1/5 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan, Austin & Christian vs. Navarro & Crazzy Steve, Moose vs. Matthew Palmer, and more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

-A video package recapping the Kenny Omega and Good Brothers attack on Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns aired.

-The opening montage ran.


Josh welcomed everyone to the first Impact of 2021.  This was a preview of the upcoming Super X Cup tournament.  Ace pulled Steve out of the ring at the start, leaving Christian and Navarro to go at it. Austin eventually pulled Navarro out of the ring.  Christian and Ace went at it for awhile in the ring until Christian was thrown out and Steve entered the ring.  Navarro joined the mix with some quick moves.  All four went at it in various combinations with no one gaining a sustained advantage.  Steve eventually got the pin on Navarro.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Fun, fast-paced spot fest.  This was my first time seeing Christian and Navarro; they both had impressive moves and would be fine additions to the X Division.  Steve got a much need victory and Ace was refreshing after being off TV for a long time).

-Josh and Madison plugged Genesis and the Hard to Kill main event.  Josh said Omega’s bus was at the arena, which means we’ll see Omega and Don Callis on the show tonight.  They previewed tonight’s matches, including the tag team title bracket and Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan.

-A video aired of Sami Callihan sitting in a chair in front of a bunch of computer monitors.  He promised a reality check tonight and said that bad guys always win in the end.  He advised Eddie to make sure his wife isn’t at ringside. [c]

-Paid advertisement from AEW with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone.  Khan had on 2021 glasses and Schiavone was wearing a New Year’s hat.  Khan said he was here to help the less fortunate—Impact Wrestling.  They previewed the AEW Dynamite card for tomorrow.  Khan predicted that Fenix would give Omega a long night and could win the AEW title.  Khan said he heard that Callis said he was responsible for AEW forming.  Khan said he was the one responsible for all aspects of AEW and that he did everything but wrestle.  Khan called Omega one of the two best wrestlers in the world, along with Jon Moxley.  He said Callis added nothing to wrestling and was a parasite, but Khan does a lot for wrestling.  He said he would buy more time on Impact again next week because his grandmother gave him $100 in a card for Christmas and he wanted to blow it on something fun.

-The Good Brothers joined Callis and Omega on the bus.  They compared title belts and Callis said he was the only one without a belt.  He showed the picture of him and the Golden Sheik.  Callis talked about their six-man main event at Hard to Kill.  Omega said Swann and the Guns didn’t have the chemistry of Omega and the Good Brothers.  Omega said they were family and Bullet Club for life.


Jake did mic work before the match and talked about Cody Deaner.  Young and Doering walked to the stage followed by Cody, now sporting a shaved head and wearing a leather jacket.  Eric talked about how he showed Cody the light.  Cody aggressively attacked Jake at the start of the match.  Doering tagged in and hit Jake with a flying crossbody block. [c]

Cody continued his assault on Jake.  Jake made the hot tag to Rhino, who ran wild.  Jake tagged back in and got hit with a low blow by Cody behind the referee’s back, leading to the pin.

WINNERS: Cody Deaner & Joe Doering in 8:00.

Young, Doering, and Cody continued the beating after the match until Tommy Dreamer ran in for the save.  Dreamer challenged Young’s team to an Old School Rules, No DQ match at Hard to Kill.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good way to establish Cody as an effective heel).

-Gia Miller interviewed Matthew Palmer.  Palmer said he didn’t mean to tear Moose’s shirt a few weeks ago when he was a security guard.  He said he drove ten hours to wrestle, not to be a security guard.  He said if he lasts the three minutes with Moose, the whole world would know who Matthew Palmer is. [c]

-Acey Romero questioned Johnny Swinger about the shooting of John E. Bravo.  Swinger suggested that Acey talk to the women.

-Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee walked to the ring for a promo.  Purrazzo talked about Taya Valkyrie challenging her for the Knockouts title.  She said she would prove that she is everything she says she is.  She asked if Taya would accept reality or continue to be delusional.  Taya and Rosemary walked to the ring.  Taya said that Purrazzo had never faced her and said she would get the belt back.

Purrazzo said Taya’s husband is gone, her manager wants nothing to do with her, and it’s a matter of time before Rosemary leaves her.  She said Taya’s time has gone and the last thing she could cling to is being the longest reigning Knockouts champion.  She vowed to break Taya’s arm.  Rosemary pushed Kimber Lee down.  Taya said she was expecting something more original for Purrazzo than a jab about her husband.  Taya vowed to become the champion and to end the Age of the Virtuosa.  Purrazzo and Lee left the ring and walked up the stage.

-Rohit Raju caught up to Chris Bey backstage.  Rohit said he would be all about forgiveness in 2021 and forgave Bey.  Rohit said they were even, but Bey said they wouldn’t be even until he was the X Division champion again.  Rohit said they need to team up and unmask Manik so they could battle for the title.  They went looking for Manik and found TJP sitting on a sofa.  They asked if TJP if he had seen Manik.  He said he hadn’t.  Rohit and Bey challenged TJP to find a partner for a tag team match.  TJP said that he and Manik don’t get along but if he sees him, he’ll let him know.  TJP walked off.  Bey remarked that TJP and Manik have the same tattoos.  [c]

-Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb approached Rosemary backstage and asked that since Taya is going after the title, where does that leave Rosemary.  She offered to tag with Rosemary.  Rosemary said she wasn’t interested and they walked off.

(3) JORDYNNE GRACE & JAZZ vs. HAVOC & NEVAEH—Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament match

Grace and Nevaeh squared off first and traded the advantage.  Havoc tagged in and knocked a charging Grace off her feet.  Jazz tagged in and had a staredown with Havoc.  They exchanged big punches.  Jazz got the upper hand with punches and chops.  Havoc clotheslined Jazz in the corner and tagged in Nevaeh.  They double teamed Jazz.  Grace and Jazz tagged in and out to get the advantage over Nevaeh.  Josh said we would hear from Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns after the match.

Havoc finally made the tag and faced off with Grace.  Havoc delivered a powerbomb but Jazz broke it up.  Jazz took on Havoc and Nevaeh by herself for a bit until Grace recovered.  Havoc chokeslammed Grace.  Havoc got Jazz in a tombstone piledriver for the pin and the victory.

WINNERS: Havoc & Nevaeh in 10:00.

Havoc & Nevaeh will face Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz in the finals at Genesis.

(D.L.’s Analysis:  These teams matched up well and it was a good match.  I’ve really enjoyed this tournament and really look forward to the finals).

-Gia Miller interviewed Swann and the Guns backstage.  Chris Sabin asked who the hell the Good Brothers and Omega think they are.  He said they better be ready at Hard to Kill.  Swann called the Guns possibly one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling ever.  He mocked “The Cleaner” and held up his belt and said it said Impact World Champion.  He said he wouldn’t let someone from another company come into Impact and try to take over after all he has done.  He said he was bringing the heat.  Alex Shelley said they should go to the bus and kick their asses. [c]

 -Swann and the Guns walked outside and past the security guard who said they weren’t on the list.  They banged on the bus but got jumped from behind by Omega and the Good Brothers.  Omega choked Sabin with a shirt.  The Brothers stomped Swann and Shelley.  Gallows repeatedly punched Swann.  Omega got in Swann’s face.  Omega and the Brothers laughed at them and said they were easy to kill instead of Hard to Kill.  The Brothers got on the bus, then Omega got a last stomp on each of them then got on the bus too.  He said “See you later, alligator” and closed the door.  Swann and the Guns were left laying.

-Backstage, Jordynne Grace apologized to Jazz and said she was disappointed that they lost.  Jazz said she was grateful for being offered this last chance.  Grace asked if she had just a little bit left, then challenged Jazz to a match at Genesis.  Jazz accepted and they high fived.

-Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee stood outside an office.  Father James Mitchell walked out of the room and they asked if “it” was done.  Mitchell said “she’s not Susie anymore” but had an unsure look on his face.  Su Yung walked out with glasses and business attire.  She introduced herself to Purrazzo and Lee as “Susan”. [c]

-Eddie Edwards and Alisha were shown getting ready for his match in the dressing room.

(4) MOOSE vs. MATTHEW PALMER—3:00 minute challenge

Moose walked to the ring and Palmer was already in the ring.  Moose dominated from the start with a chokeslam and punches.  Josh and Madison said Moose could win this match at any time he wanted.  Moose continued to beat on Palmer.  Palmer made a comeback with a jumping knee but Moose cut him off then powerbombed him.  Moose was going for the spear, but Willie Mack came to ringside for the distraction.  The clock ran down to zero and Palmer rolled out of the ring.  Mack held up Palmer’s hand in victory.  Moose scowled.

WINNER: Matthew Palmer in 3:00.

-Ethan Page was laying on a couch and talking to a voice off-screen.  The voice said Page was going on a different path.  The voice said he had to deconstruct his life to build it back better than before.  Page said maybe everyone was crazy and not him.  The camera revealed that Page had been talking to his Karate Man persona.  Karate Man called him a bitch.  Page got angry and said he was sick of Karate Man and said it was time to fight him.  Karate Man said they would do it on his terms at Hard to Kill. [c]

-Josh and Madison previewed the matches for Genesis on Saturday:

  • Super X Cup Tournament
  • Jordynne Grace vs. Jazz
  • Moose vs. Willie Mack in an I-Quit match

And next week:

  • Rich Swann vs. Karl Anderson (with their partners banned from ringside)

Josh and Madison played up that the AEW World Champion was going to show up on Impact.


Eddie and Sami brawled down the stage and to ringside.  Sami used a chair to get the upper hand.  Eddie battled back with headbutts.  They continued to fight at ringside.  [c]

Back from the break, they were still brawling at ringside and had yet to enter the ring.  Sami took the advantage with a chair and weapons at ringside.  Blood was coming from Sami’s eye.  Eddie battled back, but Sami suplexed him into a chair.

The match finally got in the ring and bell rang.  They squared off and exchanged punches.  The referee got thrown down by each wrestler.  They continued to exchange punches and kicks.  They both threw the referee down and he called for the bell and left the ring.

Sami and Eddie continued to fight and Eddie dove onto Sami outside the ring.  Eddie grabbed the bat and Sami retreated up the stage.  Sami grabbed his phone and the lights flickered.  On the screen, it showed Alisha Edwards trapped in a fenced off room.  Eddie ran off to find her.  As Eddie caught up to her, he was jumped from behind by Ken Shamrock and Sami.  Sami took barbed wire and wrapped it around Eddie.  Sami hit Eddie in the face with a bat as Alisha looked on.  Shamrock and Sami gloated and walked off.  Alisha checked on Eddie as the show faded to black.

WINNER: No contest in 2:00.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A fun show that flew by.  Noteworthy moments included the Omega/Good Brothers vs. Swann/Machine Guns angle was advanced, the finals of the tag team tournament were set up, another amusing “paid” AEW segment, Cody Deaner’s debut match as a heel, the introduction of the new “Susan” character, and an intense final angle.

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