HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 12/1: Cody too over the top with exciting flaming table spot

Cody vs. Jake Hager at FyterFest (photo courtesy AEW)


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Bryan Danielson is a damn good heel. So good, that I’m not sure how long it can last. Therefore, it’s smart of Tony Khan to run with Adam Page vs. Danielson for the AEW Championship at the Winter is Coming episode of AEW Dynamite. The feud should be piping hot by then, while still residing in a time in which Danielson is still able to get booed. The guy is just too good, everyone knows it, and that fact will turn him back good sooner than later.

-Nice to see another big pop for Adam Page. He’s been effective thus far and working opposite Danielson will be significant in terms of providing credibility for his championship run.

-C.M. Punk vs. Lee Moriarty, give me more please. That match was fantastic. Punk gave Moriarty a boatload of offense, allowing him to showcase himself a bit ahead of the loss. Punk has MJF on deck, but these matches, though mainly appealing to the audience AEW already has, make the show feel a little extra special.

-MJF is going to kill C.M. Punk’s dog? Ehh. Overall, MJF cut a heck of a promo that was built on last week’s epic showdown. Killing dogs? Talking about Punk getting into Britt Baker’s pants? Unnecessary. It undercuts Baker as a star, but ultimately is just not needed. MJF has plenty other places to take his material. Go there instead.

-Miro has found another level. The all white background in this week’s vignette forced the audience’s attention and he’s so believable in what he says and how he speaks. This character will be in the main event picture by the end of 2022 if it keeps up at this pace.

-We’re doing full on entrances for commentary spots now? Sorry Adam Cole, but nothing wrong with just walking out and sitting down. The real question is, what was he out there to do commentary for? Orange Cassidy walked out and confronted Cole and then Cole and The Young Bucks destroyed him. The segment was there, but out of place.

-Cole got an enormous reaction. He can’t be in the world championship picture right now, but dropping him in a personal grudge program with the likes of Darby Allin or Sammy Guevara will help his perception while he’s in the holding pattern that he’s in at the moment.

-Wardlow doesn’t do much out there, but what he does matters. When the time comes to turn on MJF, it’ll be a thing because of how Wardlow has played it along the way.

-Are we done with the Darby Allin/Gunn Club feud now? The match was what it was and Darby and Sting looked good as a team. Darby is a solo act, though, and proven to be an important one. As a feud to reset his foundation after two big losses, this worked. Now it’s time for something significant again.

-A nice little match between Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander. If you compare this match to any of the WWE Queen’s Crown matches, this looked like 11 stars.

-Of course Cody took a bump off of the top rope and onto a flaming table that Brandi set up. Like, that is so so so so so so Cody. Look, that was a helluva spot and a fun match, but the match wasn’t ready for the spot. Andrade vs. Cody is a relatively new rivalry and forcing this spot into the match felt over the top just to be over the top – exactly how Cody likes it. That attitude is fine when the fans are with you. When they aren’t, it reeks of desperation. Now, I amend all comments above if the spot directly ties to a heel turn. We’ll see.

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