8/29 NWA 73 PPV REPORT: Nick Aldis defends the world heavyweight title, Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae, Adonis vs. Storm, more




AUGUST 29, 2021

Announcers: Velvet Sky, Joe Galli

Announcers: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, Tim Storm, Conrad Thomson

-Like Empower, the show opened with an “old-timey” skit with Mae Valentine, Aaron Stevens, and Kratos. Stevens said the NWA was in a class by itself and that no other wrestling promotion would ever go national. He talked about Kratos once slapping Eddie Graham in the face in the locker room. Stevens said the year was 1968 and mocked the “new kid” Harley Race. He said Race could be something someday, but Race needed to hit the gym as hard as Kratos.

-Valentine said it was the 20th anniversary of the NWA. Stevens replied and said the NWA wasn’t going anywhere and that they had a reach in every promotion across the country. Mae said she couldn’t wait for the next 40 years of the NWA.

-A montage of old wrestling footage aired. The footage was narrated by John Goodman. He talked about the tradition of wrestling in St. Louis. Promos from Dusty Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Tim Storm, Nick Aldis, and Trevor Murdoch aired. Goodman took back over the and said the NWA was there to restore tradition and reignite a legacy.

-The camera entered the Chase Arena as Joe Galli introduced himself, Conrad Thompson, and Velvet Sky. Galli ran down the card before throwing it to the ring where the first match was set to begin.

(1) TIM STORM vs. THOM LATIMER vs. CRIMSON – No DQ Brawl in the Lou

Jake Dane attacked Crimson in the aisle way. The announcers noted that Dane and Crimson were still a tag team. Dane took a ladder out from under the ring and gave Crimson a Death Valley Driver onto it. Dane took the ladder and struck Crimson with it several times. In the ring, Latimer attacked Storm with a chair, including a chair shot to Storm’s face. The bell rang and Latimer covered Storm for a two-count. Storm left the ring and threw a garbage can into Latimer’s face. Latimer fell to the floor and they brawled around ringside. Storm pulled a huge ladder out from under the ring and set it up in the aisle way. Storm slammed Latimer on the floor and tried to scale the ladder but Latimer hit him with the lid of the trash can.

Latimer grabbed part of the steel barricade and set it up across the barricades on each side of the aisle. With Storm draped across the barricade, Latimer dove off the ladder and drove Storm to the floor. With both wrestlers on the floor, Crimson returned from the back after being attended to by medical staff. Crimson threw Latimer in the ring and hit a flurry of offense. Crimson drop kicked a chair into Latimer’s face before setting up two more chairs in the ring. From there, Crimson gave Latimer a Death Valley Driver through the chairs and tried to cover Latimer, but Storm pulled the referee out of the ring before the count of three. Storm and Crimson traded blows in the middle of the ring and the crowd sided with Storm. Crimson took his belt off, but Storm took the referee’s belt off of him. They whipped each other back and forth. Crimson tried to give Storm a Death Valley Driver, but wasn’t able to deliver it due to his injured ribs. From there, Storm hit The Perfect Storm for the win.

WINNER: Tim Storm via pinfall in 15:00


Before the bell, the crowd started a “Thank you, Mickie!” chant for her role as executive producer of Empower. They shook hands and the bell rang. The peace quickened early until James hit a running kick for a two-count. Rae bridged out of another pinfall attempt and cinched in an STF. James broke the hold and hit a flapjack. After, James scaled the top rope but Rae met her there and attempted a superplex. James knocked Rae to the mat and hit a dive for a two count. James attempted an armbar, but Rae hit a superkick for a two-count. Raw got audibly frustrated and cinched in a cross-face. Rae broke the hold and charged James in the corner, but James countered and hit the Mickie-DDT for the win. After the bell, a masked woman attacked James from behind. She took off the mask and revealed herself to be Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo hit a Package Piledriver and taunted the crowd until Rae ran Purrazzo off.

WINNER: Mickie James via pinfall in 8:00

-Tim Storm came out from the back and replaced Thompson on commentary. Galli and Sky asked him how he was feeling. Storm said he was feeling rough but he survived the chaos.


Parrow and Tyrus started the match and stared each other down. Tyrus quickly tagged in Clearwater. Parrow took control and splashed Clearwater in the corner. Odinson tagged in and slammed Parrow onto Clearwater. Pope tagged in a splashed Clearwater for a two-count. Pope hit a flurry of offense until Syon attacked him from behind. Tyrus tagged in and punished Pope in the corner. Team Tyrus kept control of the match with frequent tags and took turns attacking Pope in the corner. Syon tagged in and attempted a suplex, but Pope broke free and tagged Odinson. Odinson hit a modified slam for a two-count. Syon hit a running boot and tagged in Tyrus. Team Tyrus tagged in and out frequently to keep control once again. Tyrus dragged Odinson into the corner and scaled the ropes. Odinson stood and threw Tyruss across the ring before tagging in Parrow. A brawl ensued between both teams. In the ring, The End went for the Doomsday Device, but Black Jeez came from the crowd and knocked Odinson from the top rope. Tyrus hit Odinson with the heart punch, but Syon made a blind tag and covered Odinson for the win. After the match, Tyrus and Syon confronted each other before returning to the back.

WINNERS: Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, & The Masked Man Syon in 11:00

(4) CHRIS ADONIS vs. JAMES STORM – NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match

They locked up and Adonis cinched in a headlock. Adonis knocked Storm to the mat with a shoulder block and taunted the crowd. Storm regrouped and the traded holds. The pace quickened until Storm hit a Lou Thesz press. Adonis threw Storm to the outside, but Storm landed on his feet and pulled Adonis to the outside. They brawled around ringside. Adonis threw Storm head-first into the ring post before throwing Storm back in the ring. Adonis hit an ax handle from the second rope, followed by a Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Adonis cinched in a headlock. Storm created separation but Adonis hit an under hook suplex for a two count. Adonis returned to the headlock. Adonis broke the hold and threw Storm into the turnbuckle head-first several times. Each time, Storm’s smile grew bigger. Storm rallied around the ring and Storm hit a flurry of offense. Adonis knocked Storm to the mat and scaled the top rope. Storm stood and climbed to the top and hit a Franken-Steiner. From there, Storm hit a modified slam for a two-count. The crowd rallied behind Storm and he hit a code breaker. Storm attempted The Last Call, but Adonis countered with a spine buster for a two-count. After, Adonis cinched in The Masterlock, but Storm forced Adonis into the corner. Adonis responded with The Masterlock Slam for a two count. Adonis reached outside the ring and grabbed an open beer bottle. He drank some and also spit some beer around the ring. Storm stood and hit The Last Call for a three-count, but Adonis put his foot on the bottom rope before the third count. Storm celebrated and as the referee tried to explain the match wasn’t over. The crowd started to boo the referee. With Storm distracted, Adonis rolled Storm up, used the ropes for leverage, and scored the three-count.

WINNER: Chris Adonis via pinfall in 14:00

-Kyle Davis stood in the ring and celebrated the NWA’s return to Chase Arena. He then introduced Ric Flair as the greatest NWA champion of all time. Flair came out to loud cheers from the crowd.

-Flair took the mike and the crowd was so loud he couldn’t speak. Flair said he wouldn’t cry yet and would save that for the end of the show. He said yesterday he signed autographs with Pete Rose, drank with Dennis Rodman, and hung out with Lawerence Taylor, and it was all because he was the NWA champion. He said the NWA would always be around because of the fans, and for as long as he was alive, he wouldn’t let anyone forget the NWA. He called St. Louis his home and the fans started a “Welcome Back!” chant. Flair said Billy Corgan said he could do whatever he wanted for the night. Flair thanked his wife Wendy, HHH, HBK, Taker, and even Vince McMahon. He told Vince he loved him and that Vince would say “Flair was back where he belonged.”

-Flair thanked HHH again for reminding him he was Ric Flair. He said hanging in HHH’s office was the NWA belt. Flair thanked HBK and Taker again for carrying him during their WrestleMania matches. He said every time he’s with Steve Austin, Austin asks Flair to tell him an NWA story. Flair did a Harley Race impression and talked about his matches with Brodie Lee. He ran down a list of legends he wrestled at The Chase and the crowd woo’d for each name. He said all the legends of the ’90s and today all grew up watching The NWA and that they had massive respect for the brand. Flair ran down his crazy wrestling schedule and said he wouldn’t miss St. Louis for any reason.

-Flair said the world champion’s job was to wrestle and party every day. He said he wasn’t the only world champion to ever be divorced. He said he spent most of the money he earned each night and he did so to show off as the world’s champion. He said his world now is different. He said Vince, Tony Kahn, and Billy Corgan were all happy because wrestling needs brands. Flair said what was special about him was that he could attend all events across brands from AEW to WWE. He said he went from NWA world champion to looking like crap in his last match with Sting on Nitro. He said Vince wanted him to wrestle, but he thought he was terrible and didn’t want to do it. Within six months Flair was back in the ring. He thanked Randy and Bob Orton and said he wanted Orton to break his world title record. He thanked all his children and said it must have been a nightmare to have Ric Flair as a dad. He thanked Billy Corgan for calling him and thought he might have a title match against Nick Aldis. Flair took off his coat and strutted around the ring. He thanked the fans again and told his wife he loved her more than anything. The crowd started a “Thank you, Ric!” chant. Flair got emotional and thanked all rosters across all wrestling brands before returning to the back.

-The announcers were all emotional at ringside and thanked Flair for giving them such a great moment before throwing back to the ring.

(5) 12 MAN BATTLE ROYAL – Winner gets an NWA World Championship Match

All 12 men walked out to the ring at once. Before the match began, Father James Mitchell walked out with Judias. The announcer’s called Judias a surprise 13th entrant. Galli explained that wrestlers did not need to go over the top rope to be eliminated, and only one foot needed to touch the floor.

Chaos ensued until it came down to Luke Haux, JTG, and Judias. Haux and JTG tried to double team Judias but were unsuccessful. Judias threw Haux over the rope, leaving only JTG and Judias. Eventually, Judias knocked JTG to the floor for the win.

WINNER: Judias in 15:00

(6) KAMILLE (c) vs. CHELSEA GREEN, NWA Women’s Championship Match

Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. Kamille quickly wrestled Green to the mat. They traded holds until Kamille hit a full nelson bomb. Kamille cinched in leg scissors. Green broke free and rolled Kamille up for a two-count. They traded several sunset flips for several back and forth near falls. Both wrestlers stood and Kamille hit a gut wrench suplex. From there, Kamille punished Green in the corner. Kamille hit a Samoan drop for a one-count. Kamille clubbed Green up against the ropes as the crowd rallied behind Green. Kamille cinched in a chin lock. Green broke free but missed a diving elbow. Kamile rolled outside and pulled Green with her. Kamille slammed Green’s wrist on the ring apron before throwing her into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Kamille continued to target Green’s wrist. Kamille cinched in a torture rack, but Green countered with a cutter. Both wrestlers stood and Green hit DDT for a two-count. Green scaled the ropes but Kamille met her there. Kamille attempted a superplex, Green knocked her to the mat and hit a missile dropkick for a two-count. Kamille stood and hit a diving leg drop for a two-count. After, Kamille attempted a spear but green avoided contact and hit a German suplex. Kamille quickly stood and hit a spear. Green put her foot on the bottom rope and broke the pinfall attempt. Kamille cinched in a modified armbar and Green tapped out.

WINNER: Kamille via submission in 9:00


Formal ring introductions took place and the bell rang. Bestia and Stevens started the match at a quick pace. Stevens hit a back-elbow before Mecha Wolf tried to attack him from behind. Kratos ran Wolf out of the ring and tagged in. Kratos deadlifted Bestia off the mat into a suplex for a two-count. Stevens tagged in but Bestia poked him in the eye. Konan hit Stevens several times from the floor. Konan tried to get in the ring but Stevens knocked him to the floor. La Rebellion doubled-teamed Stevens behind the referee’s back. From there, La Rebellion kept control of the match with frequent tags. Stevens created separation and tried to tag Kratos, but Wolf pulled Kratos off the ring apron. Eventually, Stevens tagged in Kratos who entered the ring and rallied. Kratos threw Bestia across the ring with a suplex for a two-count. Wolf knocked Stevens to the floor and hit a dive through the ropes. Bestia scaled the ropes, but Kratos pulled him down and hit a falcon arrow for a two-count. Stevens tagged in, but Konan distracted the referee. Bestia hit a low blow on Stevens. Besita hit a moonsault on Kratos on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring. La Rebellion hit The Mark of the Beast for the win.

WINNERS: LA REBELLION via pinfall in 14:00, new NWA tag team champions

-After the match, Konan grabbed the mike and said it was a great time to be a wrestling fan because promotions never worked together before. He said today wrestling is inclusive, unlike when he came into the business. He said the NWA was professional wrestling and celebrated the NWA’s anniversary before returning to the back with the new champions.

-A video package aired highlighting the feud between Aldis and Murdoch. Murdoch was shown saying if he didn’t beat Aldis and become champion, he would retire from professional wrestling.

(8) NICK ALDIS (c) vs. TREVOR MURDOCH – NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Formal ring introductions took place. The referee spoke on the mike and went over the rules with both participants. Murdoch left the ring and gave his ring jacket to his family in the crowd. Aldis attacked Murdoch from behind and they brawled around ringside. Murdoch threw Aldis over the barricade and they brawled around the arena. Galli noted that the bell had not yet rung, so the match hadn’t officially started yet. Extra officials came out from the back and tried to get them back in the ring. Aldis hit a spinebuster on the stage. Billy Corgan came out from the back and demanded Aldis get in the ring. Aldis got in Corgan’s face until the referees separated them. Aldis slammed Murdoch on the stage again. Aldis dragged Murdoch down the aisle and threw him in the ring. The referee demanded each wrestler go into their corners and the bell finally rang. Murdoch surprised Aldis and rallied with a series of strikes. Aldis hit the Angle Slam and the commentators drew attention to Aldis’ relationship with Kurt Angle. After, Aldis hit a Lou Thesz press.

Aldis scaled the ropes, but Murdoch caught him and slammed him from the top. Murdoch cinched in the figure-four-leg-lock. Aldis broke free and Murdoch charged at him. Aldis avoided contact and Murdoch went shoulder-first into the ring post. After, Aldis cinched in the abdominal stretch. The referee caught Aldis using the top rope for leverage and broke the hold. Aldis shoved the referee as Murdoch tried to clothesline Aldis from behind. Murdoch hit the referee unintentionally. Murdoch hit the pop-up powerbomb. Murdoch tried to wake the referee up and Aldis hit a low blow. From there, Murdoch rolled to the outside. Aldis left the ring and taunted Murdoch’s family. Aldis drove Murdoch into the ring post several times before punching both Kyle Davis and the timekeeper. Aldis pulled a table out from under the ring and put Murdoch on it. Aldis climbed the top rope and drove Murdoch through the table with an elbow drop.

Another referee came out from the back. Aldis rolled Murdoch back in the ring and scored a two-count. Murdoch surprised Aldis with a code red for a two-count. Murdoch slowly scaled the top rope but Aldis met him and hit a tombstone piledriver. With Murdoch on the mat, Aldis hit an elbow drop from the top rope for a two-count. Aldis climbed again, but Murdoch met him and Hit a superplex for a two-count. Murdoch missed a bulldog and Aldis cinched in the Cloverleaf. Murdoch reached the ropes and the referee broke the hold. They traded strikes from their knees in the middle of the ring. Murdoch hit a piledriver before climbing to the top. Murdoch hit the bulldog from the top and got the three-count to become the new NWA World Heavyweight champion.

WINNER: Nick Aldis via pinfall in 20:00, new World Heavyweight Champion

-After the match, Ric Flair entered the ring and celebrated with Murdoch. Trevor’s family entered the ring and embraced him. Tim Storm was crying on commentary as Ric Flair took the mic. He congratulated Murdoch, shook his hand, and said champions lead by example. The ring cleared and Murdoch took the mic. He said he never thought this moment would happen. The crowd started a “You deserve it!” chant. Murdoch said the fans were the reason he kept going. He said he doesn’t know what’s his future, but he’ll represent the title to the best of his ability every day. He started a Harley Race chant. He thanked the crowd for supporting him as the show went off the air.

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  1. A great show with a main event that really delivered! What a treat to see Ric Flair out from under Vince’s thumb. Konnan said it best. It is a great time to be a wrestling fan!

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