10/5 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Bucks prepay future fines for chaos they have planned, Silver appears to try to breastfeed on 10’s pecs, new Being the Elite Championship, Hangman vents

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 224 – “Just Kenny Omega”
OCTOBER 5, 2020

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Three biggest points:

1. Matt Jackson sends Tony Khan $50,000 to prepay fines and warns that things will get crazy

2. BTE Title introduced that will be defended in “any type of competition” not just matches

3. Hangman warns Brandon Cutler that the Young Bucks will throw him aside just like they did to him

– Michael Nakazawa, wearing Colt Cabana’s ring gear, hung his head and started talking. The voice was Colt Cabana’s and he panicked because nobody believed he was Colt Cabana because of how he looks. Matt Sydal walked up and said he’s been looking for Nakazawa after the stunt he pulled at All Out causing him to slip on the top rope. Sydal said they have a match on Dark. Cabana interjected and tried to explain that he’s not Nakazawa, but Sydal said all he sees is Nakazawa in Cabana’s gear. Sydal said Nakazawa is so shady that he probably just snuck into Cabana’s bag and stole his gear. Cabana tried to explain that he had a botched facial surgery, but Sydal wasn’t falling for it.

Cabana then told a story that only he and Sydal would know and it worked. Sydal finally believed him and apologized. Cabana then said goodbye and walked away. The camera stayed on Sydal for a long time before Nakazawa walked by Sydal from the other side and bumped into Sydal. Sydal was now confused thinking that Nakazawa was Colt Cabana. Nakazawa corrected him. Sydal then threatened him and said they have a match on Dark. Nakazawa held up his hand, which was holding a pair of his underwear. Nakazawa promised to make Sydal “smell his ass.”

– BTE open aired.

– John Silver and Alan Angels were talking. Silver said Alex Reynolds isn’t there this week, so Angels is going to help him recruit. Angels said he’s got Sammy Guevara ready to recruit to Dark Order. They approached Guevara and said hi. They tried to act cool, but Angels couldn’t figure out how to fist bump Sammy. Silver pulled Angels aside and yelled at him for possibly blowing their opportunity to recruit Guevara. Silver then pitched Dark Order to Guevara, but Angels tried to jump in and help. Silver pulled Angels aside again and screamed at him and threatened him before turning back to Guevara and apologizing. Guevara said Silver is really cool, but he’s hanging out with such a loser as he turned to Angels. Guevara said no and walked away, but came back to say, if Angels wasn’t there, he probably would’ve said yes. Silver then stared a hole through Angels and yelled.

– Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Tay Conti were sitting around a bar together. Jungle Boy was playing on his phone as Conti and Luchasaurus talked. Marko Stunt walked up and asked what she’d like to drink. Luchasaurus tried to order a drink, but Marko asked for his ID. As this is going on, Eddie Kingston can be seen behind them talking to someone off camera. Luchasaurus then asked Conti to join Jurassic Express, but Anna Jay walked in and asked why she’s hanging out with these losers. Conti said they’re her friends and Jay pulled her away. Kingston was now standing next to Jungle Boy and clearly mouthed “what a bitch” in response to Jay’s actions.

– Matt Jackson was sitting in the EVP room. Nick’s voice was heard, but Nick wasn’t shown. As Nick talked Matt looked toward the camera. Nick said they’ve been avoiding doing vlogs lately and Matt said he just hasn’t been in the mood to do it. Nick said they have to give the people what they want, which is the vlogs. Matt agreed as Nick said the fans don’t care about Dark Order, Speaking Spanglish, or 50+ for 50+, the fans want more vlogs.

They said they’re here at Dynamite… Brandon Cutler walked in and said hi to both of them. Cutler was holding something over his shoulder. Cutler said he came into some money last week, so he has a little present. Cutler pulled out the “BTE World Championship” belt. Matt and Nick liked the design, but Matt said there’s already too many belts in wrestling. Cutler agreed, but said this is going to be different. Cutler said this belt isn’t just defended in matches, you have to defend it in any type of competition. Cutler laid the belt between them and said he’s going to leave it to them to decide the first winner. Matt looked at Nick and said this is exactly what they needed.

– Alex Abrahantes said hello to the viewers. Abrahantes said a few weeks ago they debuted the “Mi Phone” and it has enriched peoples’ lives. Because of the success he’s there to introduce a new product that will revolutionize everyone’s life. Abrahantes then announced the “Mi Phone 2.” A commercial then aired, noting that the only real difference from the first one is the camera placement and the color. Vickie Guerrero was shown using the phone to take pictures using the advanced zoom function. Diamante was shown using the new voice assistant called “smart mark.” Diamante asked it to help her open a Twitch channel and it replied that it would, but it doesn’t want her to get heat with the office. A graphic then flashed to show a new “Mi Phone Plus XL Pro Grande” edition with the tagline “it’s five times the phone at five times the price.” Vickie Guerrero was shown holding a large iPad sized object to her ear while gossiping on the phone.

– Dark Order were all standing around Preston Vance as he was doing bench presses and cheering him on. Silver awkwardly grabbed 10’s pecs and pretended like he was trying to breastfeed from them until Brodie Lee was standing over him. Lee asked him what he was doing. Lee turned to 10 and asked if he thinks that’s big boy weight? 10 shrugged his shoulders as Lee told them to add another plate onto the bar. Grayson and Silver put on a very small plate on both sides as Lee called for “99.” Anna Jay walked up and laid down on the bench. Jay did one rep with ease, then looked at 10 and called him a little bitch. Jay then told Evil Uno it was his turn. Uno tried to get out of it, but Lee said what she says goes and smiled. Uno laid down and yelled “I love you Big E” as he tried to get himself hyped up. They all started to walk away as Uno attempted his rep. Uno yelled for help, but couldn’t be seen as the camera followed all of Dark Order leaving him behind.

– Matt Jackson looked at his phone. A brief text exchange was shown between Matt and Tony Khan where Khan thanked Matt for starting AEW, congratulated him for selling more shirts than Mox, and said he and Nick are better than the other EVPs. The last two messages from Khan weren’t as nice and showed that Khan was frustrated with them throwing money at him on television and super kicking people. Matt responded with “Lol.” Matt then started a new message to Khan that said “Hey, FYI just sent you like 50k through PayPal to get ahead. Things WILL get crazy here. Time to go back to the old days. We’ve lost for a year and let ppl take advantage of us. We’ve been too nice.” Clips were shown of Matt and Nick super kicking all kinds of random people throughout their career including announcers, officials, and wrestlers. Khan simply replied “FFS.”

– A clip from Dynamite aired of Excalibur announcing the known participants in the upcoming tournament including Kenny Omega. Hangman Page’s reaction to that news was also shown, as it was on Dynamite. Clips were played of the announce team saying “Just Kenny Omega” and “Kenny by himself” over a still photo of Hangman spitting up his drink during that announcement. Taz then told Hangman to wake up because it’s just Kenny Omega in the tournament, not Page, just Omega. More clips from the announcers aired continuously emphasizing the point that Hangman is not in the tournament, only Omega.

– Hangman was storming out of the building being chased by Brandon Cutler. Cutler said he didn’t even know about Omega being in that tournament. Cutler said he just found out that day, but Hangman didn’t seem to believe him. Hangman asked what he wanted. Cutler said he has a new idea that’s better than the cakes and the video he tried to put together. Hangman cut him off and said it’s over and Cutler needs to realize that because he’s finally realized it. Hangman said he knows he’s a piece of shit, but so are all of them.

Hangman then challenged Cutler to name the last nice thing they did for him. Cutler said they sat in the crowd during his match with Avalon. Hangman laughed at that and asked what difference did that even make in the match. Hangman then asked if Cutler asked them to second him to the ring because he did, and they told him no. Cutler looked confused as Hangman told Cutler all he is to the Young Bucks is a prop for them to help them film BTE and do some video editing for them. Page said they also use him to show what good guys they are, but when the time comes for Cutler to have the moment, they won’t be there for him and he would know. Cutler argued they would do that for him, but Hangman laughed and said good luck. Hangman handed Cutler his drink and said he’s going to go ride in the back of a truck and throw watermelons at stuff. Cutler looked at Hangman’s drink and thought about it, but before he could take a drink Page walked up and finished it off before spiking the glass into the concrete. Hangman invited Cutler to go with him and he followed.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The BTE Championship will be something fun to do on this show. I trust AEW more than WWE and the 24/7 Title. The idea of it being defended in any type of competition adds a fun twist where they can do some ridiculous segments on this show. This also fits the brand of BTE and it’s pretty obvious it’s not something to be taken seriously at all. If the BTE title makes a Dynamite appearance, my opinion will change though. This should stay on BTE as a stupid gimmick idea and I think it will.

I thought Hangman did a great job in that final segment as coming across like he’s been abandoned by everyone else. It’s a hard story to sell at the moment given the fact that Hangman’s drinking problem has impacted his relationship with his friends as well as him being tricked by FTR into screwing the Young Bucks out of a title match against him. Some, if not most, of the repercussions Hangman is currently going through are his own fault, but they’re trying to make him sympathetic. It’s going to take more work, especially on Dynamite, but these little side segments on BTE are good if they’re just supplemental content to building his character. Hopefully Hangman has a promo or interview on Dynamite to lay out the character this week or very soon, because sitting in on commentary last week for the Kenny Omega news wasn’t enough development and they’ve done that for three weeks now between these two.

The Young Bucks need to start doing more than super kicking people. Have they established a reason for why they’re so mad at everyone? I sincerely don’t remember and I may have missed it, but they’ve been randomly kicking people for a couple weeks now and paying fines, why? Matt teased causing some serious damage, so do more than kicking a random person back stage, but lay out what the motivation is. If you don’t explain why you’re doing it or what you want, why would an audience care that you’re doing it?

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