11/22 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Survivor Series fallout, Vince McMahon, Lashley vs. Rey & Dominik Mysterio

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


NOVEMBER 22, 2021

Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves


-They opened with Vince McMahon sitting at his desk, tapping his fingers on a desk and staring at the missing egg. Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce were sitting across from him. A video package then aired of McMahon arriving at Survivor Series and being greeted and cheered cartoonishly by a bunch of wrestlers and personnel (AEW is going to spoof that scene), followed by McMahon lamenting the egg going missing. McMahon said The Rock gave him that egg. He said it’s not just the value of the egg, it’s the fact that someone stole something from him. Deville said she interviewed everyone. Pearce said nobody knows anything. Deville said authorities came in with a search warrant and searched everywhere. McMahon said if he doesn’t have the egg on his desk by the end of the night, they won’t be there anymore. Pearce said he thinks it was one of the Superstars. McMahon said the person who brings him the culprit will get a title match against Big E tonight. He tapped his fingers and Pearce told Deville they should go find the egg.

-Kevin Patrick asked Randy Orton if he knows where his partner is. Orton said Riddle can get lost in his own house, but it’s not like him to miss a match. He then noticed something off camera. In walked Riddle, who was wearing a mustache and goatee. He said he was busy doing Viper stuff. He told Orton he’s going to be him. He said Dolph Ziggler is a lame has-been who will fall when he gets in the ring with him. He said Orton has participated in more WWE PPVs than anyone in history. Orton said that’s enough. He clarified he told Riddle to be more like him, but not be him. Riddle said it’s too late and headed to the ring.

-Riddle came out wearing Orton style short trunks and a vest. Graves said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Riddle has taken it too far. He struck an Orton-like pose on the second rope as Orton looked on in dismay. A replay of the finish of the RK-Bro match against The Usos at Survivor Series aired. [c]

(1) RIDDLE (w/Randy Orton) vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Robert Roode)

Graves took exception with Riddle calling Ziggler a “has-been.” Smith plugged Bobby Lashley vs. the Mysterios later in a two-on-one match. Graves plugged Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins. Saxton plugged Nikki A.S.H. & Rhea Ripley vs. Queen Zelina & Carmella. Riddle wrestled barefoot instead of in Orton-style boots. Ziggler scored a two count after a high dropkick, then tore off Riddle’s mustache and goatee. Ziggler bailed out to ringside a minute later. Riddle slingshot himself at Ziggler, but Ziggler kicked him out of mid-air. They cut to a break. [c]

Ziggler made a comeback after the break and scored a near fall after a Zig Zag. Riddle eventually won with an RKO. Orton celebrated and cheered Riddle. When Roode ran into the ring, Orton cut him off. He then first-bumped Riddle before executing a Bro Derek to Roode mid-ring.

WINNER: Riddle in 9:00.

-They cut backstage to wrestlers tearing apart a back room looking for the egg. They were doing so in a cartoonishly over-the-top manner. R-Truth, Tozawa,  Ripley, Cedric, Rick Boogs, and Madcap Moss were among them. The camera was jerking around to simulate amplified chaos.

-Becky Lynch made her entrance. A video package aired on the Lynch vs. Charlotte match at Survivor Series. Back live, Graves said it is time for the victory lap as Becky celebrates next. [c]

-A commercial aired for NXT 2.0 touting Carmello Hayes.

-Becky’s music faded and she stood mid-ring, scowling a bit. A “Becky! Becky!” chant broke out. She said, “Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, yeah, I’ve had some of the biggest moments of my life here.” She said three years ago her career sky rocketed when she slapped Charlotte across the face. She said last night was a culmination of almost a decade of love and hate, friendship and betrayal. She said she wanted to hurt, embarrass, and maim her. She said Charlotte wanted to do that to her, too. She said the fans loved every second of it, without regarding to who the winner was or if either of them walked out. She said of course she won and it was never really a question. She said now that’s done and she’s turning the page to a new chapter. She said fans love something fresh and new. She asked if fans want to Ripley or Belair or Liv Morgan. All got nice cheers. She said she used to put so much stock into their opinions until she learned they are so full of crap. She said two women last night tried to break their backs proving themselves, and the fans just did their stupid little chants and sang their stupid little songs. She told the fans they like Liv now because she’s an underdog who has won one match in four years. She said Liv won’t beat her, and they’ll all bitch and moan. “Not every underdog has its day,” she said. She said no one is taking the title from her, then she threw the mic down.

(Keller’s Analysis: Fans keep cheering her at first, and she keeps tearing into them so that they start to boo her. Becky delivered a strong promo here and set the stage for various places she can go from here.)

-Clips aired of Bianca Belair winning the Team Raw vs Team Smackdown match at Survivor Series.

-Belair made her entrance. When was the last time WWE had back-to-back segments with women doing in-ring promos in both? Maybe never. She talked about surviving last week against the odds. Fans chanted “EST!” She said hopefully now Doupdrop won’t be so salty and find something better to do with her time, such as looking for the missing egg.

-Tamina and Natalya made their entrance. Graves said McMahon said all wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown had to be at Raw tonight. [c]

(2) TAMINA (w/Natalya) vs. BIANCA BELAIR

As Tamina took control against Belair a few minutes in, a graphic noted Damian Priest would have an open challenge later for his title. Belair came back with a KOD for the win.

WINNER: Belair in 4:00.

-Natalya attacked Belair afterward. Belair kicked Natalya out of the ring and asked what she was doing. Doupdrop then attacked Belair from behind including her crossbody splash. Doudrop stood between Natalya and Tamina afterward, then left with them arm-in-arm all smiles.

-A video package aired on Seth Rollins beating Jeff Hardy to win the Survivor Series elimination tag team match.

-Seth made his ring entrance. [c]

-Seth stood in the ring, celebrating and asking the fans to give it up for their sole survivor. He strutted as fans booed. He said he did it all by himself, then talked about each of his partners coming up short. He was interrupted by Finn Balor.


Balor stood on the ring apron and played to the fans as his music played. Seth knocked him off the ring apron and beat him up at ringside. He threw him into the ring, but Balor tackled him. Balor then landed a flying flip onto Seth on the floor. Balor charged Seth, but Seth caught him and dropped him face-first over the ringside barricade and then into the commentary table. Smith said there hasn’t been a bell yet so the match hadn’t started. Seth then hit Balor in the head with the base of the steps. Fans chanted “Holy sh–!” He delivered a Stomp to Balor, then left the ring, then returned with another Stomp as he bled from his mouth. The announcers talked about how Balor couldn’t compete so there’d be no match. Suddenly someone tackled Seth in the aisle. Seth applied a guillotine as a referee tried to restrain the person, who apparently was a fan. The announcers were about to talk about it, but cut themselves off as soon as they realized it was a fan. They instead shifted to replays. About a minute later, Seth was on the stage and gloating.

-They cut backstage to wrestlers running around looking for the egg. Chad Gable, T-Bar, and Shanky were among those in a parade of wrestlers running around frantically.

-Sami Zayn sat at Vince’s desk and asked if it’s true that the person who finds the egg will gets a WWE Title shot tonight. Sami said he knows who took it. He qualified it by saying he’s pretty sure, “95 percent sure.” Vince asked if he knows them or not. He told him to bring the culprit in. Sami said the person isn’t there yet, but he will bring him to him. Sami offered a handshake. Vince shot him a look and didn’t shake his hand.

-The Street Profits made their entrance. They brought a black duffel bag with them. Montez Ford gave Graves a red cup that Saxton begged to get instead. [c]

-Backstage, Sarah Schreiber asked Kevin Owens what he has to say about Seth saying he abandoned his team last night. KO said he wasn’t listening because he’s a delusional idiot. He said he was looking for a precious egg to get a title shot. He said if he’s not fortunate enough to find it, he’s interested in who does. He said he has great interest in who walks out as WWE Champion tonight. “And that’s no lie,” he said.

(3) THE STREET PROFITS (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs. A.J STYLES & OMOS

As Styles & Omos came to the ring, the announcers recapped the battle royal at Survivor Series the night before. Styles opened against Ford. Dawkins backdropped Ford onto Styles. Styles tagged in Omos. The Profits bailed out to ringside. Smith said they were “taking their time to gameplan Omos.” They cut to an early break. [c]

Back from the break, Styles was in the ring battling Dawkins. So the hook of Omos tagging in led to a commercial and Styles back in the ring without explanation. Graves said Styles used to shout directions to Omos, but during the break, he was telling Omos he knows what to do and he’s got this. Dawkins gave Styles a silencer to stop Styles’s offensive run. Ford tagged in, but Styles cut off his flurry with a kick and a Styles Clash attempt. Ford backdropped out of it. Omos tagged himself in. Omos brushed off Ford’s chops. He grabbed Ford’s head. Dawkins intervened. He tossed Dawkins out of the ring, then turned back to Ford. Dawkins pulled a fire extinguisher out of his black bag. Omos lifted Ford onto his shoulders. Dawkins sprayed Omos in the face. Then he sprayed Styles. The announcers acted like this was an exciting development instead of a totally unfair and cowardly way to escape Omos.

WINNERS: Omos & Styles via DQ in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Did a fire extinguisher brand sponsor that match?)

-Backstage, Queen Zelina and Carmella were chatting when Schreiber asked about their gameplan against Nikki & Ripley. Carmella said they’re not worried about Nikki. She said she can be fun and has her moments, but they’re not afraid of Ripley’s sidekick. Vega said they will overpower Ripley with their royal beauty. Carmella asked if she just came up with that and said she is so good. She said they will leave with their championships.

-Ripley and Nikki made their entrance. [c]

(4) NIKKI A.S.H. & RHEA RIPLEY vs. CARMELLA & QUEEN ZELINA – Women’s Tag Team Title match

Carmella had her assistants strap on her red protective mask. A few minutes in, Nikki landed a running bulldog and then a neckbreaker for a near fall, broken up by Carmella. Ripley chased Carmella around ringside. Ripley broke up a cover by Zelina on Nikki. Carmella superkicked Ripley out of the ring and then kicked her face-first into the ringpost. Carmella stood over her and taunted her. Nikki grabbed Carmella at ringside by her hair. Zelina leaped onto Nikki from behind. Carmella kicked her from the ring apron. Zelina then landed Code Red to win the tag team titles. Smith asked Graves if he’s ever been happier in his life.

WINNERS: Zelina & Carmella in 5:00 to capture the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

-Deville entered McMahon’s office all smiles. She said they know who stole his egg. [c]

-Austin Theory brought the egg to McMahon as Pearce, Deville, and Sami watched. McMahon asked Pearce and Deville to leave. Sami sat next to Theory. McMahon asked what he was thinking. Theory said he just wanted to take a selfie with it, but there was so much security around, he took it with him. Sami said that story has so many holes in it. Theory showed the selfie he took. McMahon said he’s going to drop the charges against him because “you remind me of me!” Sami was beside himself. Theory was excited and stood up and asked if he could get a selfie with Vince. McMahon smiled and said okay. He held up the egg as Theory took the photo. Sami yelled that he was supposed to be rewarded with a title match. McMahon told him to “shut up” because “no one likes a snitch.” Sami rubbed his temple.

(5) REGGIE vs. CEDRIC – 24/7 Title match

Reggie scored an early two count with a roll-up. Cedric avoided Reggie’s acrobatics and landed a Lumbar Check for the three count.

WINNER: Cedric in 1:30 to capture the 24/7 Title.

-Dana Brooke ran in and gave Cedric a neckbreaker off the top rope to win the 24/7 Title. A ton of other wrestlers were running into the ring at the same time including Otis, Gable, R-Truth, T-Bar, Tozawa, The Viking Raiders, Shanky, Mansoor, Drew Gulak, and Humberto Carrillo. They all watched as Brooke celebrated on the second rope.

-A video package aired on the Lashley vs. Rey Mysterio match.

-Backstage, Dominik told Rey he wanted to get something off his chest. He apologized for not running in to break up Lashley’s full nelson. Rey told him not to beat himself up. He said Lashley isn’t the first monster he’s faced. He listed Kane, Batista, Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar. He said he’d hold his chin high, ready to fight again. He said he doesn’t need Dominik to fight for him. He said tonight he will proudly fight by his side. “Let’s go out there and give him a Mysterio whipping.” Dominik smiled.

-Lashley made his ring entrance with MVP. [c]


-Clips aired of Dana’s win. Saxton congratulated her on her first WWE championship.

-Backstage Dana was delighted as Schreiber asked how she plans to retain her title with so many coming at her for it anytime. She said she knows she has a target on her back, but she’s overcome any obstacle in her path. She said this is her chance to show the world who she is. “I give her to the end of the night,” said Graves, who might seem cynical but is on statistically solid ground.


MVP told Rey that when Dominik is in the Hurt Lock later crying in agony, and he’s powerless to do anything about it, he will have to explain to his wife that her child is injured because of his ego. “When she’s disgusted by you, give her my number and tell her to call me,” he said. Saxton called that classless. Graves called it an incendiary statement. He said he agreed with MVP until the end. Dominik went after Lashley at the bell, but Lashley brushed off his attack. A minute later Lashley set up a Hurt Lock on Rey, but Dominik broke it up. Dominik leaped over the top rope at Lashley, but Lashley caught him and was about to ram him into the ringpost when Rey leaped through the ropes and knocked Lashley down. Rey rolled back into the ring as they cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Lashley was in control and taunting Dominik as he beat on him. Dominik broke free from his grip and kicked Lashley. He then tagged in Rey. He landed a tornado DDT. Dominik made the cover and the ref counted despite Rey being legal. Graves pointed it out. Rey tagged himself in and landed a senton for a near fall. Rey and Dominik hit Lashley with a double 619. Dominik then landed a top rope splash. Rey hit a top rope splash next. They both covered him. Lashley kicked out. Lashley then knocked Rey out of the ring and caught Dominik mid-air and applied a Hurt Lock for the win. Smith said that although the Mysterios had their moments, the outcome felt inevitable.

WINNER: Lashley in 12:00.

-Patrick interviewed Big E backstage about his match against Reigns. He asked if he was blindsided that he’ll be defending his title tonight against Austin Theory. Big E took a deep breath and said he let a lot of people down last night. He said it’s not on Paul Heyman or the Usos, it’s on him. He said tonight he has his hands full, “and I mean that quite literally, I was hungry, don’t judge me.” He produced two pears. He said Theory is young and brash, but also talented. He said he will retain his WWE Title tonight feeling pretty good.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like this version of Big E. Just enough goofiness, but it surfaced between longer stretches of being a serious person. I also like that he said it was his fault he lost and he owned it.)

-Damian Priest walked out with his U.S. Title belt around his waist for an open challenge. [c]

-Patrick interviewed Liv Morgan backstage. Becky interrupted a couple seconds into Liv talking about her team’s win at Survivor Series. Becky said she does autograph signings every week and she lets kids hold the title, but that doesn’t mean they’re champions. She said Liv has embarrassed herself, her family, and her friends. Morgan teared up. Becky made fun of her and asked if she was going to cry. Liv elbowed Becky in the face.

-Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez walked out. Azeez said Crews is about to become the U.S. Champion. Crews said he will show the world Priest isn’t fit to be U.S. Champion. Priest said he can start a podcast to talk about his greatness or he can shut his mouth and fight. He told Crews they can throw down right now. Crews said he’s a funny guy and said no. Sami interrupted. He walked to the ring and said if they don’t want to accept the U.S. Title Open Challenge, it’s not the smartest decision, but he’d happily accept.


Sami landed an exploder suplex on Priest seconds into the match after they fought at ringside. They cut to an early break. [c]

Sami was in control after the break. Priest kicked Sami off balance on the top rope, then met Sami up there. Sami raked his eyes to prevent a superplex, then landed a sunset flip for a near fall. Sami rolled up Priest a minute later for another near fall. Sami choked Priest over the middle rope from ringside, then grabbed the U.S. Title belt and hit Priest with it. Priest fired up and took control and landed a Reckoning for the win. (He got the name of his finishing move back.)

WINNER: Priest in 6:00 to retain the U.S. Title.

-Patrick interviewed Theory who showed off the selfie he got with McMahon earlier. He said even cooler is that tonight he’ll become the youngest WWE Champion in history. He said he’s the future and everybody knows it, and the future is right now. He said Big E will learn that soon when he takes a selfie as the new WWE Champion. He then laughed.

-Big E’s ring entrance took place. [c]

(8) BIG E vs. AUSTIN THEORY – WWE Title match

As Theory entered the ring, they showed his selfie with McMahon. Seth Rollins then came out to his music to watch up close. Formal ring introductions took place. Theory rolled up Big E seconds into the match for a one count. He then slapped Big E. Big E brushed it off and went on the attack. Then he landed a big splash on the ring apron. Kevin Owens’ entrance theme played and KO walked out. Seth wasn’t pleased. Theory charged at a DISTRACTED Big E. He delivered a neck-first suplex onto his knee for a two count. Theory then dropkicked Big E when he rolled to ringside. Big E landed at Seth’s feet. KO told him it’s a great match to watch up close, so just calm down. [c]

After the break, with Big E in control, Seth grabbed Big E’s leg. Theory gave Big E a neckbreaker. KO told the ref. Seth yelled at KO. KO yelled back. Seth yanked off his jacket and threw it down. Theory watched. Big E then caught him with a Big Ending for a three count.

WINNER: Big E in 11:00 to retain the WWE Title.

-Seth and KO shoved each other at ringside. Big E jumped Seth from behind and knocked him into KO. He threw him over the commentary table. He threw KO into the ring. KO rolled right out. Seth charged into the ring. Big E gave him a Big Ending.

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