11/8 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Bandido vs. Alex Zayne for ROH World Championship, Woods vs. LSG for ROH Pure Championship, more



NOVEMBER 8, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes everyone to this week’s show. This week’s episode is the ROH Championship Edition. Alex Zayne returned to ROH at Death Before Dishonor and won the Honor Rumble to win a shot at Bandido for the ROH World Title. The first match will be a match for the ROH Pure Championship with Josh Woods defending against LSG.

(1) JOSH WOODS (c) vs LSG – ROH Pure Championship

Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Brian Johnson joins in on commentary. LSG comes out first. In a pre-match interview, LSG says he is friends with Josh Woods and they have travelled and trained together. He says ROH is not a backup plan for him. He says you can’t teach passion for ROH and that is what he has. LSG says that is why he will be the next Pure champion. Josh Woods comes out next. In a pre-match interview, Josh Woods that says some of the best in the world have held this title. He said he doesn’t care about how good of friends he and LSG are. Woods looks at the title and says not today. Bobby Cruise introduces the competitors. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Basic promos that showcase both competitors have a relationship but are more focused on the Pure Championship. Having Bobby Cruise introduce each wrestler in the ring gives this match a special feel.)

Code of honor adhered to. They lock up and Woods gets a roll up for a two count. LSG counters with a roll up of his own for a two count. Woods and LSG trade pins and shake hands. They go for a test of strength. Woods gets control with an arm drag and an arm lock. Woods goes for a kimura but LSG breaks out and grabs a head lock. LSG maintains control until Woods shoves him. LSG regains control and gets a two count through a crucifix. Woods gets a hammerlock. LSG blocks a corvat with his first rope break. Collar and elbow lockup leads to Woods in control. LSG tries to flip out but Woods shifts to a hammer lock. LSG tries to get out but Woods shifts to the corvat again. LSG back suplexes Woods but Woods maintains control. LSG fights out and suplexes Woods. LSG applies a submission and Woods gets his first rope break. Woods slaps LSG sending him to the outside. They trade strikes on the outside. LSG counters a DDT into an over the head belly to belly suplex. Woods throws LSG into the ring for a one count. Woods applies the corvat for a third time. LSG fights out through punches to the gut. Woods reapplies the hold but LSG applies a stunner. Both competitors are down. (c)

Both competitors are still down. LSG rolls through and hits a forearm. Woods hits a snap mare and LSG counters with a kick followed by two clotheslines for a two count. LSG butterflies the arms but Woods takes him down for a two count. LSG gets up and hits the Saint Splosion for a two count. LSG hits Woods with a series of forearms. Woods reverses an Irish Whip and gets LSG in a tombstone position. LSG blocks it and gets a two count. LSG hits the Rocket Bye Baby. LSG jumps off the middle ropes but Woods catches him in the corvat. LSG runs the ropes to attempt to break out but Woods counters with a knee strike. Woods hits the Beast Slam and puts LSG in the Guerilla Lock for the victory.

WINNER: Josh Woods at 10:37

Highlights of the match are shown including the finish. Referee Joe Mandak gives LSG ice. LSG and Woods shake hands. Woods holds the Pure title up high.(c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: I enjoyed this match. It was different from other Pure matches with Gresham as champion because it was not as focused on submission holds. Hopefully whatever iteration of Ring of Honor that returns in April, continues to have Pure matches.)

Highlights are shown of the ROH Halloween special which only aired on YouTube.

Backstage, Quinn McKay interviews Josh Woods. McKay asks Woods about having his first successful title defense. He replies 1 and 0. McKay says Woods is distinct and a man of few words.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This is a good pivot of Woods’ character. He showed a humorous side that gained him more attention but being of a man of few words will remind the fans of his ability.)

Riccaboni and Coleman are recapping the Honor Rumble, which Alex Zayne won to get the title match against Bandido later in the show. Riccaboni mentions he was rooting for Coleman in that match. The Bouncers and Ken Dixon interrupt them. Beer City Bruiser says that he was illegally eliminated from that match and should have been the winner. Highlights are shown of Coleman eliminating Bruiser. Bruiser blames Coleman and grabs Riccaboni. Coleman says not to put his hands on people and shoves Bruiser. Bruiser challenges Coleman to a match. The Bouncers and Ken Dixon walk away. Riccaboni and Coleman compose themselves. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: It is good to see that the months of interactions between the Bouncers and Ken Dixon against the announce team will pay off in a match. Coleman standing up for his friend and broadcast partner is a good look.)

Highlights are shown of Bandido winning the ROH World Title from Rush. Zayne says he saw Bandido wins the ROH World Title and he remembers that he beat Bandido before. Highlights are shown of Zayne beating Bandido in at Honor Reigns Supreme on January 12, 2020. This time he says he will beat Bandido for the ROH World Title. Bandido responds that he knows that he beat him over a year ago and he has learned a lot since then but now he is the most wanted champions.

(2) BANDIDO (c) vs ALEX ZAYNE – ROH World Championship

Jonathan Gresham is on commentary. Alex Zayne is out first. Bandido comes out next. Bobby Cruise introduces both competitors.

Code of honor adhered to. They start slowly. Bandido gets a wrist lock but Zayne flips out and gets one of his own. Bandido spins out. Zayne gets three consecutive two counts on Bandido. Bandido regains control through strikes and hits a Code Red for a two count. Bandido goes for a slam but Zayne counters with a pendulum slam face first for a two count. (c)

Zayne hits Bandido with a series of strikes and a flipping heel kick for a two count. Zayne follows up with a fore arm and he Irish whips Bandido into the corner. Zayne charges and Bandido gets him up into a press slam position and hits a Falcon arrow. Bandido hits a shooting star press for a two count. Bandido hits a clothesline on Zane and outs him on the top rope. Bandido tries to suplex Zayne but Zayne shows him off. Bandido flips to his feet. Zayne jumps off the top rope but misses Bandido. Zayne rolls through but Bandido kicks him. Zayne flips, gets a head scissors and hurricanrana’s Bandido. Bandido counters for a one count. Bandido hit s a fall away powerbomb but Zayne counters with a kick. Both competitors are down. Zayne and Bandido gets up and trade strikes until Bandido shoves Zayne in the corner. Zayne grabs Bandido and outs him on the top rope. Zayne slaps Bandido. Zayne tries t get control but Bandido fights him off. Bandido gets Zayne on his shoulder and hits a top rope Falcon Arrow for a two count. (c)

Bandido Irish whips Zayne into the corner and outs Zayne on the top rope. Zayne blocks a slam and gets control of Bandido. He hits a Pendulum Face Buster for a two count. Zayne clotheslines Bandido in the corner. Zayne climbs the top rope but slips and misses Bandido. Zayne goes for a pump handle slam but Bandido counters for a two count. Zayne hits a knee and tuns the ropes. Bandido gets a control of Zayne and hits the X knew. Bandido hits the 21 plex and a German suplex for the win.

WINNER: Bandido at 10:15

Bandido and Zayne hug and shake hands. Bandido holds up the World Title at Gresham and points at him. A graphic is shown for next week’s show. The matches will be Beer City Bruiser vs Caprice Coleman, PJ Black and Flip Gordon vs the OGK, and the Righteous vs the Foundation.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match was a good athletic contest that showcased Bandido, but also gave Zayne his highlights. The end tease of Bandido vs Gresham is in my opinion foreshadowing the main event of Final Battle. Both matches did a good job making the titles seem important. Unfortunately, the upcoming hiatus will put a dent in that.)

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