9/7 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Nick Aldis addresses losing the NWA World Championship, Plunkett vs. Judias, Kylie Rae in action, more




Announcers: Tim Storm, Velvet Sky, and Joe Galli

-The show opened with Mae Valentine interviewing Jamie Stanley and El Rudo. Mae asked what the odds are the team would face Stevens and Kratos. El Rudo introduced himself and said he had beat top opponents all over the world. Rudo said he found the best tag team partner and business was about to pick up. Stanley said he was also the coolest and most talented partner. Valentine said they didn’t answer her question. Rudo said they were the future and would beat everyone in the NWA.

-At the announce desk, Galli welcomed the new NWA World’s Champion, Trevor Murdoch. Galli said later in the night, Nick Aldis would be making an announcement regarding his future in the NWA. Murdoch said he had tried to reach out to Aldis to no avail. [c]

-Back from the break, the first match was ready to begin in the ring.


It was noted that the match was pre-taped and taking place in front of an empty arena. A battle ensued before the bell. Parrow threw Clearwater outside the ring onto Cyon. Austin Idol made his way to the ring to support Clearwater and Cyon. In the ring, Odinson slammed Clearwater for a two-count. Odinson hit a dicing forearm before tagging in Parrow. Parrow hit a power slam before cinching in a Boston crab. Odinson jumped from the top rope and hit a leg drop across Clearwater. Syon broke up a pinfall attempt and tagged in. Syon and Clearwater kept control of the match with frequent tags. Syon hit Parrow with a northern lights suplex for a two-count. Clearwater and Syon hit a double suplex on Parrow. Parrow stood hit a diving clothesline on Clearwater. Odinson tagged in and hit a flurry offense. Odinson took off his knee brace and hit a running knee for a two-count. From there, Clearwater asked Idol for a spray bottle, but Odinson tagged in Parrow. The End hit Hell on Earth for the win. [c]

WINNERS: The end via pinfall in 8:00

-The show returned with Mae Valentine interviewing Luke and PJ Hawx. PJ said their upcoming tournament match was something he was looking forward to. He said he did not respect Corino because Corino cut corners. Luke said they were there to be the first father and son tag team champions. He said there was no respect on the Corino name. Luke said they finish everything they started. Back in the ring, the next match was ready to begin.


They locked up and Judias quickly threw Plunkett to the mat. He punished Plunkett in the corner. Judias hit a running clothesline followed by a running boot. After, Judias hit a fallaway slam. Judias hit a running crucifix bomb for the win. After the match, James Mitchell instructed Judias to continue the attack. James Storm came out from the back and took a mike. He challenged Judias to a fight. Mitchell said he and storm went back a long way, and that Storm must have a death wish. Storm said he would leave it up to the two of them to decide whose funeral would occur. [c]

WINNER: Judias via pinfall in 2:00

-The show returned with Kyle Davis interviewing Jax Dane and Crimson. Dane said Crimson knew he had a title shot and the Crimson was jealous because he came up short. He said his title shot wouldn’t be up for grabs. He ran down his title wins including the World’s Heavyweight title. Crimson said Dane had a narrow mind. He said he was bothered because Dane walked around running his mouth about past accomplishments. He said everyone saw Dane as the “world’s luckiest loser”. Crimson said he wouldn’t be there to help Dane pick up the pieces. Crimson said he wanted to humiliate Dane. Dane said there’s nothing Crimson could do to humiliate him. Crimson said next week, they would face off in the main event. Dane looked worried as Davis threw to the announce desk. They talked about the former tag team facing each other next week before throwing to the next match.


The bell rang and they shook hands. They locked up and traded holds. Rae tried to cinch in the cross face, but Lynn made it to the ropes. Lynn hit a series of arm drags, followed by a basement dropkick for a two-count. They locked up until Rae backed Lynn into the corner and hit a hard back-elbow. Raw cinched in a modified abdominal stretch. Rae held on to the hold and slammed Lynn’s face into the turnbuckle. Lynn broke free and hit a series of strikes. Lynn avoided a charge from Rae and hit a diving kick for a two-count. Rae ducked an enziguri. Rae cinched in the Charity Case for the win. [c]

WINNER: Kylie Rae via submission in 4:00

-Back from the Break, Kyle Davis interviewed Idol, Tyrus, Blk Jeez, and Clearwater. Davis said their win at NWA 73 was questionable. Jeez said they are thinking men and that they were all about money and gold. Idol said he didn’t appreciate Davis’s accusation. Idol said Jeez did get a little out of line. Jeez owned up to that and Idol accepted the apology. Clearwater said he gave 100 percent, and everyone knows he does that all the time. Davis said they were out of time and threw to the announce desk. Galli threw to the ring for the next match.

(4) MIMS & SAL RINAURO w/Danny Deals vs. SLICE BOOGIE & MARSHE ROCKETT – Winner advances in the NWA Tag Team Championship tournament

Mims and Rockett locked up and traded holds. Slice Boogie distracted Mims and Rockett rolled Mims up for a two-count. They traded chops before Mims hit a splash. Rinauro tagged in and Mims slammed him on Rockett for a two-count. Rinauro cinched in a headlock, but Rockett broke free and tagged Boogie. Rinauro hit a quick arm drag. The pace quickened until Rinauro hit a head-scissors takedown. Boogie slammed Rinauro in the corner and hit a running dropkick for a two-count. Boogie hit a back-body drop and tagged in Rockett. Rinauro broke free and tagged Mims. Mims rallied and hit a flurry of offense. Mims threw Rinauro from the top rope after tagging him. From there, Rinauro hit a springboard stunner for a two-count. Mims made a blind tag hit a big slam for the win. [c]

WINNERS: Mims & Rinauro via pinfall in 5:00

-Back from the break, Kyle Davis interview Paola Blaze and Marti Belle. Belle said her previous words about Blaze were taken out of context. Blaze and Belle yelled at each other in Spanish and got in each other’s faces. Davis threw to the announce desk. Galli threw to a video recap of Nick Aldi’s three-year title reign as World’s Heavyweight Champion.

-After the recap, Kyle Davis introduced Nick Aldis. Davis said he remembered the last time he interviewed Aldis, Aldis punched him in the face. Aldis admitted he was out of line for that and apologized. Aldis called out Billy Corgan and said he never thought they would be standing face to face, swearing at each other. He said over the last four years, they built something great. Aldis said if any of the NWA fans took issue with his actions over the last few months, Aldis said they had every right to feel that way. He said for 1,044 days he had to get up for all the NWA media all while having a big target on his back. He said he was tired of listening to the wrestling world telling him what he should do, all the while he carried the tradition of pro-wrestling on his back. He said he carried the legacy of Funk, Flair, Steamboat, and Harley Race. Aldis said he did his best to belong with those champions. He called himself the greatest world’s champion of the modern era.

-He turned his attention to Murdoch. He said they were like oil and water. He said they may hate each other, but Murdoch was the better man at NWA 73. He said Murdoch has the same target on his back and must deal with the fact that every wrestler in the locker room would stab him in the back at a moment’s notice. He said he hoped Murdoch knew the responsibility he had. Aldis told Murdoch to enjoy the moment because the real work had only just begun. He promised the crowd that he would be the real world’s champion again. He said winning is what his family did as he got emotional. The camera zoomed out to reveal his wife, Mickie James, standing by his side. Aldis said the fans of NWA hadn’t seen anything yet as Davis said goodbye to the crowd.

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