Vickie Guerrero talks working with Nyla Rose and the biggest changes she’s seen in wrestling


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AEW star, Vickie Guerrero, joined the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast and discussed a multitude of topics including working with Nyla Rose and the biggest change she’s noticed in the wrestling business.

Guerrero has managed Rose since July of 2020 and spoke highly of her client. “You know, she can do a promo… she’s the native beast. And to be able to sit sit next to her and you know, feed off each other has really been a lot of fun,” Guerrero said. “It’s very different from LayCool in WWE, because they had their own kind of gimmick, you know, where they were, you know, flashy and rhinestones. And then I get to Nyla Rose. And there’s nothing flashy about her. I mean, she’s just pure brute and destruction. And so it’s been a lot of fun. And to be with the women in the ring is such an empowering feeling. Because we’re all sitting as women that are representing this great division. And if I can give just a little bit of my knowledge and talent, and the fans love it, then I go home very happy.”

Guerrero also commented on the biggest changes she’s seen in wrestling throughout her 15 year career. “The biggest change I’ve seen in professional wrestling is the women’s evolution of them to be able to have expanded on the division, not only with their talents, but also with the diversity of body image and the talent and the different personalities,” said Guerrero. “They welcome pretty much a whole spectrum of different women that represent different stories. And that’s something I’m pretty proud of.”

Guerrero debuted as Nyla Rose’s manager in July of 2020 at the AEW Fight for the Fallen event. Most recently, Rose made it to the finals of the AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament to crown a number one contender to the AEW Women’s World Championship. Guerrero had a long run with the WWE and worked with top talents like Edge, Dolph Ziggler, and others.

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