5/7 IMPACT WRESTLING UNDER SIEGE PPV REPORT: Alexander vs. Ishii, Maclin vs. Sabin, Bullet Club in action, more


Full results and analysis of Impact Under Siege 2022
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MAY 7, 2022

Impact Wrestling Commentators: Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt

(1) MADISON RAYNE (w/Tenille Dashwood) vs. GISELE SHAW (w/Alisha Edwards)

Gisele got the early advantage with a punch and an arm drag. Madison regrouped on the outside. Back in the ring, Tenille grabbed Shaw’s foot to cause a distraction and let Madison get the advantage. Madison gave Shaw a cutter for a two count. Madison choked Shaw over the middle rope.

Tenille choked Shaw while Madison distracted the referee. Madison suplexed Shaw and got a two count. Madison climbed the ropes but Shaw kicked her in the head. Shaw gave Madison a superplex. Fan’s Tweets about the show appeared on the lower third of the screen. Shaw landed punches and kicks. Shaw gave Madison a DDT and got a two count.

Madison gave Shaw an impressive wheelbarrow style move and got a two count. Shaw gave Madison a spinebuster. Shaw went to the top rope, but Tenille grabbed her leg. Tenille and Alisha fought. Shaw rolled up Madison to get the win. Alisha ran in and hugged Shaw after the match.

WINNER: Gisele Shaw in 7:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A fun opener and they pulled out some good moves. Shaw continues to impress during her time in Impact Wrestling. It appears that Shaw and Alisha will feud with The Influence for the tag team belts.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the matches for the show.

-Gia Miller interviewed the Briscoes. Mark said the trend of them winning tag team belts would continue tonight. Mark said they were a magnetic force and the belts were coming to Sandy Fork tonight. Jay said it didn’t matter which two of Violent By Design would be in the match. He said they would be the new tag team champions tonight.


They traded the advantage early. Sabin gave Maclin three arm drags and clotheslined him over the top rope. Maclin escaped to the outside. Sabin ran Maclin’s shoulder into the turnbuckle. Maclin punched Sabin in the back. Maclin caught Sabin and knocked him to the floor. Maclin threw Sabin into the apron.

Maclin continued on offense back in the ring. Maclin gave Sabin a backbreaker. Sabin chopped Maclin and gave him forearms. Maclin came back with a clothesline. Hannifan kept saying they were in the “greater Cincinnati area” and didn’t say the city by name. Maclin threw Sabin into the ring post and gave him an elbow drop at ringside.

Fans chanted for Sabin. Maclin speared Sabin in the corner. Sabin gave Maclin a tornado DDT. Sabin punched Maclin and gave him two neckbreakers and a DDT for a two count. Sabin gave Maclin a neckbreaker on the floor. Hannifan noted there were tight quarters in the arena setup. Sabin dropkicked Maclin from the top rope and got a two count.

Sabin went for a crossbody block but Maclin caught him and suplexed him. Maclin gave Sabin a running clothesline and got a two count. Maclin rolled up Sabin but held the ropes and the referee saw it in time to stop the count. Maclin gave Sabin a running knee. They exchanged punches, kicks, and clotheslines. Sabin gave Maclin a tornado DDT from the top rope. Sabin gave Maclin the cradle shock for the pin. Fans stood up and cheered at the end.

WINNER: Chris Sabin in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A good match that really picked up at the end. Terrific showing by both wrestlers. Sabin continues on a winning streak. The fans were into this the whole way through.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo. Gia noted that the Champ Champ Challenge is over since Deonna lost both belts. Deonna was frustrated and angry with Gia asking if she still has what it takes. Deonna talked about being a four-time world champion. Deonna talked about her accomplishments and said she is still the Virtuosa. She said she is the only Knockout that has main-evented AEW Dynamite. She complimented Taya Valkyrie and Mercedes Martinez. She predicted a win tonight.

-Video package on the Taya vs. Deonna feud.

(3) TAYA VALKYRIE (c) vs. DEONNA PURRAZZO – AAA Reina de Reinas Title Match

Deonna punched Taya and floored her before the bell. Deonna attacked Taya with punches and kicks when the bell rang. Taya made a comeback. Deonna kicked Taya as she was coming off the ropes. Deonna worked on Taya’s arm. Deonna stomped Taya’s elbow and got a two count. Taya came back with a clothesline and got a two count.

Deonna put Taya in a chin lock. Taya rose up, but Deonna threw her to the mat. Deonna returned to the chin lock. Taya made a comeback with an offensive flurry. Taya gave Deonna a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Deonna booted Taya to the mat, followed by a moonsault for a two count. Taya kicked Deonna and suplexed her. The fans erupted.

Deonna went for the piledriver, but Taya got out and followed with a kick for a two count. Taya gave Deonna a curb stomp for a two count. Deonna gave Taya two curb stomps. Deonna gave Taya the Queen’s Gambit piledriver and went for the pin. Taya kicked out at two. Deonna kicked Taya. Deonna locked in the armbar, then locked in the Venus De Milo. Taya got her foot on the rope to break the hold.

Deonna brought the title belt into the ring. As the referee tried to get the belt from her, Taya rolled up Deonna for the pin. Deonna hit Taya with the title belt after the match. Deonna put Taya in the Venus De Milo. The lights went out. When they came back on, people in creepy masks were standing on the stage.

Mia Yim walked on the stage and into the ring and confronted Deonna. Deonna walked out of the ring. Mia checked on Taya. Deonna tried to attack Mia from behind, but Mia fought her. Mia went for a piledriver, but Deonna escaped.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Really good match. I thought this was better then their match at Rebellion. Surprised to see Deonna lose again, but she got her heat back after the match. Mia made a fun Impact Wrestling return and got a good reaction.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Trey Miguel. Trey said it seems like he’s been chasing Ace Austin his entire time in Impact. He said he has never beat Ace except in a tag team match. He said the X Division title means a lot to him and he even has it tattooed on his leg. He vowed to win the title tonight.

(4) ACE AUSTIN (c) vs. TREY MIGUEL – Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

Things started slow as they traded the advantage. Ace regrouped on the outside. Ace started taking over the match with offense. More Tweets were shown on the screen. The action spilled to the outside and they exchanged moves. Ace gave Trey a running knee. Back in the ring, Ace gave Trey a back suplex.

Ace raked Trey’s eyes. Ace continued on offense. Trey made a comeback but missed a moonsault. Ace stomped Trey and got a two count. Ace missed The Fold. Trey drove Ace into the mat. Trey came back with punches and kicks, to the crowd’s approval. Trey got a reverse suplex and got a submission on Ace, but Ace was able to get out.

Ace slapped Trey. They traded punches and slaps for an extended period. Trey caught Ace with a superkick. Trey gave Ace a split-legged moonsault for a two count. They traded rollups. Ace had Trey pinned and had his feet on the ropes, but only got a two count. Trey made a comeback. They fought on the apron and Trey gave Ace a neckbreaker on the apron.

Fans chanted “Impact Wrestling”. Ace threw Trey into the post and hit The Fold for the pin. Hannifan mentioned that Ace can now move onto the NJPW Super Juniors tournament.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent match. They paced it slow in the beginning but turned it up towards the end. Not sure where Trey goes from here, but he needs to be in something prominent. It seemed like Ace was headed towards a feud with Bailey.)

-Video package on the Bullet Club vs. Honor No More feud.

(5) BULLET CLUB (Jay White & Chris Bey & El Phantasmo & Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. HONOR NO MORE (Eddie Edwards & Kenny King & Vincent & Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis)

Everyone brawled as soon as the bell rang. They fought in the ring and at ringside. Anderson and Eddie fought on the inside. The Good Brothers double teamed Eddie. Doc punched King. ELP and King squared off. King gave ELP a spinebuster. Vincent and ELP traded moves. Bey leapfrogged Vincent twice and dropkicked him.

Bennett chopped Bey. White faced off with Taven and the fans cheered and chanted. They traded punches. Taven dropkicked White. White chopped Taven. ELP knocked Honor No More off the apron. ELP did a delayed back scratch to Taven. Bey gave Taven a back scratch as well. White teased coming off the top rope but climbed down and scratched Taven’s back.

Doc followed with a back scratch as well, to the fans approval. They chanted “One more time”. Anderson was about to go for one, but he got clipped from behind. Honor No More took over on Anderson. They tagged in and out and did moves on Anderson. Anderson gave Taven a spinebuster. Doc got the hot tag and ran wild on Honor No More. The fans cheered loudly.

Bennett super kicked Doc from behind. Doc clotheslined King and Eddie. ELP made the tag and caught King with a series of moves. Vincent and ELP battled. Bey and ELP double teamed Vincent. Bey got a two count on Vincent. They traded punches, then gave each other crossbody blocks and fell to the mat.

White tagged in and went at it with Taven. Taven hit moves on Honor No More. Taven DDT’d White. Taven and White traded moves. The match broke down and all ten wrestlers fought. King kicked Bey and landed a dive to the outside on the pile. Bey did a dive to the other side. Vincent did a dive from the top rope to the pile on the floor.

White tagged Anderson in but Maria (in a super sparkly outfit) got on the ring apron for a distraction. Taven and Bennet double teamed Anderson and Bennet pinned Anderson for the win.

WINNERS: Honor No More in 20:00.

(D.L.’s Take: An action packed match. Big win for Honor No More, who really needed it. The sequence with the back scratching was fun. It looks like they may be leading to something between White & Taven and perhaps Anderson and … Maria?)

-Tomohiro Ishii and Josh Alexander were shown warming up backstage.

-Video package on the Tasha vs. Decay feud.

(6) TASHA STEELZ (c) vs. HAVOK – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

Hannifan noted that Rosemary has abducted Savannah so she couldn’t interfere tonight. He said the question was if Tasha could win without Savannah’s help. Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Tasha used her speed to punch Havok. Havok clotheslined Tasha in the corner and splashed her.

Havok threw Tasha around. Tasha went to the outside. Havok drove Tasha into the ramp. Back in the ring, Havok knocked Tasha to the mat. Havok missed a leg drop. Tasha made a comeback and shook her butt to taunt Havok. Tasha chopped Havok. Tasha bit Havok and took her to the mat for a two count. Tasha taunted Havok and shook her butt, however Havok kicked her this time.

Havok missed a charge and fell to the outside. Havok dropped Tasha face-first on the apron. Tasha moved out of the way of a charging Havok and Havok hit the ring steps. Havok beat the count into the ring and Tasha stomped Havok. Tasha hit a series of moves on Havok, including a tornado DDT. Tasha put Havok in a submission on the mat, Havok bit Tasha to get out.

Tasha slapped Havok. Havok gave Tasha a headbutt, a backbreaker, and a clothesline. Havok gave Tasha a Death Valley Driver. Tasha went for a sleeper, but Havok threw her off. Tasha gave Havok a bulldog off the ropes, but Havok kicked out of the pin attempt at two. Tasha gave Havok a cutter and got a two count.

They battled on the top rope. Tasha pulled Havok off the ropes and delivered the Blackout for the pin.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A good match that was well paced. The announcers made a point of Tasha winning on her own without Savannah’s help. Rosemary and Havok were both solid challengers but the results seems to indicate that they were both one and done.)

-Video package on the Briscoes vs. Violent By Design feud.

(7) VIOLENT BY DESIGN (c) (Eric Young & Deaner w/Joe Doering) vs. MARK & JAY BRISCOE – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match

The Briscoes attacked VBD before the bell and brawled at ringside. The fans cheered. Fans chanted “Dem Boys”. Joe Doering got in the ring and the Briscoes double teamed him. Eric and Deaner attacked the Briscoes from behind. The bell finally rang. Mark and Eric brawled. The Briscoes double teamed Deaner.

Jay stomped Deaner in the corner, to the fan’s approval. Mark chopped Deaner and suplexed him. Mark and Deaner traded chops. The action spilled to the outside with the Briscoes getting the best of it. Doering threw Jay off the ropes while the referee was distracted. Deaner attacked Jay. VBD tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Jay.

Doering attacked Jay on the outside. Jay made a comeback on Deaner and made the tag to Mark. Mark ran wild on Deaner and Eric. Mark threw Deaner off the top rope and got a two count. Deaner fought back with chops. The Briscoes double teamed Deaner. Eric threw Jay into the post on the outside. Deaner and Mark fought in the ring.

VBD double teamed Mark. Deaner got a two count on Mark. Mark battled VBD by himself. Eric gave Mark a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Mark and Eric traded punches. Jay got back in the ring and went after Eric. Jay gave Eric a neckbreaker. Mark gave Eric an elbow drop, but Deaner broke up the pin attempt.

Deaner clotheslined Mark. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Fans chanted “This is awesome”. Tweets about the match were shown on the screen. Eric gave Jay an elbow drop and got a two count. Fans chanted “Dem Boys”. Mark fought Doering on the apron. Mark knocked Eric off the ropes. The Briscoes gave Deaner the Doomsday Device and Jay got the pin.

WINNERS: The Briscoes in 12:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Take: An energetic tag team match. The fans were super into the Briscoes and that helped a lot. The Briscoes winning the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles will add a spark to the tag team division.)

-As Hannifan and Rehwoldt talked about Slammiversary, Moose’s music played and he walked to the ring. Moose took the mic and said he had no regrets about the terrible things that he did because they made him the greatest world champion in all of wrestling. He complained that Impact Wrestling and the fans gave him disrespect.

Moose complained about getting a rematch on short notice. Moose said he wasn’t scheduled tonight but he was highjacking the show and there would be no title match tonight. He demanded that Scott D’Amore come out or he would do terrible things to the fans.

The lights went out. The retro vignette played that has been playing the last few weeks. The words “Sami Callihan” appeared on the screen. The lights came back on and Sami was in the ring. He attacked Moose with a bat and gave him a piledriver. Sami took the mic and yelled “The Death Machine is back!” Fans cheered. Hannifan said that Moose was the person who broke Sami’s leg, so Sami was getting revenge.

-Video package on Josh Alexander and Tomohiro Ishii.

(8) JOSH ALEXANDER vs. TOMOHIRO ISHII – Impact Wrestling World Title Match

Hannifan talked about Alexander being in a car accident yesterday. Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Alexander took Ishii to the mat in a headlock early. Alexander gave Ishii two arm drags. Ishii chopped Alexander. Alexander knocked Ishii to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Alexander chopped Ishii.

Ishii suplexed Alexander. They traded hard chops. Alexander came back with forearms. Alexander pulled down the straps on his singlet and Ishii chopped him. Ishii chopped Alexander in the throat and Alexander went to the outside. Ishii brought Alexander back in the ring. Ishii continued to chop Alexander. They traded forearm strikes.

Alexander kicked Ishii off his feet. Alexander gave Ishii a crossbody block to the floor. Alexander gave Ishii three German suplexes and got a two count. Alexander kicked Ishii, followed by a rolling senton and a knee to the back for another two count. Ishii gave Alexander a powerslam. More Tweets were shown on the screen.

They traded forearm strikes. Ishii suplexed Alexander. Fans chanted “Ishii’s gonna kill you”. They traded offense again. Alexander put Ishii in an ankle lock. Ishii reversed it and turned it into a knee bar. Alexander returned to the ankle lock. Ishii made it the ropes after a lengthy struggle. Fans chanted “Fight forever”. Alexander took off his elbow pad and hit Ishii.

Alexander knocked Ishii down with a forearm strike. Alexander clotheslined Ishii and got a two count. Alexander threw Ishii down and got another two count. A dual chant broke out. Alexander went for the C-4 Spike but Ishii backdropped out of it. They traded offense and clotheslined each other. Ishii knocked Alexander to the mat.

Alexander hit Ishii in the back of the head. Alexander put Ishii on his back and climbed the ropes. Ishii gave Alexander a headbutt. Ishii gave Alexander a delayed superplex and got a two count. Ishii clotheslined Alexander and got a two count. Alexander got a small package on Ishii for a two count. Alexander gave Ishii a powerbomb on his knee.

Alexander missed a moonsault from the top rope. Ishii gave Alexander a headbutt, followed by the basement clothesline for a two count. Fans chanted “This is awesome” again. Ishii avoided the C-4 Spike again. They traded offense. Alexander powerbombed Ishii, followed by the C-4 Spike and got the pin.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 23:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A super match and the hard hitting match that we expected. The fans were really into both wrestlers and were engaged the entire match. Alexander’s title reign is off to a great start.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A solid show from top to bottom. The matches were given plenty of time and were really good. The standout matches were Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin, Taya Valkyrie vs. Deonna Purrazzo, and Josh Alexander vs. Tomohiro Ishii. The returns of Mia Yim and Sami Callihan, along with the Briscoes title win, made the show newsworthy. Another good Impact Plus special.

CATCH-UP: Mia Yim appears at Impact Wrestling’s Under Siege event

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