9/13 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: VLNCE UNLTD vs. LFI for the ROH Tag Team Championships, Josh Woods vs. Will Ferrara, more



SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes us to the episode and Death Before Dishonor weekend. There is a special main event billed as a Death Before Dishonor bonus match. The ROH World Tag Team Champions Chris Dickinson and Homicide of Vlnce Unltd will defend against Kenny King and Dragon Lee of LFI. Also the #1 ranked wrester in the Pure division Josh Woods, will wrestle Will Ferrara in a Pure Rules match. The opening match will be the Briscoes vs Bandido and Rey Horus.


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. The Briscoes come out first. In a pre-match promo, the Briscoes say they are on the road back to the top and if Bandido and Horus disagree they should come to the ring and find out. Rey Horus comes out next followed by Bandido. In a pre-match promo, Horus says he is excited because this is first time against the Briscoes. Bandido says they know the Briscoes are the baddest team in the world but they are going to show them real Lucha Libre.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Paint by numbers promo by all of the competitors but it’s good to see Bandido and Rey Horus given an opportunity to speak.)

Code of honor not adhered to. Jay and Horus start the match. Bandido tells Horus that he wants to come in so Bandido tags him in. They lock up and try to get an advantage. Jay takes control through a wrist lock. Bandido twists out and taunts Jay. Jay kicks Bandido in the stomach. They run the ropes, trade hurricanrana, and missed drop kicks. (c)

During the break, the Briscoes have gained control over Horus. Mark chops Horus and knocks him down. Jay tags in and takes Horus down with an elbow. Mark attacks Bandido on the outside and throws him into the barricade. Mark throws Horus back into the ring. The Briscoes double team Horus. Bandido blinds tag in and hits the Briscoes with a cross body block. Horus hurricanranas Mark. Bandido hits Jay with an elbow. Bandido snap mares Jay. Horus kicks him and Bandido hits a shooting star for a two count. Bandido Irish whips Jay into the corner but Jay hits him with an elbow followed by a big boot. Jay grabs Bandido by the head and brings him to the corner. Mark tags in. He kicks Bandido for a two count. Mark back drops slams Bandido and follows with a fist drop for a two count. Mark punches Bandido. Mark attempts to suplex Bandido but he breaks out and stumbles into the corner to tag Horus. Horus and Mark trade forearms until Horus hits a kick, an enziguri, and a leg drop for a two count. Bandido comes in and they double team Mark. Horus goes for the pin but Jay breaks it up. Jay throws Bandido to the outside. Inside the ring, Jay clotheslines Horus but Horus kicks Mark. Jay kicks Horus but Bandido returns to hit Jay with a shining wizard. Mark clotheslines Bandido. All four men are down. Horus and Mark get up first and trade slaps and forearms. Mark takes control and backs Horus into a corner. He charges in but Horus stops him with a boot. Mark hits an elbow and a kamikaze for a two count. Mark Irish whips Horus but Horus holds on to the rope. Mark charges him but hits Horus with an elbow and a drop toe hold. Bandido tags in and hits a splash of the top rope. Mark fights out but Bandido hits a pop up cutter. Jay comes in but Bandido counters a neckbreaker into a dropkick sending Jay to the outside. Bandido runs the ropes, gets blind tagged by Horus, and dives onto Jay. Horus charges Mark in the corner and hits a Case a Dora driver for a two count. Bandido climbs the top rope but Jay shoves him off to the outside. Jay runs in and Horus fights them off for a while but Jay gets Horus onto his shoulder and Mark hits the Doomsday Device for the victory. They shake hands after the match. (c)

WINNER: The Briscoes at 12:10

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The work for this match was fine, but it didn’t make any sense to put the World Champion in this match. If the Briscoes were going to win, they could have wrestled another team. This match did not do a good job of making Bandido look strong. Additionally, ROH has been pretty good about enforcing the rules and this match had double teams all over the place. It took away from the action.)


Jonathan Gresham joins on commentary for this match. Will Ferrara comes out first, accompanied by Eric Martin. In a pre-match promo, Ferrara, says he has been in Ring of Honor for a long time but has never felt at home more than when he is in the Pure division. Ferrara thanks Gresham for that. Ferrara says he wants to make Gresham proud, the ROH Dojo Proud, and to make Woods tap. Woods comes out next. In a pre-match promo, Woods says he respects Ferrara but the Pure title belongs to him.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Another paint by numbers promo.)

Code of honor adhered to. Ferrara goes for a takedown but Woods blocks it and suplexes Ferrara. Woods grabs a waist lock and cradles Ferrara for a two count. Ferrara controls the wrist and blocks a hip throw. Ferrara maintains wrist control but Woods lifts Ferrara into the corner to break the whole. Woods tosses Ferrara into the corner. Woods lifts Ferrara but Ferrara grabs the ropes to use his first rope break. They go to the center of the ring. Ferrara gains control and head butts Woods’ arm. Ferrara grabs a wrist lock and works over Woods’ arm. Woods rolls out and goes for the Gorilla lock. Ferrara gets to the ropes to use his second rope break. (c)

Woods Irish whips Ferrara but Ferrara grabs a wrist lock. They hit shoulder to shoulder but Ferrara maintains control. He hits an arm wringer. Ferrara pushes down on Woods’ head but Woods grabs him and tosses him. Woods lifts Ferrara, stares at Gresham, and tosses him again. Ferrara reverses a wrist lock into a single arm DDT on the knees. Ferrara gets Woods in a short arm scissors. Ferrara keeps rolling preventing Woods from getting to the ropes. Woods uses leverage to pin Ferrara for a two count. Ferrara maintains control. Woods rolls over, cradles Ferrara and drops him on his back for a two count. Woods tries to suplex Ferrara from behind. Ferrara grabs the ropes to use his last rope break. Ferrara pulls Woods into the corner to break the hold. He hits a single arm DDT followed by a Magistral cradle for a two count. Ferrara goes back to the short arm scissors but Woods breaks out and hits Ferrara with an elbow. Woods hits a rolling German suplex for the win. Woods and Ferrara shake hands. Woods continues to stare at Gresham as he heads towards the back. Gresham stops and meets Woods in the aisle. Gresham shakes Woods hand and blows him a kiss. Woods smiles.

WINNER: Josh Woods at 6:18

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match was a good showcase for Woods ahead of his match with Jonathan Gresham at the pay per view. Ferrara was shown to be a formidable competitor but Woods was just too good and too strong for him.)

-Highlights of Miranda Alize and Rok-C’s semifinal wins in the ROH Women’s Tournament is shown. They will be wrestling at Death Before Dishonor in the Finals. (c)


Shane Taylor joins on commentary. LFI comes out first. Riccaboni explains that this match is taking place now because LFI is the number one contenders for the tag titles and they wanted to ensure they only had one match at Death Before Dishonor. In a pre-match promo, Lee asks King if he remembers the movie Return of the Dragon. Lee says the Dragon has returned. King says that Vlnce Unltd holds onto titles that they didn’t earn and LFI runs this place. Vlnce Unltd comes out next. In a pre-match promo, Homicide says that he is going to take out King while Dickson takes Lee’s mask. Dickinson says it is about time and there is honor in violence.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: More paint by numbers promos, but the use of the term herb by Homicide took me back to high school.)

Code of honor not adhered to. King and Homicide argue before they start. They lock up. King grabs a side headlock. Homicide whips King into the ropes and King takes him down with a shoulder tackle. They trade arm drags until King gets control of Homicide’s arm. Homicide tries to break out but King maintains control. Homicide gets into the corner and Dickinson tags in. (c)

King takes in Lee. Lee charges Dickinson but is taken down with a shoulder charge. Dickinson elbows Lee and gets a one count. He back drops Lee for a two count. Dickinson tags Homicide. They double team Lee. Lee tries to reach out to King but Homicide bites Lee’s hands. Lee reverses an Irish whip and kicks Homicide to the outside. Lee slides and kicks Homicide but Dickinson attacks him. King joins and they brawl on the outside. Homicide rolls Lee back into the ring. Homicide hits Lee in the throat. Lee whips Homicide to the ropes. King knees Homicide in the back so Lee can regain control. King tags in. King and Lee double team Homicide. Dickinson tries to enter the ring but is held back by the referee. King attacks Homicide in the corner. King taunts Homicide and distracts the referee allowing Lee to hit Homicide. King kicks Homicide but Homicide hits an inside cradle for a two count. King hits a clothesline and tags Lee. Lee stomps Homicide as King holds him. Lee holds Homicide and yells at Dickinson. King tags in. They double team Homicide using kicks. King pins Homicide but Dickinson breaks it up. King goes for a headlock but Homicide bites his fingers to break loose. King gets Homicide into the corner but misses a splash. Homicide slams King but misses a splash from the top rope. King slams Homicide but misses a leg drop. (c)

Dickinson and Lee are the legal men. Dickson clotheslines Lee for a one count. Dickinson floats over and applies a submission but Lee rolls him over a two count. Lee hits a German suplex but Dickinson gets up ad hits a DVD for a two count. Dickinson kicks King and tags in Homicide. They throw Lee to the ropes but King tags him. Homicide hits a cutter but Lee breaks up the hold. Lee clotheslines Dickinson. Homicide clotheslines Lee. King hits a Tiger Driver on Homicide for a two count. Homicide and King roll to their corners to tag Dickinson and Lee respectively. Dickinson charges Lee but he gets back body dropped over the apron. Homicide atomic drops Lee. King and Homicide brawl. King puts Homicide on the top rope but Homicide pushes him off. Lee chops Homicide and stomps him. Lee dives on Dickinson on the outside and throws him back into the ring. King hits the Royal Flush but Dickinson kicks out at two. King tosses Homicide to the outside and dives onto him. Lee and Dickinson trade forearms with Dickinson getting the advantage. Dickinson goes for a go behind but Lee breaks out and knees Dickinson in the face. Lee goes for the Incinerator but Dickinson blocks it with a dragon screw. Dickinson runs the ropes and Lee hits a knee for a two count. Lee hits the Incinerator for the win. Lee and King celebrate

WINNER: LFI at 14:08

-A graphic is shown for Death Before Dishonor. The announced matches are Eli Isom vs Dalton Castle, Jake Atlas vs Taylor Rust, the OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) vs the Briscoes, Jonathan Gresham vs Josh Woods for the ROH Pure Title, Shane Taylor Promotions vs LFI for the ROH Six Man Titles, Miranda Alize vs Rok-C for the ROH Women’s Championship, and Bandido vs Brody King vs Demonic Flamita vs EC3 for the ROH World Title.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Another tag match where the rules went out the window. The match was fine but ROH needs to freshen up their tag division. The titles have been traded back and forth but not through exciting feuds. They need to have a few teams to become consolidated on tag team wrestling and not worrying about other things. Average show this week with a decent set up for Death Before Dishonor. I watched this show after the PPV but the PPV was enjoyable.)

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