WWE management reportedly hated AEW’s Blood and Guts


WWE Arena Setting - Orlando - June 26, 2016 house show (photo credit Kyle)


A new report by PWInsider indicates that WWE management hated AEW’s first-ever Blood and Guts match. The report said that a person in management thought the match set the business back 30 years.

Blood and Guts took place in the main event of last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite and pitted the Inner Circle against The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle won the match after MJF coerced members of the Inner Circle to give up while threatening to throw Chris Jericho off of the top of the cage structure. MJF threw Jericho off the structure anyway and closed the show standing tall on top of the cage.

Though WWE officials hated the match, the PWInsider report stated that many current WWE stars loved the match and wanted to do something like it themselves.

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5 Comments on WWE management reportedly hated AEW’s Blood and Guts

  1. Hated the match because THEY HATE WRESTLING except Paul Levesque. He will NEVER admit it but it is his wife that has helped put wrestling on its death bed: Hollywood writers, no blood allowed, pushing women’s division matches to the main event. You can’t make wrestling PC. It’s not PC and has never been.

    If AEW could make a few more business moves (talking a certain “Cult of Personality” coming out of retirement, for one), WWE better hope Khan and his decision-makers don’t decide to move to Mondays. Because Raw will be ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  2. WWE programming is just brutally awful to watch, so it’s no shock their management hated something entertaining. With the exception of NXT, WWE is unwatchable.

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