10/12 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Young Bucks attempt to apologize to Hangman, BTE Championship golf tournament begins, Episode flagged and age-restricted by YouTube, more

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 225  – “I Love You Dude”
OCTOBER 12, 2020

Watch it HERE


*This episode was flagged by Youtube and is Age-Restricted for sexual content*

Top Three Points:

  1. BTE Championship Gator Golf Tournament begins. Matt Jackson beat Nick Jackson, Trent beat Chuck Taylor, and John Silver beat Alex Reynolds to advance to the next round.
  2. Young Bucks apologize to Hangman Page, but a mystery person responded from Hangman’s phone telling Matt their friendship is over and to never speak to him again.
  3. Matt Hardy teaches the Young Bucks how to watch TV over their shoulder like WWE does it because it “helps the audience see you.”

–  BTE opened with a clip of Hangman Page approaching the Young Bucks on the August 26, 2019 Episode of BTE, Episode 167. Hangman said his upcoming match with Chris Jericho is the biggest match of his career, without question. Hangman then asked if they’d second him to the ring like they did for Kenny Omega and his matches with Okada. Matt and Nick danced around telling him no because they were in a ladder match, then needed to be backstage. Nick said they may be able to make it work, but Hangman said don’t worry about it and walked off.

– Michael Nakazawa held up a mirror, but Colt Cabana spoke. Cabana tried to come to terms with looking like Nakazawa. He lowered the mirror to reveal the EVP room. Cabana said the one good thing about looking like Nakazawa is he can just wander in to the EVP room now. Nakazawa walked in and said hi to Kenny Omega who was sitting on the couch. Omega asked if he was alone, then said the mask he’s wearing really changes his voice. Cabana laughed with him and agreed that it’s just the mask because he’s Michael Nakazawa. Omega asked Cabana to have a seat so they can “get this over with” so Cabana took a seat across the room, but Omega asked him to get closer. Kenny stood up and started messing with his shorts and asked Cabana to get on his knees. Cabana started to panic as he got on his knees. Omega asked him to take off the mask, so he did. Omega then pulled his shorts down and stood there in his underwear. Cabana reluctantly opened his mouth and Omega shoved a bottle of tanning lotion in his mouth. Omega started talking about how ridiculously white his legs were and demanded he hurry up and put the tanner on his legs. Cabana quickly started spraying as Omega demanded he hurry up. Omega thanked him and asked why he was being so weird. Omega then sat back down on the couch and said “before Matt gets back, why don’t you come over here and suck…”

– Omega was cut off by an advertisement for a new Young Bucks shirt.

– Matt and Nick said they’re back for another episode of Dynamite. Nick said it’s another boring day. Matt cut him off and asked who he’d like to super kick tonight. Nick said he has some ideas because there are some people in AEW he really hates and really annoying. Nick stopped and said maybe they can super kick Marvez again. Alex Marvez noticed them and started yelling no over and over at them. Justin Roberts with with Marvez and told him to run. Marvez took off running. The Young Bucks stayed back with Justin Roberts instead of going after Marvez. Roberts turned to the Young Bucks, told them he loves them and apologized before bringing his foot up to his face as if he super kicked himself and fell down. Matt and Nick said they like Justin so they would never super kick him. They marveled at him being able to kick himself in the face.

– Alex Abrahantes introduced this week’s Speaking Spanglish segment. Abrahantes said in this edition, they’re going to teach the audience some words that aren’t suitable for work. Abrahantes then introduced Santana and Ortiz. Ortiz walked into frame celebrating that “they’re back,” but Santana never joined him. Abrahantes asked Ortiz where Santana was and Ortiz looked confused. Ortiz started looking around for him when his phone rang. Ortiz looked at his phone and sighed before telling Abrahantes he will be back.

Ortiz was shown tied to a chair as John Silver and Alex Reynolds of Dark Order laughed. Ortiz yelled for help. Reynolds said he’s nervous, but Silver talked him out of it. Reynolds pulled out the bottle of water with the Dark Order Kool Aid and was about to make Ortiz drink it when Silver got an alert on his phone that the Chili’s they ordered was arriving. Silver said this can wait because he’s hungry. They walked off and Ortiz was left yelling.

Santana eventually found Ortiz and scolded him for doing this type of thing when he has a family. Santana finally removed Ortiz’s mask and Ortiz yelled at him for thinking he’s into “some kinky shit” instead of thinking he’s in trouble. Santana tried put Ortiz’s mask back on, but Ortiz yelled for him to untie him so Santana complied. Ortiz asked how Santana found him and Santana said it’s thanks to his Mi Phone. Ortiz was very upset and yelled “they were going to do things to me” before storming off. Santana followed close behind. Abrahantes walked into frame again and started to sign off before discovering the purple water bottle. He picked it up and took a drink and signed off with Join the Dark Order.

– Another Young Bucks shirt ad played for their newest shirt.

– A graphic flashed for the first ever BTE Title Gator Golf Tournament to crown the BTE Champion. Match. The matchups flashed on screen briefly and it was noted it would be a three way finale.

Nick and Matt then said it was time to crown the first ever BTE Champion. Nick said they’re not crowning a champion in a wrestling match, they’re not going to do that yet. Nick held up a tiny plastic golf club and noted that the goal is to get the ball into the gator’s mouth in the least amount of shots. The camera then showed the path to the gator’s mouth which was down a small flight of stairs then up a handicapped ramp on the concrete within Daily’s Place.

Nick awkwardly bent over to take his first shot and noted that they used to do this in TNA with Okada and Jay Lethal all the time. Matt and Nick were shown taking their shots. Matt eventually won with a score of 5 to advance to the next round.

– Hangman Page and Brandon Cutler were standing outside shirtless and Hangman asked Cutler to hand him a watermelon. They were standing in the back of a truck and Hangman threw the watermelon into the parking lot as someone drove the truck. They took turns throwing watermelons and pumpkins out of the truck. Hangman appeared to fall out of the truck and the video cut to Hangman and Cutler walking through the parking lot, but Hangman had a pumpkin on his head like it was a helmet.

Hangman said it’s a lot of fun and he could do it every day. Hangman took the pumpkin off his head and put his pone in it before walking off. Cutler than said they need to patch up his relationship with Matt and Nick. Hangman didn’t want to talk about it and told Cutler to shut up about it. Cutler tried again and Hangman cut him off and said he’s tired of hearing about them. Hangman said he doesn’t want Cutler to talk to him about that anymore and, as a matter of fact, he doesn’t want Cutler to talk to him at all anymore. Hangman walked off.

– Trent and Chuck were together and Trent hit Chuck across the chest with the gator golf club. It was their turn to play with the winner advancing. Their “hole” was located in a locker room and it had to be hit between to chairs and into the gator’s mouth across the carpet and in between Orange Cassidy’s legs. Trent won this round in three shots to advance.

– Leva Bates walked into a room and said hello to someone off camera and said it’s been a long time since she’s seen him. The camera moved and revealed Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian said he’s good and asked how she was. Leva said she’s inspired by him and quoted a Van Halen song. Kazarian cut her off as she quoted the song and talked about the song. Kazarian said, due to Eddie Van Halen’s untimely passing, he’s okay with it. Leva Bates said she loves Van Halen and that song. Kazarian yelled “Do ya?!” in her ear as he started curling with a tension cord in his chair.

Christopher Daniels then jumped in and asked if he heard a “do ya?” They both looked confused. Daniels tried explaining it and said he hasn’t heard that in forever and wasn’t sure if he heard it or not. Bates and Kazarian acted as if they had no clue what he was talking about and Daniels walked off confused.

– Matt Hardy approached Matt and Nick Jackson as they watched the FTR match during Dynamite. They were looking directly at the TV and Hardy said he’s been in television a long time and moved them. They were now facing away from the TV and Matt said this is better for television purposes because the audience gets a good profile shot of you watching the TV. Matt and Nick continued watching the match over their shoulder and thanked Hardy for the tip. Nick said this feels much more natural.

– A third Young Bucks shirt commercial aired featuring their “newest, newest, newest” shirt available.

– Evil Uno was walking around calling for Mr. Brodie. He walked into the Dark Order lounge to find Stu Grayson underneath the table as if he’d been thrown through it. Grayson struggled to his feet and said hi. Uno asked what happened and Grayson said it was Anna and noted that she’s crazy. Uno said she’s not crazy so Grayson said okay, then she’s the devil. Uno said he’s going to go talk to her and asked Grayson to stay. Uno turned around to see Anna sitting on top of the booth seats. She hopped down and got up close to Uno. Uno asked Grayson to cover his ears while they talk. Uno asked Jay to take it easy on him for a couple of weeks then she can go back to being a jerk to him. Uno thanked her and walked off to look for Mr. Brodie. Jay told Grayson she’s going to take it easy on him the next couple of weeks and shoved him back onto the table before walking off.

– Cutler was walking through the parking lot and sighed under his breath and said “let’s try this.” He walked up to Matt and Nick Jackson and was about to say something about Hangman. Matt stopped him before he could even get started and said they don’t want to hear it. Cutler talked over them and said he’s tired of being told no. Cutler said this whole thing could be resolved with one conversation if they’d just talk to Hangman. Cutler told them he’s been hanging out with Hangman for the last week throwing pumpkins out of the back of a truck and he’s out breaking stuff just like they are. Cutler said they’re the same. Cutler said every conversation he had with Hangman revolved around them.

Cutler said one of the main conversations they had was about them not seconding him to the ring. Matt said they only second one person to the ring and it’s not a big deal. Cutler said it is a big deal because it’s about being there for your friend and showing him that you support him and don’t think you’re bigger than them. Cutler said he has a big match with Peter and he wants them to second him to the ring. Matt said if it means that much to him, they’ll be there. Nick agreed and they promised they’d be there for him. Cutler thanked them and walked away.

Nick turned to Matt and told him to go ahead and do it and message him. Matt nodded and pulled out his phone. Matt texted Hangman Page and said he thinks it’s time they talk and asked if they could all just forget the last year. Matt also wrote that Hangman is one of their best friends and he believes one conversation can fix everything. Matt sent the message and put his phone away and walked off.

Hangman’s phone lit up, but it was still in the pumpkin carcass from earlier.

– John Silver and Alex Reynolds were now up for their gator golf round against one another for the BTE Championship. John Silver asked Reynolds about his dad’s foreskin and Alex said it was a clean cut and they high fived. Their hole was in the Dark Order lounge. They had to start on the booth seat and the hold was across the room. Reynolds nearly made it in two, but the gator didn’t eat the ball so it didn’t count. Eventually Silver won with five strokes.

– A fourth Young Bucks shirt commercial aired for a zombie themed shirt.

– All of Dark Order were sitting around with their heads hung low. Uno said this is a disaster and it’s a terrible week for Mr. Brodie. Uno was trying to brainstorm ideas to cheer up Brodie Lee. Reynolds had an idea which included a horse and buggy ride around New York City followed by a candle lit dinner and a Broadway show. Silver shot down that idea because horses poop and that could be smelly.

Uno then came up with an idea including writing a series of poems.

Grayson then said he can go find and kill Cody, then give Mr. Brodie the body.

Ten said Grayson went too far, but he thinks he’s on the right path. He said there’s this white powder people take to get super happy so they can get some of that then get some guns.

Silver said they should all go find Mr. Brodie, turn him around, and kiss his ass. Uno asked if he meant metaphorically or literally. Silver said no and described how he’s going to literally kiss his ass. Grayson did not like that.

Five then said Mr. Brodie likes Five Guys so they can get him some. They all screamed at him to shut up and threatened him.

Mr. Brodie walked in and yelled. He yelled at all of them asking where they hell they were during the match. He turned to Silver and patted him on the shoulder and told him he can stay. Lee told them all to get out and they all left besides Silver. Lee turned and looked at Silver as he sat in his chair.

– A hand was shown grabbing Hangman’s phone out of the pumpkin. Matt and Nick were shown sitting in the EVP room when Matt got a text. Hangman replied to Matt saying “F— off Matt. Our friendship is over. Never speak to me again.” Matt showed Nick the response and they both looked upset. Matt spiked his phone into the ground in anger. Clips flashed of them destroying things on Dynamite recently played.


What a strange and sexual episode of BTE this week. First you have Omega trying to get a sexual favor from Michael Nakazawa, even though it was Colt Cabana. Santana accused Ortiz of being into some weird bondage kink and finally, John Silver talked about literally kissing Brodie Lee’s ass. The Santana/Ortiz and Silver moments aren’t that bad, but the Omega one was rather staggering and I’m positive that’s what got the video flagged on Youtube and marked the video as age-restricted.

I’m fascinated to see what happens with the mystery texter at the end of this episode. I’m hoping it’s Omega trying to screw Hangman over and have him be completely isolated from everyone.

The Young Bucks’ characters are so messy right now and it’s very frustrating. They were coming off heelish at the start of this episode threatening to super kick more people, but after the conversation with Cutler they did a complete 180 turn. They apologized to Hangman and acted like they wanted to work it all out. Are they still heels? Was the apology to Hangman legitimate? Lots of unanswered questions, which is good, but it’s a little messy right now. Hopefully they have a plan to have this all make sense once we reach the destination.

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