janella & Kiss, Will Hobbes vs. Ryzin, John Silver vs. Q.T. Marshall, Sydal vs. Nakazawa, Jurassic Express, Luther & Serpentico, Garrison & Pillman Jr., Big Swole, Brandi, more

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor

Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


OCTOBER 6, 2020

Announcers: Excalibur, Taz, and Ricky Starks (without a shirt)

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– Excalibur introduced Taz and Ricky Starks and after a little bit of banter back and forth he threw it to the ring for the first match.

(1) KENZIE PAIGE vs. BRANDI RHODES (w/Dustin Rhodes)

Excalibur noted that Brandi was still dealing with losing to Anna Jay, keeping that feud on top of mind. Kenzie and Brandi exchanged moves mid-ring with Brandi getting the initial advantage with a couple of arm drags and kicks. Kenzie made a come back and landed several forearms and elbows and kicks in the corner. Brandi fought out of a headlock and ran the ropes putting Kenzie down with a sling blade and a bulldog for a two-count. Coming off the ropes Brandi dropped to her knees and hit an uppercut ala Dustin’s move and followed up with a kick to the mid-section. Brandi nailed Kenzie with a stunner and running knee for the three-count.

WINNER: Brandi Rhodes in 4:00.

As Brandi was having her hand raised Anna Jay attacked her from behind but was chased out of the ring by Red Velvet who came in for the save. There seemed to be an alliance building here.

(Morgan’s Take: Pretty much a nothing match, with the typical AEW Dark back and forth, and Brandi winning to build her record. The match almost seemed to exist just to get in the after-match angle with Anna Jay. As for the match itself, it was not wrestled that well. Both wrestlers were slow in putting together their moves and you could almost see their minds counting out the cadence and thinking about how to proceed to the next spot. Brandi can deliver her bigger spots – like the stunner or sling blade – but in general she is very weak. As for Kenzie, she is very young, and it showed, and she was just cannon fodder.)

(2) JURASSIC EXPRESS (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus w/Marko Stunt) vs. RAY ROSAS & ERIC WATTS

Excalibur noted that while they were teaming for the first time, Ray Rosas and Eric Watts know each other very well from their time on the independent scene in California. After their entrance, Jungle Boy started things off for Jurassic Express vs. Rosas. Jungle Boy took early control and quickly tagged in Luchasaurus, who just pounded on Rosas. Jungle Boy came in with the assisted senton and got a near fall.

Rosas was able to hit a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and tagged in Watts who punished Jungle Boy in the corner. With Jungle Boy down, Rosas tagged in but got cocky allowing Jungle Boy to roll him up for a two-count and then made the tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus came in with big kicks to both opponents. Luchasaurus hit a standing moonsault to Rosas but Watts broke it up and exchanged shots with Luchasaurus, actually no selling several shots.

With an exchange of head butts, Luchasaurus and Watts both went down and Rosas (still the legal man) landed a splash from the top rope for a near fall with Jungle Boy breaking up the pin (he was almost late, but the ref held is count just long enough). Luchasaurus got a two-count with a pump kick to the face, but when Jurassic Express went for their double-team finisher, Watts grabbed Luchasaurus’ angle and dragged him out of the ring. Watts posted Luchasaurus and Watts and Rosas double-teamed Jungle Boy and got multiple near falls.

Watts got sloppy and Jungle Boy was able to able to tag in Luchasaurus who landed several kicks and after Jungle Boy took out Watts on the floor with a dive through the ropes, they were able to hit their double-team finisher on Rosas for the win.

WINNERS: Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus in 6:00.

(Morgan’s Take: I don’t understand why AEW does this. Rosas and Watts had no business getting in as much offense as they did. If the point is to get over Jurassic Express, they should have squashed these two. The action was ok, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that the flow of the match was too contrived.)

– Next up was a promo by Jericho about Luther and their upcoming match. Jericho was seated (in his house?) and was not in full Jericho mode, but rather fondly reminisced about how he and Luther had their first match back in April, 1991 and that they traveled the world together in their early years. Jericho really built up Luther’s credibility and the match between Jericho and Hagar vs. Luther and Serpentico. Great promo and a great lower key Jericho.


After their entrance and Serpentico’s thing with the streamers, Lee Johnson started things off vs. Serpentico. Johnson and Bowens took early control over Serpentico landing several shots and quick tags. Serpentico made a comeback and tagged in Luther who went to work on Johnson. Luther and Serpentico double teamed Johnson and kept him away from his corner. Luther hit a snap suplex, tagged in Serpentico and then picked up Serpentico and dropped him right on Johnson. Serpentico went for the cover, but Johnson kicked out at two. Despite the beat down Johnson mounted and comeback and made the tag to Bowens who came in swinging taking out Serpentico with a running clothesline. He followed up with a lifting knee kick and then hit Luther who was trying to come in illegally with a drop kick, knocking him out of the ring.

Bowens got Serpentico up and hit a kind of Samoan Drop for a near fall broken up by Luther. Luther used the opportunity to pound on Bowens in the corner and when Johnson came in to help his partner, Luther and Serpentico nailed him with several kicks and a standing sliced bread by Serpentico. With Johnson out of the ring, Luther and Serpentico doubled up on Bowens and Serpentico ultimately nailed him with a modified meteora off Luther’s shoulders for the three-count.

WINNERS: Luther & Serpentico in 7:00.

(Morgan’s Take: This match was purely to build up the match tomorrow night on Dynamite between Luther & Serpentico and Jericho & Hagar. And it worked. Luther and Serpentico looked very credible as Johnson and Bowens are not complete slouches. The action was good so worth a watch.)


Not sure if this was supposed to be this way, but when Ryzin came out he only had one contact lens in. Will have to check on that and see if that is his normal shtick.

Anyway, as the match started Ryzin tried to mount some offense, but Hobbs quickly put him in a quite impressive delayed vertical suplex. Hobbs no sold a Ryzin clothesline and responded with a flying shoulder block off the ropes that put Ryzin down. As Hobbs threw Ryzin from corner to corner, Ryzin tried for a cross body but Hobbs caught him in mid-air and hit a spinning body slam. Ryzin again tried to mount something but could only land a single slap to the face before Hobbs nailed him with an impressive spinning spine-buster (Taz called in a “Last Will & Testament”).


(Morgan’s Take: A perfect Will Hobbs building squash match! Ryzin got in a few moves that Hobbs was able to no sell and Hobbs was very impressive with his big strength moves. Way to go AEW! This was a fun, quick watch.)

– While Hobbs was celebrating, Ricky Starks announced that he was leaving the announce team for now and said good night. The scene then switched to an Eddie Kingston promo. Tonight, the Lucha Bros will be taking on Sonny Kiss and Joey Janella and in his promo, Kingston told Kiss and Janella that while they may be talented, they joke around too much and as such will never main event. He stated that they will not take his family members (Lucha Bros) as jokes and Kiss and Janella will learn what it means to face top level talent. A little too much shouting, but a good promo.

(5) JON SILVER (w/The Dark Order) vs. Q.T. MARSHALL w/Dustin Rhodes

Before the match started, Taz used the fact that Dustin was out there to plug the Dog Collar match with Cody and Mr. Brodie Lee tomorrow night on Dynamite.

After some mid-ring chain wrestling, Silver and Marshall exchanged hard shots. Silver tried for a flying cross body, but Marshall turned it into a delayed vertical Suplex. With the help of interference on the outside by Uno, Silver took control. After some back and forth, Silver rammed Marshall into the corner and got a two-count. Silver locked in a cross face, but Marshall broke it up by reaching the ropes.

The wrestlers battled on the top turnbuckle until Marshall finally nailed a super plex which left both men stunned on the mat. Both men stood up and they exchanged punches until Marshall connected with a Manhattan Drop (otherwise known as an Atomic Drop) and an elbow off the top rope. OK, stupid babyface moment, instead of going for the pin, Marshall pranced around, calling for the Diamond Cutter until he was distracted by Uno jawing at him from the floor. Silver had enough time to recover, but Marshall hit a tilt a whirl slam.

However, Marshall had missed his moment as Silver mounted a comeback with a German Suplex and a kick to the face, followed by a Backstabber for a near fall. With both wrestlers down in the ring, Uno distracted the ref but Dustin quickly landed a right hand and as they fought back out through the tunnel several other members of the Dark Order stormed the ring (of course the ref was watching Dustin and Uno and didn’t see any of this). Marshall was able to fight off the Dark Order with several Diamond Cutters (especially an impressive one on a flying off the top rope Dark Order drone), but Silver was able to land a stiff punch followed by a spinning slam for the win (yup, by now the ref was paying attention again).

WINNER: Jon Silver in 8:00.

(Morgan’s Take: I really liked this match. Both wrestlers got in their moves and Silver is quite a powerhouse packed into a relatively small body. I also appreciate how AEW used this match between a Nightmare Family member and the Dark Order as a way to promote and build tension for the Cody vs. Brodie Lee Dog Collar Match. Well done, AEW)


Pillman started off versus Ali with Pillman quickly getting the advantage with a drop kick off the ropes. Pillman and Garrison tagged frequently working on the arm of Ali. Ali took several shots but managed to tag in Bononi who used his power to counter the speed of Garrison and Pillman. Pillman laid in several shots which Bononi no sold and hit a powerslam. Bononi continued to pound on Pillman, finally tagging in Ali who landed several kicks before Pillman rolled Ali up for a two-count.

After Ali choked Pillman on the second rope the ref broke it up but while he was backing Ali off, Bononi kicked Pillman in the head out on the apron. Bononi tagged in and abused Pillman for a while getting a two-count after a hard throw into the corner. Garrison and Ali both tagged in and Garrison went on a tear nailing both opponents. Garrison put Ali on his shoulder and as Bononi charged him he lawn darted Ali into Bononi knocking him onto the floor and Ali onto lights out street.

As Ali tried to recover, Pillman and Garrison double-teamed both Ali and Bononi, finally hitting their finisher, a Pillman flying clothesline off Garrison’s shoulders with Pillman making the pin.

WINNERS: Brian Pillman Jr & Griff Garrison in 6:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Pillman and Garrison are definitely being groomed for a higher place on the card and as perform each week they are getting better and their timing as a tag team is getting there. This was a pretty good match, though Bononi’s main thing seems to be making an “angry face”, which actually had me laughing a bit and took me out of the match at times. But good effort by all.)


After a quick collar and elbow, Moore got a bunch of attitude and got up in Big Swole’s face. As Moore got in some offence, she kept jaw-jacking. After a body slam, Moore got a one-count, but Swole came back strong with several kicks and punches and nailed Moore with a headbutt driving her into the corner. Swole nailed Moore with an uppercut, a kick to the head and a Cutter and finished her off with a ripcord elbow (Dirty Dancing) for the win.

WINNER: Big Swole in 3:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Taz and Excalibur kept pumping the fact that Swole was ranked #2 in the women’s division. They are obviously moving her on from her feud with Dr. Britt Baker, but if so, they should have had her win quicker in this match. Skyler Moore got in too much offense for my taste. I would have liked to see the same three-minute match, but with Swole just taking it to Moore with move after move. Make her a big deal, not a 50/50 match. Otherwise, the match was ok.)

– Matt Sydal cut a promo after the match and acknowledged that he slipped off the ropes (“I almost died”) and he blamed Michael Nakazawa and his baby oil for the slippery ropes. Matt went off and said that he was going to end Nakazawa’s time on AEW. Quick promo and pretty good. They went right to the match after the end of the promo.


As Nakazawa came out he started to put baby oil on himself. The ref took away the bottle, but Nakazawa took another one out of this trunks and smeared baby oil all over the turnbuckle as the announce team referenced Sydal’s slip at the Battle Royale.

On with he match. Sydal quickly hit an enziguri putting Nakazawa down in prime position for the Shooting Star Press. As Sydal started to go for the top rope he noticed the baby oil but went for a towel and wiped it off and started to climb. As Sydal readied for the move, Nakazawa jumped up, took a bottle of baby oil out of his trunks and sprayed it on the turnbuckle causing Sydal to slip and fall.

After this the match just turned into Nakazawa’s routine with his pink under-trunks and putting them in the face of his opponent. Oh, wasn’t that funny (yes, I am being sarcastic). After about 30 seconds of this, Sydal applied a Cross-face and Nakazawa tapped out.

WINNER: Matt Sydal in 2:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Oh please, make it stop. I do not watch Being the Elite and I am assuming that this angle comes from there as at the time of the Battle Royale= there was no mention of Baby Oil that caused Matt Sydal to slip. As far as I am concerned this was just a waste of time, though if you like the antics of Nakazawa it’s probably worth a watch, otherwise, hello fast forward.)


As the bell rang, M’Badu took a moment to place a small statuette in his corner. Ok, whatever. While Kingston came out with eye gouges and other heeling things, M’Badu hit a couple of big moves including an impressive snap body slam. Kingston came back quickly with a Kitchen Sink knee and a back fist which put M’Badu down. Kingston could have gotten the pin, but he got up at two and the ref stopped the count.

Kingston locked in the Kemora arm lock (according to Taz as a signal to Jon Moxley) and M’Badu tapped out quickly.

WINNER: Eddie Kingston in 2:00.

– After the match, Kingston grabbed a mike and after telling them to stay with the “hard camera”, cut a promo on Moxley saying that he was going to make Moxley say “I quit”. As part of the story he talked about he feels that Moxley left him behind and that Moxley has to pay. He said that he never quit, he never tapped out and that all he wants is the world championship and he is going to take it from Moxley. This was a great old-fashioned promo, telling us what his issue is with the current champ and how much winning the title would mean to him. More of this please.

(Morgan’s Take: The match was just a good old squash match which is fine, especially against a large opponent like M’Badu, but this was really all about the post-match promo, which was perfect.)

– Before the start of the next match, Joey Janella and Sonny Kiss cut a quick promo on the Lucha Bros who they would be fighting in a little bit. Joey did all the talking while Sonny stood a little behind him looking tough (yes, tough). I thought this was good, Joey talked about how the match was important to them as it would mean they would get back into the rankings if they could win and that was important to them. Solid.

(10) SHAWN DEAN vs. ANGELICO (w/Jack Evans)

Dean and Angelico spent the beginning of the match exchanging chain wrestling moves, while Taz and Excalibur heavily sold Angelico’s “Mexican Submission Style”. Dean broke out of this with a nice running drop kick but did not follow up. Angelico started working on Dean’s leg, but the hold was broken when Dean reached the ropes. Angelico continued to use submission moves on Dean, until Dean dropped him with a right cross, and followed up with several kicks and a snap suplex.

Angelico countered with a kick to the quads and locked up Dean in a combination reverse figure four and ankle lock. Dean tapped out very quickly once Angelico locked this in.

WINNER: Angelico in 4:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Dean is a good enhancement talent as he is credible, and he can go when he has to. I find Angelico’s style really cool to watch and while Jack Evans is out with some injury, having Angelico get some single’s wins is fine with me. I enjoyed this match. Taz actually added a lot on commentary as he explained many of the moves, rather than just naming them.)

(11) LUCHA BROTHERS (Fenix & Penta El Zero w/Eddie Kingston) vs. JOEY JANELLA & SONNY KISS

Taz complained about the pyro as it just “made it hotter”. I loved it.

As Eddie was giving instructions to Fenix and Penta out on the floor, Joey and Sonny landed stereo dives through the ropes and after throwing the Lucha Bros back into the ring, got up on the apron, where Penta and Fenix nailed them with stereo enziguris. Joey and Sonny dragged Penta out of the ring at which time, Fenix launched himself over the top rope and took everybody out. Then the bell rung.

Fenix nailed Joeys with a missile drop kick with Penta following up with a flying kick off the top rope to Joey’s rear. Ouch! The action continued fast and furious with several high spots, top rope moves and double teams. The Lucha Bros were mostly in control, and mostly abusing Joey. Joey was able to get a quick roll up two-count on Penta, but quickly ended up taking more abuse.

Joey finally made the tag to Sonny who laid in several kicks and gymnastic moves, including an impressive 450 splash for a near fall before Fenix actually flew in from across the ring to break it up after the two-count. Excellent timing on that one.

There were then kicks galore as everyone kicked everyone else and if the ref actually knew who the legal men were, I would be surprised. Joey made for a running splash on Penta in the corner, but Fenix interrupted him halfway across with a rolling cutter. Penta hit Sonny and then Joey with superkicks, set up and hit the assisted spike pile driver and got the win.

WINNERS: The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero & Fenix) in 7:00.

(Morgan’s Take: As you would expect this match was fast, constant action with lots of high spots. Joey Janella took most of the abuse, but the clear stars were the Lucha Brothers. These guys have to start getting a bigger push, they are just so good. Sonny still needs to work on his strikes as he still looks a little bit too choreographed, but he is getting better. A very good main event, I really enjoyed watching all the crazy action as well as the little moments of acting and emoting that the Lucha Bros are very good at.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: On the whole not a bad hour and a half. A couple of the matches were kind of stupid with the formula of this show of everyone getting in some offense, but on the whole most of the matches were watchable.

I will also say that as they do more promos the show takes on more meaning rather than just being a way to build wrestler’s records. As I noted last week, I have a feeling that they are moving in this direction as they get ready for the second TNT show.

Last note, Taz is something special on commentary. What I like most is that he has a real sport feel and explains holds and strikes and why they work and what they are doing to the other wrestler. Watch this show just to listen to Taz!

Be safe and take care, see you next week.

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