WWE announces cage match for next week’s Smackdown (w/ Heydorn’s Analysis)


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Daniel Bryan will face Jey Uso in a steel cage match on next week’s episode of Smackdown.

Bryan wrestled Uso this week on Smackdown with a title shot against Roman Reigns on the line if he won, but the bout ended in a double count out. Reigns attacked Bryan after the match and left him laying as the show went off the air.

On Talking Smack, Paul Heyman revealed to Bryan that he could still earn a Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns if he beat Jey Uso in a rematch next week. Heyman said that the caveat this time around was that if Bryan loses the match, he would be forced to acknowledge Roman Reigns as the Head of the Table. Bryan accepted, but only if the bout was a steel cage match. Heyman accepted those conditions on behalf of his client.

Heydorn’s Analysis: WWE is playing with fire regarding Daniel Bryan’s journey to a Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns. There is nothing wrong with that match. A heel Reigns vs. a babyface Bryan is one of the biggest matches WWE can put on. The issue with it is that Edge is already announced as Roman’s WrestleMania opponent. That should be the focus. Instead, WWE has their audience pining for Bryan in that slot right now. They should tread carefully as the goal through this build is to get anticipation for Edge toppling Reigns boiling as hot as they can. Because of his popularity, Bryan hovering around that match cools the Edge anticipation off in favor of his own.

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