9/6 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Shane Taylor Promotions vs. KFI, Adora vs. Alize, Love vs. Rok-C, more




Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Ian Riccaboni welcomes fans to the episode by highlighting that this episode will include the semi finals of the Women’s Championship Tournament. Miranda Alize will wrestle Trish Adora and Angelina Love will wrestle Rok-C. The winners of this match will compete for the Women’s World Title at Death Before Dishonor. McKay wishes luck to the remaining competitors except Angelina Love. The main event will be Shane Taylor Promotions vs La Faccion Ingobernable in an eight-man tag. LFI will wrestle STP at Death Before Dishonor for the Six Man Titles and McKay references Shane Taylor and Kenny King’s history with King costing Taylor the ROH World Championship and destroying their friendship.

Trisha Adora pinning Allysin Kay was shown from last week’s episode. Adora says she has Miranda Alize up next, and he understands what is up for her. She sees her future in advance and that she will be competing for the Women’s title. Alize says that Adora was the first competitor she beat here. Alize says she is too quick for Adora. Adora counters that as a technician she will pin her down and submit her. Alize says she will beat Adora again and go to the finals.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Good promos by Adora and Alize. No fluff. Just two competitors who think they are better than the other and they want to show it with a lot at stake.)


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Chelsea Green is on commentary. Trish Adora comes out first. Miranda Alize comes out next. (c)

Code of honor not adhered to. Alize charges Adora but gets tossed aside. Alize runs out again, but Adora throws her to the mat. Alize retreats to the outside. Adora chases her outside the ring. Alize gets back in but Adora hip tosses her followed by a hammer lock. Adora goes for the Cattle Mutilation, but Alize fights out of it. Alize hits Adora with a series of elbows and steps on Adora’s foot. Alize charges again and goes outside the ring. Adora runs in gets hit in the gut by Alize and Alize followed with a head scissors. Alize goes for a head scissors again. Adora blocks hit but Alize hits her in the ribs. Alize mounts Adora and hits her with a series of punches. Adora fights her off but Alize puts Adora in the corner. Alize works over her arm including biting. This fires up Adora who clotheslines her but Alize regains control through a series of forearms and body shots. Alize tries to Irish whip Adora but Adora blocks it rolls up Alize for a series of two counts. Adora gets Alize into a fire person position, but Alize breaks out of it and hits a back cracker for a two count. Adora gets into the corner and Alize follows in with a running forearm. She tries again but Adora kicks her. Alize follows with a headbutt and a DDT for a two count. They jostle for control, but Adora throws Alize out of the ring. Adora follows her and they brawl on the outside. Alize throws Adora into the barricade. (c)

Both wrestlers are on the outside and referee Todd Sinclair counts 19. They rush to get back into the ring. They lay one the mat. They get up and trade forearms until Adora hits a cross body block. Adora hits Alize in the corner and drives her to the mat with a wrist lock. Adora kicks Alize’s arm. Adora reverses a clothesline into a choke. Alize fights to the rope to break the hold. Adora stomps on the arm but Alize counters into the Miranda Rights (crossface). Adora rolls over Alize into a pinning attempt for a two count. Alize kicks Adora in the face and hits a swinging DDT for a two count. Adora blocks a snap mare and Alize runs the rope. Adora gets her into the fire person position again. Alize tries to break the hold through elbows but Adora maintains control and hits a Samoan Drop for a two count. Adora puts on Cattle Mutilation again. Alize keeps moving causing Adora to stand up. Alize backs Adora into the corner and hits an elbow. She snap mares Adora and kicks her in the head. Alize punches Adora in the face hits her with a knee, a cutter and a Drive BY. Alize hits a head scissors and puts on the Miranda Rights. Adora fights towards the ropes. Alize adjusts the move, pulls Adora into the middle, and Adora submits.

WINNER: Miranda Alize at 12:16

Alize celebrates. Sinclair suggests she do the code of honor. Alize decides to shake Adora’s hands. Alize poses in front of the ROH Women’s Title and says you have to be more than a great champion to be a wrestler and the star is right here. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Good match that was enjoyable between two competitors with contrasting styles. There were some clunky moments and Adora adjusting Alize’s hand on the Miranda Rights was not good, but this was an enjoyable match.)

Angelina Love believes the brackets were set up intentionally for her to wrestle Max the Impaler. She says because of Max she is injured but she will get the last laugh. Love says she has been a wrestler longer than Rok-C has been alive. Love says Rok-C will be thankful for the lesson that Love will teach her. Love sees her merely as a stepping stone on her way to her eight championship. Rok-C says her first opponent was Sumie Sakai and she wasn’t sure she could pull it off. She said her next match was against Quinn McKay who is super talented and they had one of the most completive matches of her career. Rok-C says she is now wrestling Angelina Love who has been wrestling longer than she has been alive. She feels the odds are stacked against her but she has overcome it through the support of the fans. She feels because of that she has to win.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Good promo showing the contrast between the two opponents.)


Chelsea Green remains on for commentary for this match. Rok-C comes out first. Angelina Love comes out next favoring her left arm.

Code of honor not adhered to. Rok-C charges Love kicks her down. Love chokes Rok-C in the corner. Love hits a clothesline followed by a side slam for a series of one counts. Love is favoring the arm. Love forearms Rok-c and Irish whips her. Rok-C blocks a kick attempt and arm drags Love. Rok-C hits Love with moonsault knees for a one count. Rok-C goes for Love’s left arm and Love grabs te rope. Love yells at Rok-C that she is injured. Rok-C lets up and Love slaps her in the face. Rok-C charges Love who ducks and ends up going outside of the ring. Love rolls out and hits Rok-C on the ring apron. Rok-C tries to fight back but Love throws her into the barricade. Love continues to favor the arm. Love throws Rok-C into the ring post and taunts her. Love rolls Rok-C back into the ring for a two count. Love throws Rok-C into the ropes but Rok-C holds on. Love charges but gets hit with an elbow. Rok-C hits a side Russian leg sweep. Both competitors are down on the mat. (c)

Both competitors are still down. They get up and trade forearms. Rok-C gets the advantage and Love pokes her in the eye. Love misses the Botox Injection and Rok-C hits two clotheslines followed by a Thesz Press. Rok-C follows up a thrust kick. Love pulls Rok-C’s hair and hits a DDT for a two count. Love goes for a double underhook suplex but Rok-C blocks and puts Love into a crossface. Love rolls over for a two count with Rok-C counters with a roll over for a two count. Rok-C puts Love in the Fujiwara armbar and Love submits

WINNER: R at 6:44

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Match was alright. I was expecting something short with Love selling her arm so much. This gives Love an excuse and a final with two women who are not as well known, but will have the chance to shine on pay per view.)

Miranda Alize comes out on the stage and has a staredown with Rok-C. A graphic is shown that this match will take place at Death Before Dishonor. (c)

-A graphic is shown for ROH’s Death Before Dishonor on September 12 with the following matches: Eli Isom vs Dalton Castle; The OGK vs the Briscoes; Rok-C vs Miranda Alize for the ROH Women’s Title; LFI vs Shane Taylor Promotions for the Six Man Titles; Josh Woods vs Jonathan Gresham for the ROH Pure Championship; and Bandido vs Brody King vs Demonic Flamita vs EC3 for the ROH World Title.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This looks like a good show though the TV show hasn’t explained why the ROH World title will be defended in a four-way match.)

-LFI is backstage. Kenny King says the last time LFI was with STP was looking down on them and tonight won’t be any different. Rush adds that they will destroy everybody.


Bobby Cruise announces that this match will be under lucha rules. Shane Taylor Promotions comes out first. In a backstage promo, Taylor says he has been dealing with LFI for over a year and half but this time it is 4 on 4. He says the empire they have built will be destroyed. LFI comes out next. Shane Taylor Promotions are waiting for them outside the ring. They brawl in the aisle and throughout the arena. Security comes out to try to break up the fight (c)

All the competitors are back in the ring. Taylor calls out King. Everyone enters the ring. There is a lot of yelling. Moses starts out with King. King puts out his hand and sucker punches Moses. King punches Moses again but Moses puts him in the corner and charges him. King stumble outs and kicks Moses. King goes for the hip toss but Moses blocks it. Moses hits an atomic drop and King rolls out of the ring. Moses yells at Dragon Lee while Lee attends to King. Lee rolls in and shoves Moses. Lee spits at the corner of STP. Moses tags in Kaun. Kaun takes Lee down with two shoulder tackles. Lee and Kaun trade forearms. Kaun takes advantage and Lee goes in the corner. Lee gets control, sweeps Kaun’s leg and kicks him in the face. Lee follows up with forearms. Kaun gets up and they trade kicks. Kaun ends up outside. Lee dives onto Kaun on the outside. The rest of STP attack Lee but roll him back into the ring when approached by LFI. Edwards enters the ring and punches Lee followed with a body slam. Bestia runs into the ring and attacks Edwards. Lee rolls out. Edwards gets sent outside and gets attacked by LFI. They roll him back in when STP approaches. Edwards and Bestia trade strikes. Bestia hits Edwards with a clothesline followed by a running clothesline in the corner. Bestia hits a suplex for a two count. Edwards hits an Atlanta Stampede (running powerslam). Rush runs in and elbows Edwards. Rush calls out Taylor. Rush and Taylor charge each other and trade strikes. Rush sidesteps a clothesline and hits Taylor with a German suplex followed by a knee. Taylor rolls out. Kaun and Edwards come in. They get kicked out of the ring by Rush and Lee. Everyone is on the outside. Kaun and Edwards grab Rush. Moses goes to the top rope. He tries to dive on Rush but Bestia pushes Rush out of the way causing Moses to hit Edwards and Kaun. Taylor and Lee are in the ring. Lee hits Taylor with a knee. He goes for the Incinerator but Taylor blocks it. Taylor hits the Marcus Garvey Driver on Lee but King and Rush pull referee Todd Sinclair out of the ring. They tell him that Moses is injured. Inside the ring, King hits Taylor with a low blow and pins Taylor. Todd Sinclair sees the pinning attempt and rolls back into the ring to count the three count.

WINNER: LFI at 7:28

King trash talks Taylor and LFI does their pose standing over Taylor. King speaks into the camera to tell Taylor he is still his king.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The main event was more of an angle than anything else. Because the interaction between Taylor and LFI happened so long ago, it was good to give a reason to explain the current level of animosity. Not the best episode ROH has had but one that moves the story along as they approach Death Before Dishonor.)

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