11/22 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Dragon Lee vs. Dalton Castle ROH TV Championship, Walters vs. Johnson, more



NOVEMBER 22, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes everyone to this week’s show. This week’s episode features a main event of the Dragon Lee defending the ROH TV Title against Dalton Castle. The show will also include Mandy Leon vs Trish Adora vs Allysin Kay with the winner facing Willow for the right to wrestle for the ROH Women’s Title at Final Battle. The opening match will be Jonathan Walters vs Brian Johnson in a Pure Wrestling match.


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Jonathan Walters comes out first. In a pre match promo, Walters says when Johnson started wrestling in 2006, he had already been in ROH for 3 years. He says he won the ROH Pure title and he says he is not here to talk about the past but the future and him winning back the Pure title. Brian Johnson comes out next with a microphone. Johnson said when Walters made his return to ROH he said a lot of disrespectful things and added that when he wins he will say even more. Johnson says that Walters is stuck in the past and he is here to rewrite history and you spell Pure M-E-C-C-A. Johnson gives his own introduction.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: It was probably not the best time to have a promo that says ROH is stuck in the past and not looking at the future. Though to be fair, with an uncertain future, that might be the best way to go.)

Code of honor adhered to. They lock up to start and grapple for control. Johnson takes down Walters but Walters escapes through a head scissors. (c)

Johnson escapes an arm wringer and elbows Walters. Johnson Irish whips Walters but Walters counters with a head scissors and an arm drag takeover. Walters bangs Johnson’s arm on the mat but Johnson breaks out and chops Walters. Walters reverses an Irish whip into an arm drag takeover again. Johnson monkey flips Walters but Walters holds on and elbows Johnson. Walters jams Johnson’s arm on the top rope. Walters maintains control of the left arm. Johnson escapes and throws Johnson over the top rope. Walters lands on the apron and grabs Johnson’s arm while climbing the top rope. Johnson hits Walters with the Spike Eskin for a two count after knocking Walters off the top rope. Johnson is trying to get feeling back in his left arm. Johnson punches Walters with an open fist and hits a knee drop for a two count. Walters tries to fight back but Johnson gets control and hits a suplex for a two count. Johnson knees Walters in the back twice and applies a Cobra Clutch submission. Walters fights out but Johnson hits a running forearm. Johnson yells at Walters and stomps and kicks him. (c)

Johnson Irish whups Walters but Walters reverses into a sunset flip into a two count. Johnson hits an elbow for a two count. Johnson scoop slams Walters and hits an elbow. Johnson steps over Walters and hits a fist drop. That counts as Johnson’s first punch. Johnson hits a clothesline for a two count. Walters is on the top rope. Johnson attempts a superplex but Walters knocks him to the mat. Walters grabs Johnson’s left arm and jumps on it. Walters hits a series of clotheslines followed by a Northern Light suplex for a two count. Walters goes for a Sharpshooters but Johnson kicks him off and hits a jaw breaker. Johnson is unable to Irish whip Walters due to his injured arm but he elbows Walters and rolls him up for a two count. Walters grabs Johnson’s arm and tries to apply a submission but Johnson reaches the ropes for his first rope break. Walters hits a running forearm. He tries again but Johnson catches him with a boot and rolls up Walters. Johnson has a hand full of tights so referee Todd Sinclair stops his count. Walters rolls up Johnson for a two count. Walters and Johnson trade moves until Walters applies the Sharpshooter. Johnson reaches the ropes for his second rope break. Walters pulls down Johnson’s knee pad and goes for a suplex. Johnson escapes but Walters goes for the Sharpshooter again. Johnson uses his third and final rope break. When Sinclair turns around to inform Bobby Cruise of the rope break, Johnson thumbs Walters in the eye. Johnson kicks Walters in the knee and Walters lands face first on Johnson’s knee. Johnson lifts Walters up and hits the Trust the Process for the victory.

WINNER: Johnson at 11:30

Johnson extends his hand for a handshake and shakes hands with Walters while he is still on the mat. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The match was a good story of Walters being better than Johnson and Johnson needing to use nefarious means to win. The finish of Walters knocking himself out when falling on Johnson’s knee was too contrived. There is a place for Johnson as the non Pure wrestler of the Pure division.)


Chelsea Green is on commentary. Allysin Kay comes out first accompanied by Marti Belle. Mandy Leon comes out next accompanied by Angelina Love. Trish Adora comes out last. Highlights of Willow winning previously on ROH TV were shown.

Code of not honor adhered to. The three competitors circle each other until Mandy Leon leaves the ring. Kay and Adora wrestle while Leon watches from the outside with Love. Adora takes down Kay for a two count but Kay maintains a head lock. Kay takes Adora down for a one count. Kay hits a Samoan Drop but Leon breaks up the pin. Leon talks trash to Adora and Kay who hit Leon with a double clothesline. Leon rolls out of the ring and Kay rolls up Adora for a two count. Adora and Kay grapple for control and reach a stalemate. They go for lariats but hit each other’s arm. Adora hits a hip toss followed by a back suplex for a pinning attempt. Leon breaks it up. Leon strikes Adora and Kay hitting both with clotheslines. Leon throws Adora into Kay. (c)

Leon kicks Adora but Adora takes Leon don and gets an ankle lock. Kay grabs a kimura on Leon. Adora and Kay strike reach other and break their holds. Adora and Kay trade strikes until Kay hits a neckbreaker. Kay puts Adora on the top rope and chops Adora. Kay goes for a superplex but Leon powerbombs Kay sending Adora to the mat. Leon pins Kay who throws Leon onto Adora. Adora throws Leon onto Kay. Leon is frustrated that this only results in two counts. Leon suplexes Adora onto Kay and sends Adora to the outside. Referee Joe Mandak checks on Adora allowing Love to hit Kay. Belle gets on the apron but Leon hits her. Leon hits Astro Projection for the win

WINNER: Leon at 6:58

Leon and Love celebrate while Belle helps Kay out of the ring.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match was wrestled in the same manner that I used to approach Fire Pro matches on Sega Dreamcast in college. Stay on the outside as much as you can and strike when you have the opportunity. Leon did that but the match really got me interested in watching Adora vs Kay again. Hopefully that happens in the near future.)

A video for Dalton Castle airs. Castle says he is excited. He says at the top of his to do list is to get in the ring with Dragon Lee. Castle wants to make the TV title scene entertaining. He says he has been all over the planet to prepare to climb the rankings of the Tv title. He says he and Lee are works of art and they have the opportunity to put on the show of a lifetime. He wants Lee to give him everything he has but to make it quick because he is busy.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Castle is all in on winning the TV title after spending most of the year claiming to be too busy. This was a classic promo from him,)


Dak Draper is on commentary. Dalton Castle comes out first accompanied by the Baby Chickens. Dragon Lee’s entrance theme starts. (c)

Dragon Lee is in the ring. Castle takes down Lee as the bell rings. Lee gets up and Castle goes to the outside to be applauded by the Baby Chickens. Castle and Lee grapple for control. Castle rolls up Lee for a two count. Lee and Castle continue to fight for control. They get in the ropes and Castle makes a clean break. Lee runs the ropes and misses a kick. Castle goes for the Bangarang but Lee escapes and sends Castle to the outside with a head scissors. Lee does the LFI pose. Lee sends Castle to the other side and dives onto Castle. Lee send Castle back inside and hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Lee puts Castle on the ropes and misses a stomp. Castle hits a dropkick followed by two splashes for a one count. Lee goes outside but Castle follows him and throws him over the barricade. Castle throws Lee back into the ring and gets a two count. Castle applies the body lock (Julie Newmar). Castle gut wrenches Lee but Lee reaches the ropes. (c)

Castle hits a German suplex followed by a kick. Castle stands on Lee. Castle goes for a pin but Lee grabs the ropes. Lee elbows Castle but Castle hits a t bonne suplex. Castle charges Lee but misses and Lee sweeps the leg and hits the Pendulum. Lee forearm and kicks Castle. Lee hits the Dragon’s Breath for a two count. Lee chops Castle and ducks a clothesline. Castle hits a back elbow followed by a clothesline for a two count. Lee goes for the Julie Newmar again and hits Lee on the ribs. Castle picks up Lee but Lee escapes. Castle charges Lee but Lee sends him to the outside. They wrestle on the outside. Castle charges Lee but Lee sends him over the barricade. Lee runs the ropes to dive on Castle but the Baby Chickens step in front of the barricade. Lee dives on the Baby Chickens anyway. Castle recovers and throws Lee back into the ring. Lee escapes a slam attempt and Castle suplexes Lee on the back. Castle charges Lee but Lee hits a ripcord German suplex. Lee hits a clothesline for a two count. Dragon Lee goes for the Incinerator but Castle hits a clothesline. Castle and Lee trade strikes until Lee hits a knee to the face. Lee goes for the Incinerator again but Castle counters with the Bangrang. Kenny King and Bestia make their way to the ring but they are attacked by SOS. Castle goes for the Bangrang but Lee escapes and pins him. Referee Joe Mandak is outside of the ring with STP and LFI. Lee hits the Incineration on Castle. Draper shoves Lee into Castle and Castle hits the Bangarang for the victory.

WINNER: Castle at 11:34

Draper and Castle celebrate. Castle takes the title and leaves saying he is too busy. On next week’s show, Rok-C will defend the ROH Women’s Title against Gia Scott and Jay Lethal will wrestle EC3. An EC3 promo airs and he says all of our leaders have failed us. He says we deserve more. He said he heard Lethal’ s speech at Death Before Dishonor and it is a cliché. EC# says they need to move forward into the future. He says Lethal has worked so hard but he is so tired. EC3 says Lethal has done this for so long and this company needs a new idea. EC3 says we will see if Lethal is the leader he says he is and that Lethal has been warned.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Dragon Lee didn’t even have a full entrance so the writing was on the wall for the finish. Match was alright. SOS got out there so quickly to counter LFI that I thought they were sitting in the front row. Lee was protected with the visual pin and Castle’s long trek to the TV title was achieved. I believe this was the last episode taped before ROH announcing a change in operations and the EC3 promo looks to an ode to that. A decent episode though I am expecting a big push to Final Battle to begin next week.)

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