5/11 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Jacob Fatu vs. Bestia 666, Caribbean Championship match, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 11, 2022 (RECORDED)

MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-The MLW commentary announced that Cesar Duran would be having a press conference later on. The camera cut to Duran walking backstage, speaking on his cellphone. He found Arez backstage and wondered if Arez could help with Cesar’s ongoing issues with Microman.


After an evenly matched strike battle, Tormenta got an early advantage and hit Holidead with a basement dropkick. Tormenta tried to whip Holidead into the ropes but Holidead turned it around, sending Chik to the outside. Holidead followed. Chik recovered and quickly got back into the ring. She launched herself at Holidead with a suicide dive but Holidead used Dr. Dax as a shield. Chik went for the dive again. Holidead caught Chik with a kick to the face. Momentum swung in Holidead’s favor as she hit Tormenta with a duo of clotheslines in the corner. This was followed up with a vertical suplex. Holidead kept the pressure up, locking Tormenta in a modified surfboard hold. Tormenta broke free and brought Holidead down with a hurricanrana. Chik tried again but was slammed down hard with a spine buster, resulting in a near fall. Tormenta fought through a fireman’s carry and climbed to the top rope, landing a meteora for a near fall of her own. Chik missed on the second rope moonsault, allowing Holidead to connect with her double-underhook facebuster for the win.

-After the match, Rich Bocchini interviewed Holidead. Holidead said that it didn’t matter where her opponents came from, she was going to continue to run through the division.

WINNER: Holidead in 4:00

(Analysis: This was fine. I wouldn’t say this was a “mat classic”, but it did its job. They are setting up Holidead to be the monster of the division in MLW and this should lead to some interesting matchups down the line.)

-A recap of the feud between the Von Erichs and 5150 aired. The Von Erichs were shown in Hawaii, getting some words of wisdom from their father. Kevin Von Erich told his sons that what matters most right now, is putting an end to 5150 in a match.

-Alexander Hammerstone was shown entering the venue, being greeted by the Von Erichs.

(2) OCTAGON JR. vs. EL DRAGON vs. HIJO DE LA PARK vs. KING MUERTES – Caribbean Championship Match

The three challengers took a moment to gang up on Muertes but the champ easily fought them all off. Muertes sent Octagon and Dragon to the outside with authority, setting his sights on Park. The two larger luchadores exchanged forearm shots. Park momentarily stunned Muertes with a discus forearm but Muertes recovered and tossed Park away with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Muertes took Park into the corner and laid into him with a series of clotheslines. Park tried to fight back but got a chokeslam from Muertes for his trouble, getting a two count before being interrupted by El Dragon.

El Dragon tried to square off with King Muertes, going for handspring back-elbow but was caught in midair. Dragon was able to break free and managed to send Muertes to the floor with a hurricanrana. Octagon Jr took this moment to come off of the top rope and catch El Dragon with a flying arm drag. Octagon followed up with a second rope springboard kick to Dragon’s midsection and a triple jump dropkick. Dragon was sent to the outside after a head-scissors takeover, bringing Hijo De LA Park back into the match. Park used his size to his advantage, hitting a top rope crossbody. Park took out Octagon with another head-scissors.

King Muertes rejoined the match, getting a near fall after a powerslam. Park rolled out of the ring as El Dragon got back in. Dragon got Muertes down with a deep arm drag and landed a springboard elbow drop. Dragon went for a cover but the count was broken by Octagon Jr. Octagon hit El Dragon with a 450 splash but the count was interrupted again, this time, by Park. Park hit Octagon with a destroyer, getting a two-count. El Dragon tried to break up the count. King Muertes decided to get involved and plant El Dragon with a DDT. Muertes took Park out with a big spear. Muertes moved on to Octagon Jr but Octagon caught Muertes with a superkick. Park hit the champ with a backstabber and El Dragon followed up with a rolling cutter. Octagon connected with a springboard frog splash. With King Muertes out for the moment, Park tossed Octagon into the corner with an exploder suplex. Muertes grabbed Park’s foot and dragged him outside as they brawled on the outside.

Back in the ring, Octagon Jr. caught El Dragon with a top rope fall-away moonsault slam for the win.

WINNER: Octagon Jr. in 10:00

(Analysis: This was a lot of fun. It was incredibly chaotic, but it was fun. Once again though, it was not clear that this was going to be under “lucha” rules until well into the match. Not only that, but no one ever explained what those rules were at any point. It’s nice to see MLW lean into the lucha libre style but explaining the differences in the rules would help tremendously. Octagon Jr. getting the win was a genuine surprise and I expect good things from him.)

-5150 cut a promo, running down Dallas and the Von Erichs. Rivera talked about the match scheduled for next week and said that the bond between the members of 5150 was stronger than the Von Erichs’ family ties.

-A vignette featuring Calvin Tankman was shown. Calvin talked about his background in sports and how his cousin made him a wrestling fan after watching WCW. He brought up the origins of “Heavyweight Hustle” and how it’s a mindset that has helped him push forward.


Fatu charged toward Bestia but Bestia moved aside and laid into Fatu with some punches. Bestia ran into Fatu but Fatu caught him and perched Bestia on top of the turnbuckle. Bestia took Fatu down with a hurricanrana. Fatu fought back with a flurry of strikes until Bestia ducked out to the outside. Fatu immediately followed with a suicide dive. Both men brawled around the ring. Bestia avoided a chop, causing Fatu’s hand to bounce off of the ring post. Fatu did the same to Bestia.

Jacob moved everything to ring and hit Bestia with a top rope crossbody for a near fall. Fatu went looking for some weaponry and found a pair of chairs. Bestia recovered and engaged Fatu in dueling punches. Bestia went for a head-scissors takeover but Fatu held on, turning it into a powerslam, getting another two-count. Bestia tried for the takeover again. As Fatu tried to hit the powerslam again, Bestia caught Fatu with a DDT, getting a two-count of his own. Bestia set up a chair between turnbuckles and went for a cutter. Fatu blocked the cutter by using his hands to spring up and nailed Bestia with a superkick to the face. Fatu hit Bestia with the pop-up Samoan drop. Bestia turned over and made a cover for a near fall. Bestia drove Fatu headfirst into the chair and got another two count after a very rough-looking muscle buster. Bestia blasted Fatu with some chair shots before getting caught with the Samoan drop again. Bestia landed a destroyer for a two count and brought a large board into the ring. Bestia bridged the board across two chairs. Fatu quickly caught Bestia with the Samoan Drop for a third time, putting the Tijuana Gremlin through the board. Fatu followed up with a top rope moonsault and got the win.

WINNER: Jacob Fatu in 10:00

(Analysis: I wouldn’t say I was disappointed in this match. I will say that I did expect more. Billing something as an “Apocalypto” no DQ match and having little more than your textbook “(insert city name here) street fight” is a little disheartening. The match itself was fine for what was. Bestia has always been known more for his character work than his in-ring ability and this was apparent. I wonder what the endgame for Fatu’s storyline will be. He has dispatched of Contra and has taken out another one of Duran’s mercenaries. I am curious to see what’s next.)

-Cesar Duran held his press conference. He announced that Richard Holliday will be the next challenger for the MLW title. Holliday began to speak about the match but was almost immediately interrupted by Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone took a swing at Holliday but missed and hit Duran, knocking him to the floor, as the show faded out.

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