5/4 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Myron Reed vs. Shane Strickland, Holliday vs. Richards, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 4, 2022 (RECORDED)

MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-A recap package from last week aired as Joe and Rich previewed tonight’s card.


Davey used his technical prowess early on to stay one step ahead of the much taller Holliday. Holliday switched gears and stopped trying to outwrestle Richards and decided to use his longer reach to catch Davey with a well-placed kick. Holliday rained down some heavy strikes onto Davey, trying to weaken Richards enough as Holliday transitioned behind Davey. Richards dropped down to his knees, sending Holliday to the floor. Davey was about to follow up with a dive but was cut off by Richard, who slid back into the ring and slammed Davey down hard with a spinebuster, getting near fall.

Holliday trapped Davey into the corner and began to stomp away at him. Holliday distracted the ref long enough for Alicia Atout to get a few cheap shots in. Richard shot Davey into the ropes and got another two-count after a big shoulder tackle. Holliday went for a powerbomb. Holliday and Richards took turns reversing the move. Richard eventually flipped it over into a sunset flip. Davey used his momentum to keep his balance and crush Holliday with a double foot stomp.

After a quick break, momentum swung in Davey’s favor, unloading a flurry of kicks. Holliday tried to get Davey into the corner and charged into Richards. Davey avoided the attack by moving to the ring apron. Richards got a hold of Holliday’s leg and used the second rope to add some extra damage with a dragon-leg-screw. Davey went for the top rope stomp but Holliday rolled away. Richards immediately followed up with a roll-up but Holliday kicked out at two. Richards did manage to keep his grip and transitioned into a trailer hitch. Once again, Holliday used his size to his advantage and crawled to the ropes, breaking the hold.

Davey attacked Richard’s leg with some kicks, dropping Holliday to the mat. Richards tried for a PK Kick but Holliday rolled through it and caught Davey with a double-underhook backbreaker for a near fall. Holliday went for 2008 but Davey blocked it and hooked Richards into an ankle lock. Holliday kicked Davey into the ropes. Davey rebounded and connected with the PK, only getting a one count. Holliday fired up and blasted Richards with a clothesline before hitting 2008 and getting the win.

WINNER: Richard Holliday in 9:30

-After the match, Rich Bocchini tried to get an interview with Richard Holliday. Alicia Atout snatched the microphone away from Rich and decided to conduct the interview herself. Holliday said that he would be the next MLW heavyweight champion

(Analysis: This was a great opener. Holliday is becoming more and more unhinged and is wrestling a more aggressive style. Eventually, he and Hammerstone will have their match and it should be delightfully violent.)

-A recap of 5150’s heist of the Von Erich’s World Class titles aired. Ross and Marshall promised that a reckoning will be coming for 5150.

-Cameras caught up with EJ Nduka. Mr. Thomas interrupted. EJ was ready for a fight but Mr. Thomas said that he just wanted to talk. Mr. Thomas said that he respects EJ and EJ’s gold but he doesn’t respect that Nduka is with Calvin Tankman. Mr. Thomas suggested that Nduka drops Calvin and join up with Alex Kane.

-A vignette for Octagon Jr. aired


Tankman and Red started the match. Red tried to out muscle Tankman but Calvin simply pounced Red into next week and made the tag to EJ. Nduka flattened Red with a spinebuster. EJ took Pickins from ring post to ring post with a powerslam. Tankman tagged in and landed a big splash for the win.

WINNERS: EJ Nduka & Calvin Tankman in 1:10

-Rich interviewed the champs after the match. Rich said that Hustle & Power haven’t been a team for long but they’ve been making an impact. EJ and Tankman said that they are two of the biggest and strongest athletes in any locker room and that nobody can stop them.

(Analysis: This was your textbook squash match on MLW Fusion. Nothing more, nothing less. Hustle & Power have great chemistry as a team.)

-Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout were in Cesar Duran’s office. Richard thanked Cesar for his help with recent events. Cesar quickly dismissed them as Bestia 666 entered the room. Duran handed stacks of money to Bestia. Bestia said that it wasn’t about the money, it was about Fatu. Bestia wants a match and Duran obliged.

(3) MYRON REED vs. SHANE STRICKLAND – MLW World Middleweight Championship

Myron Reed made his entrance and awaited his mystery opponent. Cesar Duran came out and said that he has opened the Forbidden Door and had welcomed a former MLW World Champion. He said that Myron better be a moving target because this was about to be…a kill shot as Shane Strickland walked to the ring. Commentary put over Shane’s history with Duran, MLW, WWE, and AEW.

The match started fast as both men tried to get the upper hand early. Reed tried to fake out Strickland by dropping to the mat. Shane immediately stacked Reed up for a one count. Reed was able to avoid a series of strikes from Swerve as the crowd cheered on. Shane shoved Reed away dismissively. Myron answered back with an enziguri. Shane caught Reed’s arm and smashed it against the top rope, sending Reed to the outside. Swerve stomped away at the back of Reed’s head before Shane dragged Myron back inside.

Strickland continued to work over Reed’s arm. Shane charged toward Reed but Reed got out of the way and landed a leg drop to the back of Shane’s head. Reed followed up with a massive crossbody to the outside, landing on his feet. Back in the ring, Reed caught Strickland with a rope-assisted DDT for a near fall. Reed tried for the springboard cutter but Swerve caught him and went back to the arm. Reed and Strickland exchange forearm shots. Shane dropkicked Reed in the leg and picked him up for a suplex. Reed turned it into a stunner. Shane followed up with a rolling cutter and landed the double stomp, getting a near fall. Reed was bleeding from the mouth. Myron ran down the entrance ramp and went for another crossbody. Swerve caught Reed in mid-air with an armbar but couldn’t get all of it. Reed rolled through for a near fall. Myron went right to the springboard cutter and caught Swerve dead center of the ring. Reed got the three count.

WINNER: Myron Reed in 10:00

(Analysis: This was a genuine surprise and I would love to see the logistics of how this was pulled off. Using Swerve’s history with MLW as well as Lucha Underground was a nice touch. Strickland played the role of the overconfident veteran very well and hearing him come out to Chaka Khan brought back a lot of memories. This was a big win for Reed and his push continues.)

5150 was shown tossing the World Class championship into a river as the show went off the air.

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