10/11 ROH TV RESULTS: Pageot’s alt-perspective on The OGK vs. Bandido & Horus, S.O.S. vs. Castle & Draper, Love vs. Alize vs. Nightingale

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 11, 2021

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni

Opening theme.

-Through voice-over, Riccaboni ran down tonight’s card.

-Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe were with him on commentary.

-S.O.S. were standing on the ramp without the rest of Shane Taylor Promotions. They made their way to the ring and got a brief cut-in promo. Dalton Castle and Dak Draper were out next with four of Castle’s “baby chickens.” He and Draper also got a picture in picture promo. Draper yawned while Castle was talking.


Castle and Kaun started. Draper tagged in. Kaun took control and tagged Moses. Castle tried to get involved but tumbled to ringside. S.O.S. double-teamed Draper, then tossed Castle back to the floor again. [C]

Draper worked over Kaun. Castle tagged in for an assisted gutwrench slam. Tag back to Draper. Castle ran a lap around the ring with the chickens in tow. Hot tag to Moses. He knocked Castle off the apron and went to work on Draper. Castle tried for the save but got thrown over the top rope. Doomsday Device-variation from S.O.S. but Draper kicked out. Moses went to the floor and yelled at the chickens, causing them to scatter into the empty bleachers. Double-team DDT to Draper for the pin.

WINNERS: S.O.S. in 9:16.

-Castle & Draper left. Tag team champions Kenny King & Dragon Lee jumped S.O.S. and laid them out with belt shots. They posed over Kaun for a selfie. As they left up the ramp, S.O.S. were back on their feet. Moses took a mic (unnecessarily, in the empty arena) and challenged them to a match for the two-man titles. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: When you have six championships in a promotion with a limited roster and only one hour of television per week, I guess it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with scenarios like tag champions challenging tag champions. I suspect a lot of the matches we’ve seen teased recently, like this one, will play out on television as we have about a month to kill before we seriously get into Final Battle build.)

-Willow Nightingale made her entrance for a three-way. She got a bubbly backstage promo where she pointed out that she just needs to win this one and another one and then she’ll be in the title picture at Final Battle. Miranda Alize was out second and also got a promo. She was in full heel mode, complaining about needing to be in this match and feigning that she couldn’t remember Nightingale’s name. The Allure were out last. No promo from them.

-Chelsea Green and Caprice Coleman were on commentary in place of The Briscoes.


The heels teamed up on Nightingale but she dropped Love with a superkick. Love returned and choked Nightingale in the corner. More double-teaming from the heels. [C]

Nightingale blocked a double suplex and hit a double DDT. Nightingale fired up with forearms to both opponents. She went for a dropkick off the second rope. Love dodged and Alize took it. The heels finally turned on each other. They threw forearms in the middle of the ring. Love with a headscissors to Alize. Nightingale broke it up. They both went to the floor and Nightingale hit a split-leg dropkick off the apron to both women. Alize bit Nightingale’s fingers and hit a suicide dive to both opponents. Love hit a crossbody off the apron to both opponents. Love kicked Alize off the apron. Nightingale grabbed from her behind and rolled up Love for the pin.

WINNER: Willow Nightingale in 8:32. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: An okay match, a little stilted at times. Surprising that Leon didn’t factor into things at all and very surprising to see the non-contracted wrestler win. Nightingale’s one of my favorites in all of wrestling right now, though. This one did a good job of continuing to establish her personality to ROH viewers. There will be a forthcoming three-way between Leon, Trish Adora, and Allysin Kay. Nightingale will face the winner of that one to determine Rok-C’s challenger at Final Battle.)

-Mike Bennett came out alone. Matt Taven was next. They had a PIP promo where they wore backwards baseball caps because they’re young and hip. Bennett said a win here would put them in the tag title picture. Bandido and Rey Horus entered together. They also got a backstage promo where Horus continued to play cheerleader for the world champ.

-Green was off commentary, leaving Riccaboni and Coleman for the main event.

(3) ROH WORLD CHAMPION BANDIDO & REY HORUS vs. THE OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

Bennett and Horus started. Back and forth ended in a stand-off. They both tagged out. Taven connected with a dropkick to Bandido. [C]

The OGK double-teamed the champ while the referee looked on. Bennett worked over Bandido’s left knee. Taven with an enziguiri and blue thunder. Hot tag to Horus, who cleared the ring. Tag back to Bandido. Horus went over the top rope to take out Bennett at ringside. [C]

The luchadors double-teamed Taven. He made the tag to Bennett and they set up Bandido for a spike piledriver. Horus shoved Taven into Bennett to break up the pin. All four men were down. Bennett and Horus traded forearms. Taven took out Horus, Bandido took out Taven, and Bennett took out Bandido. All four men were down again. Horus with an octopus to Bennett but he ran him into the corner. Bennett avoided a 450 splash. Backpack stunner to Horus for the pin.

WINNERS: The OGK in 12:07.

(Pageot’s Perspective: There’s been chatter among others online about Bandido’s title reign seeming like it’s off to a flat start and he doesn’t feel like the top star of the company. I was on the fence but I can see it. Wrestling in inconsequential tag matches and not having any clear antagonists chasing him and his title definitely makes him feel lower on the card than he should. Shades of Dalton Castle’s title reign. Next week will be our third week of television in a row with two men’s tag matches and no men’s singles matches. Bizarre.)

-Next week: it’s Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams, & Rhett Titus vs. Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, Joe Keys, and The World-Famous C.B. as well as Kenny King & Dragon Lee vs. S.O.S. for the tag titles.

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