5/27 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Moose & Sami Callihan vs. Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson, Knockouts tag team action, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling


MAY 27, 2021 (RECORDED)

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A recap of how Rhino won the Call Your Shot Battle Royal and eventually cashed in last week to win the Tag Team Titles with Joe Doering aired.

-The weekly TV intro

-Josh Matthews (replacing Matt Striker, who Josh said was “on assignment”) welcomed everyone to the show as Sami Callihan made his way to the ring. Sami sat in a chair in the middle of the ring and took the mic. He said that the Good Brothers were afraid of him. He said they could plan for other wrestlers but they couldn’t plan for the Death Machine. He addressed Don Callis and said that Callis would do anything to keep Kenny Omega away from Sami.

Sami got out of the chair and challenged Omega to come to the ring. The arena went dark and Moose’s music played. Moose, wearing a suit, walked to the ring. Moose and Sami exchanged words until The Good Brothers came to the stage. Anderson said he was tired of them being blamed for things. The Good Brothers said they were taking Moose’s side. They told Sami to stay of Omega’s business and Moose’s. Moose said The Good Brothers were on his side, but he wasn’t on their side. Moose and Sami attacked the Good Brothers and ran them out of the ring. Moose and Sami had a staredown.

Backstage, The Good Brothers were angry. Don Callis approached. He said he’s a VP and he can make any match. He made a match for Sami and Moose vs. The Good Brothers for tonight. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Don Callis backstage. Gia questioned Callis making matches. Scott D’Amore approached and said he was surprised that Callis was making matches. Callis said he thought the match would be good for ratings and talked about them being the Golden Bookers, then he said he had to get Omega ready and walked into this office. D’Amore questioned what Callis was getting Omega ready for.

-D’Lo and Josh talked about the tension between Callis and D’Amore, then discussed Rhino & Joe Doering winning the tag team titles last week. They ran down the matches for tonight.


Bahh and Alexander started it off. Bahh took Alexander down. Alexander dropkicked Bahh in the knees to take him down. Bahh ran through Alexander and Petey. TJP and Bahh double teamed Petey. TJP got the upper hand on Petey. Bahh missed a splash on Petey. Alexander and Petey double teamed Bahh. [c]

Alexander had the advantage on Bahh coming out of the break. Petey and Alexander tagged in and out. Bahh splashed Alexander and made the hot tag to TJP. TJP took over on Petey and delivered the boot wash. Alexander and TJP squared off with fast paced action. They double clotheslined each other. Petey and Alexander double teamed TJP. Bahh gave a crossbody block to Petey. Bahh gave a Samoan drop to Alexander. TJP hit the Mamba splash on Alexander for the win.

WINNERS: TJP & Fallah Bahh in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match with some fun exchanges. TJP shined and probably has an X Division title shot on the horizon.)

-Gia Miller had a backstage sit-down interview with W. Morrissey. Morrissey complained about people in wrestling being fake and phony. He said he wasn’t happy to be there. All he cared about was people hearing what he had to say. Gia said that some people may call him bitter. Morrissey complained that people kicked him when he was down, including when he had a seizure. He said that people laughed at him when they saw the video of it. He said that when he returned to wrestling, people finally reached out to him.

He said they only reached out because he is doing great now. Gia brought up his feud with Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Morrissey said that Mack and Swann weren’t friends and that Swann only saved Mack for his own ego. He yelled about people laughing at him. Swann ran in and attacked Morrissey. Gia ran off screaming. Security broke up the brawl.

-Video feature on the Knockouts division with words from Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace, Gail Kim, Rachael Ellering, Tasha Steelz, and Deonna Purrazzo.

-Gia interviewed Rosemary, Tenille Dashwood, Kaleb, Rachael Ellering, and Havok. They noticed that Taylor Wilde was missing. Ellering said they could get Grace to replace her. Tenille told Ellering they could team up. Grace approached and was mad at being asked to be a substitute, but she agreed to team with them.

-Fire N Flava made their ring entrance. [c]


Returning from the break, Ellering made her ring entrance, followed by Grace. Havok took on Kimber Lee and Susan to start, then got the advantage on Hogan. Ellering suplexed Hogan and landed a senton. Tasha and Ellering squared off, with Ellering getting the best of it. Tenille and Ellering double teamed Tasha. Tasha snapped Grace’s neck over the ropes. [c]

The heels kept the advantage on Grace. Rosemary tagged in and cleaned house. Rosemary tied Hogan in the ropes. Tasha interfered from outside to turn the tide. Hogan took control on Rosemary and brought her back to the heel corner. Lee suplexed Rosemary. Susan and Rosemary fought on the top rope. Havok suplexed Susan, Lee, and Rosemary off the top rope. Ellering made the hot tag and faced off with Deonna. Grace and Ellering double teamed Deonna. The match broke down and all the wrestlers fought in the ring. Susan threw a shoe at Havok. Rosemary hit a sit-out powerbomb on Deonna for the win.

WINNERS: Havok & Rosemary & Tenille Dashwood & Rachael Ellering & Jordynne Grace in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Lots of moving parts in this match including the continuing Ellering/Grace storyline, the disappearance of Taylor Wilde, and a surprising pinfall loss by Deonna. Good action.)

-Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week: Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young from the 1/12/16 episode of Impact.

-Josh Alexander was backstage and challenged anyone for a title shot at the X Division belt. TJP approached and said he wanted a match. Scott D’Amore walked up. He said he was proud to have them in the division. He booked them in a 60 minute iron match on next week’s BTI (the Before the Impact pre-show). [c]

-Video package tracing the history between Rohit Raju and Jake Something, going back to the indies and entering Impact at the same time. Rohit said that Impact caters to Jake and that Impact treats Rohit like trash. Jake said Rohit was arrogant and conceited. They talked about a Tables Match against each other next week. Very well-done package.

-Violent by Design promo. Eric Young talked about violence being a tool. He talked about gathering the members of Violent by Design. He talked about how they waited to the right time to use the Call Your Shot trophy. Young talked about how Finjuice is now in Japan and can’t get a rematch. He said Impact Wrestling and all wrestling belongs to Violent by Design. The lights went out. Satoshi Kojima’s music played and he walked to the ring.

Kojima had a staredown with Joe Doering. Kojima said “Against All Odds”, then walked off. Josh said we could see Kojima vs. Doering at Against All Odds.

-A clip was shown of Brian Myers attacking Matt Cardona from last week.

-Gia Miller talked with Dr. Ross backstage. The doctor said that Cardona had a broken orbital bone and should be out for 12 weeks. Myers came out and started yelling. Sam Beale approached. Myers complained about being interrupted. He said that he should slap Beale but instead he would teach him how to be a professional. [c]

– Violent by Design were walking backstage. Young and Doering accepted Kojima’s challenge. Decay ran into Violent by Design. Crazzy Steve and Deaner had an exchange. Decay made their way to the ring.


Steve took down Swinger. Decay double teamed Swinger. Steve knocked Hernandez off the ring apron. Hernandez tagged in and got the upper hand on Steve. Swinger tried to dive off Hernandez’s shoulders but opted to just splash Steve from the mat. Taurus tagged in and fought Hernandez and Swinger. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Taurus dove on Hernandez to the outside. Steve backdropped Swinger, then hit a flying DDT for the win.

WINNERS: Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match. Decay looks to be positioned to be the next challengers for the tag team titles.)

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera and talked about how Steve and Deaner had both been trained by Eric Young. They ran down the matches for next week:

-BTI Ironman Match: TJP vs. Josh Alexander

-Tables Match: Rohit Raju vs. Jake Something

-Satoshi Kojima vs. Deaner

-Fire N Flava vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering

-Don Callis was talking with the Good Brothers backstage. Callis said the Brothers were family and they had to keep Moose and Sami apart. They exchanged the Too Sweet hand gesture and walked off. [c]


Sami took down Anderson at the start. Moose tagged in and went to work on Anderson. Moose and Sami had a staredown as the Good Brothers regrouped on the entrance ramp. [c]

Sami had Anderson down coming out of the break. Moose tagged on and worked on Anderson’s arm. Moose chopped Sami to tag him back in. Doc choked Sami in the ropes. Doc punched Sami in the corner, then dropped an elbow on him. Anderson tagged in and stomped on Sami. The Good Brothers continued to work on Sami in the corner. Doc hit Sami with elbows and put him in a chin lock. Sami hit a jawbreaker and a clothesline off the ropes.

Sami made the tag to Moose as Doc made the tag to Anderson. Moose took on the Good Brothers by himself. Moose hit a spear on Doc. Sami tagged back in. Moose and Sami pushed each other. Moose booted Sami. Sami kicked out of a pin attempt by Anderson. Sami went after Moose on the apron. After the distraction, Anderson hit a spinebuster on Sami. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Sami for the win.

WINNERS: Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson in 10:00.

Moose connected with a spear on Sami after the match. Moose kneeled over Sami and told him to stay out of his business. Moose walked up the ramp and left Sami laying.

(D.L.’s Take: Decent match, which was used as a backdrop to further the dissension between Moose and Sami Callihan.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This week’s show was heavy on talking segments and light on in-ring action. It served as a maintenance show to advance storylines for Against All Odds. The video packages were very well done. Still a fun watch.

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