12/1 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander, CM Punk vs. Lee Moriarty, Bryan Danielson in action, Darby Allin and Sting in action, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


DECEMBER 1, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone

-Adam Page’s music hit and he walked out on the stage and joined the commentary team.


The match started with a collar and elbow tie up, then quickly escalated to a mat based series of transitions. The two broke from each other as the crowd chanted for Angels. The aforementioned wrestler then got Danielson in the corner and chopped him several times. Danielson then countered and forced Angels down to the mat, and then worked over his opens in the corner and then pandered to the live crowd.

Danielson then threw Angels to the adjacent corner and continued with uppercuts, forearms and kicks. Angels tried for a quick backslide, leading to a two count. Danielson then hit a suplex and locked in an arm bar. The match then went to the ropes and apron area, with Angels getting Danielson to the outside and Angles hit two dives out onto Danielson.

Angles hit a Spanish Fly in the middle of the ring and got a near fall. Danielson then hit the running knee, then grabbed the wrists of Angels and stomped the head of Angles. Danielson then applied a knee bar and Angles tapped out.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson in 7:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good opener, I thought the match may go 3-4 minutes longer. But, I think this was an appropriate length and amount of selling by Danielson.)

-Post match Tony Schiavone entered the ring and interviewed Danielson. Who said that he was disappointed that was the best Atlanta had to offer. He said that he would take out another dark order member next week. Then in two weeks in Dallas he will take the cowboy’s title in the home of cowboys. Page then went to the ring, John Silver stopped him and said that he could touch Danielson. Silver then ran to the ring as Danielson ran out, he said that Silver was beneath him and he wouldn’t share a ring with him. Page offered Danielson to hit him, but Danielson walked to the back. [c]

-Miro had a video package in an all white room, he said that he will storm the gates of heaven and make it bleed. He continued on in that manner.

-MJF came out after Punk and Moriarty had their entrance’s. He joined the commentary team.


The match started with a handshake between the two combatants. Punk applied wrist control, which was reversed by Moriarty. The two then traded mat moves and transitions as MJF took down both men and then pumped up a match for the diamond ring next week. Punk then got Moriarty into the corner and worked over his opponent with shoulder blocks and then Punk hit a lariat and then a diving lariat going into the break. [c]

Moriarty hit a series of high kicks and then offense in the corner, before a leg sweep and side suplex for a two count in attempt. Punk countered with a crossbody of the top rope, Moriarty countered with a pin attempt and then a cross face hold. Punk broke the hold with the bottom rope.

Pink then placed Moriarty on the top rope and hit a hurricanrana, Moriarty then tried a pin and the two then went back and forth trading pin attempts. Punk then hit a roundhouse kick and then Punk blew a kiss to the camera. Moriarty then countered and got a near fall on Punk after a flurry of kicks and counters. Punk then hit the GTS for the pinfall win.

WINNER: CM Punk in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I enjoyed this match and liked Moriarty and Punk’s in ring chemistry. With Punk in a big feud, having a 10 minute match with a future star is a good use of both men. The post match stuff was good to start, I didn’t like the Baker stuff for a number of reasons and Punk was smart to pivot. Then end of the exchange went out with a sputter, and it feels like these two need some space if the match is not going to happen within a few weeks.)

-Post match MJF grabbed a mic and confronted, “PG,” Punk. He said that he was proud of Punk. Proud that he has the courage to say that he is the best in the world when he can barely beat QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty. He then made several comments about how Punk wants to get with Britt Baker and how he can’t perform in the bedroom, just like in the ring.

Punk said MJF was wearing Larry David’s PJ’s. He said that Moriarty and Marshall are better than MJF. He told MJF to shut up and bring his needle dick to the ring and fight. MJF said too bad, he said that he would prove that he is the best in the world when he gets the third diamond ring next week. He said that in Long Island next week the fans will cheer for him. MJF said that he has seen Punk’s dog Larry around, he said if he sees that dog again he will put that Dog to sleep. Punk went to confront MJF, but Wardlow came out and stopped any altercation.

-Britt Baker was backstage and said she was disgusted that Riho beat her last week and gets a title shot. Baker said that Jamie Hayter will be taking on Riho next week. [c]

-Adam Cole’s music hit and he joined the announce team. Orange Cassidy came out and put his hands in his pockets as The Young Bucks stood behind him. Cassidy did the shin kicks and then he was hit with a low blow. The Bucks then mimicked Cassidy’s kick with fake super kicks. Cole and The Bucks set up the BTE Trigger, but Chuck and Wheeler Yuta made the save.

-Tony Nese had a video talking about his upcoming TNT Title match.


Wardlow started with some Irish whips and then a clothesline. Wardlow then hit a power bomb on Adams, then another. Wardlow then smiled and hit a third and fourth, he then pinned Adams.

WINNER: Wardlow in 1:00

(Sage’s Analysis: It has been said in the past by many people, but babyface Wardlow is gonna be a big deal, based on the crowd response to a series of power bombs.)

-Shawn Spears then attacked Adams with a chair, post match. [c]

-It was announced that it will be Penta and Pac vs. FTR on Rampage this Friday.


Darby Allin and Colton Gunn started for their teams, Darby got a waist lock and Colton hit an elbow to break it. Darby then hit an arm drag and then a drop kick, Billy Gunn was then tagged in. Darby tagged in Sting as the two men stared each other down, Sting hit a number of punches, Gunn then rolled out of the ring as Sting was going for a splash.

Billy threw Colton in the ring to take on Sting, Darby was tagged in and he took out Colton. Billy remerged and took out Darby with a body slam. Darby was then taken the the Gunn Club corner and was beaten down as the commercial break started. [c]

When the show returned Darby got the hot tag and Sting entered the ring. Sting took out Colton and threw Billy out of the ring. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Lock and Austin Gunn punched Sting to break the hold. Billy hit a Famouser on Sting, and Colton got a near fall. Darby then took out Billy and then stunned Colton into a Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

WINNER: Darby Allin & Sting in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that was what it was, I assume this was very fun to see live. It was also good to see we got peak Billy Gunn in action once more, just like in his match with Darby last week. I am happy to see this mini feud over with.)

-Jericho was backstage and said that he didn’t make the save for Eddie Kingston last week, he wanted to take out 2point0. 2point0 then appeared and took out Jericho. [c]

-Lio Rush came out and confronted Team Taz, sans Starks and Martin. Rush said that he had a chance to win the diamond ring next week. Rush said that he is a fighter. Taz said that he should just retire, as Dante Martin and Starks came out.

-Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling were backstage. Sterling said that Thunder Rosa has no chance to beat Jade, and Jade will be taking on Rosa’s student Friday on Rampage.


A collar and Elbow tie up started the bout, Statlander had a side headlock takedown and worked on Soho while both were on the mat. Once both were back on their feet Statlander tried another headlock takedown, but Ruby was able to counter and missed a suplex. Kris then booped the nose of Soho. Ruby then suplexed Kris, but Statlander did a hand stand to not take the full effect of the suplex. Soho then hit a flatliner after a series of moves to go into the break. [c]

Soho was in control as full screen returned, Soho hit a senton off the top rope leading to a near fall. Statlander replied with a rebounding Blue Thunder Bomb, that led into a hanging crab hold and then finishing the sequence with a buckle bomb into a power bomb for a near fall.

Statlander then threw Soho into the corner and then laid in a running elbow, Soho countered a second attempt with a back elbow. Soho hit a poison-rana leading to a near fall. Soho tried a head kick, Statlander then tried a Big Bang Theory. Soho countered that and rolled up Statlander for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ruby Soho in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good tv match that sets up future matches to build on this first match. Also a good way to pace the match ad maintain both as face characters.)

-Nyla Rose attacked Ruby post match, Kris Statlander made the save for Ruby.

-The announce team ran down this Friday’s Rampage and some matches for next weeks Dynamite. [c]


The match started as Andrade attacked Cody before the crowd could boo him in the ring during his entrance. Cody and Andrade then battled on the floor, with Cody hitting a splash off of a guard rail. Andrade then flipped the stairs and picked up Cody and dropped him on the stairs. Cody then threw Andrade into the ring post. Cody then hugged T-Pain and got a chair from him and hit Andrade with it.

Cody acted like he was gonna throw his belt into the crowd, Andrade then hit a low low and then whipped Cody threw the belt into the crowd. Andrade then broke a laptop over the head of Cody. Andrade then grabbed a myriad of objects and threw them in the ring, Andrade missed with a chain, but then slammed Cody and put a chair on top of him and hit his special moonsault on the chair and Cody, Cody then flipped out of a suplex and tried a Cody Cutter, but was pushed out over the top rope and onto the floor. [c]

Cody threw a chair in the face of Andrade as he hit a moonsault. Cody wrapped a chain around his hand and hit a big right and then a power slam as Andrade rolled out of the ring. Cody dove out and was hit with a chair as he left the ring. Andrade moved the pad off of the floor and tried for a DDT, Cody countered and hit a back drop onto the floor. Cody then had a kendo stick, then sledgehammer, then golden shovel.

After all the extra stuff with the props, Andrade hit a moonsault out onto Cody and then Brough him back into the ring and sat him in the corner and set up a chair and hit a double running knee into the chair and Cody. Andrade then put the table in the ring, Cody countered and then tried to hit a running move. But, Andrade hit a hip toss and threw Cody into the table.

Andrade put a second table in the ring, Cody grabbed the table briefly and then was put on the table. Andrade went to the top and Cody countered and had brief control. Andrade then went for the moonsault and was taken down. Brandi Rhodes then appeared and set the table on fire and Cody put himself and Andrade through the table and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes in 20:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Cody literally did everything he could to get cheered at the end of the show. It would be impossible to boo him and that match live. But, everything comes down to further execution with the Cody character. If you were Tony Khan how would you book him going forward? It seems to me that you have to pair him with a bullet proof baby face (Kingston, a returning Moxley, etc.) and then tell a tag team championship story.

When it comes to the match itself it was a really well done main event, and both guys worked really hard. It felt like a blow off match in an old school territory, in the best way possible. I think the sledgehammer spot doesn’t work as well as Cody thinks that it does. Also, I don’t have a problem with Brandi. But, I assume that will get blowback as well. But, besides that I liked this match a lot.)


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