12/13 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: EC3 vs. Eli Isom, Sledge vs. PCO, Alize vs. Green, more


DECEMBER 13, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes everyone to this week’s show. The main event will be Eli Isom vs EC3. The other matches will be Miranda Alize vs Chelsea Green and Sledge vs PCO.


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Holidead is on commentary. Sledge comes out first. Brian Zane attempts to interview Sledge backstage. Sledge interrupts Brian and asks him how long has he known him. Zane says 10 years. Sledge asks Zane why at Best in the World Zane called him Steve while choking Zane. Zane said he did it just for fun. He says his name is Sledge and he is going to teach PCO that. PCO comes out next. PCO says it’s a no disqualification match which means it’s alive.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Basic promo from both wrestlers setting up the match.)

This match is no disqualification and falls count anywhere. Code of honor not adhered to. Sledge attacks PCO from behind before the bell rings. Sledge hits PCO with a series of forearms but PCO fight backs and takes Sledge down with a shoulder charge. Sledge counters with a back elbow. Sledge splashes PCO in the corner and grabs a garbage can. He puts the garbage can on PCO’s head and hits a running kick. PCO goes to the outside. PCO and Sledge brawl outside. Sledge hits PCO with a chair. PCO and Sledge trade chops. Sledge wins the battle sending PCO into a chair. Sledge charges PCO but PCO gets up and kicks him. PCO leg sweeps Sledge into the barricade. PCO hits Sledge with a garbage can twice and attempts to Irish whips Sledge into a ladder. Sledge reverses back body dropping PCO onto the ladder for a two count. (c)

Highlights are shown of action during the break including, Sledge suplexing PCO onto a ladder, Sledge dropping PCO spine first onto a chair, and PCO hitting Sledge with a rope walk Frankensteiner. PCO hits a splash off the top rope for a two count. PCO goes for a moonsault but Sledge gets his knees up and scores a two count. PCO and Sledge exchange strikes on the outside. PCO hits Sledge with a chair sending Sledge onto a table. PCO hits a cannonball splash onto Sledge from the top rope for a two count. PCO throws Sledge over the barricade and hits Sledge in the head with a chair twice. Sledge blocks PCO and drives him into a chair. Sledge hits PCO with two chair shots to the head. Sledge puts PCO on the barricade and hits a running clothesline into the aisle. PCO and Sledge trade pin fall attempts. PCO and Sledge end up on the stage and begin to trade strikes. Sledge hits a Detox DDT on PCO who gets up immediately. Sledge takes PCO to the edge of the stage and hits the Detox DDT off the stage through a table for the victory.

WINNER: Sledge at 14:59

Sledge gets up and stumbles to his feet. He sits down near the announce table. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The match was clipped so it is hard to get a complete read on it in its entirety. Sledge and PCO have been in a feud for most of the fall so this was a fitting end. This was also PCO’s end in ROH. Two years ago he was ROH World Champion but they got out all they could out of him. PCO is announced for several GCW events so we will be seeing more of him there.)


Mandy Leon and Angelina Love are on commentary. Miranda Alize comes out first. Chelsea Green comes out second.

Code of honor adhered to. The match begins with a lock up. They trade control of the arm and reach a stalemate. Green hits an arm drag followed by a drop kick and a snap mare. Alize rolls out of the ring to escape a pinning attempt. Green chases Alize outside the ring. Alize gets back into the ring and dropkicks Green to the outside. Alize throws Green into the barricade twice. Alize throws Green back into the ring and hits a hurricanrana for a two count. Alize repeatedly head butts Green and slaps her. (c)

Highlights are shown of Alize in control during the break hitting Green with an elbow and a backbreaker. Alize and Green trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Green hits jawbreaker. Both women are down. Alize and Green trade elbows. Alize charges Green who rolls her up for a two count followed by a cradle for a two count. Green hits two clotheslines, a single leg takedown and a drop kick for a two count. Green tops the ropes and kicks Alize. Green hits a missile drop kick for a two count. Green grabs Alize but Alize stomps on Green’s feet and hits a knee for a two count. Alize charges Green but Green throws her into the turnbuckle and applies a sing leg crab. Leon and Love go towards the ring with a camera. Green breaks the hold and yells at them. Alize hits an Ace Crusher followed by the Drive By for the win.

WINNER: Miranda Alize at 9:54

The Allure walk to the back while Miranda Alize celebrates. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Like the previous match, this match was clipped. The match airs in its entirety on YouTube for those who are interested as part of last week’s Women’s Division Wednesday. This match was a good setup for the 6 women’s match that took place at Final Battle but most people like me saw it after. It made no sense for Green to release the hold when Love and Leon were nowhere her.)

(3) EC3 vs ELI ISOM

Dalton Castle is on commentary. EC3 comes out first. In a pre-match promo, EC3 says the time for honor has come to an end. EC3 asks for people so he can give them their purpose. This is a time to jump head first into the unknown. The past is nothing but a story and now is a time to control your narrative. Eli Isom comes out next. In a pre-match promo, Isom says EC3 has been asking if honor is real. Eli Isom comes out next. Eli Isom says thinks EC3 is still searching to see if honor is real. Eli Isom says he has been taught honor from the ground up and now it is his time to teach EC3. HE says not only does he know honor but he is honor.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Both promos did a good job of displaying the contrast between these two wrestlers.)

Code of honor adhered to. The match begins with a lock up. EC3 hits a side headlock takeover. Isom gains control through a head scissors. Isom hits an arm drag and controls the arm. EC3 asks Isom if he fights for himself or for the corporate overlords. EC3 breaks the hold. They lock up again and EC3 does a side headlock take down. Isom breaks the hold through a head scissors and hits two arm drags. EC3 breaks an arm hold and grabs a side head lock. They run the ropes and Isom hits three arm drags followed by a drop kick. EC3 hits Isom in the head and sends him outside. Isom gets on the top rope but EC3 runs into the ropes sending Isom into the ring. (c)

EC3 repeatedly strikes Isom in the chest and sends him into the ring. The Baby Chicks join Castle on commentary. EC3 suplexes Isom. EC3 chops Isom but Isom reverses and hits EC3 with some chops. EC3 Irish whips Isom into the corner twice. Referee Todd Sinclair checks in Isom outside of the ring. EC3 goes out and suplexes Isom onto the floor. EC3 yells at Isom and Isom charges up. EC3 and Isom fight inside the ring. EC3 hits Isom with a leg sweep. EC3 power bombs Isom twice. (c)

Isom blocks EC3’s punch twice and hits a series of forearms followed by a back elbow and an enziguri. Isom hits another forearm and hits a sidewinder suplex. EC3 goes to the outside and pulls Isom into the ropes. EC3 gets back in but Isom counters with a back slide for a two count. Isom hits a Northern Lights suplex. Isom charges EC3 but gets sent over the rope. Isom gets onto the rope and hits a missile dropkick sending EC3 to the outside. Isom hits a moonsault to the outside but Isom hurts his knee. Isom sends EC3 back into the ring and climbs the ropes slowly. EC3 hits Isom in the knee repeatedly and goes for a superplex. Isom fights out sending EC3 to the ground and hits a splash. Isom goes for the Promise but can’t lift EC3 due to his knee. EC3 hits Isom in the knee and hits an Angle Slam. EC3 crawls over to Isom and lifts him slowly. Isom blocks a Tiger Driver and falls onto EC3 for a two count. Isom hits a roaring forearm but EC3 takes out Isom’s knee again. EC3 hits a Tiger Driver and applies the Purpose for the submission victory.

WINNER: EC3 at 16:15

EC3 stumbles away from the ring but he returns to talk to Eli Isom. EC3 whispers to Isom and hugs him. EC3 leaves. Isom yells at EC3 to shake his hand. A graphic shows the matches for next week which is called a Top Prospect special. Those matches will be Eric Martin vs Adrian Soriano vs Rayo vs Joe Keys, Dante Caballero vs Matt Makowski and Josh Woods vs Dak Draper.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match told a good story of Eli Isom winning the respect of EC3 but Isom not respecting EC3 in return. The second and third matches ended up being good storyline development for Final Battle but most people like me watched this after Final Battle. Those two matches should have aired last week. This show also included none of the excellent Final Battle videos that were on ROH’s social media. I assumed the first two matches were clipped to air some of those videos but that was not the case. There are two shows left in this incarnation of Ring of Honor but Final Battle was a great show to end on. Sean Radican has a written report on PWTorch.com and I recommend watching Final Battle for those who have not seen it. Justin McClelland and I will also discuss Final Battle on this week’s Honor Speak podcast.)

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