HEYDORN’S RAW RECEIPT 11/29: Liv Morgan steps up with big promo opposite Becky Lynch




This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-It’s strange to say because it took a while to get to where things are, but Seth Rollins has found this weird visionary character’s voice. A few months ago, it was one note, but now he’s finessing legacy and winning championships into the fabric of the gimmick, which gives the entire thing more credibility, thus making it feel more main event level.

-Rollins vs. Finn Balor was a blast to start things off. The two of them worked at a tremendously fast pace, which showcased the skill of both. As a guy that will be soon be wrestling for the championship, it was smart to get Rollins the W.

-The Rollins W came at the expense of Finn Balor, whose NXT heat has been doused with main roster cold water. Balor is way too talented not to have something impactful going on. It doesn’t have to be championship stuff, but the guy in a personal mid-card program will give Raw depth each week from a storyline perspective.

-Regardless of what he’s being asked to do, Austin Theory on television with Vince McMahon is nothing but a positive sign for Theory and his future in WWE. I’ve said it from the mountaintops that Theory is a guy that will resonate with McMahon and we started to see that show itself within their backstage segments this week. It’s an oddball pairing to be sure, but McMahon and Theory had chemistry together and it made for comedic, but enjoyable material.

-It’s a low blow to mention the recent WWE talent cuts as part of promos on the show. Like, what the hell are we doing here?

-Bravo, Liv Morgan. Morgan cut the promo of her career opposite Becky Lynch this week and looked like she belonged in the title match she has coming next week. This was a big step for her. Morgan has had trouble feeling the moment, leaning on playing a part rather than being her character. She flipped the script out there and it appeared that something clicked. Next week is big for her too, as she has to now deliver a main event level match with Lynch.

-I’m taking guesses. How many zeros will Randy Orton’s check have this month for wearing the Riddle wig?

-I enjoyed the Edge and Miz microphone showdown, even if it did fall short of rivaling what Punk and MJF did last Wednesday night. Edge dropping the line about the recent releases was in bad taste to be sure, but it was fun to watch Edge work against a different opponent in Miz from the other’s he’s faced since making his return. You’re looking at a WWE Day One match with this and is an effective road to travel to get Edge firmly on the winning side of things again.

-Another win for Damian Priest as U.S. Champion. The guy is getting the Bobby Lashley as U.S. Champion treatment and being significantly protected and positioned. My guess is he’s in line for a full heel turn and showdown with Big E for the WWE Championship.

-Speaking of Bobby Lashley, man, WWE ran a stellar vignette on him this week. It was of course well produced, but it told a layered Lashley story and framed him as someone to root for. I smell a babyface turn.

-Given the story that’s been told between Rollins, Big E, and Kevin Owens, a triple threat between them for the championship makes sense. They each are playing different roles with Rollins the open heel, Big E the babyface, and Owens in the middle. That’s and effective mix so far, but with a few weeks left to go, it will be interesting to see how WWE stretches this and makes it more and more intriguing week to week instead of less.

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