3/18 NXT UK TV REPORT: Devlin vs. Seven, Frazer vs. Smith, Meiko Satomura in action, more



MARCH 18, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

-The show started with the segment of “The Bump” that showed the weigh-in for Jordan Devlin and Trent Seven. Devlin weighed in at 195, and Seven weighed in at 204.25, allowing Seven to now fight for the Cruiserweight title.


This is Ben Carter’s first match under his new name, Nathan Frazer

Smith took the lead early on by putting Frazer in a headlock and eventually knocking him down with a lariat. The two exchanged arm holds for a bit before Frazer broke the hold by taking Smith down to the mat, earning Frazer a near fall. Before they ran the ropes, Smith tossed him down and applied a wrist lock. Frazer then used his speed to escape, but Smith clocked him with a lariat to get another near fall.

Frazer went to the top and attempted a cross body before being caught mid air. Carter lifted him into a standing suplex, and slammed him down for two. Frazer connected with a basement dropkick that knocked Smith into the corner. Frazer went to the opposite corner and hit him with a coast to coast, followed by another near fall. After Smith went up again, he missed Smith coming down and was picked up and slammed to the mat again, giving Smith another two count.

He lifted Frazer by the hair and attempted a move. Frazer countered with a moonsault and went to the top for a frog splash. Frazer hooked the leg for the win.

WINNER: Frazer at 7:04

(Koenig’s Analysis: Good solid match. What I liked about this was Frazer laid back on the high spots more this week than in weeks past. It showcased his in-ring skills better without being as “indie-rific”. Smith showcased his strength a bit and I hope they build him to be more f a killer. He’s a good talent. Fun match.)

-Ilja Dragunov shown in a backstage video package. He wanted to address his recent actions and apologize for them. Sam Gradwell then came into the shot and said that he knows what happened- that he lost his cool and it cost him the match. Gradwell listed off a bunch of matches that he said that he would continue to beat him in. When he said “No DQ” match, Dragunov jumped in and obliged. As he walked away, Gradwell looked like he just made a terrible mistake.

-A strange vignette for Isla Dawn. It seems like her character is becoming a bit more supernatural, as she was playing with Ouija Boards.

-Johnny Saint announced that Noam Dar and Tyler Bate will be fighting in three weeks for a #1 contender spot for A-Kid’s Heritage Cup trophy.

-A video package on Trent Seven’s weight loss to qualify for 205 Live aired.

-NXT UK Prelude was announced for Thursday, April 8th.


Satomura kicked Luna’s leg at the bell, forcing her to the ropes. A brief fade out in the video brought us back in to the two grounding the action. Satomura kept her down in a headlock until she broke free to bring the fight back to their feet. They go with a strength test here, with Luna getting the upper hand. Satomura kicked her in the gut and brought her back to the mat with a Judo toss. She latched in another headlock before laying in a series of strikes. Back to the standing headlock that Luna countered with a suplex and overhead toss. Luna tossed her into the ropes and connected with a spinning bicycle kick.

As Satomura went to the top, Luna took her down and knocked her to the apron. The two battled on the apron before Luna executed another suplex that took the wind out of the both of them as they landed. Luna then with a two count.

Luna went for another German. She escaped and landed a Pele kick followed by a Scorpio Rising that gave he living legend the win. Satomura finished with a show of respect to the young Luna.

WINNER: Satomura at 6:01

(Koenig’s Analysis: As expected, this was a match to enhance Luna. Satomura will be doing that for many women on the brand. Luna, who I have been hard on, finally showcased her strength more in this match in overpowering Satomura. It was a glorified squash match, but I’m sure Luna learned more in those six minutes in the ring than she has with any other woman that she has wrestled.)

-Jinny and Joseph Connors talking about their “unfair” loss last week, with Connors challenging Jack Starz one on one.

-A video package on Jordan Devlin played.

-Dani Luna backstage admitting another loss, but saying this was Satomura who is the best in the world. She said that loss was inevitable and walked off. Andrews & Webster followed behind her with a coat and water.

-Walter comes out with an in-ring promo since he is now the longest running champion in the brand’s history. He said that he is still here for competition and asked Johnny Saint to find a new opponent for him. Rampage Brown’s music hit and he came down to confront the champ (I called this in his first match). He said that Walter was a dominant champion, but the champion never faced Rampage Brown. Walter went for the attack, but pushed Walter down. Walter left the ring with his eyes on Brown. That match will b great.

-Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels in the gym. Brookside bossed her around a lot and told her to change weights and get her water. This bit has run its course. I’m actually showing sympathy for Samuels- a goal I don’t believe they intended.

-Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan from earlier in the week. Williams tried to explain his actions and said that he got them a title opportunity in two weeks.

-Walter vs. Rampage Brown confirmed for NXT UK Prelude.


Seven ran at Devlin at the bell and got shoved into the corner. He turned around and gave a series of chops to the champion before flipping him out if the ring. Seven followed and gave chops of his own to Devlin all around the ring. After making it back in, they quickly brought the action back out again, with both men being floored after a snapdragon suplex from Seven.

Seven got up and tossed Devlin into the ring, immediately going for the cover. Devlin got up and the two exchanged chops in the corner. Seven went for the cover after a hip toss and slam, with Devlin kicking out at two.

Devlin faked Seven out before choke slamming him into the mat, getting a near fall after a standing moonsault. Both men were tired already after the beating from out of the ring. Devlin garnered as much strength as he could to beat Seven down, with a bit and mocking him in the process.

As Seven lie by the corner, Devlin came around and stretched him around the post. He followed that by slamming Seven on the apron and kicking him back into the ring before locking in a rear chin lock. Seven slapped him from behind and Devlin double stomped his face. He continued to slap Seven around the ring before he turned around and smacked the hell out of Devlin in the corner. Devlin then with an Irish Whip for two.

After going 50/50 on strikes, Seven connected with a DDT. Then another fade in the video feed here. It came back to Seven slamming Devlin on the mat before sending Devlin out of the ring. He rammed him into barricade before tossing him back in. Seven went to the top and missed the attack. Devlin took advantage and locked in a Clover Leaf. Seven finally got the ropes and rolled the champ up for two, and then quickly latching in a single leg Boston Crab before grabbing the rope himself. Seven went for a Seven-Star lariat, but Devlin countered with a head butt. He grabbed Seven’s wrist, but he escaped and landed a lightning fast lariat that gave him another pinfall attempt.

Seven hoisted Devlin up on his shoulders before countering and setting him up slamming him for a two count of his own.

Devlin went to the top but Seven followed behind, climbing up and tossing Devlin to the mat. He connected with a Birminghammer near the ropes but Devlin moved his foot underneath in time. Both men were blatantly exhausted and Seven started to scream in frustration. As the ref attempted to separate the two during a brawl, Devlin thumbed Seven in the eye while the ref was pushing the challenger. Devlin hit him with a Devlin Slide and he miraculously kicked out. Devlin was in shock so he went to the top rope with a 450 splash on Seven’s injured back that gave him the win.

WINNER: Devlin at 17:37

(Koenig’s Analysis: A great match between two of the best. I liked the use of the thumb in the eye in this way. It told a phenomenal story and likely is setting up for a rematch at Prelude. Devlin in absolutely vicious in this match and its sold so well by Seven, who looks great and performing quicker than I’ve seen in quite some time. Can’t wait to see where this goes.)

NEXT WEEK: Sam Gradwell vs. Ilja Dragunov in a No DQ match

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