9/26 EXTREME RULES 2021 KICKOFF SHOW REPORT: Final hype for top matches including Roman Reigns vs. The Demon, Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss, more




SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

Kickoff Panel: Kayla Braxton, Booker T, Kevin Patrick, JBL, Peter Rosenberg, Sonya Deville

-Kayla opened by asking Deville what her issue is with Naomi. Deville said it’s nothing personal, and that it’s important to set ground rules and that a standard be upheld. She said she wouldn’t be disrespected by Naomi, and she’s sorry if Adam Pearce is willing to take that sort of abuse. When asked about the Belair / Lynch match, Deville said that Lynch thinks she is setting a good example by being a champion / mother. Peter said that he’s seen something new in Belair since she lost the title. Booker disagreed, and said there’s no advantage to Belair’s situation. JBL concurred, and said there’s never an advantage to losing a championship. Booker and JBL favored Lynch’s chances tonight.

-Footage was shown from Raw where Lashley repeatedly interrupted Big E and Bloodline business. We cut to Sara Schreiber who was backstage with AJ Styles and Omos. New Day entered and began jawing at Styles, then Lashley appeared and started brawling with Big E. Suited staff and referees flooded into the room to split them up.

-The panel discussed the U.S. Championship triple threat match, and repeatedly pointed out that the champion Priest need not be pinned to lose the title to either Jeff Hardy or Sheamus. Booker and JBL made efforts to make Hardy seem like a credible opponent in this match.

-As a result of the backstage skirmish, a six-man tag was added to tonight’s card: New Day vs. AJ Styles, Omos, and Lashley.

-The panel discussed Roman Reigns and his recent victory over Montez Ford while a replay showed Ford being brutalized by Bloodline with chairs and a table on Smackdown. Kayla threw to the Street Profits arriving at the arena. They had somber, serious attitudes – Angelo Dawkins looked into the camera and said he thought it was funny that the Bloodline attacked his partner in a three-on-one situation, and warned them that “A.D. Is back in town,” and that they’d bring the smoke.

-A video package was shown for Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte. Charlotte was shown arriving at the arena in a stretch limousine with an impressive gull wing door. Pointing out the paranormal, Kayla said that we’ve seen Alexa take over people’s minds in the ring – then soon followed up by saying Charlotte has “humanized” Alexa recently.

Announce Team: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee


Peacock streaming network featured overlapping English and Spanish commentary feeds for the duration of this match – a feature now known as Extreme Commentary.

Carmella procured a microphone and assured the audience of her own beauty, and said that the audience and Morgan cannot relate to her. “Let’s face it, honey – I’m hot, and you’re not.” Carmella turned away to laugh, and Morgan attacked her from behind. The ref separated the two and called for the match to start.

Morgan drop kicked Carmella, slamming her into the corner. Carmella dropped to the floor and swept Morgan’s feet out on the apron, causing her to topple to the floor. Carmella rolled her back into the ring (after a low superkick) and covered for two. Carmella postured to the audience and absorbed some boos, then did a low-key bronco buster in the corner before covering for a one-count. Carmella landed a few forearm shots, then lifted Morgan to her feet and hit a standard suplex. Carmella applied a chin lock.

Morgan battled out but Carmella was ready and slammed her to the canvas and covered for another two-count. The women exchanged blows while sat on the mat, then got to their feet. Morgan landed a Thesz press, then hit a slow-jogging knee strike to Carmella in the corner. She followed up with a step-up enziguri, sending Carmella to the mat. Morgan did a double stomp to Carmella in the corner, then covered for a two-count near fall.

The women took turns rolling each other up for near falls. Carmella slammed Morgan to the mat by her hair, then covered for two. Carmella landed a superkick and covered yet again for two. Carmella shrieked repeatedly at the referee. The fans booed as she pouted. Morgan smashed Carmella’s face into her knees, then covered for two. Morgan ran into a Carmella boot in the corner, then Carmella applied a triangle lock to Morgan against the ropes and used the ref’s four-count before releasing. Carmella dragged Morgan out to the floor. Morgan fired Carmella into the announce table from her back with her feet, then rolled her back into the ring. Morgan followed her in and took Carmella down with the Oblivion off the ropes, then covered Carmella for the three-count and victory.

WINNER: Liv Morgan by pinfall in 7:45.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Maybe the most predictable outcome on this card, Morgan gets the win after taking a pointless and sketchy loss on Smackdown two days prior. The match was what you’d expect – just fine. Carmela put in overtime with the heel gimmickry to get the crowd clearly on Morgan’s side.)

-The Kickoff concluded with a Balor (Demon) vs. Reigns video package. Sara was backstage with Paul Heyman, and asked if Reigns is taking Balor more seriously since the Demon’s attack on Friday. Heyman said that this was the stupidest question he’s heard in his career, and that not even Kayla would ask a question so stupid. Heyman cranked up the sarcasm, and said, “You’re right! We’ve overlooked the Demon! They should put ‘Future Ex-Champion’ on Roman’s graphic when he enters!” He adopted a more serious tone and gave the alleged spoiler (“not a prediction”) that Reigns would be victorious.

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