3/4 NXT UK TV REPORT: Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura, Dragunov vs. Gradwell, more



MARCH 4, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

-The show started with a package on the main event tonight, with comments from Bayley, Rhea Ripley, Mercedes Martinez, Sasha Banks, and Toni Storm.


A slap to the face of Dragunov lit him up quickly. He grounded Gradwell in an attempt to submit him. Gradwell broke free after a punch to the face and the two continued to battle around the ring, with Gradwell being taken down with a knee to the face.

As Dragunov went to the top, Gradwell gave him no space to work and sent him to the floor with a heavy uppercut. He came back in and the fight ensued, with Gradwell getting a trio of near pinfalls soon after. Gradwell kept the Russian grounded before he reversed a standing armbar, which brought both men to their feet to test their strength. Gradwell foolishly mocked his opponent by telling him that he let his entire family down. Dragunov froze up and got pissed. He sent Gradwell to the ropes with a fierce headbutt. A lariat followed and Dragunov tried to calm himself down, knowing that he flew off the handle in his past coupe of matches. He continued to beat on Gradwell by chopping his back. Gradwell rebutted with strikes of him own. Dragunov locked his waist and executed a pair of german suplexes. Gradwell stopped a third by breaking free. Dragunov slapped him down and went to the top rope and dove on Gradwell. He then charged at Gradwell, who moved and sent Dragunov flying into the turnbuckle. Gradwell hoisted him onto his shoulders, but Dragunov snapped and knocked out Gradwell, leading to the bell being rung. After the ref said that the match was over, Dragunov kept with the elbows, leading to the ref to reverse the decision.

-After the match, Dragunov flew off the handled and cornered the ref, He came to and started to apologize to the ref, as Gradwell slowly looked over and laughed at what he did to trigger Dragunov.

WINNER: Gradwell at 8:07

(Koenig’s Analysis: The story told was the best part of this match, but it was also just a fun brawl. I love seeing this side of Dragunov and excited to see where the story goes. Very fun to watch so far.)

-A vignette for Teoman appearing next week played.

-Amale and Xia Brookside were shown having a snack backstage. Brookside asked Nina Samuels to make her tea. She added salt to Amale’s tea, but she left before she could drink it.

-SPRNVA Sessions this week saw Noam Dar reading emails about the show, but stopped after the first negative one. He then introduced his guest, Tyler Bate. Dar asked what was up with Bate’s new outlook on life. Bate attempted to explain the definition of “zen,” and Dar continued to “push his buttons” on subjects like being a vegan. He offered Bate a piece of broccoli that he dropped on the floor and “garnished” it by throwing spinach on him. He asked Bate if he was still feeling zen. Dar brought up the fact that he lost against A-Kid before mentioning that he is facing Mastiff next week. Bate then said that his spirits were not crushed and assured him that he wasn’t scared. He made Dar flinch and said that he was “nobody’s doormat” before letting himself out.

-Ben Carter was interviewed while practicing in the ring. He mentioned that he is learning the British style being he is American.

-A vignette aired on Aleah James


Carter and Williams started the match and the two tossed each other around with quick takedowns that gave Carter a pair of near falls early on. Smith was tagged in and charged at Jordan. He tossed him to the ropes and got a tag in to Smith. Jordan grounded the action and held Smith in a long headlock. He broke the hold and tagged to Carter. The two exchanged blows before Smith was tagged back in. Double teaming followed and a couple two counts on Jordan occurred when Carter was again tagged in. Tag made to Smith.

He continued to pounding on Jordan before he rolled Smith up for two. After the count was broken, he went right to Williams for the tag who came in strong. Williams sent Carter to the mat, but Smith grabbed him and held him up to slam. However, Williams reversed the move to flip the big man for a near pinfall. Williams then sent both Smith and Carter out of the ring, and he and Jordan connected with a pair of stereo dives through the ropes.

When all men were back in the ring, tags were made and Carter and Jordan were the legal men. Carter rolled Jordan for a pin by the ropes, but Williams pulled his feet, allowing him to counter the pin, giving themselves the stolen win on Smith and Carter.


(Koenig’s Analysis: Fast (almost too fast) action throughout the match. You couldn’t look away for a second without missing anything. Going into this match, I assumed it would lead to what I thought was an inevitable split between Williams and Jordan, which had been teased recently, but they worked well together and got the win. This will lead to a rematch for sure.)

-A video recap on next week’s (first-ever) mixed tag team match between Piper Niven & Jack Starz and Jinny & Joseph Connors played.

-A backstage interview with Williams and Jordan aired. They were hyped and said they will win next week against Andrews & Webster.


The two locked up at the bell before going to a grip test. Satomura brought Ray to the mat the moment she grabbed her wrist. The two exchanged wrist locks and holds until Satomura flipped Ray. She then rolled out of the ring to catch her breath. Satomura made a pinfall attempt when Ray rolled back in. Ray then got a one count in after bringing Satomura to the mat. The camera then panned to the screens showing members of the women’s division spectating.

Ray was tired and on her knees in the middle of the ring when Satomura struck her with a hard kick. She locked in an STF and Ray struggled, but made it to the rope. Satomura then went right to attacking Ray’s leg as she writhed on the mat. Ray was able to kick her away and lock in a front face suplex. Ray locked in a Koji Clutch until Satomura broke the hold with a pinfall attempt. Ray continued to keep the action grounded and stretch the challenger. She laid in hard kicks to Satomura’s gut and Ray tossed her into the ropes, ultimately taking her down with a kick. They battled in the corner before Ray slid into her legs and knocked her down. Ray went to the apron and face planted her onto it, making her fall out of the ring.

Ray rested for a moment as Satomura made it to the apron. Ray attempted a Gory Bomb, but Satomura reversed it and slammed onto the hard wood with a Death Valley Bomb, rendering both women out of the ring on their backs. Satomura made it back in at seven, and Ray just made the count.

Satomura dominated Ray when she came back in. A suplex to Ray gave Satomura a close pinfall attempt. Ray kept herself to the mat to prevent being lifted, but she got up and quickly took Satomura down with a DDT, followed by a two count that transitioned immediately into a Koji Clutch. Satomura broke the hold by reaching the bottom rope. Ray then dragged her opponent to the center of the ring and went to the top rope. Satomura kipped up quickly and connected with a bicycle kick. Satomura got Ray on her shoulders and slammed her down for two. You could see the frustration on Satomura’s face with the kick out. Satomura then went to the top and Ray followed to do the same to her. However, Satomura puncher off of the ropes and went back to the top. She went for a frog splash but Ray put her knees up. Ray connected with a Gory Bomb for two.

As Satomura lie in the ring, Ray again went to the top rope. She went for a senton that Satomura moved out from. Satomura blocked a Scorpion Kick and went for another Gory Bomb. Satomura countered with a flip and two count. The two exchanged kicks again and then got another near fall. Ray lifted the legend onto her back and planted her with a final Gory Bomb that gave her a well deserved win.

WINNER: Ray at 16:38

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was masterful. I thought they would give Satomura the belt, but it’s apparent that the legend was brought in to make this young, green, women’s division better by making her opponents work up to her level. This was by far the best match I’ve ever seen Ray in and I imagine Satomura will do the same for other opponents even if she defeats them. The story told in this match was tremendous and Satomura being on the brand paves the way for incredible matches to come.)

NEXT WEEK: Tyler Bate vs. Dave Mastiff (British Rounds match), Williams & Jordan vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

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