Drew McIntyre “still chasing” WrestleMania moment (w/ Hazelwood’s Analysis)



Speaking to The Rack Radio Show for their “The Rack Extra” podcast, Drew McIntyre discussed his new book as well as his belief that he is still chasing his WrestleMania moment.

The hosts, Lindsey Ward and Sir Rockin began with a review of McIntyre’s book, A Chosen Destiny: My Story, really putting over the book and in particular, the glossary of terms McIntyre provided. Rockin said this book was aimed at a general audience who might not know what terms like “kayfabe” or a promotion’s initials like “ICW,” so the glossary was a boon. Ward said how much she appreciated hearing McIntyre’s voice through his writing, especially in those moments of despair during the waning days of his first WWE run and subsequent release. She recommended the audiobook version since McIntyre does the reading himself.

McIntyre then joined via phone and after some icebreaking discussion on cats, they shifted to asking McIntyre about the reception to his book. He said it’s been positive, surreal, and mind-blowing how people have drawn inspiration from his story.

In discussing his journey, he said at one point he wasn’t rock bottom, “I was 20 feet down, and it took my wife coming on the scene and giving me a good kick in the butt.”

Ward then asked about his victory at WrestleMania last year, his WWE Championship victory over Brock Lesnar. He said he always dreamed of becoming WWE Champion, but “just not in that fashion.” He said he finally had his chance, won the Royal Rumble match, main eventing the biggest show with his family and friends from Scotland in the front row, fans cheering in the crowd, nothing could go wrong, and then the pandemic hits.

He said at first, there was anger and frustration because it just had to happen when he was finally ascending, but once he realized the severity of the situation, he shifted to wanting to make the WWE an escape for people and to put smiles on people’s faces around the world for beating Lesnar. While he admitted he didn’t have his moment with the fans, he at least had his moment with the WWE Championship.

On a fun note, he said that just as he was presented with the WWE Championship by a referee, his wife presented him with the title “in real life, which was really cool.” He also said so much of the feedback after his victory was positive, and that inspiring people is what it’s all about.

Ward then thanked McIntyre personally, and WWE writ large, for “providing an escape” during the past 14 or so months with the pandemic raging. McIntyre took that comment to compare the “WWE Universe” to English soccer/futbol fans as passionate and intense.

Ward then shifted to asking about his WrestleMania match with Bobby Lashley and being in front of fans for the first time in over a year. McIntyre said he wasn’t sure what to expect because even though he was a fighting champion and booked as a face, only that live fan reaction gives a full indication. He said the level of cheer and reaction as he made his entrance took him aback. He added the shock from the fans after Lashley won “was pretty cool” and that working so hard to have it taken away is what this version of the Drew McIntyre character needs.

He closed by saying, “I’m still chasing that moment in front of the fans.”

(Hazelwood’s Analysis: McIntyre, since winning the Royal Rumble match, has always been so affable and personable in non-scripted settings, which is a weird statement to say about someone who’s physical attributes/gifts and social status place him in a select group of individuals. He just comes across as someone who is happy kicking back, having a drink or few, and yapping it up; who doesn’t like that? Now, to the “moment” discussion, I think McIntyre parsed it out as equally as possible. Yes, he did technically have a WrestleMania moment by beating Lesnar and closing the show with the WWE Championship held high. However, as he said, he wants to have that moment in front of the fans. Many predicted he would defeat Lashley to have that moment, but that will have to wait. I’ve been saying for weeks McIntyre should win Money in the Bank assuming he doesn’t regain the WWE Championship at WrestleMania Backlash as I believe that would give McIntyre a bit of a character refresh.)

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