3/11 NXT UK TV REPORT: Tyler Bate vs. Dave Mastiff in a British Rounds Match, Teoman’s debut, more



MARCH 11, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

(1) TYLER BATE vs. DAVE MASTIFF – British Rounds Match

Round 1: After starting with a brief lock up, Mastiff grabbed Bate’s arm and he attempted to flip around him to escape the hold. He reversed the hold and applied a headlock that resulted in Mastiff tossing him away. The two gripped hands to test strength and Bate was brought to the mat with a trio of near falls from the Bomber. Bate escaped and the rest of the round was Bate attempting to escape from a hold.

Bate: 0 Mastiff: 0

Round 2: A lock up started the match that turned into the two escaping each other’s wrist locks. He attempted to pick Mastiff up but wasn’t even close to doing so. Bate escaped Mastiff while he was trying to catch him, and rolled him up for a pin with 1:25 remaining.

Bate: 1 Mastiff: 0

Round 3: Bate clocked Mastiff early in the match and started to piss the Bomber off. He retaliated and the two went strike for strike before Mastiff tossed Bate into the corner. Bate then attempted to lift him, but Mastiff flattened him with his own girth; pinned Bate with 1:33 left on the clock.

Bate: 1 Mastiff: 1

Round 4: Mastiff slammed Bate early on and tossed him around the ring. Another pair of huge bodyslams followed. Bate attempted a sunset flip that Mastiff countered into a powerbomb and near fall. Bate then rolled out of the ring to rest. Mastiff followed and slammed him between the barricade and apron before rolling back into the win. Bate made it back in just in time, and was met with Mastiff crushing his back with a senton and a trio of one counts that ended at the end of the round.

Bate: 1 Mastiff: 1

Round 5: Mastiff started this round off strong until a quick kick to the face dazed him momentarily. Bate hit the ropes and was caught and lifted onto his shoulders. Bate quickly escaped and was sent to the corner. Bate was barely able to remain on his feet, so Mastiff tossed him with a German across the ring. Mastiff went fo an Into the Void but was met with a boot to the head. Bate was then able to get Mastiff up for a short airplane spin before he went to the top rope and flipped down to get the win with :26 seconds remaining.

Bate: 2 Mastiff: 1

WINNER: Bate in Round 5 with :26 remaining

(Koenig’s Analysis: I love these matches and this was fun. Bate showed his impressive strength while Mastiff lost nothing. Respect was shown by both after the match. Bate sold wonderfully and the match was fun to watch.)

-A vignette on the upcoming tag team match between Andrews & Webster and Jordan and Williams played

-A Valkyrie vignette aired where she looks in the mirror and says that she is her own toughest opponent.


In his debut match, Teoman took Jones down and worked his arm. He went on and applied a long headlock and ran the ropes. A basement dropkick took Jones down as Teoman yelled for him to get up. He slapped him while he was down and Jones attempted some offense, but was brought right back down with a driving forearm. As Teoman laughed at the pain he was causing, he grabbed Jones’ arms to stretch them out. Jones was able to push him away but was struck with a back elbow. Teoman took him down with a kick to the knees before shooting to the top rope for a missile dropkick that kept Jones down. After a trio of double stomps to the back, he locked in a cross face for a quick tap out.

WINNER: Teoman at 3:33

(Koenig’s Analysis: A good debut. This showed that Teoman is an aggressive, ruthless heel who would be fun to see face some wrestlers down the road on both the heel and face side. Obviously he has work to do still as a young talent, but I’m curious to see how he does going forward.)

-Xia Brookside was in her hotel room in this clip. She called in Nina Samuels and told her that he room was dirty. Samuels told her to call housekeeping, but she wanted her to clean it. It went on to show Samuels washing dishes, moving furniture and making the bed, before she realized that there was a dishwasher.

-Eddie Dennis in a video package talking down to Wild Boar as he is inside of a cage. Dennis went on to say that he will “face the consequences” for him being put into the match last week. It flashed quickly to Tyson T-Bone, leading me to believe that he will be replacing Boar in The Hunt while Boar recovers from surgery.

-Amale video package.

-Gallus was shown playing snooker in an empty bar. They seemed to be disappointed in their title loss but agreed that they will again make it to the top.


Webster and Williams started the match with some basic arm holds until Andrews tagged himself in. He jumped off of his partner and connected with a dropkick to Williams, followed by another to Jordan. They rested outside quickly before getting back in the ring and Jordan tagging in. The two did much of the same, with Andrews holding in a long armbar and Jordan flipping around to escape. When he did, they went back to their feet and locked up again. When Andrews hit the ropes, Webster tagged himself in again and the double teamed for two.

Webster put Jordan in the corner and Webster rammed his shoulder into his gut before rolling him up for two. Andrews then with the tag, in which he immediately got a near fall. Andrews & Webster then put Jordan in their corner. Webster tagged in and got yet another another two count.

Jordan was finally able to get in some offense with a dropkick and his first near fall. He finally made it to Williams who came in hard on Webster, getting a pinfall attempt almost immediately. Williams was kicked into his own corner and Jordan tagged himself in. After a couple of blows to the head, Jordan got a near fall. He immediately went into a headlock that Webster was able to escape with enough time to tag in Andrews. Williams came in here to help his partner but Andrews took care of them with an impressive double kick. He cleared Jordan out of the ring and brought Jordan to their corner to tag in Webster. Of course, more double teaming ensued and Webster got another two count. Both men went to their corners for the tag.

With Jordan and Williams now in the ring, the two hit the ropes while Williams snuck in a roll up for two. Jordan followed that up with an impressive superkick that put Andrews to the mat. Jordan then hit a Stundog Millionaire that Andrews somehow was able to move from afterwards in able to tag in Webster, who went right to the top and connected with a senton. Another near fall followed that was broken up by Williams.

Williams was then tagged in and hit a springboard elbow to Webster. Williams then hit a lariat that flattened both men and went over to tag in Jordan, but he was laid out on the floor from being hit off of the ring a minute earlier. Williams was upset and yelled out to Jordan but he never came up. He ran over and knocked Andrews off his corner, while Webster rolled him up for two. After that, Webster pushed Andrews to the corner while the ref was in the way. Williams inadvertently pushed the ref while trying to protect himself, and the ref angrily told him to stop. During that, the ref didn’t see him kick Webster in the nuts, and somehow leaving about a four inch line of blood on Webster’s butt. Jordan made it back to the corner and yelled to his partner “what did we talk about”? Williams then took advantage of his own doing and got the win on Andrews. Williams and Jordan argued all the way back up the ramp.

WINNER: Williams & Andrews at 10:53

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fun, fast-paced match, which is what you’d expect from these two teams. This was used to progress the inevitable breakup between Williams and Jordan.)

-Recap of Ilja Dragunov’s performances of late, highlighting his mental breakdown on his opponents.

-Trent Seven announces his weigh-in on WWE’s “The Bump”. It included showing him working out with Tyler Bate.

-Ben Carter announces his name change to Nathan Frazer.

-They teased that Walter would make a statement next week.


– This is NXT UK’s first-ever mixed tag match.

The women start the match, but Jinny tagged in before they touched. The men locked up and Connors took him down for a quick one count. Connors mocked Starz by telling him that his “15 minutes are almost up”. Starz reversed a hold and took Connors down with a roll through into an arm scissors. Connors lifted Starz up, but he came down and got a pinfall attempt on Connors. Starz made the tag so both women came in.

The two arch rivals battled around the ring, with Niven getting the first near fall. Niven hoisted Jinny up, but being she was so close to her corner, Connors tagged himself in. Starz came running in on fire, hitting the ropes and knocking Connors down. After a distraction from Jinny, Connors knocked him down and Jinny smashed his head on the apron. After a lateral press, Connors got the near fall for two. He repeated that combination and kept Starz grounded. In attempts tp get up, Connors slammed him with a tilt-a-whirl. Another near fall followed. He then brought Starz to his corner again and ran at him. Connors was met with an elbow and the two hit the ropes again. Starz missed a splash and ended up outside of the ring. Connors came out and rolled him back in before laying in a few punches to the gut. Starz started to fire back and connected with several uppercuts. A dropkick put both men to the mat. Starz was able to get the tag and she chased Niven outside of the ring before making it back in. Niven tossed her all around and got a near fall in. After the kick out, she punched Jinny on the mat. Jinny got a shot in on Niven’s leg, taking her down and rolling her up for two.

Connors then got the tag and told Niven that she was nothing like Jinny. While he was spouting that off, Starz came out and suplexed him after a slap to the face from Niven. Niven took out Jinny with a cannonball before Starz tossed Connors her way. Niven slammed him down with a Piper Driver 97 and made way for Starz to get the pin for the win.

WINNER: Jack Starz & Piper Niven at 9:42

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was a fun match. The two teams played off of each other well. The men are superior in the ring so you got some great action from them, but the rivalry between Jinny and Niven kept the match afloat. I don’t think this is the end between these two by any stretch, but it was an enjoyable step along the way.)

NEXT WEEK: A special start time of 4pm EST, Walter makes a statement.

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